Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tony Todd Exits Star Trek Axanar

Tony Todd has left the crowd funded fan film STAR TREK: AXANAR which he was scheduled to star in with principal photography to begin in January 2016.

Tony Todd the star of the CANDYMAN and FINAL DESTINATION franchises, had starred in the short film PRELUDE TO AXANAR as a prelude to the feature, but is now parting ways with AXANAR due to personnel changes and creative differences.

It was announced yesterday August 31, 2015 , that Tony Todd had signed on board the hit CW series THE FLASH and will voice the role of ‘Zoom’ the Flash’s arch nemesis.  Todd is currently slated to star in the play GHOST IN THE HOUSE, the story of the late great boxer Jack Johnson, October 9-11 at UCLA’s Schoenberg Hall and the upcoming FRANKENSTEIN for CANDYMAN director Bernard Rose.

Tony would like to thank the fans that supported and financed PRELUDE and the upcoming film based upon his involvement and wishes the cast and crew of AXANAR much success

Monday, September 28, 2015

Bulgarian Film Festival in New York / Sofia Independent NYC

 The Bulgarian Film Festival in New York, founded by Bulgarian actress Jana Karaivanova, is the first annual Bulgarian film showcase outside of Bulgaria. It is a platform for the most successful Bulgarian filmmakers and a cultural bridge between the United States and Bulgaria.

It is our honor that the President of the Republic of Bulgaria granted his Patronage to the eleventh edition of the Festival, dedicated to the Centennial of moviemaking in Bulgaria and the inclusion of the City of Sofia in the UNESCO network of creative cities as “Creative City of Film”.

The Festival will open with the Bulgarian Oscar contender for 2015 “THE JUDGMENT” directed by Stefan Komandarev. The film won the Best Movie Award at the “Golden Rose” IFF in Varna, Bulgaria 2014.

On September 30th, President Plevneliev will host the screening of the most successful Bulgarian film internationally for 2015 “THE LESSON” directed by Kristina Grozeva and Peter Valchanov. The documentary title of the evening will be “VAPTZAROV. FIVE TALES FOR AN EXECUTION” directed by Kostadin Bonev.

The Closing Night movie will be the highly anticipated “FAMILY RELICS” by Ivan Cherkelov.

For the first time the Festival will take place in the Chelsea Bow Tie Cinemas. In addition, as of this year the Festival will have its own office in Manhattan where the newly created American-Bulgarian Advisory Board will meet and discuss the future development of this cultural exchange platform.



For more information visit:

Tickets can be purchased at the Festival’s site.

September 28th - October 3rd, 2015

Chelsea Bow Tie Cinemas, 260 W. 23rd Street, New York, NY 10011

The Festival is organized by United Productions LLC in partnership with: The Bulgarian National Film Center, The Cultural Institute of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs, The Mayor’s Office of Sofia and with the support of “Zeitgeist Ventures”.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

"The Suicide Flowers" Short to Film in October 2015

You see them every day, the suicide flowers.They bloom from the cracks and crevices of concrete sidewalks, from between asphalt creases and gaps, yet these flowers blossom and prosper until the careless foot tramples. Others wither and fade, having survived, despite their strained and dubious foundations.

Producer/Writer Pete Conrad and Executive Producer Erika Place are bringing Conrad's flagship work to the screen. Based on actual people and events, The Suicide Flowers is a short film adaptation of Conrad's original novel of the same name. It tells the story of a self-destructing rock star who discovers that he has something in common with a fan who is dying from leukemia. The short, directed by John E. Seymore, is currently in pre-production and filming begins in Los Angeles in October (IMDb).

The Suicide Flowers features London May as Raeburn Messiah, the pompous, embittered front-man of legendary rock band, Aluminum Jesus. He's staring down the death of his career, his time in the spotlight fading after a lifetime of substance abuse and falling record sales. To compound  matters, Bunny (Amanda Rea), Raeburn's longtime girlfriend, has had enough of his verbal and emotional abuse, and she is ready to call it quits.

Gabriel Dalton (Dylan Ramsey) is a good and loving husband to his wife, Isabelle, but he is also sentenced to an early death by the leukemia invading his body. He is Raeburn's biggest fan. He knows that tonight's Aluminum Jesus show will be his last. Isabelle (Amber Geneva), who has been Gabriel's rock, loves him dearly, but she is growing weary of watching Gabriel die.

