Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Real Human;A Documentary:The Project Aiming To Initiate The WWFN Launches A Campaign on IndieGoGo

The Real Human documentary is based on a groundbreaking concept by Ecard Systems to unite families throughout the world in the effort to "Reinvent Childhood" and raise The Future Child; stronger, happier, better adjusted.

The theme: Community organizers help parents sign-up to the online family network. The children are then enabled to connect on-demand to the voices of Real Human companions, so called Invisible Babysitters; invisible because hidden behind faces of toys or video characters. The aim is to prevent heartbreaks, however large or small, through words of empowerment .

The Part One of the film will record live the first steps of the app-based network where kids and their human-like toys-confidants are the main characters. The chats may be infrequent as the toy confidant is not designed to dominate daily activities. Rather, it is there when a parents can't be for whatever reason. The Part Two will report on re-visiting same children a few month later, observing the changes, engaging professional commentaries.

How is the network itself set up: A mobile app will allow parents with smartphones to submit an Invisible Babysitter request. The request will then be routed to the sitters (freelancers) who are enabled to use their own modified voices to entertain children long distance on as-needed bases. The basic concept is similar to that of Uber Drivers but fees and rewards are structured somewhat differently. This is the network of compassionate child's advocates. The voices come into child's room (or kindergarten) in form of talking toys, objects or video characters upon child's invitation. The toys/objects look like any traditional toys/objects would. The difference is in the ability to interact (mainly listen) like a Real Human would. (Parents are able to listen-in, record, rate the sitter).

Joanne Basecki, CEO at Ecard Systems, notes "The child's play with a Real Human network may be an appropriate introduction to the life nearing Singularity, a possible turn-away from a 'power driven culture' to a 'good will driven culture'".

Now, the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo aims at raising the necessary funds for travel and interviews with professionals as well as filming. The perks are interesting, ranging from $7 for a Grand Party invitation to $6,000 for becoming a Co-producer. There are also perks for name listing ($20), one chatting toy ($45), three chatting toys ($100) and six chatting toys ($200).

Contributions will help bring to market an opportunity to instill high values delivered from our hearts, wisdom and tradition as oppose to Watson-like toys or recordings. Backers can also show their support by sharing the campaign with their Social Media networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/real-human#/ and claim your perk now!


Ecard Systems, llc, based in Binghamton, NY, was founded in 2015 by Joanne Basecki and Kumar G. Raghav, developers with background in technology, cognitive psychology and education. The company aims at creating a Global Kindergarten.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy Memorial Day 2016

Wishing you a Happy Memorial Day from all of us here at the Daily Film Forum.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE engages Chance Cole for some deliciously wicked special effects!

The independent feature GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE-a hilarious brew of murder, mirth and mayhem-is getting some eye-popping special effects, courtesy of Chance Cole's artistic wizardry.  The story tells of a friendly gathering that goes hilariously awry when an unexpected guest arrives.  With a pickaxe.  And an attitude.  As such, the film will be enhanced with some "colorful" effects.

"On every film, some things happen a bit unexpectedly," Bair said.  "And, like his name, Chance came into my world at just the right time, via a referral from my 'Deadly Revisions' SFX man Greg Cheng.  And, after looking at his work, I knew adding Chance to the team would be a good move."  |

Chance not only works in visual effects, but is also an editor, director, writer and composer.  He has worked on material for The Warp Zone and is the creator of the music video "Shooting Star".  He has done visual effects for "The Sound of Magic", "Run" and more.  "Chance has such a wide range of talents," Blair said.  "Aside from being impressive, it's always good when an artist knows more than one angle; I find that awareness makes them better at each element."

Much of Chance's craft will be augmenting the goo factor.  "The film uses a combination of practical effects and post-production effects," Blair said.  "I mean, with a story called 'Garden Party Massacre', you expect there's gonna be some blood.  But, since the film puts the comedy over the horror, I wanted the bloody parts to be a tad cartoony, over-the-top, even funny.  So, while we were all covered in fake blood at times, the climax demanded the comedic element of excess and that's exactly what Chance is going bring."

GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE is a PIX/SEE Productions film and is slated for a late 2016 finish date.  It stars Andy Gates ("Grimm"), Nichole Bagby ("My Crazy Roommate"), Lise Hart ("Deadly Revisions"), Gregory Blair ("Love That Girl"), Dawna Lee Heising ("Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance"), Matt Weinglass ("Jimmy Kimmel Live!") and David Leeper.

GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE and is set to have audiences screaming…with laughter!  Join the party at: http://www.GardenPartyMassacreFilm.com



Thursday, May 26, 2016

ICFLIX Now Accessible on Hisense TVs

 ICFLIX the Middle East and North Africa's leading Internet streaming service have partnered with the third largest global TV manufacturer, Hisense, to make movies, TV series, documentaries and kids entertainment from ICFLIX more accessible to consumers across the region.

The launch marks another extension that brings the popular app and experience directly to the television offering viewing flexibility.

"Hisense is now the third largest TV brand in the world. This partnership will allow us to present consumers the convenience; being able to watch the best of Hollywood, Jazwood (Arabic) and Bollywood content seamlessly. Whether it's movies, TV series, documentaries or kids animation, ICFLIX has something for everyone," said Carlos Tibi, founder and CEO, ICFLIX.

The ICFLIX app will come preinstalled on all high-end Hisense TV's and will include a three-month free subscription for customers signing up for a premium account.

