Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Nollyworks launches platform to help African filmmakers to protect intellectual property

Nollyworks CEO Bernard Ray (http://www.NollyWorks.com) is confident that Nollywork can help fight movie piracy in an effective way. Bernard has great hopes of Nollyworks' unique platform technology. 'Members of the public can directly and anonymously report copyright infringements to individual filmmakers,' Bernard explained. 'Furthermore,' he stated. 'Affected filmmakers can immediately enlist the help of reputable entertainment solicitors to protect the income stream from their movies'. Bernard is very clear that this marks a real turning point in Nollywood's everlasting fight against piracy.  'With strong intellectual property protection Nollywood will win this fight and move to the next level in its history,' he stated. 'There is nothing to stop Nigerian cinema to overtake Hollywood one not so distant day. We have the people, the culture and the ideas. The money is also coming in. What holds us back is the scourge of piracy and intellectual theft.'

Asked how Nollyworks fits in with the Nigerian government's official registration facility, Nollyworks' CEO explained how the platform is entirely complementary. 'Nollyworks is a free registration facilityand scripts writers can sign their scripts digitally,' he replied. 'Importantly, they can register their script with immediate effect, make instantaneous changes to their script and promote their script in the safe knowledge it is protected from copyright infringement.' Producers can quickly assemble a team of film professionals to get a major project off the ground. 'The Nollyworks platform is fully integrated with Facebook and other Social Media and users decide how much information they share with other film professionals and the public,' Bernard added. 'We are still developing the digital signing facility to its full potential but technology is adaptable and Nollyworks' greatest strength are the people that use the platform and those that are developing it.'

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