What ensues on the night of the Aluminum Jesus show is a powerful and emotional series of events that leads Raeburn, Bunny, Gabriel, and Isabelle to a secret that just might save both couples from the fate that each seems destined.

When asked why he chose to adapt this novel of his three, Conrad simply stated, "People need to hear the story of these two brave men." An Indiegogo fundraising campaign to defray costs runs now through the end of September.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Twin British Actors Celebrate Their First Year of Hollywood Success!

Pick any day in the past ten years and concentrate on that specific date.  Did you know that over two dozen actor hopefuls arrived in Hollywood that day to pursue their film and television dreams?  Those actors are representative of the two hundred hopefuls who arrived that week, the thousand who arrived that month, and the ten thousand plus who arrived that year.

Let’s keep that same date in mind.  Do you know how many actor hopefuls gave up that day?  If you guessed two dozen, you’re correct; two dozen of the two hundred who gave up that week, the nearly one thousand who gave up that month and the ten thousand or so who gave up that year.

On average, one in a thousand will become successful in the Hollywood-based film and television industry.  That means that 99.9 percent of the actors will fail.  Some will give up in a matter of weeks; some in a matter of months or years and some will stick it out for a couple of decades before they ‘throw in the towel.”

With the odds being a thousand to one against a specific actor achieving success, what are the odds that any TWO specific actors will each achieve substantial success?  As unlikely as it is statistically, here are two specific actors who have beaten those million-to-one odds and are now living their Hollywood dream.  They are now “giving back” by sharing their story and the “secrets” of their success.

One year ago, at the age of seventeen, identical twins Carl and Kelvin Wolfenden said good-bye to their friends and family in Great Britain and boarded their fateful flight to Los Angeles, over 5,000 miles away.  The twins had known for years where they were headed; they were actors and they were about to fulfill their destiny and to live their dreams!

Carl and Kelvin were always interested in acting.  As long ago as they can remember, they enjoyed entertaining their family and friends.  They really “got serious” and began their professional acting career at age 11.  They acted in England for five years and impressed a lot of people.  Beginning around the age of 12, they told their parents on nearly a daily basis that they wanted to go to America.

“Most people talk about it; we did it!” Carl, by five minutes the older of the twins, asserted.  “Our parents saw our passion,” added Kelvin.  “They witnessed our unwavering dedication, drive, and our absolute resolve to succeed in the acting business.  They saw us act and they saw how good we were.”  “So we finally wore them down,” Carl added with a smile on his face and that famous twinkle in his eye.

“At the end of our education, our teachers were asking us what we were going to do” Carl explained, “We simply told them that we were going to America to become famous actors!  We could have gone on to higher education, but we didn’t want to be stuck in England for two or three more years.  We didn’t want to lose the professional careers we already had going and we did not want to waste time.  We wanted to start then.  We were seventeen when we moved here.”

The twins recently celebrated their first year in Hollywood.  In that time they enjoyed major roles in over a dozen films and a national McDonald’s commercial – and they signed for two starring roles in two additional back-to-back upcoming movies.

When asked the secret of their success, the charismatic brothers shared wisdom and insight way beyond their years.  “The world is full of people who had no idea how close they were to success when they gave up,” Carl offered. “So never, never, never give up!” Kelvin added as if completing his brother’s sentence.

“And believe in yourself!” Carl continued.  “If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will.” Kelvin added.

“It’s not a matter of luck.  It’s a matter of belief and dedication” Kelvin continued.  “We never had a Plan B because failure was never an option!  Most people who allow themselves to have a Plan B end up settling for Plan B.  We were never willing to settle.”

“Be willing to risk,” Carl added.  “Of course you must have acting talent and ability, but even more importantly, you must approach this business as a really serious business.”  Kelvin jumped in “If you approach it as a hobby, you’ll get hobby type results.  You must have the passion and the resolve to achieve all that you can – all that is possible.  And major success is not only possible, it’s even probable if you really study and know how the business operates, approach the business as a business, go to give – not to take, have a good personality and network with true industry professionals.”

Carl summed up their secrets of success nicely.  “You can find thousands of excuses why you can’t succeed.  All you need is one excuse why you can succeed, and you will!”

