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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Stefan Kapicic Seen At Troy Liquor Bar During "Deadpool" NYC Press Tour

Stefan Kapicic & Ivana Horvat

Stefan Kapicic (Colossus in "Deadpool") & FiancĂ©, Croatian actress Ivana Horvat celebrated the release of his film Deadpool at NYC hotspot Troy Liquor Bar with publicist, Melanie Marquez of M4PR and close friends fashion week, including, Editor of Marie Claire Jenna Blaha, actor Keith Collins, execs from Marvel and other comedians and filmmakers. Exclusive photos by celebrity photographer Derek Storm.

Friday, February 12, 2016

A PLACE CALLED HOME celebrates its 10th Annual STARS & STRIKES

A PLACE CALLED HOME (APCH) celebrates its 10th Annual STARS & STRIKES Celebrity Bowling & Poker Tournament on March 10th, 2016 from 7pm-11pm at PINZ Bowling and Entertainment Center, located in Studio City.The event is a fun-filled, celebrity-spotting benefit that raises funds and awareness for APCH’s free programs in education, the arts, athletics and vocational preparation for youth in South Central Los Angeles.
Over the past 23 years, APCH has directly served more than 18,000 youth, ages 8-21, and tens of thousands of their parents and neighbors through community outreach and food distribution activities.
APCH’s programs and services include five core areas focused on educational services (including college scholarships), health, nutrition and well-being, teenage services, creative expressions (the arts) and community engagement and volunteerism. Over the past nine years, Stars & Strikes has raised more than $1,000,000 for APCH’s free programs.
Previous years’ celebrity ambassadors and supporters have included: Coldplay, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Mark Wahlberg, Pete Wentz, OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder, Jonah Hill, Howie Mandel, Penny Marshall, Nick Cannon, Keke Palmer, Jason Derulo; and many more.
This year’s Stars & Strikes event will be even more exciting than years past, with the return of the bowling tournament, a larger than life poker tournament, exciting prizes and some of today’s biggest celebrities from the entertainment and sports world. Special thanks to our official media sponsor iHeartRadio/KIIS-FM, official food sponsor Whole Foods Market, and major sponsors CBS, Midnight Radio (a TV and film production company) and Signature Estate and Investment Advisors, LLC.
Media check-in begins at 6:00pm. Red Carpet Arrivals begin at 7pm. Doors open at 7pm for the general public with the bowling tournament starting at 7:30pm and the poker tournament starting at 8:00pm.
Please arrive 15 minutes early to register. Get in on the action and register now as space is limited and the tournament is expected to sell out!
For more information on ticket and sponsorship purchases, please visit

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Leading African Animation Entrepreneur, Multi Award Winner & 2 Time Africa Movie Academy Awards Winner Ebele Okoye Reveals Plans For A Feature

 Every woman in a man’s profession struggles to prove her worth and Ebele Okoye’s case hasn’t been different. The multi-award winner and 2 time Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) winner, has invested years to build a profession in the film industry as an independent animation director and producer.

Ebele remembers she was 7 when she knew she wanted to become an animation filmmaker but it was almost 30 years before she could realize that dream.

“The Legacy of Rubies” (2015 Germany/Nigeria/USA), Ebele’s recent short took a while to produce but has been gathering one award after another in film festivals despite some reviews which most film makers would find discouraging. In response to her critics, Ebele says; ”Critics are there to ‘criticize’, so I take it as feedback and use it to my advantage”

In her acceptance speech at the 2015 Africa Movie Academy Awards AMAA - South Africa, Ebele said:

“I did not make this film to chase awards. I made this film, to inspire every African animator who wants to make animation films. […] It is possible that we can make quality animations that can compete with works from other parts of the

Watch the Award winning film "The Legacy of Rubies [Full Length]  Not available in all regions

Ebele strategically places the film in African Festivals not only to make a statement of what is possible but also to increase an awareness for Animation, a genre which is not always present in such festivals.

From the moment “The Legacy of Rubies” script was finished, ARTE, the biggest cultural channel of Europe acquired the first screening rights for the film.
The film which was part of the Focus Features Africa First Short Film Programme also boasts to be the first ever Nigerian/German Animation co-production. In a short festival run period after production “Rubies” has won the best Animation in numerous festivals among which are the Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) Lagos and the Silicon Valley African Film Festival (SVAFF)
Another of Ebele’s short film “The Lunatic” made history in 2008 as the first ever Animation to be entered for the Africa Movie Academy Awards. The film was given the honourable mention award being the only Animation to enter that year.
Asked what further plans she has for the “The Legacy of Rubies”, Ebele said that aside the film still being open for acquisition and distribution, she has finished with it and is focusing on other projects. In the pipeline is a feature film however; she did not want to disclose the title yet.

The upcoming feature is a 60 minutes 2D Animation set in a fantasy planet rich with the rare mineral ‘Atumi’ inhabited by two warring species and controlled by the mystical sacred eagle. For your imagination it’s like Chronicles of Narnia and Pocahontas put together.
With the emphasis on bridging the cultural gap between Africa and the rest of the world through productions, this feature will predominantly have an African team. Just like “Rubies” it will also be produced by Shrinkfish Ltd Abuja, Nigeria.

