Friday, October 20, 2017

U(SA) Docuseries: You Never Thought Hip-Hop Would Take It This Far

DJ SuperNova presents his recent project, U(SA), a seven-episode docuseries that gives an inside look at the growing South African hip-hop scene, and introduces Americans to how artists across the Atlantic are making it their own.

"I knew it was important to document my experiences in the S.A. hip-hop scene because of the level of success these artists were accomplishing," said DJ SuperNova. "Their achievements were an indicator that hip-hop was resonating within the community and creating influence all on its own."

U(SA) jumpstarts the conversation on the influence hip-hop is having in South African culture through the eyes of S.A. artists DJ SuperNova has built relationships with over the last six years.  The series also explores the perspectives of the Bronx-born, Dominican-American who, like many in the U.S, had limited exposure to the diversity of Africans across media platforms.

"During my first visit to S.A. in 2011, I was part of a traveling theater production where I had the opportunity to talk to people and learn their stories. I quickly recognized a commonality in our goals as well as our struggles in life's journey," noted the DJ. "Despite being an American in unfamiliar territory, I could still connect with audiences and provide memorable guest sets at some of the biggest clubs and festivals because of hip-hop."

Part of the connections DJ SuperNova has made has come from the art of blending – a tool DJs use to take the acapella of one song and place it over the instrumental of another. It's a technique the American DJ has used to feature the music of South African Artists, and create a remix of familiar concepts with fresh sounds. Since March 2012, his mixes have been featured regularly on Naked DJ and Lulo CafĂ©'s radio show on Metro FM, the No. 1 national urban radio station in South Africa.

U(SA) shows that there is an opportunity for greater collaboration between American and South African artists to bridge the gap, cross-pollinate fans and create opportunities for people to learn from one another.

"Ultimately as a DJ, I am in a position to bring people together through music and with projects such as U(SA)," said DJ SuperNova.

"I would like more opportunities to travel and document hip-hop across the globe in places like Tanzania, Japan, Brazil and the United Kingdom. Hip-hop is arguably the greatest cultural influence and we should be exploring its impact around the world."

U(SA) premieres Thursday, September 21 on DJ SuperNova's YouTube channel where viewers can watch new episodes each week.

For a sneak peek, visit to watch the official trailer.

Official Trailer and Episode Clips

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About DJ SuperNova
For more than a decade, DJ SuperNova has consistently brought skill, sophistication and positive energy to his nightclub, festival and college bookings, as well as his events worldwide. He takes great pride in curating memorable sets, whether his clients want Hip-Hop, Top 40, EDM, Latin, Classics or Reggae. The musical adventure that began as a dream during his childhood in the Bronx, NY, would be realized across college campuses, theatrical productions, air waves and international events. To learn more and follow his music, visit

Gunn Pulls Trigger on Quantum Theory

Repertory film company 8 Sided Films proudly announces the attachment of actor Elinor Gunn to a leading role in the $1.04 million science-fiction heist movie Quantum Theory. Director Tennyson E. Stead explains that "plenty of actors in Hollywood will demand tenacity and excellence from themselves when it comes to performance work and audience-building. To lead this ensemble, we need the actor who's been demanding those things from herself for a lifetime already - and that's Elinor Gunn."

Quantum Theory is the story of two women of science who build a prototype with the power to manipulate reality itself, and who must find a way to reclaim that technology when it falls into ruthless hands. Gunn will play the starring role of Gertrude "Roe" Monroe, who she describes as "dry and acerbic and focused as hell." According to Gunn, "She knows what she wants and how to get it, and she is badass by accident. I love her clumsy, socially awkward, loyal self. The fact that she gets to save the world is icing on the cake."

Gunn is an alum of Upright Citizens Brigade, Seattle Shakespeare Company, and Sound Theatre Company, and stars in her first mainstage production as a member of Hollywood's acclaimed Theater of Note, "Hello Stranger" by Sharon Yablon, starting October 19. Tennyson E. Stead is an award-winning writer and director with writing and production credits in feature films, theater, and web content. 8 Sided Films is an independent film company built on the values and practices of repertory theater, including active, mutual accountability for the excellence of a production and for the integrity of a production's community of support.

"I am very excited to be a part of this project and to work with people who really understand the industry, but aren't jaded about it," Gunn reveals. "They have all worked hard on achieving a way to 'do Hollywood' and maintain sanity, integrity, and craft. I absolutely want to be a part of projects that care about their actors, their crew, and their audience."

8 Sided Films:

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Moviegazoo Will Start Promoting Movies Again!

"After watching Facebook and Twitter take credit for the movies we help open, we decided to be a bit more selective on the films we added into our weekly movie rotation.  Plus we shifted more than $150 million worth of ticket sales to our Lifestyles Network. Money that our members would normally spent on tickets. But after watching ticket sales decline over the summer we decided to start promoting films again.