Kelvin added these words of wisdom:  “Surround yourself with positive professionals.  Have a great support system – agent, manager, entertainment attorney, and publicist.  No major star has ever made it alone.  We’re very fortunate to have found a great support team and great friends in the business.”

Carl and Kelvin Wolfenden are, indeed, living the Hollywood dream.  Along the way, they are inspiring and motivating many people.  It appears that they have discovered the “secret of success.”  Watch for them – coming soon to a theater near you!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


farewell-smDante Hall, 7:00 PM
Free Pre-Festival Screening
2012, 61 min, Dir. Maynard Seider
A documentary look at a New England mill town that hasn’t received the economic growth that a new contemporary art museum had promised them.  Local academics will be in attendance to discuss the film’s parallels to the Atlantic City tourism industry decline of decades past.  Free admission!


A-Rising-TideDante Hall, 7:30 PM
Opening Night Film / New Jersey Premiere

A RISING TIDE2014, 110 min, Dir. Ben Hickernell
Director Ben Hickernell and Producer Daryl Freimark in attendance!
A young Atlantic City chef (Hunter Parrish, Weeds) is forced to quickly mature following the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  An inspirational story of redemption also starring Tim Daly (WingsPrivate Practice) and Ashley Hinshaw (Chronicle).

hitchcock_truffaut-smDante Hall, 12:30 PM
New Jersey Premiere
2015, 80 min, Dir. Kent Jones
Filmmakers discuss how Francois Truffaut’s 1966 book “Cinema According to Hitchcock” influenced their work.  Features interviews with Wes Anderson, Martin Scorsese, Paul Schrader, David Fincher, and many more.  Like an entire semester of film school in 80 minutes time.

Dante Hall, 3:00 PM
88 min, Dir. Keith Vaile
A young woman accused of murder tries to prove her innocence as she comes face to face with the urban legend Bloody Mary.
filmadelphia-smDante Hall, 5:00 PM
Special Event
Filmadelphia: A Celebration of a City’s Movies

The long overdue New Jersey Shore Premiere of the crticially-acclaimed Filmadelphia program!  NJ-based author Irv Slifkin (Filmadelphia) hosts a guided video tour of film history in the Philadelphia and NJ regions.  Irv will screen clips and elaborate upon locally shot movies including Pride of the MarinesThe BurglarJesus’ Son, and many, many more.

Dante Hall, 7:00 PM
World Premiere
85 min, Dir. Tony Picciotti
Cast and crew in attendance!
An art student moves into a house owned by a mysterious woman, she discovers that her new artistic talent comes from beyond this world, revealing very deadly secrets about previous residents.  Filmed in Galloway and Chatsworth, NJ.
savedavevegas-smDante Hall, 9:30 PM
SUICIDE PARTY #SAVE DAVE101 min, Dir. Jack Skyyler
What It’s a Wonderful Life would be if National Lampoon had made it.
Screening with the short POINT SOCIETY (30 min, Dir. Jack Skyyler)
The two main “families” of the secret and elite Point Society struggle against powerful foes for authority over the path of humanity. A sexy, dark study on power and control.

Bloody-Knuckles-final-artworkDante Hall, Midnight
New Jersey Premiere
2014, 85 min, Dir. Matt O.
A comic book writer and his reanimated severed hand seek revenge against Chinese gangsters in this critically-acclaimed Canadian horror/comedy.
Official selection: 2014 Fantasia Film Festival, 2014 Morbido Fest, 2015 Boston Underground Film Fest.


bonnaroo-featArts Garage, 11:30 AM
Atlantic City Premiere
2014, 107 min, Dir. Reuben Meltzer
A personal gonzo-esque documentation of America’s largest music festival, Bonnaroo, complete with interviews and live performances of bands ranging from well known to yet-to-be discovered.

show-business-smArts Garage, 1:45 PM
New Jersey Premiere
2015, 85 min, Dir. Alexander Tovar
A satirical comedy focusing upon a Hollywood rookie who struggles with a screenplay project as his fiancee enjoys their new life in Los Angeles.
Screening with the short MUST HURRY! (4 min, Dir. Chris J. Cullen)

tom-in-america-poster-smArts Garage, 3:30 PM
A diverse selection of new dramatic short films that cover topics including restrictive marriages, the revealing of long buried secrets, and the bittersweet realities of growing old.

