Saturday, September 26, 2015

"The Suicide Flowers" Short to Film in October 2015

You see them every day, the suicide flowers.They bloom from the cracks and crevices of concrete sidewalks, from between asphalt creases and gaps, yet these flowers blossom and prosper until the careless foot tramples. Others wither and fade, having survived, despite their strained and dubious foundations.

Producer/Writer Pete Conrad and Executive Producer Erika Place are bringing Conrad's flagship work to the screen. Based on actual people and events, The Suicide Flowers is a short film adaptation of Conrad's original novel of the same name. It tells the story of a self-destructing rock star who discovers that he has something in common with a fan who is dying from leukemia. The short, directed by John E. Seymore, is currently in pre-production and filming begins in Los Angeles in October (IMDb).

The Suicide Flowers features London May as Raeburn Messiah, the pompous, embittered front-man of legendary rock band, Aluminum Jesus. He's staring down the death of his career, his time in the spotlight fading after a lifetime of substance abuse and falling record sales. To compound  matters, Bunny (Amanda Rea), Raeburn's longtime girlfriend, has had enough of his verbal and emotional abuse, and she is ready to call it quits.

Gabriel Dalton (Dylan Ramsey) is a good and loving husband to his wife, Isabelle, but he is also sentenced to an early death by the leukemia invading his body. He is Raeburn's biggest fan. He knows that tonight's Aluminum Jesus show will be his last. Isabelle (Amber Geneva), who has been Gabriel's rock, loves him dearly, but she is growing weary of watching Gabriel die.

What ensues on the night of the Aluminum Jesus show is a powerful and emotional series of events that leads Raeburn, Bunny, Gabriel, and Isabelle to a secret that just might save both couples from the fate that each seems destined.

When asked why he chose to adapt this novel of his three, Conrad simply stated, "People need to hear the story of these two brave men." An Indiegogo fundraising campaign to defray costs runs now through the end of September.

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