Friday, October 19, 2018

Comedy Film "Home Entertainment" Chosen as an Official Selection of 2018 Austin Film Festival

The comedy film "Home Entertainment" from award-winning writer Sonia Gumuchian and Katherine Eaton has been chosen as an Official Selection of the Austin Film Festival, where it is slated to have its world premiere. "Home Entertainment" will screen at the Rollins Theatre on October 28 at 8:45 p.m. and again on October 30 at the Galaxy Highland at 5 p.m. on screen 7 during the Austin Film Festival.

A film about a wealthy homeowner who rents out his posh Malibu mansion to an array of guests, "Home Entertainment" is the kind of laugh out loud comedy that will make you think twice about using a vacation rental site to book the baller pad that seems too good to be true.

Written, produced and directed by Gumuchian and Eaton, "Home Entertainment" stars four-time Young Artist Award winner Brock Ciarlelli from ABC's "The Middle," Meredith Thomas from the comedy series "Swedish Dicks," Jon Root from FOX's "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," and Heather McPhaul from the seven-time Golden Globe nominated HBO series "Veep."

"Home Entertainment" is one of approximately 150 films that will screen during the Austin Film Festival this year, which runs from October 25th to November 1st in Austin, TX and marks the festival's 25th anniversary.  Last year Gumuchian's script "Hi Again" became a Second Rounder by the Austin Film Festival's Script Competition, and as "Home Entertainment," which marks her debut as writer and director, prepares to have its world premiere at the festival, it appears things have come full circle for the talented filmmaker.

In a similar vein to the film "The Truman Show," "Home Entertainment" is an anthology that follows three separate waves of renters, none of which have any idea that they're being watched via live stream through the mansion's security camera footage by the eccentric homeowner and his group of rich dinner party guests.

"Each weekend comprises of its own story with different guests each time around," explains Eaton. "Our first weekend story is about a couple on a romantic weekend getaway that turns into a disaster. The second story revolves around a sexual nonconformist's unorthodox memorial party and Part 3 is about a super L.A. spirit guide meetup."

The dialogue in Gumuchian and Eaton's script and the actors spot-on timing combined with the bright lighting and scene pacing make "Home Entertainment" an impeccable comedy in the way of the story and visuals presented.

"We thought it would be interesting to talk about the state of privacy we live in today, and the extent to which technology has encouraged new types of behavior, including strange hobbies adopted by several of our characters," explained Gumuchian and Eaton in a director's statement "After making this film, we'll be paranoid enough to check every nook and cranny of our future vacation rentals and we encourage you to do the same."

A graduate of the prestigious USC School of Cinematic Arts, Gumuchian has worked with several major networks and studios, including ABC Studios, the Hallmark Channel, HBO and FOX where she learned the ins and outs of creative development. In addition to growing praise for "Home Entertainment,"Gumuchian has gained international attention for her scripts "Loyal Royals," "Hi Again," "Good Cop, Old Cop" and several others. Katherine Eaton, a USC alumna as well, is known for her on-screen work, which includes playing the lead role in the film "Why the Anderson Children Didn't Come to Dinner" from multi-award winning Canadian filmmaker Jamie Travis, the director behind the comedy film "For a Good Time Call" featuring Primetime Emmy nominee Seth Rogan ("This is The End"). Eaton is also known for her work as a floral designer for celebrities such as Heidi Montag, companies such as YouTube, Flora Health, The Fullest and Facebook, and events that include the Grammys.

"Home Entertainment" cinematographer and producer Jarod Wang says, "Working with Sonia and Katherine is simply seamless… Without them, there would be no project. Their script was very funny and well put together, it made it very easy for me to imagine the shots. You can tell they really appreciate the story and the art form and I think that makes them very strong filmmakers."

Aside from being a producer and the cinematographer on "Home Entertainment," Jarod Wang is also known for his work as a fashion photographer. He recently worked on projects such as "Changers' for the popular clothing label Opening Ceremony, as well as Kenzo's "The Everything."

The score for "Home Entertainment" was composed by Benjamin Sturley, who's performed on "Saturday Night Live," "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" and "Good Morning America" and is the guitarist for Selena Gomez and Noah Cyrus. The sound design was led by Sam Vargas ("Heart of Paradise," "Shark Lake") and the film's colorist was Sean Stack ("American Beauty Star," "JFK: A President Betrayed"), who was nominated for the Best Editing Award at the Hoboken International Film Festival for the film "Blood Punch."

