Friday, June 30, 2017

Multi-awarded Jodi Sta. Maria to face life-changing decision in the Star Cinema film Dear Other Self

A woman in search of herself is the center of the story of the upcoming Star Cinema film "Dear Other Self", which stars 2016 International Emmy Awards nomineeJodi Sta. Maria and Philippine heartthrobs Joseph Marco, and Xian Lim, screening in key countries worldwide via TFC@theMovies starting May 25.

The film's director Veronica Velasco shares that she and co-writer Jinky Laurel took inspiration from the former's teenage daughter. "I noticed that because of the things they read on the internet, they become aware of different places around the world and they want to travel there", she recalls. "These days, there is a concept of yolo or you only live once where some feel the need to leave everything behind and travel the world.  I was thinking, 'what if that is the life she chose,' and thus 'Dear Other Self' was born."

""Dear Other Self" tells the story of Becky (Sta. Maria), the breadwinner of the family who faces a life-changing decision in her life one day. One has her starting her day right, nailing a presentation, and getting promoted. The other has her waking up on the wrong side of the bed, flunking a presentation, and getting fired.

Sta. Maria believes that this situation is something relatable for many people. "I think we all, at one point of our lives, think of things we want to do but couldn't because of our obligations.  So, I think all of us face that one critical decision in our lives that could change everything", she explains.

"Dear Other Self" is the first movie where Sta. Maria is teamed up with Marco and Lim. The two Kapamilya actors are grateful to be paired with Sta. Maria, who they describe as someone easy to work with.

"Hindi ko naramdaman 'yong pressure," Marco says about Sta. Maria. "When you work with Jodi, she makes you feel comfortable. She is very nice. I love working with her", the actor ends.

Marco and Lim will give life to the characters of Chris (Marco) and Henry (Lim). Chris is the guy-next-door who have everything planned out for his life. Meantime, Henry is the happy-go-lucky guy who lives life one day at a time. They will be the men that Becky meets in the two different scenarios in her life.

The two leading men can relate to their respective characters --- Chriswants everything in his life planned, while Henry follows what his heart desires.

Although Lim believes in following what one's heart desires, he reminds himself that it is equally important to gauge the consequences of your actions.

"Deep inside, responsibilities seem daunting to us.  You decide to do what you want, you decide to live life to the fullest, but you also have to slow down. You also have to think of the consequences because everything has a trade-off.  Life is a trade-off," he explains.

Sta. Maria also encouraged everyone not to give up on their dreams, even if there will be delays. This is something that the Kapamilya actress could relate with it seemed because success came to her after some years.  She admits, she also still dreams of getting a degree in medicine.

"I believe if God puts a dream in our hearts, it is with an intent to fulfill it and we just have to wait for the right time," she says. "Sometimes, it doesn't happen right away but later in life, it will be realized", Sta. Maria ends.

Also part of the cast are Carla MartinezBodjie PascuaAnna Luna, and Paul Salas.

Will Becky do what makes the people around her happy or will she go after her personal happiness? Find out as "Dear Other Self" screens in key countries worldwide via TFC@theMovies on the following dates: UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and Papua New Guinea on May 25; U.S., Canada, and Saipan on May 26; London, UK on May 27; Rome and Milan, Italy on May 28; Australia and New Zealand on June 1; Hong Kong on June 11; and coming soon in Brunei, Singapore, and Malaysia.

For more updates about the film, visit,, or visit the TFC's Facebook page applicable for your area. Connect with fellow global Kapamilyas, follow @KapamilyaTFC on Twitter and Instagram.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Dates Announced For 12th Annual Women's Int'l Film & Arts Festival-Call For Entries Now Open

The Women's International Film & Arts Festival (WIFF) today announced that its 12th Annual Festival and Conference will take place November 29-December 3, 2017 in Miami, Florida.

Twice awarded as South Florida's Best Film Festival by the Miami New Times Newspaper, WIFF 2017 will include the screening of more than 30 films, a two-day conference, a fundraising gala, an awards brunch and more.

"We're really excited to have reached our 12th year of supporting and empowering women artists around the world.  As women galvanize across the globe for economic, social and political equality, WIFF continues to be a leading voice for women in film, tv and entertainment," said Yvonne McCormack-Lyons, Founder and President.

