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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Bestselling Author Tim Flanagan Looks Set To Hit Paydirt Gold With New Book

It was recently announced that Tim Flanagan, author of the highly successful teen series “The Moon Stealers” would be releasing his new book—the eagerly anticipated “The New Savants: Surge of the Red Plague.” With the book already on pre-order and open for pre-release reviews, things are looking extremely bright for the young author.

Flanagan, who released his first book several years ago, has already released his highly respected “Amazon Publishing Manual” this year to great acclaim and now looks set to have another book on the bestseller listings with “The New Savants.”

This new book tells the story of Louis Edwards, an introverted young boy with an unusual gift. Forced to repress his gift and hide it from others, Louis successfully manages to lead a quiet life until the day he finds an unusual metal puzzle—the key to a training facility for people just like him.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Nollyworks launches platform to help African filmmakers to protect intellectual property

Nollyworks CEO Bernard Ray ( is confident that Nollywork can help fight movie piracy in an effective way. Bernard has great hopes of Nollyworks' unique platform technology. 'Members of the public can directly and anonymously report copyright infringements to individual filmmakers,' Bernard explained. 'Furthermore,' he stated. 'Affected filmmakers can immediately enlist the help of reputable entertainment solicitors to protect the income stream from their movies'. Bernard is very clear that this marks a real turning point in Nollywood's everlasting fight against piracy.  'With strong intellectual property protection Nollywood will win this fight and move to the next level in its history,' he stated. 'There is nothing to stop Nigerian cinema to overtake Hollywood one not so distant day. We have the people, the culture and the ideas. The money is also coming in. What holds us back is the scourge of piracy and intellectual theft.'

Asked how Nollyworks fits in with the Nigerian government's official registration facility, Nollyworks' CEO explained how the platform is entirely complementary. 'Nollyworks is a free registration facilityand scripts writers can sign their scripts digitally,' he replied. 'Importantly, they can register their script with immediate effect, make instantaneous changes to their script and promote their script in the safe knowledge it is protected from copyright infringement.' Producers can quickly assemble a team of film professionals to get a major project off the ground. 'The Nollyworks platform is fully integrated with Facebook and other Social Media and users decide how much information they share with other film professionals and the public,' Bernard added. 'We are still developing the digital signing facility to its full potential but technology is adaptable and Nollyworks' greatest strength are the people that use the platform and those that are developing it.'

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Heidi Li lands feature role in NYC-produced film

Heidi Li has joined the cast of "Dongmei," a dramatic thriller about a woman walking a thin line between reality and madness. She plays the lead role.

Li, who received a BFA from the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing and studied at the New York Film Academy in New York, most recently was featured in the soon-to-be-released "The Spectacular Jihad of Taz Rahim." She also stars in the new episodic comedy-drama "Yellow Fever."

Li also appears on TV for the FansTang(粉丝堂)/ China Branding Group, where she is a pop culture host and reporter on the Chinese networks Tencent(通讯), YouKu(优酷), and Tudou(土豆). Her assignments include red carpet events and one-on-one celebrity interviews.

"Dongmei" is written and produced by Bob Messinger and is directed by Cedric Hill. Currently in pre-production, it is scheduled to begin shooting on August 1.

The film is being financed entirely by a crowdfunding campaign. Sponsors of the arts are encouraged to support the project by visiting

Friday, August 28, 2015

Ted V. Mikels Announces Sequel to Ten Violent Women

TVM Studios has announced a sequel to the studio’s highly successful film "Ten Violent Women."  The new production, "Ten Violent Women, Part Two" will start filming in September 2015 with Ted V. Mikels directing and co-producing along with Drew Marvick.  John Cornett is slated to be first assistant director; Keith Harris, international marketing coordinator; and Wendy O. Altamura, PhD, editorial consultant.  Janet Leigh will assume the post of director's assistant.

"Ten Violent Women, Part Two" is a feature film about female bodybuilders, dedicated to active exercise.  The film will also explore females who seek physical beauty recognition for their muscular bodies, martial arts, wrestling, boxing, and beauty pageant appearances. The sequel is also being described as: "Starring Francine York, a heavy drama about the drug syndicate, kidnappings, murder, and vengeance, will also include good cops, bad cops, good guys, bad guys, etc.”  Dawna Lee Heising of Eye on Entertainment will be one of the Ten Violent Women.