A co-production between the U.S. and Canada, "Home Entertainment" was shot on location in Malibu, CA and took one year to complete.

Prior to "Home Entertainment," Gumuchian's original script and pilot "Loyal Royals" earned First Place at the Hollywood Hills Screenplay Competition, Fifth Place at the London Film Awards, the Best Unproduced Script Award from London Filmmaker Festival and was chosen as an Official Selection of the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival, an Official Finalist of the World Series of Screenwriting and a Semi-Finalist of the Screenplay Festival, among multiple other accolades.

Though Gumuchian has penned an impressive list of award-winning scripts over the years, she says, "Home Entertainment, has by far, been my favorite project."

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Fossil Mountain Publishing Announces that 2018 is the Year of The Nutcracker

Visions of sugar plums danced in their heads. All across the globe little ballerinas and pint-sized soldiers, 6 – 12 years old, audition for the opportunity to perform in their town's local production of The Nutcracker. During the months of August and September, Nutcracker auditions are held in every major country. With its lavish costumes, exquisite dancers, and brilliant musical compositions, young ballet students dream of dancing alongside the professional cast.

Many productions cast over 100 children for parts in the Party Scene, Battle Scene, and as Polichinelles with Mother Ginger. Depending on how many qualified boys audition, girls sometimes are cast in the roles of the boy dancers in Party.

This year, with the addition of Disney's upcoming movie, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, audiences will be able to enjoy, The Nutcracker, throughout the holiday season through books, movies and, of course, live performances. We at Fossil Mountain Publishing encourage families to indulge!

To get your tween, 9 – 14, ready for Nutcracker Season, Fossil Mountain Publishing is excited to present, Prince Dustin and Clara: Deep in the Black Forest, a retelling of The Nutcracker. The author, Daniel Lee Nicholson, performed in The Nutcracker for 10 years. Nicholson was sure to include the essence of the ballet, including many of the dance scenes, in the book. As Clara and Prince Dustin, the Nutcracker Prince, race to escape the wrath of Egon, they encounter one adventure after another deep in the Black Forest, the setting of the Snow Scene. Nicholson incorporated much of the allure of the Black Forest in the story.

Nicholson's tale is both fantasy and adventure to appeal to both boys and girls; dancers and non-dancers alike. Prince Dustin and Clara: Deep in the Black Forest is available now at your favorite online and retail bookseller.

Visit us at

About Daniel Lee Nicholson:

Daniel Lee Nicholson was born and raised in the Midwest. He has been a performer and ambassador of the performing and fine arts ever since his first performance as a soldier in The Nutcracker in Chicago. He resides with his wife in the Los Angeles area and works in Productions in the Media and Entertainment industry. Deep in the Black Forest is the first installment in the series Prince Dustin and Clara.

About Fossil Mountain Publishing:

The mission of Fossil Mountain Publishing LLC is to captivate and entertain; engage and inspire young readers and readers of all ages by publishing family-oriented books that promote reading and literature; technology and the arts.

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Cinedapt Revitalizes the Entertainment Industry to End Piracy with Personalized Films

Cinedapt, LLC ( announced today that it is currently accepting filmmakers and investors to collaborate as part of its initial horror lineup for the 2020 launch of its patent pending, cinedaptive streaming platform.

Cinedapt is an adaptive film streaming service which provides a customized version of a movie tailored specifically for each person or group of people watching.  Dynamic content and effective scene variants are brought together through machine learning to present viewers with their most impactful and unforgettable experience in cinematic history.

In a torrent of countless video streaming services, Cinedapt is anchored as the next major evolution of film in more than a century.  This advancement is comparative of the technological enhancement from the silent film era to modern mobile entertainment.  While other services are focusing on producing and distributing content, Cinedapt is leading the cinematic evolution with original, personalized films.

Additionally, Cinedapt leverages blockchain technology to end piracy in a similar way forensics of DNA has been used to solve crime.  This is accomplished by incorporating blockchain's immutable public ledger for each film containing the user identification and unique rendered film information.  However, filmmakers interested in complying with award and festival guidelines may still release a piratable version of their cinedaptive film through conventional distribution such as theatrical, physical, and digital.  Cinedaptive short or feature length movies are intended for playback via streaming mobile, desktop, TV, VR, and more.

