Saturday, August 3, 2019

Celebrate Labor Day 2019 With AC Cinefest


Celebrate Labor Day with Cocktails and a Cruise

Usher in Labor Day weekend with the annual Atlantic City Cinefest Happy Hour Cruise fund-raiser aboard the iconic Cruisn 1 on Friday evening, Aug. 30. The one hour journey around the back bay departs the dock at Historic Gardner’s Basin at 6 p.m.  Boarding begins at 5:30 p.m.

“We had a great time last year and raised a lot of funds too,” says Joelle Sokolic, president of the non-profit Cinefest.

The Cinefest is partnering with Atlantic City Cruises to raise funds for the 2019 event, Oct. 4 to 6. The organization earns 50 percent of each ticket sold on behalf of the festival. 

Tickets for the cruise only are:
  • $20 for adults
  • $15 for seniors 62 and over
  • $10 for children 5 to 15. 

A full cash bar is available or patrons can purchase the Cruise-n-Cocktail Package for $40, which includes house drinks, wine, beer, and soda. 

"This calm water cruise is ideal, a relaxing cruise with great music and specialty cocktails that heads behind Brigantine Cove and into the Golden Nugget Marina,” says Captain Jeff George, president of Atlantic City Cruises. "What a great way to start the Labor Day Weekend."

To reserve a place on the cruise, contact Joelle Sokolic, 609-515-2189 or To pay in advance and insure a ticket, contact Joelle to arrange for payment via Venmo. If spots are available, you can pay at the dock prior to the cruise. Cash only.

Atlantic City Cinefest, presented by Downbeach Film Festival, celebrates the art form of independent moviemaking. For more information, visit

Cruisn 1 is operated by Atlantic City Cruises located at Historic Gardner’s Basin, 800 N. New Hampshire Avenue. For more information, visit

Monday, March 11, 2019


No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
**2019 London Independent Film Awards – Winner – Best Feature Film**
**2018 Jersey Shore Film Festival – Winner – Best Suspense Thriller, Best Actress**
**2017 Atlantic City Cinefest – Winner – Best Feature, Best Cinematography, Best Actor**

Viva Pictures will release the upcoming horror film THE SAMARITANS On Digital and On Demand on April 16, 2019.

Watch the Official Trailer:

THE SAMARITANS is a new horror flick that stars Keith Collins (The Meat Puppet, The Evangelist), Doug Bollinger (Waltzing Anna, Mail Order Bride), Timothy Laurel Harrison (Out of My Hand), and Annelise Nielsen (The Brink of Us). The film was written and directed by Doug Bollinger and was based on a story by Keith Collins.

THE SAMARITANS tells the story of four co-workers who get together to finish a project at their manager’s home. They haven’t actually met face to face and they discover they have more in common than the new App they are perfecting. As they piece together their histories, they realize that each of them has a deadly secret that could reveal a way out or seal their fates. Their pasts have provoked a vengeful force to show them the errors in their ways. The home they have been summoned to becomes their court and their prison. Can they prove that history doesn’t repeat itself? Can they redeem themselves before time runs out? Will they figure out their fateful bond before revenge has its way with them?
A Statement from the Filmmakers:
We (like most filmmakers) believe that our film is different. It is not different because of the content (which we do think is pretty darn good). It stands alone in a crowded field of indie horror/thriller because of the how we did it. This film could be marketed as the "next big thing" or "scary" or "creepy" but that would be just like any other marketing campaign. It is all of those things but the fact it was made in such little time for such little money is very rare.
Six people. One weekend. Two rooms. That's all it took for The Samaritans team to shoot this micro-budget thriller. The tense mood was created with one light, four actors, and no more than three takes on any setup. The creative team consists of Doug Bollinger, Keith Collins, Cory Green, and Matt Grego. The entire feature film was shot in a four day weekend. This intrepid group of dedicated filmmakers did nothing but eat, sleep, and shoot to create what is sure to be one of the most talked about indie thrillers of the year. 

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*Editors note: We've followed the progress of this film and highly recommend this as a must see. knowing now that The Samaritans was made in such little time with only six people is astonishing! One of the most thrilling pieces of art, captivating, scary and purely frightening, this film deserves all the attention it gets as we here give it 4 STARS.