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Monday, January 26, 2015

CEO Writes His Way Into "MOST SIGNIFICANT" Screenwriting Contest

 After the release of his first book “Guardian- Power in Truth”, CEO of Black Marsh Entertainment, Douglas Neal Watkins Jr is at it again and has been selected as a semi-finalist in one of the country’s most respected screenwriting competitions.

Screenplay Festival located in Los Angeles, CA has released its list of Semi-Finalists. Among that list is Neal Watkins.  Mr. Watkins for most of his life has been involved in the construction trades, and only in the last few years has he turned his attention to the entertainment industry.  Having invested in a film project, he rolled up his sleeves and began to look at the possibilities before him.  After reading many scripts for the “next” project he realized that though there were many, none stood out as marketable.  It was at this moment he decided the best way to find a script was to write one himself.  “Guardian-Power in Truth” is the first script in a series that BME intends to build a movie franchise around.

With the movie industry lacking in original story lines, Mr. Watkins believes that his science fiction/ historical action adventure will not only captivate but inspire others to follow their dreams.

Black Marsh Entertainment is a movie development and company specializing in pictures with broad audience appeal with a focus on the international market. The company has several projects in development.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Aerial San Francisco - Official 2015 Trailer

Announced earlier this week Director of Photography Louis Halcyon Simmons and production company Halcyon Cinema released the long awaited trailer AERIAL San Francisco. This film due out in just a few weeks.

AERIAL San Francisco will kick off its tour by screening at the World Famous Castro Theater by way of film co-op Scary Cow.  Due out as early as March 7th. This documentary short brings new life to the exciting world of aerials.  To view the trailer, visit:     This film is currently 15 minutes of nothing less than breath taking views of the city’s major icons, sometimes referred to as The Paris of the West.

Director of Photography – Louis Halcyon Simmons’ motion picture and television credits:  "Charmed" , "Without A Trace", "CSI", "Honda", "Fujinon", "Impossible Pictures", "Modern Marvels", "Samurai Girl", "NAS", "State of the Union", "In Plain Sight", "NCIS", "The New Los Angeles", "Fairly Legal", "Aerial Los Angeles", "Tom Bradley's Impossible Dream", "Aerial Las Vegas", "Aerial San Francisco"

AERIAL San Francisco – The Paris of the West
Imagine yourself soaring over the extraordinary city of downtown San Francisco. This magical city has many tales to light up to your imagination as you breeze by some of San Francisco’s most unique historical and incredible architectural giants. View through the stunning parallel vision of aerial cinematography as we take you on this visually stimulating journey through what is known as the Paris of the West. This documentary musical will absolutely keep you on the edge of your seat soaring just feet away from these giants of concrete and steel.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Holiday and a Picnic selected for International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema in London

The International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema in London is held from 22nd to 27th February, 2015 at West Ham United FC Football ground.

Adapted from Rabindranath Tagore’s famous romantic novella, Shesher Kobita, "A Holiday and a Picnic" tells the timeless story of three people from different worlds who meet at a resort. It is the journey of two of these people who find each other, discover romance and come together to experience love beyond love.

A Holiday and a Picnic will be on theatrical release in India from January 30, 2015 following the film's 2014 awards in Cinematography at the Columbia Gorge Festival and the Madrid International Film Festival in Spain.

A Holiday and a Picnic is Shomshukla's second feature following the award winning "Sandcastle."Experienced in theatre, music and poetry, she also directs her own theatre company, Kali Theatre, and has produced six books of poetry and nine music albums. She made her debut in cinema in 2013 as one of India's few women feature film directors.

Cut To Cut is an independent film production company creating literary, creative and meaningful aesthetic cinema with universal appeal; drawing from theatre, novels, art and poetry to fuse a unique story-telling in moving image. Shomshukla and the cast are available for interview through email, telephone or in person at the festival.



