Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Marcus Bradford’s New Film “Witchula,” Promises to Go Where Few Horror Films Have Gone Before

 Marcus Bradford, has announced that his production company, MAB Studios’, new project, “Witchula,” has begun development. Bradford and fellow writer/producer Pat Kusnadi (“The Id”, “The Ringing,” “Because We Care”) have created a script that combines several sub genres into a project that is sure to delight horror fans. Witches, werewolves, vampires and more will be featured, with the title character, Witchula, being the first, witch vampire hybrid ever to hit the big screen. Other producers attached to the project include horror veterans Matt Chassin (“Krampus the Christmas Devil,” “Seeking Valentina”) and John Blythe (“My Amityville Horror, ““One Day When the Rains Fell”).

For his part, Bradford says,” Witchula,” has been a labor of love, ““It's been a little over 13 years (May 25th, 2002) since the very First Draft of 'Witchula' was written. Conceived by a very unique "working title" and a small idea/concept of how 'Witchula' became to being from my father, Clifton Bradford... I was able to put something special together within a matter of a couple weeks.” Now here all these years later, Marcus is about to see his labor transform from the paper to the camera to the screen.

Bradford, who is also set to direct, has tapped horror icon Maria Olsen (‘Lords of Salem” “American Horror Story”) as the title character. Olsen who boasts over 200 credits, is well known to horror fans, not just for her diverse roles but as a staple at horror conventions as well.

“Scream king, “Bill Oberst Jr. (“Criminal Minds”) is also set to star. Oberst, the star of the Emmy winning film “Take this Lollipop,” is also one of the most familiar faces in the independent horror world, and is the proud recipient of twelve acting awards, including the coveted Lon Cheney Award for excellence in horror from the FANtastic Horror Film Festival. Oberst said he is ‘proud and excited, to be associated with such a groundbreaking film.”

Rounding out the preliminary cast members are Eileen Dietz and Marilyn Ghigliotti. Dietz, another horror staple is best known for her portrayal of the demon, in the classic film, “The Exorcist.” Ghigliotti is also an icon, but not in the horror world: Marilyn is best known as Veronica, the estranged girlfriend in Kevin Smith’s “Clerks.” In recent years Ghigliotti has made her mark in independent scifi and horror as well, starring in films like “Alien Armageddon, “”Starship Rising,” and the soon to be released “Rogue Warrior.”

Bradford says he is far from finished casting, and he plans to make “Witchula,” “”The Expendables ‘” of horror.” He is also not done finding crew and production partners. As of yet, there are no exact dates set for production, but Bradford promises to begin shooting sometime in mid-to late 2016. Until then, there will be many more exciting announcements from production. For his part, Marcus Bradford remains humble and optimistic, “I’d like to say thank you to those who’ve followed us throughout the last year and a half. My dedicated team and I promise to give you all an awesome, character-driven, scary-suspenseful and enjoyable film you'll never forget!”

Monday, December 28, 2015

48FILM Project to award $100,000 budget for feature film as Grand Prize

The 48FILM Project creates largest award ever offered by short film competition with a $100,000 (one hundred thousand dollars, USD) budget to film a feature film as Grand Prize.

The online festival is open to everyone: beginner to professional, from all nations.  Once registered, a competing team selects a genre and importantly: when they want to start the clock. 48FILM Project provides three (3) elements that are required to be included: a character, a line and a prop. Filmmakers then have forty eight (48) hours to create a short film in English or with English subtitles, four (4) to seven (7) minutes in length and upload it to Creators retain the rights to their own intellectual property.

A jury of recognized producers, directors, cinematographers, casting directors and actors will review the films and select the winners.  Winning films will be screened at the 2015 award ceremony in Los Angeles, California on February 9, 2016 at the Director’s Guild of America.

Grand Prize: In 2015, 48FILM Project will select a team from the award winners including Best Producer, Best Writer, Best Director, Best Cinematographer and Best Actor to make a feature film with a $100,000 budget.

48FILM Project Founder, Francesco Vitali notes, “Over the past few years we have discovered incredible talent from around the globe who have gone on to building their careers in the industry. Each project is judged by a jury of industry leaders and measured according to it’s own strength: whether created by an auteur, or a team.  This festival is a platform for creativity. You can be avant garde or commercial - as long as you follow our simple rules and create with passion.”