With our Mobile Platform growing at a rapid rate, we believe the time is right to do than just promote a film but partner with a studio in opening a film or investing in a film and then give Moviegazoo Mobile Members the option to see the film before it is released in theaters.  Our Private Screening Platform would permit a Studio to make its investment back with minimum loss!  Meaning by the time a film is released in the theaters, a Studio would have already recouped its original investment, thus limiting it losses in what we call "Bootleg Red Zones" where large amount of Bootleg/Piracy takes place.

When you take a step back and look at the amount of money a major film loses from Bootleg/Piracy, it is mind-blowing!  Take for instance Wonder Woman which came out this year. It lost more than $200 million, and The Fate of the Furious lost more $450 million from illegal downloads.  When a film hits the internet within the first week it's released, the internet suck millions of tickets sales from a film.  Even bad films are being posted online and crushing any hope for ticket sales.  Bootleg/Piracy is not just affecting Hollywood, but Online Streaming and on-Demand Services are feeling the effect.   Netflix and Amazon Prime rank 1 and 2 when it comes to Bootlegged Content.  Within hours of a Series Being released a complete season of a program can end up on the internet for anyone to download… Online Streaming is becoming the new Hollywood when it comes to Bootleg/Piracy.

The amount of money that's being lost is the reason we intend to promote our Private Screening Platform. A more Secure Platform that a Studio can tap into, in order to limit their losses.  So when their film is released in a Bootleg Red Zone, the studio would have already made their investment back!   Moviegazoo's Private Screening Platform will permit us to direct between $200 million and $1.2 billion worth of ticket sales to a film when we are working with a Studio to open their film." said Vince Charles Moulterie II, Founder and Chief Designer of Moviegazoo Mobile.

Moviegazoo Mobile will continue to use its "Bing" App to transfer movie information to its members.  And while Moviegazoo Mobile will start promoting movies again, it will be more selective with the films Moviegazoo Mobile promotes or directs ticket sales to.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Anthony Hornus, Jesse Aragon to helm CDI's next feature, the powerful 'MBF' (Man's Best Friend)

Award-winning journalist, author, actor, director and filmmaker Anthony Hornus knows the human condition and the horrific costs when it comes to war. He's experienced it and seen it first hand. Not as a military veteran, rather as a friend, family member, parent, multi-media professional and story teller about those who have served America from World War II, Korea and Vietnam to Desert Storm, Iraq and his embed with U.S. Forces in Afghanistan.

Lansing (MI)-based production company Collective Development Incorporated, with whom Mr. Hornus has collaborated with for 19 years didn't have to look far in choosing the best, most personally-connected person to direct 'MBF' (formerly 'Man's Best Friend'), CDI's powerful upcoming character study.

Joining Mr. Hornus at the creative helm of 'MBF,' is the incomparable Los Angeles-based Director of Photography, Jesse Aragon. Mr. Aragon, is building an impressive resume, having DP'd CDI's last four films over three years. This includes all three edgy, biblical adventures in 'The Quest Trilogy' ('Forty Nights,' 'Chasing the Star' and 'The Christ Slayer'), and the post-Civil War drama/adventure, 'Wild Faith.'

Mr. Aragon, affectionately nicknamed 'Smooth' by his friends and colleagues at CDI, is becoming well-known to audiences worldwide through CDI-produced films. His eye captures breathtaking and beautiful vistas, gritty as well as burnishing hues and stellar character performances through his lenses.

"Jesse 'Smooth' Aragon has become part of our CDI storytelling tribe and we've all grown from our beautiful collaboration." - DJ Perry, CEO Collective Development Inc.

When Mr. Hornus (prefers Tony or just 'T') graduated high school in a small Michigan town, the war in Southeast Asia was still raging. The anti-war protests and confrontations over racial inequality on the homefront were becoming seemingly evermore violent and deadly (Four dead in O-HI-O, Kent State, 1970).

Mr. Hornus, whose number was 185 in the first year of the Selective Service Lottery, was not drafted. But the death and destruction of the Vietnam War, broadcast into homes nightly on TV, will never leave him.

"I had two good friends who died in Vietnam," explains Tony. "One was a Marine, one was Army Airborne. They didn't have a choice of enlistment or branch like our military does today. They were scared 19-year-olds who yet, when called, had the courage to serve our country in very dark, dangerous, conflicted times. I knew them well. And there were tens of thousands just like Donnie and Dwight who stood up to serve with honor and distinction."

During an illustrious 32-year career in journalism at a Michigan daily newspaper, Tony earned 14 honors from The Associated Press for newswriting excellence in breaking news, opinion/commentary, investigative reporting and human interest profiles.