enchanments_web_poster-smArts Garage, 5:30 PM
Atlantic City Premiere
2015, 79 min, Dir. Kelsey O’Brien
A romantic comedy based on Jane Austen’s 1815 novel Emma with a modern, metropolitan twist.
Screening with the short A BOX CAME TO BROOKLYN (27 min, Dir. Jason Cusato)

BTS_poster-smARTS GARAGE, 7:30 PM
New Jersey Premiere
2015, 87 min, Dir. Mark Clauburg + Peter Lisowsky
Filmmakers in attendance!
This New Jersey-shot drama focuses on a man who struggles to come to grips with his tattered past after being diagnosed with a terminal disease.  Stars Natalya Rudakova (Transporter 3).

future-perfect1-smDante Hall, 12:15 PM
Post-apocalyptic taxi drivers, internet-based pistol duels, a rebellious time traveler, and a deadly urban legend. These are the topics of this year’s selection of horror and sci-fi themed shorts featuring actors Zachary Quinto, Robert Clohessy, and many more!

hero-of-the-underworld-poster-smDante Hall, 2:00 PM
New Jersey Premiere
2015, 90 min, Dir. John Vincent
Director John Vincent and writer Tom Malloy in attendance!
The overnight manager of an upscale hotel seeks vengeance against a brutal womanizer in the drug underworld of Rochester, NY.  Written by Tom Malloy (The Alphabet Killer) and starring Catherine Mary Stewart (Weekend at Bernie’s).
Screening with the short MAX (7 min, Dir. Rajesh Naroth)

CLEAN_CUT_PROMO_PIC-smDante Hall, 4:30 PM
World Premiere
Cast and crew in attendance!
2015, 80 min, Dir. Joseph Pepitone
After witnessing a murder at a young age, 37-year-old Bill Horton stalks the streets for evildoers under the murderous guise of The Evangelist.  But his life changes once a psychologist learns of his dark secret, which leads to a bloody showdown with ties to Bill’s past.
ac-cinefest-laurelDante Hall, 7:00 PM
Awards CeremonyJoin us as we honor the achievements of the class of the 2015 Atlantic City Cinefest!

incredibleadventures-smArts Garage, 11:30 AM
New Jersey Premiere

2014, 86 min, Dir. Brian Schmidt
A family-friendly adventure film that is pretty much every seven-year-old kid’s daydream.  There’s adventure, danger, comedy, and Skittles.  Not recommended for overprotective parents!
Screening with the short THE FAMILY BLEND (5 min, Dir. Sebastian Foxworth)
businessArts Garage, 1:30 PM
2015, 70 min, Dir. Wojciech Lorenc
A documentary following the legendary and controversial showman Jack Cione, 88, as he directs his fellow retirement home residents in a lavish Las Vegas style production.


life-is-too-short-smArts Garage, 3:30 PM
Atlantic City Premiere
2015, 72 min, Dir. Antoine Allen
Director Antoine Allen in attendance!
New York City citizens with separate lives each deal with their own conflicts as the end of the world unknowingly approaches.

soft-shelled-crab-poster-smArts Garage, 5:30 PM
A selection of new documentary shorts covering a wide range of topics from a Philly-set success story to a remembrance of a tragic murder in Haddon Heights, NJ.


Bella Luce Productions' Sci-Fi Young Adult Thriller "Omniscient" Production Complete

Bella Luce Productions ( has completed production on it’s debut sci-fi thriller short film, “Omniscient,” directed and produced by Jillian Dale.

“Omniscient (,” written by Alex Dale and Eric Shipley, is a complex and intellectually engaging story. Lucien, an eccentric cult leader, is second in command of the Son’s of Enlightenment. He comes from a long line of telepaths, yet it’s his estranged teenage daughter, Grace, who was born with enhanced telepathic ability; the strongest in centuries.  Lucien must subvert his fatherly tendencies and give in to the darkness to carry out the orders of Sons of Enlightenment leader, John Sutter.  However, Lucien has plans of his own; kidnap Grace to clone her telepathic ability before her mother thwarts his plan to control humanity.