WIFF is currently accepting submissions in two main categories, US Fem-Cinema, for women from or living in the United States and World She-view for women who come from other countries.  Filmmakers may enter feature length (50 minutes or longer) narrative/dramatic films or feature length documentaries.  The Festival will also accept dramatic shorts and short documentary films (films 49 minutes or less).  Animated films are also accepted.

Filmmakers can submit their films to:  Festival Programmer, Women's International Film Festival, PO Box 460577, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33346 or logo onto www.womensfilmfest.comwhere they can view online submission information and complete submission rules for the 2017 Festival.  Submission deadlines and processing fees are:  Early Submission Deadline: June 30, 2017, $40 features and $30 shorts; Official Submission Deadline, July 31, 2017 $55 features and $45 short films; and Late Deadline, August 31, 2017 $75 for feature films, and $65 for short films.

About WIFF
The Women's International Film & Arts Festival and Conference is the leading annual international cultural event addressing the issues of women in the film and entertainment industry. The annual event, the Reel Girls: Real WomenTM media literacy and filmmaking project for teen girls and year-long programs feature films, workshops, visual and performing arts, produced by or about women.

For more information about the Women's International Film & Arts Festival, media professionals may email 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Animation Wizard to Appear at Oz Convention

Animator Doug Aberle will be a special guest at OzCon International in Portland, Oregon, to be held June 30 to July 2, 2017. Aberle is the co-owner and director of Aberle Films, based in Battle Ground, Washington.

Aberle worked on the 1985 Disney feature film Return to Oz, nominated for an Oscar for its visual effects. He helped create those effects as a clay animator with Will Vinton Studios. Aberle animated the sequence of Return to Oz that featured the destruction of the film's villain, the Nome King. "I killed the Nome King!" Aberle claims.

His experiences on Return to Oz are among the memories he'll share with the attendees of OzCon International. At the three-day event Wizard of Oz enthusiasts from around the world will share their love for Oz books, movies, plays, and all forms of the fantasy world created by Oz-author L. Frank Baum. Aberle will speak to convention attendees on the evening of Saturday, July 1, at the Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel on NE Airport Way in Portland.

Aberle has been making films almost as long as he can remember. As a teenager he gathered family and friends to create his cinematic epics using an old wind-up 8mm film camera bought at a thrift store. During his college years at Oregon State University, Aberle practically lived in the theatre department. He pushed the technology of the tiny campus television station to its limits, producing his own science fiction TV series.

In 1983 he joined Will Vinton Studios in Portland, Oregon. He started out assisting with commercial projects while most of the other animators shot the stop-motion feature film The Adventures of Mark Twain. Eventually Aberle joined the work on that film and animated most of the "mud people" sequence. The rest of his nearly eighteen years at Will Vinton Studios saw Doug taking on a variety of projects. These ranged from music videos to theme park projects, from the Emmy award-nominated TV series Gary and Mike to numerous television commercials, including the California Raisins.

In 1996 he co-founded television and motion picture production company Aberle Films with his wife Katherine, an award-winning author. Aberle Films specializes in both computer and stop-motion animation. One animated short film he created for Aberle Films, Fluffy, about the frantic antics of a computer-animated dog, won numerous awards at film festivals around the world.

More recently, Doug has directed three feature-length films created with computer graphics. His developing projects include a new television series, Raveled, a futuristic comedy where the Earth is defended by sock puppets.

For more information and to register for OzCon see the website at

OzCon International was founded in 1964 as The West Coast Oz Convention by four southern Californians: Blake Maxam, Judy Pike, C. Warren Hollister, and Peter Hanff, as a west coast gathering of members of the International Wizard of Oz Club. That first convention was held at the home of nineteen-year-old Peter Hanff. It was a one-day affair, but proved popular, with more than eighty registrants showing up from not just the west coast, but from across the USA. Eventually the West Coast Oz Convention would expand beyond the USA and the Oz Club to become a truly international convention. Today OzCon International welcomes Oz enthusiasts of all stripes and interests from around the world. It is the longest-running annual Oz event, and regularly features authors, actors, scholars, researchers, and Oz experts of all sorts, who share their knowledge and love of Oz with attendees

Friday, June 23, 2017

Screenwriter/Director Maurice W Begins production on new emotional drama "Broken Strings"

If you are a person who cries at movies, then be prepared to bring tissues, says Writer/Director Maurice W when talking about his new film Broken Strings.