For more information, visit:

To register and be eligible to win the Grand Prize of making a feature film:

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Green Apple Entertainment Proudly Presents Susie’s Hope

The motion picture Susie’s Hope – which portrays the real-life story of a pit bull-attack survivor, a brutally abused, pit bull-mix puppy and their journey to heal and forgive together – will be available on DVD Jan. 5 from Green Apple Entertainment.

Based on a touching, true story that led to the successful passing of Susie’s Law in North Carolina – which seeks stricter punishment for animal abusers – Susie’s Hope brings to life the inspirational relationship between pit bull-attack survivor Donna Lawrence and a pit bull-mix puppy found beaten, burned and left to die.

The eight-week-old puppy had licked the face of her owner’s newborn baby and, for the offense, was beaten so severely that her jaw was broken and her teeth knocked out. She was then set on fire and left for dead. Ten days later, the puppy was discovered in a Greensboro, N.C., park, barely alive.  She was suffering from second- and third-degree burns over 60 percent of her tiny body—leaving the young animal with egregious injuries that would cause permanent damage and scars across her back and with her ears burned beyond recognition.

Realizing neglect and abuse were to blame for the tragic pit bull attack that Donna had endured just 10 months earlier – which nearly claimed her life, caused her to miscarry her baby and left her with the inability to have children – Donna rescues the puppy, naming her Susie.

Despite a veterinarian’s recommendation to euthanize the critically injured puppy, Donna raises the funds for Susie’s extensive treatment (daily over the course of two months) and – despite objections from family and friends – welcomes Susie into her home. Together, they learn to heal and forgive as they lead a historic effort to seek justice and protection, not only for Susie, but for all animals, in this incredible story of love, loss and redemption.

Directed byJerry Rees(Disney’California Adventure TV special, The Marrying ManThe Brave Little Toaster), Susie’s Hope stars Emmanuelle Vaugier (ABC’s Mistresses, WB’s Two and a Half Men, CBS’ CSI: NYSaw II, Secondhand Lions, 40 Days and 40 Nights), Burgess Jenkins (CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Lifetime’s Army WivesThe ReapingRemember the Titans) and Andrea Powell (Ender’s GameThe Twilight: Breaking Dawn Saga: Part 2, Get LowThe Legend of Bagger Vance).

The Susie’s Hope soundtrack features recordings by Charlie Daniels (“Susie Q”) and Vince Gill (“Wake up Little Susie”).

A Dove Foundation family-approved film, Susie’s Hope will be carried in Walmart stores across the nation and is also available via and select digital retail outlets.

A portion of the proceeds from DVD sales benefits the Susie’s Hope Nonprofit, a 501(c)(3) charity, to foster awareness of the animal abuse that exists in our nation and to work to end this epidemic by providing education to people of all ages. Together, Donna and Susie attend events and visit schools, churches and other organizations. The charity also produces life-like Susie’s Hope plush animals with embroidered scars (carried by Toys & Company), which serve as an educational tool.  Susie is the 2014 American Humane Association Therapy Dog and the 2014 American Humane Association Hero Dog.

Susie’s Hopeis presented in widescreen with an aspect ratio of 16 x 9 (1.78:1) and 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound. A production of Susie’s Hope Movie, LLC, in association with Stone’s Throw Films and ALTAIR Casting and Productions Services, distributed by Green Apple Entertainment.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Holidays 2015

Wishing you and your family a very happy holiday from all of us here at the Daily Film Forum.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

CLEAN CUT Slashes Up The Competition With New Sadistic Trailer


A thrilling first look at the highly anticipated new horror / psychological thriller film.

"The straightest people can be the most twisted"
The official trailer for the new award winning Horror / Thriller film, “Clean Cut” is finally released today. As we've said before this is the one to watch for 2016. We haven't seen a film like this in years. Bone chilling, shocking & sadistic watching this story unfold on the screen sends chills down your spine. The characters bring their all to the screen in this 1hr 17min long creep show. It fills your mind with fear and paranoia as the story unfolds on to the last 15mins of the film which completely sends you on one heck of a heart pounding ride wishing you never entered the theater. We give this thriller 4 out of 4 stars.

The trailer reveals the world of The Evangelist, a bible-quoting serial killer who has a small NJ town gripped with fear. Is he the same maniac from the past continuing his moral cleansing or a new, merciless angel of death.