Influenced by the works of Nancy Meyers and Kathryn Bigelow, Dale made her directorial debut with this visceral psychological thriller, produced by Rose Nguyen (Collins Avenue Entertainment, “Dance Moms,” “Raising Asia,” “Abby’s Studio Rescue”) and a stellar ensemble cast, introducing Delaney Joy, along with Luke Broyles, Hannah Barefoot and Alex Dale.

"I really enjoyed directing this script. Lucien is not yet the respectable leader he first appears to be," Dale explained. "He is a troubled and dark character who is going down the wrong path and overcome by greed and power. It’s a great conflict to see someone struggling with their powers and how far he will take his daughter to become the most powerful person in the world."

Alex Dale added, “With Lucien and his daughter, Grace, the stakes are so high and global and Lucien is a psychopathic villain so it’s mythic; but it really feels different. There is nothing like it out there in the film world, except maybe Divergent as they are both young adult thrillers."

“Omniscient” will begin submitting to the film festival circuit in August 2015.  For more info, please view the Omniscient Film Trailer (

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Antonio Fargas Celebrated As A Cinema Trailblazer For The Gay Community

 American media has gone from virtually zero onscreen support of the LGBT community to, by 2015, a population explosion of characters depicting gay lifestyles. We can better appreciate these cinematic breakthroughs by looking towards actors like Antonio Fargas, one of the first African-Americans to play standout roles as a drag queen on film. Fargas helped open the door to this trend with honest depictions that brought humanity and sensitivity to drag, while countering the simple ‘man in a dress’ spoofs that were then common. His performances were powerful enough to shine a realistic light on a community long deserving of honest representation in the media. It was no easy act getting transgendered characters into a major (not art house) motion picture, and the obstacles surmounted by the writers and actors is an often-overlooked achievement. There was resistance in allowing these roles, and even if movie audiences finally got the real deal, TV audiences did not when the scenes with gays were cut—like with Fargas’ role in “Car Wash”.

Such actions speak volumes about what the media was then willing to show about the LGBT community. It underscores the struggles among both gay and straight actors—like Fargas—who risked unpopularity despite such chance-taking bravery. Those early days were a time when the film’s creators and talent had to use subtleties to slip in any bits of real character, like in the classic, “Ben Hur”. These behind-the-scenes struggles went even deeper as gay talent found their own casting couches to deal with. Says Fargas, “Everybody understands the casting couch where producers were doing actresses, but they never talked about ones doing the boys, or the lesbian side. Nobody talked about the price that the young actors paid. ”With this in mind, he worked to make each rare onscreen moment in drag memorable, and worthy. His iconic portrayal of ‘Lindy’ the outspoken drag queen in the comedy, “Car Wash”, allowed Fargas to deliver one of the most tell-all moments in gay cinematic history: "I'm twice the man you'll ever be, and more woman than you'll ever get." The courage heard within such lines is a fine example of the integrity he has applied to every role he has undertaken, and with good reason—somebody had to. Even without his mother’s support, (she did not want him to do the role) he gave us one of the most standout figures in gay cinematic history.

Fargas reflects on the some of the things that gave him the courage to take on such unpopular roles: “I grew up with a macho type Puerto Rican father who could not accept the fact that my brother was gay, and was angry because he couldn’t control the choices my brother had made. I remember feeling powerless to do something about it.” Once he took up acting, he chose the position of humanizing the underdogs with a special dedication. After launching his career at age 14 in Shirley Clark's “Cool World” he went on to make an indelible mark, with the linchpin of his career being his choice to represent people who didn’t get spoken for—the drug addicts, pimps, and the transgendered characters that he made legendary. He admits that while being unable to fully identify, or even understand their pain, he was determined to speak for them with dignity. After playing roles like the jailhouse transsexual ‘Vanessa’ in “Ambush Murders”, an inroad formed making Fargas renowned for street roles and humanized urban characters. “Car Wash” director Michael Shultz knew the kind of talent he was, as did director Robert Downey, Sr. when he cast him in “Putney Swope”, and again with Paul Mazursky, when he grabbed Fargas for “Next Stop Greenwich Village”– they all saw their ideal character in an actor who was willing to fill that gap. There were many gaps yet to come, like in Millie Jackson’s “Young Man, Older Woman”, with Fargas as the fiancĂ©’s mother—a predecessor to Tyler Perry’s character Madea.

