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Monday, August 3, 2015


The Devil is coming!!! Word on the street is that the new Pepitone brothers comedy The Jersey Devil has inked a deal and will be landing on screens and in your living room October 2015. This film was brilliantly compounded and the acting is superb. A must see for all comedy fans. The Jersey Devil has  our stamp of approval. Groundbreaking, original and moving, unlike anything you've seen before. Don't pass up on this one!

Award-winning comedy film "The Jersey Devil" is aiming to give the comedy genre one "HELL" of a ride! 

Humanity Pride Productions, Green Light Films, Diamond Jesus Productions have signed with Shami Media Group, Inc. and are pleased to announce the official release of the multi award-winning comedy film, The Jersey Devil! 

Straight from the CHURCH OF ULTIMATE SATISFACTION, "The Jersey Devil" is set to make its mark in the comedy world with Shami Media Group, Inc., a distribution, marketing, and media leader in worldwide film distribution, recently acquired the film and has set a official worldwide release date of Tuesday, October 27th 2015.

Sham Media Group is led by film veteran Bob Shami. With over 15 years of film distribution, their movies are currently found in retailers such as, F.Y.E., Best Buy, Tower, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Sears, Kmart, MVD, Walmart, Target, Frys, Baker & Taylor, Red Box, iTunes and Netflix. They will now be adding "The Jersey Devil" to their catalog of outstanding films.

"The Jersey Devil" Stars:: Chris Mulkey ("Captain Phillips","Boardwalk Empire"), Keith Collins ("The Meat Puppet","Gravedigger") David Chokachi ("Baywatch") Jack Mulcahy ("Brothers McMullen", "Porkeys") Edvin Ortega ("Orange is the New Black"), Penelope Lagos("Stuck in the Middle"). 

"The Jersey Devil" was the recipient of three awards at the 2014 Downbeach Film Festival Atlantic City Cinefest including Best Comedy Feature. The world premiere was held at the historic Loews Landmark Theater in Jersey City, NJ which attracted a crowd of over seven hundred people including celebrities, press and politicians.

"The Jersey Devil" is directed by two-time New York Emmy winner Joseph Pepitone ("Stuck in the Middle"). Written by, Joseph Pepitoneand Billy Pepitone. Executive Producers are Jersey City’s own Michael Billy, Jarl Haugedal and Dorothy Fucito. Produced by Debbie Philips, Charles Anastasia, Larry Salvato, John Camera, Frank X. Sepe, Jessica Pell, Kimberly Clemente, Jeff Quinlan, Keith Collins, Ed Luster, Jay Andriani and Joseph Pepitone.

“We are really happy to be part of The Shami family,” said Writer/Director Joseph Pepitone. “They have the ability to get The Jersey Devil out to the largest possible audience. I’m excited for the public to see this film.”

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

First Look at the Louis Le Prince Proof of Concept Trailer

 All things have a point of origin, and when it comes to the film industry, many can trace its founding moments back to the late 1800's. A period in which numerous pioneers went toe to toe to in the race to create the first camera to capture moving images. The history books will show notable names that are given the credit for these achievements, namely Edison and theLumière brothers. However, one name scarcely gets mentioned. That is Louis Le Prince, a French inventor who captured the 1st ever moving image in Leeds, England and has been heralded as the father of cinematography since 1930. His single lens camera was set to be patented in the US ahead of some of his main rivals at the time, principally Thomas Edison. But, Le Prince never got to achieve his goal. On September 16th 1890 he boarded a train in his home country of France, and mysteriously vanished, never to be seen again.

UK based creative agency BlackBox Creative and International actor Ashley Tabatabai have teamed up for this new proof of concept trailer that illustrates what the story could look like on the big screen. It explores the dynamic between Le Prince and his wife Elizabeth Whitley and sets the scene for a monumental struggle between the inventor and Thomas Edison. The period set thriller has all the makings of a gripping tale that takes us back to the birth of film.

Check out the official trailer here:

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Atlanta Technical College team second in the nation in digital cinema production

The Atlanta Technical College (ATC) team of Cory Way and Michael Harris placed second in the Digital Cinema Production competition at the National SkillsUSA Championships held in Louisville, KY, on June 24–25. The competition was part of the SkillsUSA 51st annual National Leadership and Skills Conference (NLSC), a showcase of career and technical education students. More than 6,000 outstanding career and technical education students, all state contest winners, competed in 100 different trade, technical and leadership fields. Way and Harris represented Georgia in the highly specialized Digital Cinema Production competition against 22 other state champion teams.