The talented writer/director who once contributed to  TV shows like Law &Order and Forever, has decided to launch his own production company. He wrapped the film Candle In The Wind and almost imediatley began prepping a new emotional tale.

Broken Strings is a Film that explores Life, Love , and Loss  but not in a any you would expect.  The film has cast award winning actors Jacinth Sutphin (Diary of a Badman), and Yanna Buttons (Connected, Witness, Coming Home) as well as Jarret Scantlebury (Call Me), Darryl Manning (the Terms), and Kellie Renee (The Terms).

The film is being self funded and therefore has launched a crowdfunding campaign to assist in production.

Several supporters may end up being listed as producers as well as others will be the first to screen the film that is already beginning to get buzz.

"I'm proud of this story and the amazing actors that have agreed to join my on this venture.  I'm a fan of rich story telling which stirs emotions in the veiwer, and I believe more than anything I've written, Broken Strings does just that." He continues "I hope that those that watch the trailer wish to support this film and help us, with their contributions, to finance this movie".

To see trailer and learn more about BROKEN STRINGS visit;

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Scots Dr Who Stars Team Up For Emotional Drama

Sundown tells the story of William (Hines), a man in his 70s who is taken on a timeless journey through the eyes of Abi (Blackwood) to come to terms with his own mortality.

Caitlin Blackwood said, "I think this project is important in terms of highlighting the issues the film delves in to, I have the opportunity to bring a youthful insight to a role that you'd normally expect to played by an older actor." Blackwood still only 16 famously rolled onto our screens at the tender age of 9 in the BBC's Doctor Who as the young Amelia Pond opposite Matt Smith. The character went on to be played as an adult by Caitlin's real life cousin Karen Gillan.

Frazer Hines star of Emmerdale, Doctor Who and Outlander said,
"Sundown is a beautiful script that really gives both myself and Caitlin the chance to really shine as two very real and complex characters."

Director and Co-Writer Ryan Hendrick describes the emotional drama as, "a story about how a person's perception on life can change once they accept their own mortality. Our goal is to explore these ideas and try to give a subjective view from a fresh perspective."

His writing partner Clare Sheppard said, "On the surface, William is on a journey we all must travel eventually, but dig a little deeper and you realise, his is a road we're all already on. I am very, very proud to be involved with this film."

Sundown marks the 3rd screenwriting venture between Hendrick and Sheppard. Their last short film Perfect Strangers enjoyed worldwide success after receiving more than 18 film festival selections, 3 awards and 4 nominations including BAFTA Scotland Nomination for Clare Sheerin in the Best Actress category.

Their 2nd venture is the upcoming road movie Journey Bound starring Ford Kiernan, Clare Grogan, Sylvester McCoy, James Kirk and Caitlin Blackwood to name a few.

The writing pair certainly have high hopes that Sundown will climb a similar ladder of success as their previous venture, "This is a story that needs to be told. It carries a universal theme that everyone can relate to."

The film's Producer, BAFTA Award Winner David Newman said, "We're planning to take this short film to the next level. We achieved a milestone in terms of production values on Perfect Strangers, so this time we need raise the bar even higher. This is why we are launching a crowd funding campaign on indiegogo. We have the workings of a beautiful film with an excellent and well loved pair of actors. I have high hopes for Sundown."

Sundown is due to start filming this summer.
You can support Sundown by following them on Indiegogo, Facebook and Twitter. Crowdfunding Campaign opens 1st May 2017. See Indiegogo page for more info.

Crowdfunding Page :
Facebook :
Twitter :

Monday, June 19, 2017

The New Adventures of Adam and Marky in Herobrine is Watching

Ginzburg Press' latest new short animated scary movie for kids is now streaming on Amazon Prime video. See the latest trailer on YouTube.

Adam and Marky explore an abandoned factory that isn't quite what it appears to be. They soon discover that Herobrine is building an army of darkness and plans to unleash his forces against the world. Join our heroes as they realize that they alone are all that stands between saving the world and Herobrine's evil desire for conquest.

