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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at the Daily Film Forum

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

WORN - Award-Winning Screenplay Set for Film Production in Denver, CO

An award winning short screenplay entitled Worn is gearing up for production right here in Denver, Colorado. It is being directed by local filmmaker Stephen Mathis of Blue Frost Films, LLC, written by award winning screenwriter Jeffrey Blake Palmer and being produced by Carrie L. Gomez with Carrie L. Gomez Productions. This talented trio is excited to launch this new project. Worn is about a son’s relationship with his homeless father and the son’s last-ditch effort to get his father off the streets of Denver before moving to Seattle. It captures their day spent together that unravels the past and also mends some wounds. This screenplay takes the audience through this whirlwind day of emotion, excitement and leaves us till the very end to know if it was enough or not to transform their relationship for the better and finally get the father off the streets.  An Indiegogo campaign has been set up to raise funds for project that begins production at the end of November.

Click here to donate and for more information about this exciting award winning screenplay:,,

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Actor and Producer Carlos Ramirez signs with Duke and Sterling

Duke and Sterling, LLC., a Texas-based entertainment management firm, announces that it has entered into a management agreement with Actor and Producer Carlos Ramirez, Hollywood, CA.

Carlos began acting when he was 10 years old in his local church. He was discovered along with his twin brother by Actor Robert Blake while filming the TV show, Hell Town(1985). Carlos went on to study dance at the Glendale Theatre and would develop his craft on TV shows such as The Love BoatTwilight Zone and the feature film, La Bamba (1987).

While stationed in Great Britain in the U.S. Airforce, Carlos studied theatre and dance at the Body Works College in Cambridge. After his enlistment, he moved to Nashville, TN to study theatre, dance, and foreign languages. Carlos would go on to study theater and acting at over several schools, including the Meisner Conservatory program through Laura Henry, Los Angeles, CA; Chekhov Studio International, Chekhov Movement, Studio City, CA; and Stella Adler Theater Technique, Hollywood, California, to name a few.

Carlos’ resume includes over 40 acting roles in films and TV shows and Producer roles in feature films and TV shows. His latest project, The Pizza Joint, was filmed in Houston. Carlos played CUJO, one of the lead characters and also served as a Producer.

His community involvement in charitable organizations and his work as a motivational speaker across the country are equally important to him as is his craft. Carlos is also a Commissioner for the Citizen Commission on Human Rights.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Carlos. There are several projects under development and review in the US and abroad that are a great fit for his talent and that will support and develop his media brand,” said Rick Diaz, Co-Founder and Managing Partner.

“I look forward to new endeavors with Duke and Sterling as my new Management team expanding me to a wide scale of opportunities nationally and internationally,” remarked Carlos Ramirez.

About Duke and Sterling, LLC:

Duke and Sterling, LLC is an entertainment management firm based in Houston, TX, with a unique model of managing talent and entertainment projects in television and film. Its clients have won multiple Emmys and have been on Travel Channel, ABC, NBC, Discovery Channel, BBC, and PBS as well as feature films. Duke and Sterling also manages professional entertainers in Mexico and throughout Latin America through its Latin American Division.

Monday, November 23, 2015


      We had the wonderful opportunity to speak with one of the hardest working guys in the business. From having such an impressive film resume, to continuing to produce, star in and create some of the greatest independent films. Keith Collins has proven himself as a leader in the film industry.

For those that might not be incredibly familiar with Keith Collins you will be soon, he's been in the film industry putting in his dues working in many areas. Collins has appeared on such television shows as "Guiding Light" and "Sex and the City", has had starring roles in blockbusters such as "Stuck in the Middle", "Games People Play: New York", and “The Coffee Shop” to name a few, He is a multi-award winning actor & producer, been featured in numerous media publications, he continues to pick up more and more acting credits in a variety of genres, generally all garnering critical praise with each. 

I was thankful to get a few moments to talk with the Actor/Producer about his latest project, experiences & more. Here is our story.

                               Daily Film Forum Exclusive:: 
From “The Meat Puppet", “The Jersey Devil” and the highly talked about “Clean Cut” join us for 
A moment with 
    Keith Collins

DFF: Keith, thank you for this opportunity we’ve been wanting to talk with you for a while now. Lets get right into it. “The Meat Puppet” you created, produced and star in it. One of our favorite films and we hear its doing extremely well. how did you morph into such a vile character Andrew Shelton?