Friday, January 23, 2015

2nd Annual Miami Science Fiction Film Festival Announced for January 23-25, 2015, at Hyatt Regency

The Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival, also known as MiSciFi, will host its annual event from January 23 to 25, 2015, at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Miami. This year’s theme, “Tomorrow Was Yesterday” includes genres from Fantasy; Sci Fi; Supernatural; Comedy; Horror; Anime; and MicroDocs short films.

Co-founders Edward Figueroa, Eric Swain, and Troy P. Bernier have created this exciting film and expo extravaganza to expand the international fantastic film market and bring attention to the Miami film community and surrounding businesses.

Plenty of top industry VIPs will be in attendance including last year’s MiSciFi 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Dean Lyon ( the genius behind the visual effects supervision of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Lyons will present this year’s 2015 Lifetime Achievement award winner. Guests will also enjoy hearing from famed art director Todd Cherniawsky (, recognized for his numerous contributions to the industry. Cherniawsky has worked on films including AvatarAlice in Wonder Land, Oblivion, Transformers, and dozens of A-List films (

This festival also features “MicroDocs,” the first-of-its-kind, short documentaries of informative science content, which will be available for free to the public on Saturday morning, Jan. 24.

“The MicroDocs is a scientific short film which presents research, an idea, or a field experience produced with the goal of communicating to the public,” said event founder Troy Bernier. “Parents are encouraged to bring their children and themes are discussed in layperson terms. Schools will bring classes of students to attend. During the session, either the scientist who produce the film or one of the founders, who are scientists’ themselves, present the film and host a question and answer session. Children and parents are fascinated with the cutting edge research presented to them.”

“Our purpose is to enrich the local community and participants with fantastic and educational film. We have been doing this for some time,” said Bernier. “Expanding science literacy is a very important component of our work. We would like additional sponsorship to offer a better package to our filmmakers and viewers.”

The Film Festival is open to the public. To purchase tickets go to the web site or directly to the link,

Thursday, January 22, 2015


So it begins. It's that time when Park City, Utah gets invaded by Hollywood for the 2015 Sundance Film Festival January 22nd - February 1st . Gawkers get to see their hottest celebs trenching around in the snow for film premieres, parties, gifting suites, lounges & more. Here is a list of Celebrities we've "overheard" who are expected to attend this years festival....

Brando Eaton - "American Sniper"

Chiwetel Ejiofor - "12 Years a Slave"

Chris Pine - "Into the Woods"

Cynthia Nixon - "Sex and the City"

Diamond Dallas Page - "Pro Wrestler"

Danny Masterson - "That 70's Show"

David Boreanaz - "Bones"

Efren Ramirez - "Napoleon Dynamite"

Emile Hirsch - "Into the Wild,"

Ethan Hawke - "Boyhood"

Ewan McGregor - "Last Days in the Desert"

George Lucas - "Star Wars"

Iggy Azalea - rapper/singer

Jake "The Snake" Roberts - "Pro Wrestler"

James Franco - "The Interview"

Jason Priestley - "Beverly Hills 90210"

Jeffrey Tambor - "Transparent"

Jennifer Connelly - "A Beautiful Mind

Johnny Knoxville - "MTV's Jackass"

Keith Collins - "The Jersey Devil"

Kellan Lutz - "Twilight"

Kevin Pollak - "Casino"

Kristen Wiig - "Bridesmaids"

Lena Dunham - "Girls"

Lou Ferrigno - "The Incredible Hulk"

Maria Shriver - "NBC News personality"

Michael Fassbender - "X-Men: First Class"

Michael Shannon - "99 Homes"

Mindy Kaling - "The Mindy Project"

Morgan Spurlock - "Supersize Me"

Patrick Fugit - "Almost Famous"

Pras Michel - "The Fugees"

RJ Mitte - "Breaking Bad"

Robert Redford - "A Walk in the Woods"

Scott Hall - "Pro Wrestler"

Taylor Dayne - "Singer / Songwriter"

Taylor Schilling - "Orange Is the New Black"

Toni Colletti – “Glassland”