"Some of the most interesting stories I worked on came from veterans," he enthuses. "World War II vets - guys who were in the Normandy invasion, Battle of the Bulge, Iwo Jima and Okinawa, an uncle who was on a Navy tanker in the Pacific; a soldier who survived a year in a North Korean POW camp; a Vietnam vet who survived the battle of Hue, another who was at the fall of Saigon; stories of those who fought in Desert Storm; and of course, Iraq and Afghanistan. Their stories fascinated me. And you always honor the story. To be across the table from men and women of such character, what a privilege."

On most of CDI's films, Tony, who wrote and co-directed the true crime film, 'An Ordinary Killer,' for CDI (based on his book) is a producer and when the role fits, an actor. He was on the team that helped three young directors – Jesse Low (twice, with 'Forty Nights' and 'Wild Faith'), Bret Miller ('Chasing the Star') and Nathaniel Nose ('The Christ Slayer') – put their creative fingerprint on CDI feature films.

Tony smiled, "Now it's the old man's turn. If you've lived it, crossed paths with and know all the players and types in the story, been a writer and story teller your entire adult life, maybe you've earned the trust to lead a great cast and crew in telling this story.

'MBF'' is tagged as "an engaging tale that draws parallels between the treatment of many wounded military veterans and 'last chance' shelter dogs.

The story touches upon an array of societal issues. From Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other emotional and psychological challenges; physical wounds and horrific disfigurement of wounded veterans; homelessness/families struggling at the poverty level; abuse and mistreatment of animals (specifically canines); disrespectful, troubled teens; and, the arrogance of 'perceived privilege and entitlement' by those in positions of authority, even in small town America.
The uniqueness of MBF is its redemptive reach for balance. It strives to expose the darkness of man's inhumanity, yet embraces the goodness in the hearts of others.

Tony previously embeded with U.S. Forces in Afghanistan while filming the critically-acclaimed and award-winning documentary 'Outside the Wire: The Forgotten Children of Afghanistan' (2011) and directed the award winning short 'Standing Post' playing military-themed festivals now.

"Whether or not that's just from being around a longtime, our goal with this film is to enlighten, educate, empower and perhaps inspire." - T. Hornus

Casting and other business on MBF continues by CDI producers in the desire of late October-November 'Principal Photography' in mid-Michigan.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Don't Miss The 12th Annual FREAK SHOW Horror Film Festival 2017 October 13th-15th Orlando, Florida

Don't Miss The 12th Annual FREAK SHOW Horror Film Festival 2017, taking place October 13th-15th in Orlando, Florida. Tickets are ON SALE NOW!

Calling all Horror Freaks, Fans, and Filmmakers! Be sure to kickstart your Halloween festivities by attending the original FREAK SHOW Horror Film Festival, presented by Fear Film Studios on Friday, October 13th- 15th, 2017 at the Premiere Cinema Theaters 14 located inside the Fashion Square Mall in Orlando, Florida.

Marking its 12th year showcasing some of the best in independent and international horror; the FREAK SHOW is rapidly gearing up to be another fear-tastic viewing season. Specializing in the debut screenings of a select variety of Super Shorts, Shorts, and Features submitted from around the world and it is not slowing down. In additional to those categories, we're excited to announce the inclusion of Student Shorts to this year's viewing line-up. This new category urged student filmmakers to enter their works of art, vying for a chance to win the coveted "FREAKY" Award.

The original FREAK SHOW Horror Film Festival is Florida's longest running horror fest. Starting out originally as a partner with the well-known Horror Convention Spooky Empire from 2006 until 2014, FREAK SHOW quickly gained its own following. FREAK SHOW eventually grew larger than the convention could host. This provided the opportunity to transition from Spooky Empire, into a proper theater going experience for the fans and filmmakers alike. FREAK SHOW is proud to be partnering with Orlando, Florida's Premiere Cinemas 14.

"This has been the goal of the film festival ever since its inception. Not only is it a great feeling for the filmmakers to see their work on the big screen, but we know our true, long time fans and patrons will also enjoy the whole movie theater experience," says FREAK SHOW Festival Founder and Executive Director Robert J. Massetti.

"We have always catered to being a place where horror fanatics feel at home, A visually visceral experience in which they are seeking a break from what is being turned out by the "big budget production companies". Robert recalls that, "With each year fans have shown their sincerest appreciation for us continuing, stating numerous times that they are looking for something fresh and uniquely different. So many are excited to discover the next Freddy, Jason, Michael, or whatever the next big thing in horror may be. We look to fill that void generously with something for every fan!"

Get your tickets for The FREAK SHOW  Horror Film Festival here:

Don't miss the Opening Night Screening of "Friday The 13th", get your tickets today for this limited screening!

Check out The FREAK SHOW Horror Film Festival Promo with FREAKO THE CLOWN Here:

Festival screens at the PREMIERE CINEMAS 14 near the heart of Downtown Orlando, Florida. For more information, visit

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