Legendary filmmaker Ted V. Mikels heads TVM Studios, a Las Vegas-based film and video production studio, which he founded in 1993. Mikels is the recipient of numerous awards, including a Certificate of Recognition by Nevada Lieutenant Governor Lorraine T. Hunt for his contributions to the filmmaking industry.

In addition to being the subject of a book, Film Alchemy: The Independent Cinema of Ted V. Mikels, by Christopher Wayne Curry, Mikels is also the subject of a documentary film, “The Wild World of Ted V. Mikels.” Released in 2010, the film was narrated by internationally known director John Waters and directed by Kevin Sean Michaels. Also famous for his eccentric life style, Mikels at one period in his life lived with a harem of beauties in a castle replete with secret passageways.

Considered a pioneering master of low-budget movie making, Mikels’ influence has permeated numerous facets of the entertainment world, including a tribute song, “The Astro-Zombies” by the punk band “The Misfits,” the template for the TV series, “Charlie’s Angels,” and the look of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad in Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill.”

Ted V. Mikels' production of “The Doll Squad”, the predecessor of “Charlie’s Angels”, and “Mission Killfast” are out this month on digitally re-mastered Blu-Ray. “Doll Squad” and his feature “Ten Violent Women” are now seen on Turner Entertainment channels. His last film "Paranormal Extremes: Text Messages from the Dead" was released in 2014 and is being distributed by SGL Entertainment.

About Eye on Entertainment

"Eye on Entertainment", a division of Eye on Excellence™ Productions, is broadcast weekly on Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, Comcast and Verizon across the nation.  The EOE team covers film festivals; and award shows, and features interviews with successful people in the entertainment industry, exploring the traits they have in common. Dawna Lee Heising, EOE executive producer and host, is a member of SAG-AFTRA, has a B.S. in Business Management and MBA from Pepperdine University; won Ms. World 2008; and won a 2013 EOTM Award for Outstanding Television Talk Show Host. The EOE team includes Linda Maxwell of Time Warner Cable, producers Stan Goodrich and Jerry Moore, and director John Cox.  Please visit and

Thursday, August 27, 2015


"DADDY" to have its World Premiere 
at the Montreal World Film Festival
Screenings August 30 @ 4:10pm and August 31 @ 9pm

DADDY tells the provocative and insightful story of a successful 40-­‐something gay man trying to reconcile his life choices with the newly available possibilities of marriage and family. Lead actor Gerald McCullouch (“CSI,” the BearCity franchise) makes his feature directorial debut from a script by costar Dan Via, who adapts and expands his acclaimed stage play of the same name.

The accomplished cast also includes Jaime Cepero (NBC’s “Smash”), Tamlyn Tomita (The Joy Luck Club, The Day After Tomorrow, “How to Get Away with Murder”), Tony Award winner John Rubinstein, Mackenzie Astin (“Mad Men,” “Murder in the First”), Richard Riehle (Office Space, Bridesmaids) and Jay Jackson (“Parks and Recreation,” “Scandal”).
The Montreal World Film Festival is the only competitive North American film festival accredited by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations.

8/30/15 @ 4:10 pm, Cinéma Quartier Latin, Theater 15, 350 Emery Street, Montreal

8/31/15 @ 9pm, Cinéma Quartier Latin, Theater 15, 350 Emery Street, Montreal

U.S. PREMIERECalifornia Independent Film Festival
9/12/15 @ 9pm, Castro Theater, 429 Castro Street, San Francisco

Synopsis of DADDY:
Star columnist Colin McCormack (Gerald McCullouch) thinks he has it all — a great job, a steady stream of hot younger guys, and a best friend, Stew (Dan Via), whose devotion he takes for granted. But when a charming and mercurial intern named Tee (Jaime Cepero) sweeps him off his feet, Colin sees a chance for something more: A family of his own. What he discovers instead is a shattering truth that may cost Colin everything — and everyone — he holds dear.
By turns funny and heartbreaking, DADDY explores the universal need for love and connection, and the evolving understanding of "family" in today's rapidly changing world.

Praise for DADDY onstage:
“Insightful and deeply affecting... subtly incorporates wide-­‐ranging reflections on the joy and heartache that can accompany human relationships.” – Backstage

“DADDY is first rate” – Show Business Weekly

“Genuinely involving... keeps one guessing” – Variety 

“Thoughtful and sharply written” – The Advocate

“An emotional powder keg” – LA Times

“Will appeal to everyone, gay or straight” – Broadway World 

View the movie trailer here -