Neither Fargas or the directors and writers could see the trendsetting moves that were taking place as they boldly exhibited lifestyles surrounded in misunderstanding. Fargas cites standing on the shoulders of James Baldwin, Langston Hughes, and Truman Capote, as brave visionaries—just as he prepares his own shoulders for this new generation breaking through the remaining barriers. He sees the changes taking place and acknowledges what a tough, yet rewarding task it was and still is. As for the progress made by his inadvertent pioneering efforts, Fargas states, “I can smile as I see it has gotten better for the gay and transgendered community. We have to take our hats off to the ones who got spit on, beaten, arrested. African-Americans and those with alternative lifestyles who back then were not celebrated and had no voice.

Upon seeing accolades for films like Brokeback Mountain and other Academy Award nominated vehicles with gay storylines, it is easy to forget how challenging it used to be—not just for the creators but for the gay community itself. By looking back at the history of LBGT’s on film we find courageous actors willing to take the heat, and only then can one get a true picture of how far we have come. Fargas offers both the African American and gay communities even more motivation for where to go next: “It is a brighter day with still much to be done. There is still opposition to these things, but there is a spiritual answer to this and I know that we are closer to it. We can do it if we get a firm grip on our history and a good foothold on knowing that none of us are alone anymore.”

Friday, September 18, 2015

Brooklyn, New York Tough Detective Book Promotional Movie

The short promotional “Corsican Dove” film is scheduled to be completed in mid August, 2015. If the film is well received it may be the stepping stone to a full length movie. The novel is a tough “whodunit” detective story with lots of humor and zany characters. Thomas de Kooning is a pseudonym for a world renowned orthopedic surgeon.

Zany Adventures of a Private Eye

Ramone Ramone is a stunning San Francisco, California character. He is the principal personality In “The Corsican Dove” novel. He is tough, narcissist, street smart and sometimes sleazy, but his persona labels him a nincompoop. This one of a kind private eye always seems to land on his feet when it comes to solving crime cases.

A highly dangerous case is accepted by Ramone Ramone. His mission is to track down and retrieve a rare book, “The Corsican Dove,” for a fee of $10,000. He learns later the book is worth only $7.00, so why was he paid $10,000? This is only one of the many jolting and hilarious situations this crime caper offers.

Best Detective Fiction

“The Corsican Dove” is exclusively unique and so is the author. Thomas de Kooning has a gifted, unique writing style. The novel has a defined rhythm of long and short sentence structures. The book’s mesmerizing cover was painted by the author. His hobby is oil painting. de Kooning is the author of two additional detective classics, “The Beijing Duck” and “The Gallic Chicken.” He paints the covers for all of his books.

de Kooning is known for his medical device inventions and he has founded seven medical device companies. His surgical practice spans 25 years in Northern California. He was awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award in Medicine.” His medical knowledge, gift of inventiveness and artistic abilities adds extra dimensions to his superb writing skills.

Best Mystery Book

“The Corsican Dove” has a well defined intriguing plot. This first class classic provides out-of-this-world entertainment filled with mystery, riveting events, unique escapades, zany content and lots of humor- a fascinating and enjoyable read. The novel introduces unique characters; a hippie, hood, cult leader etc., and booze, drugs, guns, crooked bureaucrats and greedy corporations.

Some incidents and sentence structure in The Corsican Dove may recall shades of Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer detective book series which generated movies, comics, television and radio shows. His sentences were short and terse.

Chapter eight is titled “Did You Write the Book of Dove?...I had only two pistols with me...before I went into the building...a car drove by with it’s lights out but keep going...I walked up two flights of stairs to my apartment...and walked right in...Tatia, I hope you fixed yourself a drink...then the lights went out.”

de Kooning has produced a first class  classic. “The Corsican Dove” is a fascinating and enjoyable adventure for any reader who will always be on the edge wondering what is going to happen next.

