Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Peter Alexander's "The Centenarian" Wins At Hollywood Film Festival

Student filmmaker, Peter Alexander captured two awards in the Student Category on Sunday evening, February 11, at the Hollywood Film Festival. The 20-year-old Florida Gulf Coast University student earned a statuette for Best Director, and his film, "The Centenarian" took home the Best Picture prize. Alexander wrote, directed and edited the film.

The Hollywood Film Festival ran from Wednesday, February 7 through Sunday, February 11. The awards ceremony was held at Etaru Restaurant in Hallandale Beach.

A buzz around the Davie, Florida resident's movie began early as festival goers and fellow filmmakers complimented the film's story, pacing, acting, and technical achievement given its somewhat notable non-existent budget. "The Centenarian" was in competition with several other films that had either the backing of schools, private contributions, or public fundraising support. Alexander relied almost exclusively on the commitment of his cast and crew. "It was all sweat equity and passion on this one. When you have friends who really dig in, it makes the entire experience worthwhile,"Alexander said, adding with a smile, "Next time, a budget would be nice."

"The Centenarian" tells the story of a bounty hunter who is blackmailed into doing the dirty work of a shadow government agency which fears their deep dark secret may soon spiral out of control.

The film was shot in South Florida in multiple locations including Fort Lauderdale and South Beach.

Johnathan Bezianis, a festival Best Actor nominee, plays bounty hunter, James Dawson, who is given the unenviable task of tracking down and killing the clandestine organization's top man gone rogue, Sean Burningham, portrayed by Oscar Fuentes. Alexander's father, Tom, plays the sinister group's ghostly leader, the Shadow Man, and also scored the film. Tristan Millman and Joshua Adorno also play members of the covert group.

Alexander continues a more than century-long legacy connected to film. His great-grandfather, Thomas, emigrated to the United States from Greece near the turn of the 20th Century building nickelodeons, then neighborhood theatres and movie palaces which he passed down to his sons. His grandsons continued in the business until 1988. After the theatres closed, Tom Alexander pursued film production and screenwriting as well as radio and music production. Now, Tom's son Peter keeps the tradition moving forward well into the 21st Century. "It's amazing and humbling to think my great-grandfather started his dream with a hand cranked movie projector in the silent era," Alexander adds. "Now, 110 years later, I'm making movies. It's really an honor to continue the family legacy."

Monday, March 19, 2018

From South Africa Via Hong Kong to Hollywood

Like so many young girls growing up and dreaming of a future successful Hollywood career, Page de la Harpe received her share of discouraging comments.  But unlike nearly all of the other would-be actors who allowed themselves to become discouraged, Page's reactions and responses were uniquely empowering and actually opened the doors to Hollywood.

"You'll never make it in Hollywood!" they said. "I already have" was Page's response.  In her mind, she was a successful actor.  Sure, she was a little girl growing up in South Africa and then Hong Kong, but she saw her future with great clarity.

"Millions try, and millions fail" they said.  Page simply smiled and wondered why those naysayers could not see her clear and undeniable future.  She attempted to enlighten them.  "Belief is very powerful," she explained. "Millions believe they can't become successful, so they fail.  They have a flawed belief system; It's a self-fulling prophesy.  Do you know about bumblebees?" she would ask.  "Bumblebees can't fly.  Really.  They are aerodynamically unsound."  Pretty impressive words for such a young girl, but Page was no ordinary girl.  "Their bodies are too big, and their wings are too small," she continued.  "It is scientifically impossible for bumblebees to fly."  At that point, Page remembers taking short dramatic pauses before delivering the memorable point of the story.  "You see," she would conclude, "bumblebees don't know its impossible, so they fly anyway!"

The point was missed by most.  That was okay.  Page understood.  Yes, she's a truly exceptional actor having achieved a level of talent that only a miniscule number of actors have ever reached.  "Exceptional talent is meaningless without an unshakable belief system," Page told us.

Apparently that belief system works.  It has certainly worked for this beautiful and uniquely talented actress.  From South Africa to Hong Kong, Page knew what her future held.  Now, as a young adult, she is living her dream and her destiny, here in Hollywood.  Her accomplishments are outstanding.  She has signed contracts now to star in three back-to-back feature films with two more starring roles offered.

