Thursday, September 24, 2015

Twin British Actors Celebrate Their First Year of Hollywood Success!

Pick any day in the past ten years and concentrate on that specific date.  Did you know that over two dozen actor hopefuls arrived in Hollywood that day to pursue their film and television dreams?  Those actors are representative of the two hundred hopefuls who arrived that week, the thousand who arrived that month, and the ten thousand plus who arrived that year.

Let’s keep that same date in mind.  Do you know how many actor hopefuls gave up that day?  If you guessed two dozen, you’re correct; two dozen of the two hundred who gave up that week, the nearly one thousand who gave up that month and the ten thousand or so who gave up that year.

On average, one in a thousand will become successful in the Hollywood-based film and television industry.  That means that 99.9 percent of the actors will fail.  Some will give up in a matter of weeks; some in a matter of months or years and some will stick it out for a couple of decades before they ‘throw in the towel.”

With the odds being a thousand to one against a specific actor achieving success, what are the odds that any TWO specific actors will each achieve substantial success?  As unlikely as it is statistically, here are two specific actors who have beaten those million-to-one odds and are now living their Hollywood dream.  They are now “giving back” by sharing their story and the “secrets” of their success.

One year ago, at the age of seventeen, identical twins Carl and Kelvin Wolfenden said good-bye to their friends and family in Great Britain and boarded their fateful flight to Los Angeles, over 5,000 miles away.  The twins had known for years where they were headed; they were actors and they were about to fulfill their destiny and to live their dreams!

Carl and Kelvin were always interested in acting.  As long ago as they can remember, they enjoyed entertaining their family and friends.  They really “got serious” and began their professional acting career at age 11.  They acted in England for five years and impressed a lot of people.  Beginning around the age of 12, they told their parents on nearly a daily basis that they wanted to go to America.

“Most people talk about it; we did it!” Carl, by five minutes the older of the twins, asserted.  “Our parents saw our passion,” added Kelvin.  “They witnessed our unwavering dedication, drive, and our absolute resolve to succeed in the acting business.  They saw us act and they saw how good we were.”  “So we finally wore them down,” Carl added with a smile on his face and that famous twinkle in his eye.

“At the end of our education, our teachers were asking us what we were going to do” Carl explained, “We simply told them that we were going to America to become famous actors!  We could have gone on to higher education, but we didn’t want to be stuck in England for two or three more years.  We didn’t want to lose the professional careers we already had going and we did not want to waste time.  We wanted to start then.  We were seventeen when we moved here.”

The twins recently celebrated their first year in Hollywood.  In that time they enjoyed major roles in over a dozen films and a national McDonald’s commercial – and they signed for two starring roles in two additional back-to-back upcoming movies.

When asked the secret of their success, the charismatic brothers shared wisdom and insight way beyond their years.  “The world is full of people who had no idea how close they were to success when they gave up,” Carl offered. “So never, never, never give up!” Kelvin added as if completing his brother’s sentence.

“And believe in yourself!” Carl continued.  “If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will.” Kelvin added.

“It’s not a matter of luck.  It’s a matter of belief and dedication” Kelvin continued.  “We never had a Plan B because failure was never an option!  Most people who allow themselves to have a Plan B end up settling for Plan B.  We were never willing to settle.”

“Be willing to risk,” Carl added.  “Of course you must have acting talent and ability, but even more importantly, you must approach this business as a really serious business.”  Kelvin jumped in “If you approach it as a hobby, you’ll get hobby type results.  You must have the passion and the resolve to achieve all that you can – all that is possible.  And major success is not only possible, it’s even probable if you really study and know how the business operates, approach the business as a business, go to give – not to take, have a good personality and network with true industry professionals.”

Carl summed up their secrets of success nicely.  “You can find thousands of excuses why you can’t succeed.  All you need is one excuse why you can succeed, and you will!”

Kelvin added these words of wisdom:  “Surround yourself with positive professionals.  Have a great support system – agent, manager, entertainment attorney, and publicist.  No major star has ever made it alone.  We’re very fortunate to have found a great support team and great friends in the business.”

Carl and Kelvin Wolfenden are, indeed, living the Hollywood dream.  Along the way, they are inspiring and motivating many people.  It appears that they have discovered the “secret of success.”  Watch for them – coming soon to a theater near you!

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