Saturday, September 5, 2015

Yung TrackBoi ~ New Georgia Artist, Arrives On The Scene FULL FORCE w/ Hot New Single “LETZ MAKE AH MOVIE”

Yung TrackBoi is an artist, quite like no other. His mentor, friend, and main music producer describes this young apprentice with one word only: 'Dynomite'. This comes from the FlyNational man who is not very shy, timid, nor surely ever at a loss for words, but always finds the perfect way of telling it like it is. It would not be fair to say that I was surprised, Yung TrackBoi did come highly recommended, and praised by greatly talented and equally ambitious Popmfs, of Fly National, LLC ( A chance to speak with Yung TrackBoi and ask how he feels his music sets to change the World, gave me more than I could have asked for, or expected. I was amazed at the level of maturity and drive he demonstrated, especially being only 21 years of age.

• Yung TrackBoi, when can your many current, and future, fans expect to hear your music?

“Popmfs and I are still working together and putting the final touches on my new album, but I do currently have a Hot new single out “Letz Make Ah Movie” which speaks of my second love: Film. This song is also featured on the Kold Kurriculum Motion Picture Soundtrack. This is the first official Fly National Film, and there are many more to come”.

• When making Music, what do you specifically go for?

“Originality is Key, for me. I have a great deal of respect for all artists out there. You know, the good ones, especially… but I like to think of myself as a significant competitive contender. I feel that if I listen to any popular artist too much, I find myself becoming a 'carbonated watered-down copy' of them, and that’s not good especially if it constrains my originality. Every great artist gets anxious at one time or another, but when one knows they’re good, no amount of self-doubt or insecurity or outside people’s judgments can bring them down, for very long. I like to add my own original creative element to everything I do. When people see my videos or hear my music, I want them to recognize and know it’s me, instantly”.

• Who are the Artists that brought significant influence to your amazing energy, natural style, and power?

"I have to admit that back in the day I used to listen to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony virtually non-stop, they were there for me when I was young and not 100% sure of my talent. I owe them so much of my musical influence and talent. Scarface was another very important, great artist, who brought me the confidence needed for me to find myself. Tupac, a Legend of course, was like an unspoken friend to me, whom I have never met but still greatly looked up to. I think I got something special from all of them, the elements that started me off in the right direction. Through their wisdom and artistry I got to discover the reality of things about myself, and the World. I was led to understand that anything is possible when you realize that nothing is all that it seems. As a result, I always felt that if you monopolize your talents, learn the rules to the game, and get the right people involved in your life, the public will eventually respond and help usher in your dreams. It has to be real, otherwise it will never work. I am also managed by KG Productions, which is run by Ms. Katherine Gilbert".

• Is it true that you love to act as well? How serious are you about becoming a successful actor?

“Popmfs and I are putting together a theatrical production, due in 2016. Though it’s too early to give any major details, rest assured that it’s going to be very reflective to all things in the news, today. As an actor, Denzel Washington’s film works always impress and move me. He does it like very few others can. History will look upon him as one of the very best, ever. Will Smith is significant to me as well because he can make you laugh, cry, and sometimes both at the same time; that is not easy to do. He, Jim Carrey, and Jamie Foxx have been favorites of mine because they all started in television, and made it very big in International Motion Pictures. I look to these actors with esteem and admiration for their comedy skills as well as amazing acting technique. I’d love to be so good and one day even have an Oscar Award, and when I do, I will surely thank them from the podium. My goals are very real, and my drive is very strong. I want my name to become synonymous with great entertainment in film and musical artistry. My ambitions are strong in music videos, as well, because these are a great way to match music and acting; when done the right way, they can make a very big statement about anything – a very powerful combination force. My Song 'Letz Make Ah Movie' is a shout-out to Los Angeles, indeed a city of Dreams; every dream is contained in that city, no matter what it is. Los Angeles is a city which is perfect for an artist like me".

• Once you get signed to the record label of your choice, where do you want to travel to, as musical artist?

"I always wanted to go to England. I know it’s strange, but the U.K. has always appealed to me for some strange reason. I have traveled to many places already, as an artist I have performed in Louisiana, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Arkansas, Florida, and California. With my business mentor Popmfs, I’m scheduled to go to New York and check out the scene there during the upcoming Fly National promotional visit. It will be a business trip which will include various projects and goals; it will also mark my first time ever going there. I do look forward to it very much. I have to see Central Park, Rucker Park, the Statue of Liberty, I got to take in all of Harlem; surely go see a game at Madison Square Gardens".

As of now, however, be sure to listen to the exceptional new single 'Letz Make Ah Movie' – Released through Fly National, LLC and available now on Youtube, Itunes, Reverbnation, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, Xbox Music, iHeartradio, Tidal and Target Music.

We will surely be hearing much of Yung TrackBoi, for many years to come. Be sure to visit him and drop a line at: and follow him on all social media networks @yung_trackboi.
Youtube video: https://­­watch?v=24m-bbLHNLQ

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