[Ebele's  in Arts 21 Deutsche Welle TV]

With the current challenge of finding funders and investors for Animation production in the African market, Ebele explained there are certain strategic approaches which would help facilitate a successful animation production in Africa. She also hinted that coproductions with other countries always function better than sole dependence on African resources which are hardly made available for Animation production.
Nevertheless, she is very positive that 2016 will bring a remarkable change in the face of African animation. According to her, this is because the past few years have seen a good number of emerging talents who, with coaching will set out to do “wonders” as she put it.
Asked if she would engage any of these talents in her upcoming feature, Ebele confirmed that she has her eyes on some of them.

Watch Ebele's Appearance in "Insight Germany" Deutsche Welle TV

About Ebele Okoye

Ebele has been active as an independent animator since 2006, consistently pushing animation both in Europe and Africa. Within and outside of the film festival constellations, her works in Animation have received numerous prizes amongst which are
“The Robert Bosch Promotional Prize for Animation” for the self led German/Bulgarian co-production "Anna Blume" which won numerous prizes including the Ritter Sport Award at the 2010 Zebra Poetry Film Festival
“The DEFA research prize for animation”, for a co-operation between Germany and Estonia.
She also has received a “Recognition for outstanding media work in human rights issues” by “Redefreiheit”, an arm of Amnesty International.
She has been given the “Certificate of special recognition of outstanding service” by the United States Congress as well as by the California State Legislature twice.
Ebele Okoye is the Founder & CEO of Shrinkfish Media Lab (smedLAB), an audio visual training initiative for talents from the Sub Saharan African region as well as the founder of  The Animation Club Africa, dedicated to Animation coaching and mentoring. She is also an active media artist and gives workshops on animation as well as production management for creative and independent artists.
Driven by her passion for animation and the need to contribute to the African animation industry, Ebele Okoye holds a key position as an animation expert and consultant with the (AFC) Pan African Film Consortium

[A short codumentation of the smedLAB Animation Course 2013]

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Los Angeles Based Film Production Company Asca Films Announces A New Web Comedy Series Finalization

 Independent American, French, Spanish and Ukrainian filmmakers gathered to produce the show that can set a trend for higher quality scripted comedies released on YouTube.

The series creators Anna Skrypka (Ukraine), Charles Ancelle (France) and Adrian M. Ramos (Spain) believe that “BEHIND THE BLINDS AKA FILMMAKING 101” will attract more TV audience to YouTube.

“BEHIND THE BLINDS AKA FILMMAKING 101” follows two Eastern European mobsters who decide to produce an independent film to launder money. Lacking experience, they hire egotistical cast members and an inexperienced crew who focus on everything but the actual film. Meanwhile the writer tries to maintain coherence and stay alive.

The 1st season of the web series is set to premiere in February, 2016 on YouTube.


Also, creators have already published two characters vlogs:

1. Sergey's Filmmaking 101 - is a vlog hosted by a seasoned Executive Producer, Sergey Bogdanov, who wants to spread his wisdom and knowledge of how to make a professional movie.

2. Destiny's Book Club - is a vlog hosted by a seasoned Actress, Destiny, who is discussing all popular books in her own way.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The 3rd Annual “women In Horror” Guest Series On “the Horror Happens Radio Show” Returns

 Heard streaming on four different stations weekly, the program welcomes more than 25 new women of horror including filmmakers, actresses, writers, makeup/FX, journalists, promoters, artists and more. The conversational series will run for 6 Tuesdays straight (January 26th, February 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and March 1st), each of the episodes will be live on starting around 4:00 PM EST.

The previous two radio celebrations of Women in Horror, have brought many first time guests to the show and nearly 60 women in horror to the critically acclaimed radio program now nearing its 150th show, close to 1000 guest conversations and over 700 first time guest in just 46 months.

“We are proud to celebrate the achievements and the horror created by women all year long but it means so much to be included in this celebration via live and uncensored conversations. We really get into detail with those who do the meat the work by focusing on all aspects of women within horror, I mean all…” – Host Jay Kay

The last two years of Women in Horror, have brought such worldwide names and talent deep in the bunker including WIH Founder Hannah Forman, Actresses Barbara Crampton, Adrianne King, Heather Drew, Allison Egan, Caroline Williams, Cerina Vincent plus more / Filmmakers Jen & Sylvia Soska, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Jen Lynch, Izzy Lee, Patricia Chica plus more / FX and Makeup Artists Michele Mulkey, Juli Hapney, Lindsey Serrano / Writers, Educators and Journalists Monica Benson, Lisa von Biela,  Christine Bucci-Caprilozzi, Aviva Briefel plus more /Promoters LC Macabre, Denise Gossett, Andrea Amanda, Jennifer Cooper to name only a portion of the lineup.

“Horror Happens Productions as a Brand, encompasses many aspects of horror culture, media and conversation not found anywhere else. When you have a powerful and evolving movement like Women in Horror, you see that impact it makes and the empowerment it releases to the many out there no matter the fan you are. That love and art is found not only during Women in Horror Month but all year long whether the live conversations on Horror Happens Radio, the film showcase or Horror Happens Productions found at” – Award winning Film maker Patricia Chica

This year lineup will be nothing short of smart, versatile, talented and focusing on original visions in all of horror’s dark corners. The official Women in Horror guests and schedule announcement will be on Monday, January 18th starting at 8 AM EST on the show’s Facebook page, Twitter @HORRORHAPPENSRS and on the main website page at HORRORHAPPENS.COM. Thank you for supporting and LISTEN LIVE IF YOU DARE!