Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tony Todd Exits Star Trek Axanar

Tony Todd has left the crowd funded fan film STAR TREK: AXANAR which he was scheduled to star in with principal photography to begin in January 2016.

Tony Todd the star of the CANDYMAN and FINAL DESTINATION franchises, had starred in the short film PRELUDE TO AXANAR as a prelude to the feature, but is now parting ways with AXANAR due to personnel changes and creative differences.

It was announced yesterday August 31, 2015 , that Tony Todd had signed on board the hit CW series THE FLASH and will voice the role of ‘Zoom’ the Flash’s arch nemesis.  Todd is currently slated to star in the play GHOST IN THE HOUSE, the story of the late great boxer Jack Johnson, October 9-11 at UCLA’s Schoenberg Hall and the upcoming FRANKENSTEIN for CANDYMAN director Bernard Rose.

Tony would like to thank the fans that supported and financed PRELUDE and the upcoming film based upon his involvement and wishes the cast and crew of AXANAR much success

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