Thomas de Kooning’s Web Site

Amazon “Corsican Dove” Reviews

Barnes & Noble “Corsican Dove” Reviews

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

“BESTSELLER” Signs Domestic Distribution Deal

 Christopher Knight started as a horror writer before his children's books (American Chillers, The Adventure Club) exploded on the scene under his pen name of 'Johnathan Rand.' “Bestseller” ( was developed by Mr. Knight under his Misery Bay Films banner. Lake Street Media of Petoskey, Michigan was tapped to bring director Christina Rohn and director of photography Scott Castelein on board. Lastly, from Lansing, Michigan, the motion picture company Collective Development provided the producer staff hiring cast and crew and supervised the film to completion.

“Bestseller” stars Michigan-based talent such as Melissa Anschutz, who previously starred in the crime-drama “Ashes of Eden” releasing Oct. 13th with Lightworx Entertainment. DJ Perry, who most recently was announced as being involved in the upcoming “C.U.J.O.” reboot for Sunn Classic Pictures co-stars alongside Ralph Lister, known for many films including his turn in “Oz the Great and Powerful.” Rounding out the cast are notables such as Lana Wood (Diamonds are Forever), Terence Knox (Tour of Duty) and Taylor Nichols (Jurassic Park III).

The film will be released into the US and Canada in early 2016 by Jax Distribution. Jax Distribution has 30 years experience in distribution work for Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox. The film will continue to play other theatrical dates while leading up to the home video/Video on demand release. The distribution deal was brokered by CDI Distribution, who will also oversee foreign sales.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Award-Winning Director Dempsey Tillman Releases a New Short Film, The Art of Human Salvage

In The Art of Human Salvage, the world has changed. The government has been replaced by the Corporation and free expression is outlawed. A ten-year old boy, Dominik, played by newcomer Jayden Kypri, has been arrested for printing photographs. His only savior, a Salvage Officer named Blair, played by Jamie Walters (Beverly Hills 90210, The Heights), who struggles with his own secrets. Dempsey Tillman, who directed Collector (2008) and worked on films such as Spider Man and The Avengers, bring the film to Vimeo, Facebook, and YouTube.

“The Art of Human Salvage is a taste of a reality that everyone dreads and many people believe is already here. With a steampunk sense of technology and the gritty dirtiness of a Philip K. Dick movie (Blade Runner, Johnny Mnemonic), this is ten minutes that leave you wanting more.” – Bob Peryea, Movie Review, All That Entertains

The film stars Edward James Olmos (Blade Runner, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Matthew Boylan (24, Straight Outta Compton), and Amanda Maddox (Hazard Jack, 15 Minutes of Shame). Written by Ted Dewberry, author ofPolybius, has created dystopian society that is futuristic, but hauntingly familiar.

“When I met Ted and we started talking about this film, I knew that this was the right film for me to direct. The message is clear: Beware of allowing the wrong people to take over your country. You could lose far more than you ever imagined.” – Dempsey  Tillman, Director, The Art of Human Salvage

The Art of Human Salvage is a short film directed by Dempsey Tillman, written by Ted Dewberry, and starring Edward James Olmos, Matthew Boylan, Jamie Walters, Jayden Kypri, and Amanda Maddox. The film was released on the Internet for free on YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. The film is designed to be a teaser for a feature film that Tillman hopes to launch and direct in 2016.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Macho, Macho Birthday Men!

We hear that the “IT” event tonight is for Platinum Recording Artist American Music Award Winner, Original Village People Cowboy Randy Jones and Multi-Award Winning Actor Keith Collins annual joint birthday soiree being held at nightlife guru Noel Ashman’s NYC trendy hotspot The Leonora. Tonight marks the 15th year the pair are celebrating their birthdays in New York City.  The event labeled “Kings & Cowboys” Virgo Chaos, has been known for its wild antics, “unique” guests and performers, which over the 15 years have included Mini Kiss, Mini Elvis, Bunnies, leprechauns and even a mariachi band. One year it was the official wedding party for Jones and long time partner William Grega who were then serenaded by Times Square fixture The Naked Cowboy & posse. Another year a pink bear jumped out of a cake to sing happy birthday and congratulate Collins on a movie release. Past guests over the years included Janice Dickinson, fashion glam Richie Rich, CSI’s Gerald McCullouch, Former NY Yankee Billy Sample, Michael Musto, Sopranos Robert Iler, Tony Award Winner William Ivey Long, Emmy Winner James Ronald Whitney & Many More. This years guest list has been kept hushed, however if its anything like the past lets just say its fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A!!!