This is the third episode in the new adventures of Adam and Marky series which takes place in a computer gaming world crafted by our talented gamers. Our two heroes, Adam and Marky, are once again reanimated in this delightful tale about monsters, zombies and the mythical Herobrine that will thrill and excite children of all ages.

The story begins with Adam and Marky walking home from school. Adam hears a strange sound coming from the abandoned factory. As it's getting dark Adam wants to go home but Marky insists they should check out the abandoned factory.

As the light and sounds now visibly emanating from the factory lure the boys closer and into the building, they are horrified at what they discover inside. As the boys are then confronted with a terrifying situation, they must act quickly in order to survive and save the world from the terror about to be unleashed.

This is the first story of a three arc episode about the notorious antagonist known as Herobrine. In the gaming world there have been numerous sightings and rumors of the existence of Herobrine. The official word is that Herobrine does not exist. However, some gamers claim that they have encountered Herobrine. In this story Herobrine comes to life as a formidable villain determined to thwart Adam and Marky.

Bruno, the director and producer of the film, said, "Kids of all ages totally immerse themselves in the Minecraft game. They are completely absorbed in the player vs player realm that is unique to Minecraft and have always been fascinated in the prospects of uncovering the real story surrounding Herobrine. We've set the stage for our film to the next level by introducing Herobrine, a well-known mythical character. The existence of Herobrine still remains a mystery till this day. We continue to create inspiring stories between two friends who will stop at nothing to save each other even when the going gets tough."


Watch our newest title now, free with Amazon Prime Video:


Shop now on Amazon for Adam and Marky t-shirts.


Ginzburg Press is a digital production company that distributes online courses, ebooks and animated short films. For the months of July and August 2016, Ginzburg Press was awarded the Amazon Video Direct Star #AVDStarsWinner given to the top self-publishers in Amazon Prime Video.

Ginzburg Press Film:

Adam and Marky:





Monday, June 12, 2017

Writer/Director Lola Rocknrolla Debuting Blaxploitation Comedy Series "Nefertitty TV"

 From the campy, demented, B-Movie Maven brain of writer/director Lola Rocknrolla (, Director Nicholas Brooks (, and writer/producer/filmmaker Sibyl Santiago ( the tale of a giant afro havin', spandex wearin', kung fu kickin', potty mouthed, badass crime fighter is setting its sights on Network TV!

Currently shooting its first pilot which includes stars Maine Anders ( (Pariah, Miente, My Normal, The Warriors- Xbox), a world-renowned actress and burlesque performer having toured the world as "The Maine Attraction", along with 30 Rock's own Kevin Brown ( The project is currently looking to various networks to pick it up as a series.

Nefertitty is the superhero we all need right now. As the country gets more and more divided, Nefertitty stands up for the little guy. She will karate kick a racist in the face so you don't have to! Coupling all to the amazing visuals of NYC and her own badass theme song, suckers in the city better run- 'cause Nefertitty's got her fists and a huge ass gun! If you feel bullied or wrongly accused- Nefertitty private eye is there for you. Much like Foxy Brown before her, Nefertitty is here to tip the scales of injustice without an afro hair out of place!

"You sick of what's goin' on? Nefertitty is here to right the wrong!"

WATCH: Nefertitty TV Opening Credits (

Friday, June 9, 2017

Documentary about World's Largest Refugee Camp set to go viral

Life is My Movie Entertainment is inviting people around the world to come together to set up a free screening for their upcoming documentary Warehoused: The Forgotten Refugees of Dadaab. The film will be released on June 20th (World Refugee Day). It is dedicated to raising awareness of the plight of refugees and emphasizing their need for basic human rights like education, safety, shelter and clean water.

Warehoused focuses on the refugees living in Dadaab, Kenya -- the world's largest refugee camp. Itexplores the struggles of protracted or 'warehoused' refugees who have been confined to a camp for five years or more. The characters in it are not unique; they rather magnify the much larger problems that long-term refugees have faced for centuries.