The winners of the annual SkillsUSA Championships in Digital Cinema Production (formerly Video Product Development) were announced Friday, June 26, at the Awards Ceremony of the SkillsUSA—NLSC. Students from South Central College in North Mankato, MN, earned the gold medal. ATC’s team received the silver award; students from Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, NE, took home the bronze.

“Cory and Michael are well on their way to becoming accomplished filmmakers,” says Britt Pitre, Chair of the ATC Design and Media Production Department. “Earlier this year both students competed in the Atlanta Technical College Film Festival. Cory won Best Animation and Best of Fest. Michael directed an outstanding documentary that has impressed many in the Atlanta film community. I am extremely proud of their accomplishments and look forward to watching them excel on the national level.”

SkillsUSA is the national organization for students in trade, industrial, technical and health occupations education. It sponsors the SkillsUSA Championships annually to recognize the achievements of career and technical education students and to encourage them to strive for excellence and pride in their chosen occupations.

The contests are planned by technical committees made up of representatives of labor and management and are designed to test the skills needed for a successful performance in given occupational fields. Safety practices and procedures - an area of great concern to labor and management alike - are judged and graded and constitute a portion of a contestant’s score. For a video glimpse of the excitement at SkillsUSA’s National Leadership and Skills Conference this year, visit:

The Digital Cinema Production competition evaluates a competitor’s preparation for employment and recognizes outstanding students for excellence and professionalism in cinematography and short film production. The contest includes a written exam, a storyboard assignment, an interview, and a short video that will be filmed and edited on site.

The national technical committee for Digital Cinema Production is Chair Keith Emmerich, Academy for Media Production (Pa.); Hope Krosskove, Hope Krosskove Productions (N.J.); and, Michael Schweisheimer, Primitive World Productions (Pa.).

A national education team assists the national technical committee. Members include Adam Frank, Frederick County Career and Technology Center (Md.) and Troy Selfridge, Yakima Professional Development Center (Wash.).

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Daily Film Forum Spotlight - "The Kingsland Chronicles" And "The Yearbook"

Caged Bird Productions is a team dedicated to bringing you thought provoking and entertaining stories.  Both writers and creators, J. Ian Sample and Jorge Chapa, want to share their unique and imaginative tales by launching two new Original Series, The Kingsland Chronicles and The Yearbook.  Created and written in-house, the goal is to create a community of dedicated fans through Indiegogo to help cast, crew and produce both projects with a premiere date slated for January of 2016. 
The Kingsland Chronicles is a 5 episode (8-10 minute) horror/suspense  series shot in New York City.  We open with our struggling author, Isaac. With his writing at a standstill and his already bleak existence bringing him down it seems as if the world is going to swallow him whole, until he has a fateful run-in with a beautiful stranger.
This chance encounter opens Isaac’s eyes to the very haunting and dynamic world around him. Reinvigorated, Isaac’s writing picks up, taking us on a fantastical and twisted journey of ‘what ifs’ and ‘chance encounters’ all the while begging the universal question, ‘How can I find my way when all turns lead nowhere?’ 
The Yearbook is a 5 episode (8-10 minute) Comedy/Drama opening with our narrator, Jack, devilishly handsome and regrettably incarcerated.  Winding his way through his cell block he  spins us a tale, recounting that one fateful night where it all went wrong. 
On Jack’s cue we dive into the story of five best friends since high school - a time where they had it all.  But we catch up with them ten years later - broke, beaten, down on their luck and out of options.  Finding solace in friendship and booze, they plunge head first into an epic night of mischief and debauchery attempting to see if the reward of rehashing their glory days is really worth the risk. 
The Yearbook is about five friends who take a stab at changing their destiny - no matter the cost.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Jumbo Cinema brings the movies closer to home, a funFREE virtual hang-out where users can watch videos together inreal-time. Utilizing the power of YouTube, Jumbo allows users to select from millions of videos and play them inside their very own Cinema where other users can join in, sit down and watch together. Jumbo Cinema is a chat with cool interactive features such as the ability to throw popcorn at other users. Whether or not your looking for a place to meet new people, watch videos with like minded people or just hang-out with some friends, Jumbo Cinema will forfill all your entertainment needs! Were currently inBETA testing mode and we'd highly appreciate any user feedback. Moving forward we will continue to improve Jumbo based off user feedback and adding cool new features which we will be implementing over the next few months. We look forward to seeing you at the movies. ;)

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