KC: Well thank you so much pleased to be here with you. The Meat Puppet was extremely challenging my character Andrew is such a tortured guy with so many years of abuse it definitely wasn’t the easiest thats for sure. I had lots of passion for the project and andrew became apart of me for months bringing him to life was like a relief and portraying him on the screen was such a goal for me the hardest part was living with him in my mind while filming. Glad he is put to rest finally!

DFF: We bet! Such an astonishing performance from you in the film we really felt it. The reputable TomCat Films distributed it. Where is “The Meat Puppet” currently available now? 

KC: Yes TomCat Films and its also presented by Girls And Corpses which have done great for the movie. The Meat Puppet is available in many retail outlets worldwide such as Amazon, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Target etc. 

Editors note The Meat Puppet available on Amazon -

DFF: From psychological thriller to comedy, your new film “The Jersey Devil” has had some tremendous success with just being released a few short weeks ago. We have heard it sold out in all sales outlets in less than 6hrs of being released? Tell us Mr. Devil about the indie comedy that seems to be rising off the charts.

KC: YES! it did! The day it was released it literally flew off the shelves. Was a very surreal feeling. Its doing extremely well i couldn’t be more pleased! And thats James Burnett, I don’t go by Mr. Devil to cache LOL. My character (James) was one of the most wackiest i have played and I loved it! The Jersey Devil is a fantastic comedy film. It was a pure joy to be on set everyday with an amazing cast and crew. Nothing but respect for all who were involved with the project. 

DFF: Wow. You don’t hear about films doing that this much these days. Tell us more about it and how it feels to be referred to as The Jersey Devil.

KC: You don’t which is why its such a great feeling especially when you see everyone who worked so hard on it be able to enjoy the success. As far as being called the jersey devil, I blame Joseph Pepitone & Billy Pepitone for that! but its a great thing. Joseph and Billy wrote the fantastic script i remember when joe who also directed the film had first told me about it I was all for it such a funny screenplay. They worked very hard on making it. its a masterpiece of a clever comedy.

DFF: It’s a very good comedy film. The prestigious Shami Media Group are the ones behind the distribution correct? Clearly they have really marketed it in a good light. 

KC: Shami Media Group is a great distribution company. Led by industry leader Bob Shami they are a heck of a operation. I fee they did a fantastic job with all the distribution and getting the film out to as many places as possible. to see you film on Amazon, Target, F.Y.E., Best Buy, Sears, Kmart & many others and to know that it was sold out so quickly really says something for the distributor. A great job indeed. 

DFF: Yes it says a lot. I’m glad we were able to get our copy when it finally became re-stocked. The feedback on the film has been extremely positive. Tell us about that and how you become The Jersey Devil in the film.

KC: Well basically the current devils term limits are up he’s gotta move on and a new devil is getting ready to take charge, however he doesn’t like where hell is and wants to relocate hell. He decides on relocating to Jersey City, NJ hence The Jersey Devil! Its a very funny watch to see all of these characters going at it. The feedback has been so positive really can’t ask for anything more. Great comments, reviews its been surreal!

Editors note: The Jersey Devil available on Amazon -

DFF: Now lets go back to psycho talk Mr. Collins. Your latest film which is by far maybe the most twisted. “Clean Cut” is a very disturbing thriller. It completely scared us for days! You recently premiered it at Atlantic City Cinefest film festival with it winning two awards. The notoriety it has been getting is superb. How did “Clean Cut” come together.

KC: Clean Cut was or is the greatest project i have worked on so far. The cast, crew we all know each other it made things a lot easier while on set. The talent in Clean Cut really shows. I had the story for awhile and it didn’t feel complete one night i had a nightmare woke up put notes down and the next day literally finished the story. I had then called my friend and colleague Joseph Pepitone and asked if he & his brother would use their talents to pen the screen play. Within a short time Joseph and Billy did what they do best and delivered a heck of a twisted thriller of a script!

DFF: You have done numerous projects with them. What sets "Clean Cut" aside from the rest?

KC: We had so many things in place for Clean Cut. A complete filmmaking team. With a fantastic DP & Editor (Cory Green) an amazing AD & Actor (Doug Bollinger) & (Joseph Pepitone) Directing it. Rounding it out with original music by (Ron Bumblefoot Thal). It just takes the film to a whole different level of filmmaking. Its stellar and truly shows on the screen. 

DFF: Where did you film Clean Cut? And whats its progress now?

KC: We filmed in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ & Bradley Beach, NJ. A great area to film. We are currently in the final stages of post production color, sound effects. 

DFF: Bill Horton is another creepy role. The way you portrayed him was so convincing which is why its so scary too. You do bring characters like that to life very well. How was this one for you?

KC: Bill Horton is a NUT JOB! On a way different level then the others. Bill is more of an introvert. Very scary. The type of person who you could think of as harmless guy but really is the last person you would want to be left alone with. Think of it as if Mr Rodgers deciding to go psycho….well thats Bill Horton.

DFF: We can agree. When will “Clean Cut” be available to the public?

KC: Clean Cut will be released in 2016 sometime.

DFF: You were also personally honored at the Atlantic City Cinefest Festival as well. With all of your achievments in film what made this different?

KC: This was a special moment for me. I was awarded the Creative Growth Award. It was completely the greatest feeling. I was honored to be able to recieve that award in a room full of amazing talent, filmmakers & the festival committee. Something i feel so blessed about and will never forget.

DFF: Well deserved. Your website, Facebook, twitter or whatever else you’d like to shout out?

DFF: Keith, thank you for all of your time it was a pleasure to speak with you. 

KC: I thank you very much for having me. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Interstellar Grand Diwali Premiere on HBO India

 Christopher Nolan is back on television with his creative best this time with his science fiction epic, Interstellar. Stay tuned for a grand Diwali premiere on November 8 that is surely to create fireworks on Hollywood movies TV channel, HBO India. The 2014 movie stars Mathew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway as the lead opposites with Michael Caine and Jessica Chastain in the supporting roles.

This 2 hour 49 minutes’ film tells the story of a group of astronauts who are on a journey to look for an alternative home where humanity can flourish. The path taken is a wormhole located near a Saturn moon that goes towards space that seems like a dream that may leave your eyes wide open. At the end of it, a cluster of planets greet the viewers while sitting at the edge of a black hole where time is running like never before.

Interstellar is the Diwali blockbuster Hollywood movie this year that will definitely not lead you into a black hole of disappointment. The long time wait is over as it is a great spectacle to cherish after a past debacle just like Lord Rama who comes off as a knight in the shining armour to gain a victory of good over evil. Riding on the new trend of Hollywood sci-fi movies on TV, this flickdelivers a sweet and sublime flavour with its true, happy ending when everything is set straight.

Story Follows

Interstellar is our blockbuster movie of the month that carries a story of Joseph Cooper (McConaughey), A NASA pilot and Dr. Amelia (Hathaway), a scientist, who go on with their fate sealed together to search for a new habitation where Homo sapiens can thrive. They make a group of four on the orders of the NASA Physicist and the father of Dr. Amelia, Dr. Brand (Michael Caine) to embark upon their mission.

The climax is taken over by Cooper’s daughter Murphy (Jessica Chastain) who has turned into a 23 year old to give an appropriate ending to a tale of survival and existence. She sifts through time in a desperate attempt to be reunited with her father who is far away in space. Interstellar first time on TV, is bringing back the era of time shifts that heightens the emotional drama traversing through it and going beyond the earth to an extraterrestrial world.

Nolan: The Director

Nolan’s power of imagination and fantasy truly captivates us as he was able to see things we would not believe and does a Steven Spielberg. He tries to achieve perfection through his directorial genius on the spur of the moment by capturing moments in a 70mm Imax format. The special effects are not a day spent at the computer graphics workstation. Only he has the perfection of running two stories parallel to each other, with one travelling at light speed and the other maintaining an earthly demeanour.

This space exploration epic has the beauty, brain and heart to give birth to a soul. The ambitious project keeps the record of a cosmic odyssey drifting away from relationships. The metaphysical film plays with love and quantum physics, two complex forces to which the characters surrender completely.

Watch the drama unfold at HBO India, Hollywood movies HD channel. Feast-in the double bonanza at 1 pm and 8 pm consecutively in case you cannot have enough. Visit timings and details