The initial launch of Cinedapt will focus on the horror genre and allow filmmakers to provide a personalized, relatable, yet unpredictable movie experience by knowing a viewer's fears while using machine learning to adapt the movie seen.  With more than ten thousand short and feature length films produced every year, those made with Cinedapt in mind are destined to be more memorable with a greater reaction from its audience… and a greater return on investment.

Cinedapt questions original content providers in Hollywood with "when was the last time you saw a horror movie that gave you nightmares, a comedy that made you laugh, or a drama that made you cry?"

Cinedapt is the solution by providing relatable options for filmmakers which go beyond basic targeted advertising.  Examples of this include but are not limited to: displaying alternate scenes based on a user's phobia; randomizing timing in scare sequences for unpredictability; and rendering scenes with recognizable names, locations, and more along with familiar images, audio, and video.

If a viewer has a high tolerance to horror, Cinedapt rewards by adapting further with more frightening mutations of the movie such as: synchronizing a scene beats per minute with a user's resting heart rate before ramping above intense during the scare sequence; synthesizing vocals from frequency extraction of deceased loved ones, so the user hears relatable phrases spoken in a familiar voice (future feature); and introducing disturbing imagery and content based on analysis of the user's online psychological profile.  For more examples and descriptions, visit

For filmmakers and investors unsure of Cinedapt's potential, Michael Kureth, its Founder and CEO, is reminded of a similar effort he had in 2007 with what he copyrighted as "The World's First Online Movie Theatre" (US Copyright TXu001617004 issued December 20, 2007; US Copyright PA0001735643 issued June 17, 2008; US Design and Utility Patent 12/072,276 filed February 21, 2008).  This was a digital streaming service he created to empower independent filmmakers and major studios to be compensated for their films in an online theatre.  The response at the time from filmmakers and investors was a concern of piracy in having a film streamed online and an assumption that people would never pay to watch a movie on their computer or phone.

The services and processes of Cinedapt are patent pending technologies.  Cinedapt, Cinedaptive, and its logo are filed trademarks.  Cinedapt, LLC is an active and registered California company.

Cinedapt is the future of cinematic entertainment.  Interested filmmakers and investors may get involved by visiting or contacting

Press Release:

Promo Video:

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Polly Cooper, Oneida Indian Revolutionary War Patriot Honored in the Feature Film George Washington's Army and Me, Elijah's Long Journey Home

George Washington's Army and Me, Elijah's Long Journey Home feature film has included the role of Oneida Indian Polly Cooper, a female Revolutionary War Patriot, to highlight her selfless service to soldier's at Valley Forge in 1777/1778.

Writer Michael Dooling shared: "A story about family, freedom, and home—about America's struggle for Independence—would be remiss without honoring Polly Cooper and the Oneida Nation. Cherished by her people for her service to the Continental Army in the face of adversity, Polly aided the American cause at Valley Forge by cooking, nursing, teaching nutrition, and providing corn to the starving—making the difference between life and death for many."

The film's genre is best described as "Tom Sawyer Meets The Patriot movie". George Washington's Army and Me, Elijah's Long Journey Home follows 10-year-old Elijah and his adventures as he follows his father, a farmer who joins the 6th Pennsylvania Regiment after the British invade their family farm.

1000's of mothers and children followed their soldier husbands and fathers during the Revolutionary War, marching up to 9-miles a day under terrible conditions. They provided much needed support to the Army performing various duties, most had no place else to go. Based on letters and diaries from the period, the film is an adventurous, at-times humorous, heartfelt story with a universally relatable message of family, freedom, and home.

Actress Phoenix Bess said: "I love the character of Polly Cooper! And, I love even more that she is a real person in history. Polly's steadfast courage and compassion are inspiring — leaving her village, traveling to Valley Forge, and navigating the perils of war are actions of a hero and a true leader. Her selfless devotion to assisting the American soldiers during the war and her impact on history are incredible. I am grateful and extremely excited to have this opportunity to bring her to life in this film. I hope that through my portrayal of Polly, her story will become more widely known and appreciated, and as a Native American, I feel deeply the importance and gravity of bringing this Oneida heroine's life to light. I am honored to have this role."