Page de la Harpe – coming soon to a theater near you.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Socially Relevant™ Film Festival NY Official Selection films revealed for fifth edition March 16 - 22

 SR Socially Relevant Film Festival 2018 (SRFF 2018) brings in its Fifth Season with international and local films, industry workshops and panels, and other events dedicated to social issues and the filmmakers that highlight them. SRFF 2018 will be held from March 16 to 22, 2018 at Cinema Village and neighboring venues. $5 early bird tickets and $100 all-access passes are available via Eventbrite in limited quantities until full price kicks-in February 16.

The Official Selection to be screened in the heart of Greenwich Village covers a diverse mix of five narrative features, 15 documentaries, 38 shorts, and more. There will also be a script-writing contest with readings from finalist scripts. The films represent over 22 countries. Visit for full slate and film details.

Opening night will take place Friday, March 16, 2018, 7:00 PM with the narrative feature film Lou Andreas-Salomé:The Audacity to be Free (Germany). A stunning period piece on the 19th-century female novelist, poet, and essayist, the film follows Salomé as she shuns traditions in pursuit of intellectual perfection.

Among the other selected narrative feature films (full list on website) are :

• Darcy (USA)

• Find Your Voice (Australia, New Zealand)

• Hot Country, Cold Winter (Armenia, The Netherlands, Germany)

Highlights from the selected documentary features (full list on website) include:

• Cause of Death: Unknown (Norway)

• Sands of Silence: Waves of Courage (Mexico, USA)

• Shiners (Canada, Japan, USA)

• Stitching Palestine (Lebanon)

• Talien (Italy)

• Tampon, Our Closest Enemy (France)

Themes for selected short film groupings include:

• Ageing Gracefully

• Dreamers Having a Nightmare

• Sustainable Communities

• Where is Home?

• Whose Disability?

Monday, March 19 features a keynote evening event celebrating women, in partnership with Apne Aap - an organization that rescues women and girls in India from sex-trafficking - including a series of films from India and elsewhere that promote empowering women and young girls. A panel discussion follows, lead by Ruchira Gupta.

The script writing competition features readings with actors, in the presence of the scriptwriters, from the seven finalist scripts. Other workshops and panels on offer include industry forums, an engaged theatre workshop, a live music performance to silent films, and more coming soon.

Presented with Gear VR provided by Samsung, the festival presents cutting-edge VR/360º experiences that push the boundaries of immersive storytelling. Among the six selected pieces is The Great - a VR Great White Shark Experience, which shows firsthand the grace and beauty of this misunderstood and endangered creature.

The festival will close on the evening of March 22 with a glistening Awards Ceremony and screening of the winning films at Cinema Village, and party for the filmmakers at Doux Supperclub featuring appearances from NYC local filmmakers and industry veterans.

Festival Founder and Artistic Director Nora Armani says, "SRFF 2018 is very happy with our fifth year's selection.  We have been able to incorporate films from more films, and have been able to hone in on specific social issues in more depth. This year's festival goes back to basics: the filmmakers, the films, and the issues, with a number of interesting partners and sponsors accompanying us."

Future press releases will refer to our partners and sponsors. Some sponsorship and partnership opportunities are still available. Partner organizations and schools receive substantial discounts. Contact if interested.


SR Socially Relevant ™ Film Festival New York is a 501(c)3 non-profit film festival founded by actress Nora Armani. The Mission of the SR Film Festival is to shine the spotlight on filmmakers who tell compelling, socially relevant™, human interest stories, across a broad range of social issues. The festival was created as a response to the proliferation of violence and violent forms of storytelling in media and entertainment. SR™ believes in the power of cinema in raising awareness towards social issues and promoting positive social change. During its first four years, the festival showcased 207 films from 35 countries. Submissions are received from all over the world.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Viral Sensation, "King of Nothing", Bob Pressner dead at 63

Viral Sensation Bob Pressner, passed away from unknown causes at the age of 63 at his home in Delray Beach, Florida on January 30th, 2018, days before his latest single, "American Dream, Vol 1" is set to launch.  After debuting the original version of "American Dream" at #12 on the Billboard Hot Rock Chart last year, which eventually climbed to #6.  The song, which captured the divisiveness of America during the Election and President Trumps Inauguration last year, also hit #1 on the Billboard Digital Song Sales Chart.