The official trailer can be found on YouTube at

"Clean Cut" tells the story of Bill Horton who at seven years old watched in horror as a serial killer murdered his mother. Known as The Evangelist, he places a bible next to her body and quotes scripture as he leaves Bill alone and destroyed. Thirty years later, Bill has grown up and appears to be a model citizen, spending his days cleaning his house and baking. He has, however, picked up the mantle of the Evangelist, killing those who he finds wicked and evil and leaving a bible by their bodies. Bill only opens up to Dr. Laura Cooper, a psychiatrist, who discovers Bill's dark secret. She contacts young Detective Edward Legros who is working on the case with his cynical, veteran partner, Detective John Vance. But what Vance knows about the original Evangelist will lead to a bloody showdown. 

STARRING: Keith Collins (“The Meat Puppet”), Doug Bollinger ("Waltzing Anna"), Samantha Artese ("The Coffee Shop"), Michael BIlly ("The One") WITH Billy Sample ("Former NY Yankee"), Gervase Peterson ("Survivor") AND Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal ("Guns N' Roses"). Directed By, Joseph Pepitone (“The Jersey Devil”). Produced by Keith Collins. Executive Producers Steve Wolf ("Lady Peacock"), Jonnie Rockwell ("The Anthem"), AJ Mattioli ("Words"), Cory Green ("Rebel"). CO-Executive Producers Doug Bollinger, Joseph Pepitone. Cinematography & Edited By, Cory Green. Story By, Keith Collins. Written By, Joseph Pepitone and BIlly Pepitone. Original Music By, Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal.


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Comedy/Horror Film GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE Wins Top Screenplay Award!

Gregory Blair’s hilarious new film GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE barely wrapped principal photography before winning a screenwriting award in the 2015 FANtastic Horror Film Festival. The festival celebrates and honors films in the horror genre and Blair walked away with the award for Best Screenplay in this year's screenplay competition.  Blair's prior film, DEADLY REVISIONS won for its screenplay in last year's Terror Film Festival, so a trend seems in the making.

A longtime fan of horror comedy, Blair was eager to make his own contribution. “I think horror easily lends itself to comedy because the emotions are so high and the situations are often outrageous.  I love films that successfully walk that line between horror and comedy, whether it’s witty and referential like Scream or giddy low camp like Army of Darkness.” GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE is Blair's take on the genre mash-up.

The story is a fast-paced, wacky romp in the vein of Shaun of the Dead and Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, telling the tale of a backyard gathering of friends that goes horribly awry when an unexpected guest arrives.  With a pickaxe.  And an attitude.  The award-winning screenplay will be brought to life by such actors as Andy Gates (“The Young and the Restless”), Nichole Bagby (“Stupid Bitch”), Dawna Lee Heising (“Legend of the Red Reaper”), and even Blair himself (“Ooga Booga”).

Fans can get involved and get updates at  There’s also a fun quiz “Which GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE Character Are You?” where fans can choose between personality traits, weapons and more to reveal the character from the film they are most like.  The quiz can be found at

GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE is coming your way via PIX/SEE Productions and writer/director Gregory Blair has promised it will be--pun intended--a scream. Now, he's got an award to back that up.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Summer Hill Films gets pregnant with Titus Heckel's Widowed Father-Infant comedy WITH CHILD

Summer Hill Films, a U.S. theatrical distributor and worldwide sales company wholly owned by TomCat Films LLC, with international and domestic appeal, is pleased to announce it has acquired All Rights Worldwide to the critically acclaimed feature film WITH CHILD.

The Canadian produced film was written and directed by Titus Heckel and marks his feature film debut. The film stars Kerry van der Griend, best known for playing the memorable Neanderthal #1 in the three “Night at the Museum” films. He essays the lead role of construction worker Auden Price, who's facing innumerable difficulties raising his daughter, Riley, while also trying make a living. In the film's early moments, he convinces his boss to allow him to bring his tyke to the construction site where he works, explaining, "She doesn't have my experience, but she'll be a real morale builder."

Leslie Lewis co-stars as Petra, a prickly university professor who doesn't mind the child's presence — even if she's less than impressed by Auden's parenting skills. That doesn't stop her from initiating an awkward romance with her stone-faced employee who's still struggling with grief over his late wife. Lewis is best known for creating the one-woman show “Miracle in Rwanda” which she has performed on every continent except Antarctica to over 10,000 theatergoers.

The film also marks the producing debut for Lewis, who previously served as Executive Producer on “Dead Broke” for Warner Bros. Lewis is no stranger to the spotlight as her father, Reginald Lewis, acquired Beatrice in 1987, creating the largest African American-owned company in the United States at that time. It became the first black-owned company to have more than $1 billion in annual sales. Lewis’mother, Loida Nicolas Lewis, assumed leadership as Chair and CEO of TLC Beatrice International after his death, growing it into a $2 billion multinational food company with operations all across Europe. Both her parents are noted philanthropists.

“It is with great pride that I expand my family’s legacy into the creative medium of film,” said Ms. Lewis. "Impacting our culture by telling powerful stories in the arts resonates with my family’s groundbreaking achievements in the world of business. I’m honored to be bringing With Child’s message of how what we do now affects our past to a wider audience.”

TomCat/Summer Hill’s CEO, Ted Chalmers negotiated the deal with Glen Reynolds of Circus Road Producers Reps, and is thrilled with the acquisition. “We are delighted to have WITH CHILD as our next theatrical release. Not since “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father” has there been such a moving and entertaining film covering single fatherhood, to my recollection,” says  Chalmers, “We hope to be working with Leslie and her team on such meaningful projects for years to come.”


Summer Hill Films is a U.S. theatrical distributor and worldwide sales company with international and domestic appeal. The company was founded by TedChalmers who worked previously at Moving Pictures Film and TV, which became ICAP Media.  The new label will provide a full range of services relating to the sales, marketing, licensing and distribution of mainstream feature films, television and special interest content across all media in the worldwide market.

Friday, December 18, 2015

The Crossover Xperience by Universal Phoenix Group

Follow Japanese high school basketball star Kanna Suzuki as she ventures to USA, living with family of former pro player, Jerone Dodd.

Welcome to the Crossover Xperience documentary series.  Volume 1 chronicles Kanna Suzuki’s life and her trek to Atlanta, GA in 2012 along with her development since.  The Crossover Xperience is an exchange program of UBA Reason Foundation, INC (NPO) that was born out of the apparent need of more mediums to promote global exchange through the activities of sports, arts, education and technology. We believe that as the world continues to globalize, there is a real need for a more global perspective and the youth of today hold the keys of leadership for tomorrow.

The Crossover Xperience has its roots in exchange between the Americas and Asia, and has expanded to Europe and Africa as well. Everyone is not the same, but everyone deserves a chance to express their human nature and the areas of concern (sports, arts, education and technology) provide the common ground for all to engage and have the chance to learn about different cultures and people while appreciating the differences. The Crossover Xperience strives to create a positive and lasting imprint that will help shape a world of maturity and respect for all.

With Just 44 days left in this campaign, your support is urgently needed! Please look at all the rewards they have for those who make a contribution.  Please consider getting involved, at whatever level you can, and help “The Crossover Xperience" get funded!

We need your help:
If you can't afford to donate, don't worry - there are plenty of other ways you can help. Please take some time to share our campaign across your social networks and encourage your friends and family to donate.

For more information, contact us on:


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wowio, Inc. Announces Major Corporate Development, Change of Control with Armada Enterprises, and Multiple Media Roll-Up Transactions

Wowio, Inc. (OTCBB: WWIO), a digital media company, announced today that it has signed a letter of intent for Elite Media Holdings, LLC (“Elite”) to subscribe to a controlling interest in WWIO. Management believes the deal will bring a substantial increase to the business plan, capitalization and leadership of WWIO.  Elite is a multi-faceted media creation, production and distribution company owning dozens of media properties, feature films, social media elements, and television projects with committed management.  It will contribute its creative and production assets into WWIO after the closing of the subscription.

The Transaction sets the stage for a change of control, multiple media company and asset roll-up acquisitions from Elite Media, and a long-term path for financing and distributing media and entertainment through feature films, television, online media, and trans-media.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled about how quickly this all came together.  The overall goal of this relationship with Elite is to substantially increase the balance sheet of Wowio and expand its trans-media platform, thus providing a return for all of Wowio’s shareholders as well as for the stakeholders in Elite’s holding company,” commented Robert Estareja, Wowio’s CEO who negotiated the transaction.  “We have already identified additional acquisition opportunities that we intend to make now whose EBITDA contributions will be reflected on Wowio’s financial statement before the end of 2016.”

Elite is owned by Armada Enterprises GP, LLC, which has interests in energy, real estate, marine salvage, aerospace, sporting and media.  It plans to contribute these assets to a limited partnership as it is appointed its general partner.  Elite owns several business units, media properties and social media fan pages.  Among them are Hawley Woods, a content creation company, and a 50% interest in an international media and entertainment company with multiple international outlets for film and television projects.

Elite’s development stage projects include:

·     Multiple maritime-themed television shows to be produced by Haley Jackson, an award-winning producer, director and writer who has signed on to be Elite’s Executive Vice President of Production and Development.  Ms. Jackson worked on and produced many of James Cameron’s deep-sea exploration documentaries including: Deep Challenge; Ghosts of the Abyss; Aliens of the Deep; Last Mysteries of the Titanic; and Bismarck.

·     A slate of feature films with a targeted production budget of $30 - $50 million USD per film, up to 5 per year.

·     A joint venture with the international media company to co-manage an international film fund.

·     An over-the-top television solution for streaming video.

·     A virtual reality (VR) studio with a commitment from the founder of a global leader in short-form video and one of the largest content network on YouTube to head the studio.

Elite will subscribe to the controlling interest of WWIO with $1.8 million USD worth of its preferred membership units which will pay a 5% minimum annual distribution of their value paid out quarterly with such payments set to begin at the end of the first quarter of 2016.  These units will convert into limited partnership units of the larger diversified partnership.

To enable Wowio’s current equity holders to share in Elite’s upside, Wowio will designate a new class of preferred shares and dividend them to its existing common and preferred shareholders then redeem them for these Elite membership units prior to the first distribution payment.  This will also be a hedge against the dilution of the Wowio common stock.

“After some starts and stops along the way, we feel that we have finally created a winning scenario that will allow us to re-focus our efforts on running a successful media company and not just manage the nuances of a public company,” said Estareja.  “Elite’s broad and aggressive plan will give us the ability to create far-reaching entertainment projects that have broad appeal to an international audience.”

About WOWIO, Inc.

WOWIO, Inc. (OTCBB: WWIO) is a digital media and technology development company with a patented process and a proprietary mobile ad-delivery platform that will disrupt the eBook distribution landscape by exploiting a previously untapped marketplace: ad-supported eBooks. Wowio has built and acquired a number of digital media technologies, platforms and distribution outlets and is focusing its efforts on opportunities to create and monetize ancillary content product lines beyond eBooks and other forms of digital media.

About Elite Media Holdings, LLC

Elite Media Holdings, LLC is a multi-faceted holding company owning multiple media properties. Elite is partnering with various media production companies to exploit these media properties through feature films, television, online media, and other distribution channels. Elite is owned by Armada Enterprises GP, LLC.

Forward Looking Statements

This press release includes "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. In addition to statements which explicitly describe such risks and uncertainties, readers are urged to consider statements labeled with the terms "believes," "belief," "expects," "intends," "anticipates," "will," or "plans" to be uncertain and forward looking. The forward-looking statements contained herein are also subject generally to other risks and uncertainties, including but not limited to our ability to raise capital needed to pursue any of the acquisitions, ventures, or projects described above.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Jonathan Gaynor to Receive the "Behind the Scenes" Award at the Beaufort International Film Festival

South Carolina's "Go To" professional Sound Mixer, Jonathan Gaynor, will be honored at the 10th Annual Beaufort International Film Festival taking place February 10-14, 2016 in Beaufort, SC. He will be presented with the festival's prestigious "Behind the Scenes" Award for his work on more than 50 film and television programs spanning more than 20 years. His resume includes work on films like Forrest Gump, Dear John, The Notebook, and The Patriot. Also included is work in the Sound Department on the long running television series, Army Wives.

Jonathan began recording sound professionally in the late 1970s while involved with theatrical and film lighting, live sound reinforcement and photography. After moving to South Carolina from New York City in the late 1980s and seeing a need for someone to service the growing film and TV production sound market, he acquired his first recording package with the help of a sound mentor from his theater days. In the twenty some years since then he’s had the pleasure of working alongside many skilled and creative people helping to make a number of enduring stories for the screen. For a complete listing of his enormous body of work, visit

For more information about the 10th Annual Beaufort International Film Festival, visit The festival is produced by the Beaufort Film Society.

The Beaufort Film Society is a nonprofit, 501 (c) 3, member-supported organization, dedicated to providing the highest levels of entertainment and education to the public from all areas of the film industry.

Saturday, December 12, 2015


Best Supporting Actress Feature Horror: Tara London, Black Wraith
Best Supporting Actor Short Drama: Eric Eastman, Point Society
Best Supporting Actress Joan Chak, Illusionism
Best Supporting Actress Short Drama: Megan Phelps, Point Society
Best Ensemble Cast Short: Breaktime
Best Actor Local Short Drama: Edgar Gonzalez, Betrayal
Best Actor Short Horror: Robert Clohessy, The Last Taxi Driver
Best Actress Short Drama: Ying Ying Li, Soft Shelled Crab and Metal Claw
Best Actress Short Fantasy: Molly Ryman, Leaving
Best Actress Short Sci-Fi/Horror, Caitlyn Fletcher, Slave Master, the Beginning 
Best Actor Feature Dramedy: Stephen Medvidick, Suicide Party ‪#‎Save‬Dave
Best Actor Feature Horror: Doug Bollinger, Clean Cut
Best Actor Feature Action Drama: Tom Malloy, Hero of the Underworld
Best Actor Feature Drama: Ryan Wesen, Before the Snow 
Best Actress Feature Ensemble Drama: Nelcie Souffrant, Life is Too Short
Best Actress Samantha Hickman, Illusionism
Best Director Short Drama: Joseph Accardi, Soft Shelled Crab and Metal Claw
Best Director Local Short Drama: Keith Vaile, Betrayal
Best Director Short Comedy: Chris J. Cullen, Must Hurry!
Best Director Short Fantasy, Debra Markowitz, Leaving
Best Director Short Sci-Fi, Gregg Lillie, Gentleman’s Game
Best Director Ensemble Short, Pat Kazanjian: Breaktime
Best Director Student Short Documentary, Samuel Levy, The Projection Booth
Best Director Short Documentary, Mark VanZevenbergen, After Tragedy
Best Director Feature Ensemble Drama: Antoine Allen, Life is Too Short
Best Director Feature Horror: Keith Vaile, Black Wraith
Best Director Feature Action Drama: John Vincent, Hero of the Underworld
Best Director Feature Romantic Comedy: Kelsey O’Brien, Enchantments
Best Director Supernatural Thriller: Tony Picciotti, Illusionism
Best Animation: The Family Blend
Best Short Comedy: A Box Came to Brooklyn 
Best Short Horror: The Last Taxi Driver
Best Feature Documentary: The Business of Staying Young
Best Feature Horror: Clean Cut 
Best Feature Dramedy: Suicide Party #Save Dave
Best Feature Drama: Before the Snow
Best Short Documentary, Glen’s Village
Best Feature Musical Documentary: The Moment: Bonnaroo
Best Feature Comedy: Show Business
Best Actor Short Drama: Burt Young, Tom in America
Best Short Drama: Tom in America
Best Director Short Drama, Social Issues: Albert Kahn, Our People
Atlantic City Cinefest 2015 Lifesaver
Creative Growth Award
Keith Collins
Atlantic City Cinefest 2015 Lifesaver
Creative Achievement Award
Brian O’Halloran
Feature Script Winners
1st: Outside the Wire by Rob Yescombe
2nd: Ryan’s Crusade by Chris J Dean
3rd: Derek Dickens & The Dream by Phil Valentine FS
Student: Four Days of May by Christopher Heiman
Short Script Winners
1st: But I Will Still Go on Loving You Until the End of Times by Kristian Van der Heyden
2nd: Good Enough by Susan Damato
3rd: Atmo-Sphere by Steven Canfield Crowley
Student: Between Life and Death by David Briody

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Industry Executive, 'Eddie Gordon', Set to Unveil Kings Of Movies

Kings Of Spins' USA founder, Eddie Gordon, is teaming up with Cheryl Schayer and Belinda Foster to officially launch Kings Of Movies in January 2016. Kings Of Movies, a new movie online marketing platform, will promote the work of independent and major films to the KINGS global Radio DJ database linked to social media giants, Twitter, Facebook and the KINGS VIP list of essential movie bloggers.

Los Angeles-based Eddie Gordon, a prominent British music business innovator who has been assisting with the Grammys the last 7 years, is well known for having the scent of what's changing. September 2002 in New York for a closed room session of American music business bosses, Gordon told them that their companies had "to get online with the music fans or die". Gordon flew home and created the world's first online music promotion platform. In 2006, whilst moderating a panel at a Billboard Music Conference in Las Vegas, Gordon told a packed room "that the iPod was equal to the Elvis Presley revolution for music BUT that the iPod combined with a mobile PHONE would equal The Beatles revolution for music." It would change the game totally. Nine months later June 2007, Apple launched their first iPhone.

"We are looking forward to rolling out this new method of promotion for independent and feature film-makers who will love seeing their great work circulating around the world via radio recommendations and social media in the same light that Kings Of Spins has successfully shone on over 7,500 great new music releases. KINGS has over 106,000 tweets on its Twitter page that are all actual DJ reactions to music received from KINGS, it works! We are all lifelong movie and music lovers, so anything that creates awareness for something you love is easy to get excited about,” says Gordon.

"The entertainment business knows that social media have changed the world and 'people really believe what they see',” Gordon continues, "it's the logical step with Kings Of Spins to Kings Of Movies, especially with the love affair that has always flowed between music and movies. So many great movies have great soundtracks, too."

First out of the royal gates for Kings of Movies is the official launch of the independent feature film, “Under the Blood-Red Sun,” directed by Tim Savage. The film is based on Graham Salisbury’s best-selling book, "Under the Blood-Red Sun," just reprinted by Random House in a Special 20th Anniversary Edition. Plus a major Sony release that "knocks you out.” :)

Kings Of Spins is a champion campaigner for new artists and their releases. - Billboard USA

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

’40 Nights’ Cast Returns to ‘CHASE THE STAR’

Michigan based production company Collective Development and distributor Lightworx Entertainment are collaborating on a three-picture film deal. The deal made with actor/writer/producer DJ Perry was to pen and produce three biblical-era films.  The first film “40 Nights” is about the quest of Jesus to overcome temptation and prepare himself for his journey ahead.  Directed by Jesse Low, the film is now in final post undergoing music scoring and VFX work.  The film will enjoy some theatrical events before a worldwide release in April 2016.

The second film in the QUEST trilogy is entitled “Chasing the Star” and focuses upon the quest of the magi seeking the Messiah child.  After weeks of interviews with directors around the country - Collective Development is announcing Bret Miller, a Michigan native, as the director of their second film. His previous feature “Some Are Born” is being released in 2016 with Adler and Associates Entertainment.

“Mr. Miller had the right vision that fit perfectly with what we wanted to do with the “Chasing the Star” script. Being a fellow Michigan State University grad was just another bonus. – DJ Perry, producer

The three films intertwine with one another and therefore will have some of the original characters returning. Legendary actor Rance Howard (A Beautiful Mind, Nebraska) is returning along with Taymour Ghazi (Dean Teaster’s Ghost Town), Shane Hagedorn (Ashes of Eden) and Melissa Anschutz (Bestseller). Casting has been on going for months and additional cast will be announced in the coming weeks.

Official Facebook

Sunday, December 6, 2015

"Seeking Valentina," Finds Acclaim on Two Continents in One Weekend

Armin Nasseri wants to change the way U.S. audiences see ethnic minorities in the U.S., and it seems Delhi Shorts International Film Festival and FANtastic Horror Film Festival of San Diego applaud Nasseri’s efforts.  Nasseri’s psychological thriller short was an Official Selection of the 4th annual edition of Delhi Shorts International Film Festival.  Seeking Valentina was awarded by a Special Festival Mention by the esteemed film festival, which was Seeking Valentina’s International and Asian Premiere.

Seeking Valentina was also lauded at FANtastic Horror Film Festival, nominated for 14 awards, it garnered five:  Best Director of a Short Film (Armin Nasseri), Best Actor of a Short Film (Ali Bavarian), Best Actress of a Short Film (Kristin West), Best Sound Design (Armin Nasseri & SkyXross) and Best Score (SkyXross).   Seeking Valentina, written and directed by Armin Nasseri, follows Benjamin (played by Ali Bavarian), an Iranian-American writer, in the pangs of grief. When Benjamin takes in a whimsical and an engaging tenant and she mysteriously disappears, it is for the audience to decide is she a ghost, a hallucination, a dream or a runaway.  Enigmatic and controversial to some, Seeking Valentina has received tremendous critical acclaim worldwide.

Nasseri vigorously resisted stereotyping throughout his production, and cast many actors against type.  Regarding his film’s recent success both in the U.S. and abroad, Nasseri says, “I am deeply humbled and honored to accept the award for Best Director of a Short Film at the FANtastic Horror Film Festival.”  He adds, “I'm very proud that we were awarded Best Sound Design along with Ali Bavarian winning Best Actor, Kristin West winning Best Actress and aka SkyXross winning Best Original Score. A special thanks to my Seeking Valentina cast and crew whose hard work has spoken.”   FANtastic Horror Film Festival of San Diego purports to give its attendees, “the opportunity to see films, brand-spanking-new horror, red-hot off the shelf, never seen in San Diego,” and “the freshest horror in the city.”