Anybody can set up a screening— whether it's at a church, school, local theater, or in the comfort of your living room. Any screenings taking place between June 20th and June 30th will not be subject to any licensing fees and can be viewed via DVD or digital file. Additional information about hosting a screening can be found at:

Follow and share our updates on social media, then show your support by joining the movement spearheaded by the UNHCR using #withrefugees. This is an incredible opportunity to spark a larger conversation surrounding this urgent topic. For Facebook and Twitter updates, visit warehousedrefugee and @warehoused.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Trailer Unveiled for Lawrie Brewster's Noir Chiller 'The Black Gloves'

Director Lawrie Brewster and writer Sarah Daly are back with Gothic noir The Black Gloves, a 1940s-set chiller featuring the Owlman, the iconic villain and viral sensation from their acclaimed debut feature Lord of Tears.

The Black Gloves tells the story of a psychologist obsessed with the disappearance of his young patient, and the menacing owl-headed figure that plagued her nightmares. His investigations lead him to a reclusive ballerina who, just like his patient, is convinced that she is about to die at the hands of this disturbing entity.

In the bleak Scottish highlands, Finn counsels his new patient, under the watchful eye of her sinister ballet teacher. He soon finds himself entangled in a ballet of paranoia, dark agendas and a maze of deadly twists and turns, as the legend of the Owlman becomes a terrifying reality.

The film stars Spanish horror legend Macarena Gomez, best known for her role as the iconic sea priestess in Stuart Gordon's Dagon and her recent powerhouse performance in Musarañas (Shrew's Nest). Also starring are genre favourite Nicholas Vince (Hellraiser, Nightbreed) and Jamie Scott-Gordon, who won much praise for his performance in Brewster's gritty folk horror The Unkindness of Ravens. Alexandra Nicole Hulme (Girls,Smash, Glee), an acclaimed dancer and choreographer, who also appeared in Lord of Tears, stars as the troubled ballerina

The film continues the trend for black and white horror alongside recent titles such as A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, The Eyes of My Mother and A Field in England, but for inspiration for the film, and its style, Brewster and Daly looked to cinema history.

According to Daly "I've always been a huge fan of Gothic romantic horror films and literature, and for The Black Gloves, we looked to films like Hitchcock's Rebecca, The Innocents and Cat People for our visual style and mood. The noir look seemed a natural fit for The Owlman, who is this shadowy entity, always lurking in dark corners, watching."

Hex Media, the fiercely independent Scottish horror house behind Lord of Tears, The Unkindness of Ravens and The Black Gloves, is the passion project of Brewster and Daly, who have been quietly blazing a trail in the genre since the company's inception five years ago.

Brewster tell us: "We're passionate about telling original stories and maintaining our independence to do so. We've focused heavily on building our connection with our audience, and working with them to create the kind of films we want to make, and that they want to see. The support of our fans allows us to tell these strange, dark stories that the mainstream isn't willing to take a risk on."

The film is a co-production between Hex Media and long-time partners Dark Dunes Productions in association with 3rd Monkey Entertainment and Lights Out Productions, and is set for release in Autumn 2017.



Monday, June 5, 2017

Hassan Haze debuts new comedic short "Job Hunting"

Writer, Director, Actor and Hip-Hop artist Hassan Haze has released his first short film "Job Hunting". The film "Job Hunting" is a comedic knee slapper that finds Mr. Time (Haze) on the hunt in some very unconventional places to find a gig. The film is relevent with millennials who often find themselves in work environments that are not necessarily in what they went to school for.

Haze wrote this short upon completing broadcast school and enlisted some unknown but top notch talent. Maurice White plays music mogul "Big Dirt" whose performance is nothing short of epic. The hilarious "Big Dirt" interviews Mr. Time and mid interview busts out into a rap to "The Notorious BIG's" track Who Shot Ya. There are many funny moments in the film but this is the funniest most ridiculous moment of the film.

The film features actors Joe Elzie, Bayleaf, Gloria Paz, Doug Bossman, Jay Wells, Ezra Wells, Byrant Fleming and Theophilious Haynes. The classic low budget film is available on youtube.

Job Hunting

Friday, June 2, 2017

"Carmen" gets The Great Kat Guitar/Violin Shred treatment with new Tango Dance inspired Music Video

"Carmen" gets The Great Kat Guitar/Violin Shred treatment with new Argentine Tango Dance inspired Music Video: Sarasate's "Carmen Fantasy" Coming Soon to iTunes, Amazon & Google Play!