Known as the "King of Nothing," a nod to his first viral video hit on YouTube, which garnered over 20 million views, this retired stock broker, who survived the 1993 World Trade Center attacks and left Wall Street shortly thereafter, proved to everyone that you are never too old to follow your dreams.

In discussing the success of the  originally released song, Pressner said that he "wasn't trying to change the world.  I was just asking a simple question…What ever happened to the American Dream?  What has followed since then has completely blown me away." Ironically, at the time he was living his dream, "I didn't even know the song had hit the charts until after Billboard contacted me.  I released the song in January with little fanfare, and then suddenly it took off. The last thing I ever envisioned was to make the Billboard Top Ten."

Pressner's Music Manager, and Long Time Friend, Kurt Zendzian, feels honored to have help shaped Pressner's career and looks forward to releasing "American Dream, Vol 1" this week.  "If the only thing that I have accomplished in my life, is helping a 63-year-old man, achieve his life long dream of hitting the Billboard charts, releasing albums comprised of songs he wrote from his heart, then I've accomplished a lot. It's been an honor to work with Bob over the years, and I look forward to securing his legacy."

With America still on "lockdown", and daily "showdowns" continuing on the streets, in our courtrooms, and in the media, Pressner's original song and revised message being released on Friday is still as timely and impactful as when the first version of the song was released.

About Bob Pressner:

Bob Pressner has eight albums to his credit.  A former Wall Street Trader, Pressner left his day job after a truck bomb was detonated in New York City in 1993 underneath the World Trade Center, eight years before 9/11.  Pressner has performed throughout the United States, and has been a regular featured artist for the XFINITYSessions on Comcast's XFINITY On Demand. His music is authentic, honest, and gives his fans something to make "them think and reflect, something that's different from the stuff that's out there."

Considered the "first great troubadour" since Paul Simon and James Taylor, Pressner puts the focus on creating music that has substantial and significant messages.  His melodies stick to your ribs and his words inspire. "American Dream" doesn't differentiate from this, taking a hard look at the state of our country, and divisiveness surrounding the Trump presidency.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Oscar Nominee John Hawkes Indie Gem Hits VOD

Long before winning the SAG award for his role in the ensemble of Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, John Hawkes had his first leading role in Harold Buttleman: Daredevil Stuntman. But hardly anyone saw it. Rescanned and recut from its original 2003 film version, writer/director Francis Stokes's debut film is finally available for audiences to enjoy on major VOD platforms.

"Leomark Studios presents a beautiful re-scan from 35 mm film of the classic, award-winning comedy… Hawkes is Harold Buttleman, a sweet, charming and somewhat clueless small town tuxedo salesman who wants to be the next Evel Knievel, and he is willing to break every bone in his body to get there." (365Flicks) In true Jackass style, Harold believes he is on the brink of TV stardom: a three a.m. spot on local cable access TV. But Harold's parents want him to move out of their basement, and his girlfriend wants him to settle into a career selling bathtub parts. For Harold, it all depends on his big break. "One can't help but root for Harold, even though we all know he's an idiot." (Josh Pritchett, MoversShakersUnlimited)

Hawkes has some veteran comedic talents supporting him, including Karen Black (Easy Rider) in one of her last roles as Harold's mother, Anita Barone (Curb Your Enthusiasm), and Dan Castellaneta (The Simpsons). Stephan Falk, better known these days as an executive producer and writer on shows like Weeds and Orange is the New Black,  plays Harold's loyal best friend and cameraman, and the two together are "hilarious." (SpoilerFreeMovieSleuth)

A festival darling shown only briefly on YouTube when it was first released, this "endearing, very relatable piece of work" (Ben Bussey, WarpedPerspective) has otherwise languished on a shelf until now, when it finally gets an international release on major VOD platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, and GooglePlay.

Leomark Studios (, distributor and worldwide sales agent for Buttleman, is a Los Angeles-based film production and distribution company with a catalogue of more than 200 titles. Recent Leomark releases include Kepler's Dream, starring Sean Patrick Flanery (Boondock Saints), Kelly Lynch (Mr. Mercedes), Holland Taylor (Legally Blonde), and Isabella Blake-Thomas (Once Upon a Time), which was Oscar short-listed for its theme song and score by Patrick Neil Doyle.