Kristin West, lead actress and producer, says, “We are so grateful for the enthusiastic reception and recognition of Seeking Valentina at FANtastic Horror Film Festival and Delhi Shorts International Film Festival. We are deeply honored.”  Nasseri and West follow their successes in San Diego and Delhi with the announcement of Seeking Valentina’s Canadian Premiere to be held at Toronto World International Film Festival in December and his Official Selection at Los Angeles CineFest.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Into The Forest, Out With A New Film

Award winning filmmaker, Richard LeMay, director of 200 AmericanWhirlwind and the critically acclaimed, Naked As We Came, transitions from LGBT  to Horror genre with his first crowdfunding campaign via IndieGoGo to complete his new film, The Dark Rite.

Inspired by films like Rosemary's Baby and The BelieversThe Dark Rite unfolds the story of a very powerful family of witches, whom every 25 years must perform the unthinkable – human sacrifice, including a family member.   While the theme for The Dark Rite, came to LeMay after watching the news about a string of home invasions in Long Island, LeMay says, “I’ve always wanted to direct a horror film.  I waited for a truly original idea.”  So off he went into the forest and wrote a screenplay.  A year later, the result was a story about witches, LeMay titled, The Dark Rite.

Shot in upstate New York, The Dark Rite, stars emerging Hollywood starlet, Eden Brolin, as Kerry, an eighteen year old girl who finds herself the target of the unimaginable.  Ross Wellinger (David), the youngest member of the witch family chosen to perform the family’s dark ritual this time around, but he finds himself conflicted between his desires for Kerry and his family’s occult activity.  Rounding out the Rite cast is CSI alumnus, Gerald McCullouch, Justin Davis from Boardwalk Empire, and Emmy award winner, Eric Nelsen.

The IndieGoGo campaign for The Dark Rite begins on November 6th and runs for 45 days.  For further information please contact Kirk Shannon-Butts of Flickeria at 917.545.4360 or Kirk@Flickeria . com.

INDIEGOGO: TheDarkRite   FACEBOOK: TheDarkRite   TWITTER: @TheDarkRite    IG: TheDarkRite

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Performance Art Hits the Streets of New York with Artist Marco Biagini's "High Visibility Burqa"

 Women dressed in fluorescent yellow burqas draw attention to international beliefs and way of dress to promote the opening of the controversial film, "The Tainted Veil," opening at the Cinema Village in NYC on December 11th.

Models wearing high visibility burqas will perform in the streets of New York City on December 3-5th to promote the release of award winning documentary feature film, "The Tainted Veil" which opens at the Cinema Village Theater on Friday, December 11th and to raise awareness about women's rights.  The film opens at an explosive time in history when words and ideas are called into question and the world is in flames. 

“The Tainted Veil” is an important and fascinating film for this exceedingly precarious time. The practice of covering or the choices of what to wear based on personal beliefs is a universal issue.

The documentary feature explores the ancient custom of women wearing the hijab (headscarf), a signal to the world that they are Muslim. Many women choose to continue the antiquated practice, adhering to an act of modesty and religious law. Now, 21st century Muslim women are finding and using their voices and, quite literally, their heads to make a personal determination to wear the hijab or go uncovered. Either way, they are at risk as a simple headscarf holds a myriad of meanings. 

The performance piece, "High Visibility Burqa (2)" was created by the Italian artist Marco Biagini as a development of the original performance piece “High Visibility Burqa (1)” mounted at the 56th Biennale of the Arts in Venice, Italy, 2015. Mr. Biagini will be in attendance. 

For Muslim women, the ritual of wearing a religious covering, meant to be a protection, now incites contention or even violence. Women in burqas instigate curiosity and often suspicion. Using models in bright neon colored burkas, artist Marco Biagini seeks to bring the subject into the headlines. "The Tainted Veil" offers insight from scholars, politicians, religious leaders and the women themselves in a question that dates back to early civilization and still rages today.

"The Tainted Veil" is one of 124 documentaries submitted for consideration in the documentary feature category for the 2016 Oscars. Directed by Ovidio Salazar, Nahla Al Fahad and Mazen Al Khayrat the film opens in NYC on Friday, December 11th at the Cinema Village, 22 E. 12th St., New York, NY 10003.