OLÉ! The Great Kat's Sarasate's "Carmen Fantasy" stars the Shredding Senorita, The Great Kat, shredding Guitar AND Violin, while bringing the tragic story of "Carmen" to life. Starting with Carmen's famous "Habanera" song of seduction, The Great Kat gives Carmen the shred treatment with Carmen & Don José dancing a violent Argentine Tango featuring ganchos, ochos, dips, kicks, and more fast Argentine Tango steps. Matadors and bullfighters fight charging bulls, while the world's fastest guitar/violin shredder, The Great Kat whizzes by with lightning speeds. Kat then transforms into "Madame Kat" Fortune Teller predicting Carmen's future with a recurring death tarot card. S&M Kat and gimp slave then appear, before over the top shred insanity lets loose!

Stay tuned for World Premiere on AMAZON, iTUNES, GOOGLE PLAY & MORE!

Carmen & Don José Tango:
S&M Kat:
Madame Kat Fortune Teller:

The Great Kat's BLISTERING Classical Violin/Metal Guitar Shreddering on SARASATE'S CARMEN FANTASY on iTUNES: & SPOTIFY:

PRESS/TV/RADIO: Get your Free CD REVIEW COPY of The Great Kat's "Bloody Vivaldi" CD Featuring Sarasate's "Carmen Fantasy" & To Set up Great Kat Interviews:  contact: Karen Thomas, Thomas PR:
631-549-7578 or Toll Free (US & Canada Only) 800-KAT-8664

NEW Great Kat DVD coming in 2017!! Featuring ShredClassical masterpieces from Vivaldi, Sarasate, Rossini, Liszt, Terror, Bazzini & More insanity from The Great Kat Guitar/Violin Double Virtuoso!!

About The Great Kat:
Legendary Guitar/Violin Double Virtuoso, The Great Kat is the world-famous Juilliard graduate Classical Violin Virtuoso/Carnegie Recital Hall Violin Soloist/Winner of "Artists International Competition". The Great Kat performed as a Prodigy Violin Soloist for NYC Mayor Ed Koch at Gracie Mansion and for Coahuila, Mexico Governor Flores Tapia at the Centennial of General Vito Alessio Robles' birth and at the famous Teatro Fernando Soler in Saltillo, Mexico and was awarded the "Certificate of Merit" from New York Governor Mario Cuomo. The Great Kat is now the world's fastest Shred Guitar Virtuoso/"TOP 10 FASTEST SHREDDERS OF ALL TIME" (Guitar One Magazine)/ "FAMOUS JUILLIARD SCHOOL ALUMNI" ("50 SENSATIONAL FEMALE GUITARISTS" (Guitar Player Magazine)/Reincarnation of Beethoven and the ONLY Guitar-Violin Double Virtuoso since Niccolo Paganini. Timothy Leary, cultural icon collaborated with The Great Kat Violin Virtuoso on the rock song "Right Brain Lover". Steve Allen, the comedian and composer, especially composed a jazz piece, "Sonatina", for Katherine Thomas (The Great Kat). Katherine performed the World Premiere of the work as a Violin Soloist at the Thamesdown-Hambro festival in Swindon, England. Calyx Picture Agency in Swindon, England Features Katherine Thomas Violin Virtuoso in "The Great Kat is from Swindon" by Richard Wintle.  Retailing giant Tesco is now featuring The Great Kat's virtuoso Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" music in the TV commercial for the popular Activision video game "Call of Duty: Ghosts" . Warner Music Group has just released The Great Kat's legendary "Worship Me Or Die!" and "Beethoven On Speed" Speed Metal Albums as digital downloads on iTunes and more:!/id1086423634 & ."Beethoven On Speed" and "Beethoven Shreds" are now featured in "America's Beethoven" Exhibit at the "American Beethoven Society". MVD Entertainment Group is distributing The Great Kat's Albums & Music Videos worldwide The Great Kat's CDs,DVDs & Downloads are available at Walmart, Amazon, Target, iTunes, Barnes and Noble and more stores worldwide. BBC Radio's "The Arts Hour" features The Great Kat Shredding Beethoven's "5th Symphony" and Interview from "Fast And Furioso" Show (heard on BBC Radio 4). New Great Kat ShredClassical DVD coming in 2017, featuring blistering violin/guitar shreds of Vivaldi, Rossini, Sarasate, Bazzini & Liszt. More info: