Sunday, June 27, 2010

‘Grown Ups’ Not For Children or Grown Ups

With a cast of today’s hotest comedians everyone figured this would be moderate if not box office gold but this over the hill cast of ‘Grown Ups’ is far from funny. Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, and Rob Schneider make up the man side of this wanna-be summer comedy blockbuster which counts on recurring jokes and poor physical humor to keep the audience’s attention. Each comedian attempts to bank on their singular stand up joke turned box office bummer. Amazingly ‘Grown Ups’ has surpassed the Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz comedy ’Knight and Day’ at the box office….what has this world come to?


Thursday night was a wild one for Actress Theresa Galeani celebrating her birthday at Johnny Utah’s. Having a lot to celebrate, after a busy few months of filming acclaimed movies ‘A Fight for Survival’ and ‘Non Compos Mentis’ also rehearsing for her staring role in the upcoming play ‘Smoke Em’ if You Got ‘Em’,
The pint sized actress indulged in a night of bull ridin’, barbeque, and debauchery at New York’s famed Johnny Utah’s. Endless pitchers of margaritas flowed before Galeani took her chances riding the mechanical bucking bull. Sparklers wisked throughout the packed crowd as everyone joined in to wish her well. Others in attendance were CSI’s Gerald McCullouch, Actor Keith Collins, HBO’s Telling Nicholas Thanbir Ahmed & the cast of ‘Smoke Em’ if You Got ‘Em’. Ending the evening, deciding to honor her southern heritage, was later was seen diving into a plate of buffalo wings. A true way to end the night!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

‘Jonah Hex’ Might be Ruined by Megan Fox

Megan Fox is beautiful, there is no one on Earth who would debate this, however, if a movie allowed for her to simply stand and look long legged and hot, this movie would be rated highly. ‘Jonah Hex’ was expecting much more from Fox, and she did not deliver. In recent interviews Fox has admitted that she has little to no talent but that shouldn’t hinder her from working as an actress. Really, Megan? Let all the film watchers band together and say we want talent with out beauty and get Ms. Fox some acting lessons.

'The Hobbit’ Negotiations'

Guillermo del Toro, of ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ and ‘Hellboy’ fame, was all set to direct the first installment of the Lord of the Rings series, ‘The Hobbit’, that is until late May when, with nearly no notice, he bailed. He will instead focus all of his energies on his highly anticipated ‘Frankenstein’ remake. OH NO! Who could possibly take his place and make Middle Earth as entertaining as Peter Jackson did the in the original trilogy, why non other than Peter Jackson himself! Jackson has official signed on with MGM to create the series prequel, ‘The Hobbit’.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Gregg Valentino's life story as told in the book Death, Drugs & Muscle is nothing if not immensely compelling. His life is a tragic story of drugs, death, street gangs and self-destruction. Containing all of the components of a summer blockbuster--sex, drugs, muscle, rock and A gripping, uncensored hush-hush look at a bizarre sexual fetish culture with celebrities as you have never seen them before.--Gregg's story transcends all preconceived notions about bodybuilders and even drug dealers. Gregg's life is one that was full of high's and low's as he navigated through the dark, New York City underground, but for years he managed to make his trade and bring in incredible amounts of money. But after the loss of the one woman he truly loved, Gregg's own death seemed the only escape from the hell he suddenly found himself a part of. Gregg was totally lost in the illegal world of sex, drugs, and money that eventually came crashing down on him. Gregg’s arrest was headline news and the image of him being lead off to jail was on every news show in America and even overseas.
The story of Gregg Valentino can be summed up in short: infamous for his 'World Record' holding body, haunted by his past, rebuilding his future. It's a true tale about one man's notorious fall from grace—from success and wealth—into the deepest, darkest pits of hell on earth. And even when some of his friends turned their backs on him he held to his own street ethics, took the heat, and lost it all. But when the dust settled, Gregg rose from the gutter to become one of the world's most infamous celebrities.

‘Footloose” Re-Make Looses Steam

Imagine a ‘Footloose’ re-make starring Zac Efron, directed by ‘High School Musical” director Kenny Ortega. It sounds like pre-teen pop music heaven, and it would have been, if the planned duo had agreed to sign on. However, ‘Footloose’ is slowing losing its high profile momentum having signed newbie director Craig Brewer, who past credits include directing one episode of ‘The Sheild’ and ‘Hustle and Flow’ and unknown dancer/actor Kenny Wormald to take on the role Kevin Bacon made infamous. Paramount Pictures must be crossing its fingers with this new crew, hoping a little of the original movie magic will rub off this time around.

The A-Team Scores Anything But an A+

You either love ‘em or you hate ‘em, these Hollywood remakes of retired tv series. I thought we seen it all with a second installment of Transformers. The A-Team, although filled with action packed drama, quirky comedy, and an moderate cast leaves something to be desired. It’s as if we’ve seen this before, perhaps in the 97 episodes that aired with the original cast. Doesn’t Hollywood know, nothing can be as good the second time around. Hilariously, in an opening weekend with two re-makes ‘The Karate Kid’ banked over $100 million dollars while ‘The A-Team’ struggled to pull in just under $50 million.

Monday, June 21, 2010


The movie ‘Jaws’ turns 35 this month and still hold the same blood soaked drama it has for the past 35 years. Its amazing to think that this PG- rated film can still make a full theater shriek knowing all the incredibly boring and mundane R-rated films that come out yearly now. This is the movie that has made thousands of people afraid to go in the water with very little actual violence, with the exception of a brutal shark biting off a man’s leg, and blood in the water but instilling fear in everyone who saw the film. It’s hard to imagine this being Steven Spielberg’s second foray into film; ‘Jaws’ shows such commitment by all involved and will continue to frighten audience for years to come.


Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz team up again for yet another action packed summer comedy, this time waging war and on the run from the government. We all remember the duo in Cameron Crowe’s ‘Vanilla Sky’ and can only hold our breathe to see the two relieve those barely memorable moments together again. On their own both performers have made box office gold,. however the only thing keeping this reporters interest in ‘Knight and Day’ is knowing that both actors did their own stunts and were both injured on set. Come on, don’t we all want to see Tom Cruise beaten up…multiple times, and know that, this time, its really him.


An OFFICIAL SELECTION AT THE 2010 HOBOKEN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL & WAS ALSO NOMINATED FOR THE AUDIENCE AWARD FOR BEST FEATURE FILM OF THE FESTIVAL. This movie was by far the talk of the festival. Wasn’t sure what to expect on this one but we were extremely surprised as to how it rose to the top. Strongly suggest viewing this new film it will keep you on the edge of your seats the whole time!!
Six friends set out on a road trip expecting fun and adventure. The friends learn more about each other and their relationships then anyone could have expected. What happens next changes their lives forever. After only a few days on the road from New York to Alaska the group hits a patch of rough ice only to find themselves in a horrific car accident leaving the group to deal with loss and madness. The group is tested to their limits and left fighting for survival. Starring Nicholas Boise, Keith Collins, Theresa Galeani, Lindsay Tanner, Maria Alegre & Matt Reynolds Written and Directed by Nicholas Boise MM Mayhem Films
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The premiere movie opening night of the Hoboken International Film Festival was none other than the courtroom drama about the legalization of gay marriage “An Affirmative Act” with a stunning cast of Charles Durrining, Costas Mandylor, Eric Etebari, Thomas G. Waites, Justin Deas, Jackie the jokeman Martling, Robert Clohessy, Candice Holdorf, Elissa Goldstein, Randy Jones, Rachael Robbins, Keith Collins & Blanche Baker. An Affirmative Act lived up to all its expectations very powerful film keep you on the edge of your seats and a must see Directed by Jana Mattioli & written and produced by Kenneth Del Vecchio A slice of life of a young, professional married couple with their darling baby turns a sharp, dark corner when the pair are arrested and charged with several counts of fraud. The reason: Terry and Samantha Succi aren't the man and woman that they purported to be. In truth, they are two women. One, a long haired, pretty school teacher; the other, a boyish-looking architect, who tricked the world surrounding her into thinking she was a man.One affirmative act, deciding not only the fate of the women's freedom, but also the governor's bill and one of the most controversial issues facing the United States. One affirmative act - of justice, or maybe not
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Sunday, June 20, 2010