"Most Americans know that George Washington is considered the "Father of the Country" but very few know Polly Cooper, from the Oneida tribe and how she played a crucial role in our American Revolution. Through service and sacrifice to the American cause she can rightly be called, the Mother of the Country. I know the entire production team including myself is proud to highlight Polly's war-time service within the film and bring light to her accomplishments. Because of the Oneida's assistance and especially Polly's dedication the tribe have deservedly earned the moniker, "America's First Ally."  Said Robert Child, Award Winning Director and Screenwriter.

An Independent Film Production with Fiscal Sponsorship, 1663 Media Arts, LLC has laid the groundwork and is well positioned to attract funding to meet their $700K budget. Filming is forecast to begin late spring of 2019 in Virginia with a goal to release the film October 19, 2019. Individual, Organization and Corporate supports are all welcome; film perks are offered and donations qualify for a US tax credit.

Producer, Andrea M. Clarke shared, "I am humbled and determined to do all we can to honor Polly Cooper within our film by shedding a much-earned light on her strength, compassion and unwavering service to the Continental Army Soldiers during the Revolutionary War."

The vision for the film is to reignite the interest of people young and old to learn more about the real life characters, unsung hero's, surrounding the founding of the United States of America. The story is steeped in family, freedom and home and how resilience and determination through the eyes and actions of a 10-year old boy, the human spirit can and will prevail. It's a story the whole family will enjoy!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

'Parkway of Broken Dreams' crowdfunding campaign launched today on Seed&Spark

The crowdfunding campaign for Parkway of Broken Dreams, a documentary about the rise and fall of alternative culture around Las Vegas' University District in the 1990s, launched today on the film funding and distribution platform Seed&Spark at

Running from Sept. 17 to Oct. 17, the Parkway of Broken Dreams crowdfunding project is part of Seed&Spark's Hometown Heroes rally, in which hometown-centered films (both fiction and nonfiction) can qualify for an opportunity to be executive produced by Duplass Brothers Productions, Salem Street Entertainment, and UnLTD Productions. In order to qualify, the project has 30 days to not only raise at least 80% of its $15,000 funding goal, but also to gain 1,000 followers on the website.

Directed by journalist, cartoonist and filmmaker Pj Perez, Parkway of Broken Dreams documents the booming scene that sprung up along Maryland Parkway in the late 1980s and early 1990s, when it became the thriving center of cultural activity in Las Vegas. Independently owned coffee shops filled with academics and intellectuals. Multiple record stores, including a massive Tower Records, served as premier destinations for local musicologists. Bars and clubs buzzed with live music, flowing taps and warm bodies. And UNLV's student-run radio station, KUNV, provided the soundtrack, through its innovative and award-winning Rock Avenue programming.

By the dawn of the 2000s, however, that scene almost entirely disappeared. Coffeehouses shuttered. Record stores went under. Rock Avenue was cancelled. The art and music scene, for the most part, moved to downtown Las Vegas, and Maryland Parkway today is–with the exception of official UNLV construction projects–a collection of decades-old shopping centers with little more in common than their aging exteriors.

The scene that rose up out of the late '80s and early '90s–paralleling the national mainstreaming of alternative music and coffeehouse culture–serves not just as a high-point in Las Vegas' cultural history, but as the "big bang" for almost everything to come after that. Nightlife pioneers got their start putting on after-hours events in tiny cafes and bars. Rock Avenue DJs became music industry powerhouses. An Emmy-award winning TV writer honed his skills over cheap cups of coffee. Everyone from future Saturday Night Live stars to members of The Killers owe at least part of their creative lives to the opportunities afforded them from the inclusive, come-as-you-are nature of the Maryland Parkway cultural scene.

Parkway of Broken Dreams tells the story of that scene's ascendance and dissolution through a combination of new interviews with dozens of the people who made it all happen and curated footage that captures both the visual expression of the scene and a view of where Maryland Parkway currently stands—as well as where it may be going. More information about the film and its production can be found at

Parkway of Broken Dreams is Perez's first feature. He co-wrote and co-directed the 48 Hour Film Sugarhook, produced and directed the reality-style short Las Vegas Rules, and currently has several television pilots in development. Although currently based in Huntington Beach, California, he spent 25 years in Las Vegas as an editor, writer and musician, and like many other creatives, honed his skills in the Maryland Parkway scene.