Best Feature Film
*The Battle For Bunker Hill – Matt Cullen, Greg Hurd, Scott Richardson & Kevin Willmott

Best Screenplay (Feature Film)
*A Safe House – Stephen G. Schioppo

Best Director (Feature Film)*The Camera's Eye – Wendy Shear

Best Actor (Feature Film)
*The Only Good Indian - Wes Studi

Best Actress (Feature Film)
*Are You For Great Sex – Jessica Caban

Best Supporting Actress (Feature Film)
*Bodhisattva – Miska Halim

Best Supporting Actor (Feature Film)
*A Safe House – John Felidi

Best Cinematography (Feature Film)
*Are You For Great Sex? – Valentina Caniglia

Best Editor (Feature Film)
*The Camera's Eye – Ron Kalish

Best Foreign Film
*Unearthed – Peter Yaxley

Best Documentary
*Crossing Our Borders – Gladys Bensimon

Best TV Pilot
*BSI – Harry Pritchard & Frank Mosca

Best Short
*Numb – Amanda Marshall, Brian Culp & Erwann Marshall

Best Short Short
*Vacuum Attraction – Morgan Miller & Ruby Schneider

Best Unproduced Screenplay
*I'll Die Tomorrow - John Maffucci

Best of the Festival
*Santorini Blue - Deirdre Lorenz & Matthew Panepinto
Rob at Your Own Convenience - Steven Meitzler & Christopher A. Sienkiewicz
Non Compos Mentis - Geraldine Winters
Jersey Justice - John Charles Hunt & Kathlyn Hunt
A Fight For Survival - Nicholas Boise
Maggie Marvel - Dan Brennan

Lightyear Best Feature Film Winner
*Venus & Vegus - Eddie Guerra, Luis Moro & Demien Lichtenstein

New York Post Best Feature Film Trailer Winner
*Silent - Michael Pleckaitis

Lifetime Achievent Award Recipient
*Robert Loggia

New Jersey Professional Leadership Award Recipient
*Anthony Falco

Scream 4 will have Quite the Cast

The fourth Scream movie will have quite a cast. Fingers are crossed that the cast can hold up a fourth installment of this film franchise. Parenthood’s Lauren Graham has officially signed on to the Scream 4 cast along with Scream newbie’s Hayden Panttiere, Rory Culkin, and Emma Roberts and original cast members Courteney Cox, Neve Campbell, and David Arquette. We’ll all just have to wait with fear in our hearts till 2011 to find out if this great cast can support this film.

Toy Story 3’s Amazing Opening Weekend

Father’s Day weekend is all about spending time together, and apparently, attending family films as shown by the numbers. Toy Story 3 grossed over $100 million dollars this past weekend making it Pixar’s highest grossing opening weekend ever. The third installment of the Toy Story franchise, featuring the loveable toys, Buzz Lightyear and Woody, is bound to keep going on its way ‘to infinity and beyond‘. Make everyday Father’s Day, grab your dad and head to the movie theatre to see this summer’s favorite Pixar flick.


Non Compos Mentis,

A psychological journey into the mind of sexual addiction, love identity and insanity. A young couple who have it all. A Missing person, a priest. A psychiatrist playing cat and mouse with a detective seeking clues. All in the rich subtext of psychological illusion.

Starring Keith Collins, Gary Garver, Theresa Galeani and Rick Borgia .Special guest appearances by international cult stars Kim Sonderholm and Manoush Produced by DGW Films Inc. Written and Directed by Geraldine Winters

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