To watch ICFLIX's vast library of content, subscribers simply need to be connected to the Internet via their Hisense Smart TV and have their log-in details available to be able to stream the wide variety of ICFLIX's original content alongside award-winning Hollywood movies and the largest Jazwood library online and a section dedicated for kids content directly via the app.

Hisense, the world No.3 brand is very glad to have such a reliable partner. Thanks to ICFLIX, Hisense will be able to give to their customers a better content experience in the region.  Consumers could enjoy all kinds of premium online contents from ICFLIX via Hisense smart TV series. Hursh Agrawal, GM-TVs mentions that this cooperation will take Hisense's customer to next level of entertainment and will be a win-win solution for both companies.

For more information about ICFLIX visit www.icflix.com. Follow us on Twitter @icflix or become a fan on Facebook at www.facebook.com/icflix.

ICFLIX provides a value-for-money entertainment experience with many titles available in high-definition and Dolby® Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound where available.

Notes for Editors

ICFLIX provides its users with access to its Jazwood (Arabic), Hollywood and Bollywood content, including the largest library of Arabic movies and shows available online. Additionally, subtitles and alternative audio options are available for a majority of the content, making it accessible for French, Arabic and English speakers.


ICFLIX media FZ LLC was established in Dubai in 2012. The company provides its members with convenient access to Hollywood, Bollywood and Jazwood (Arabic) content. It is the first subscription-based online streaming service of its kind and offers movies, TV series, cartoons, and documentaries. The service is currently available on over 12,000 different mobile and fixed Internet enabled devices including PCs, Macs, smart phones, tablets, smart TVs and gaming consoles. Aside from its UAE headquarters, ICFLIX has offices in Morocco, Egypt and Czech Republic.


www.twitter.com/icflix (http://www.twitter.com/icflix)



About Hisense

Hisense is a leading multibillion-dollar global conglomerate, with over 40 years' experience. With a workforce of over 69 000 worldwide, Hisense is a world leader of flat-panel TVs, household appliances and mobile communication devices. Hisense has been the Chinese market leader in flat-panel TVs for 12 consecutive years, since 2004.

Hisense has 13 production facilities and 14 R&D centres around the globe. Its companies are located in North America, Europe, Australia, Africa, Middle East and Asia. Hisense's products are sold in more than 130 countries with sales revenue reaching USD 16 billion in 2014. It is one of the largest television manufacturers in the world, with over 10 million televisions produced each year. In 2015, Hisense ranked number three in the global TV market.

The company has been the recipient of several recognitions and awards in the name of innovation, technology, design and quality management. Hisense's many subsidiaries are in the consumer electronics, home appliance, mobile communications, IT and real estate industries.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Newly Renovated Historic Loring Park Music Box Theater Is Now Open

The Music Box Theater, a historic Minneapolis landmark, underwent renovation during January and February 2016 and is now open on Nicollet Ave in Loring Park. Coming soon, on the weekend of May 6, they will offer a weekend of classic, indie, and family movie showings. The theater is under new management, who are planning several different events in 2016 aimed to provide the Loring Park community with high quality arts and entertainment.

Located at 1407 Nicollet Avenue, just one block west of the Minneapolis Convention Center, the Music Box Theater will host the "Flix and Chips" movie weekend by opening its doors on Friday evening for two showings, and Saturday afternoon for two matinee showings. The Music Box Theater has partnered with a popular local restaurant in Loring Park, Eggy's Diner, in order to provide free chips and movie admission.

"We are really excited to offer this event to our community in order to let them know that the Music Box Theater is a venue that is committed to providing fun and exciting arts and entertainment options in the downtown area," said Shuree Rivera, Creative Director for Wooddale at the Music Box Theater. "We decided to kick-off the spring season by showing some great movies that everyone could enjoy, and are in the midst of planning concerts, theatrical performances and the live-broadcast leadership event, 'The Global Leadership Summit' throughout the summer and fall here at the theater. Everyone is also welcome and invited to join our Sunday morning gatherings at 10am for live music, art, teaching, and community."

The Music Box Theater's renovations maintained and enhanced the historic glamour of the building, while upgrading its technology by installing a new lighting system, a digital stereo sound system, an HD digital projector, and free Wi-Fi. The two month renovation project was completed by Wooddale Church, the Music Box Theater's new management.

The complete lineup of films, show times, ticket reservations, and upcoming events can be found through https://www.facebook.com/wooddalelp.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

San Diego's growing craft beer industry will be captured in the film "SUDS COUNTY 2: The Boil Over"

Dry Hopped Productions, LLC announced today that it has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise $250,000 to fund the production and distribution of SUDS COUNTY 2: The Boil Over, a documentary sequel to 2012's SUDS COUNTY, USA. The film will be directed by Sheldon Kaplan of Ibhayi Media and produced by Kaplan and Kevin Tostado of Tostie Productions, LLC. If the campaign hits its goal, production will commence in June 2016 and continue through the end of the year, with a potential release scheduled for Summer 2017.

In addition to looking at the recent explosive growth of breweries in San Diego County, California, the film will also look at San Diego breweries and brewers' influence both nationally and internationally. Amongst a number of other topics, SUDS COUNTY 2 will also focus on both the national and international growth of the India Pale Ale (IPA) and an investigation of the evolution of the San Diego IPA/Pale Ale over the years. This film is intended to be as much about education as it is about entertainment.

Filming will not only take place in San Diego County, but also in breweries in northern California, Idaho, Wyoming, and Virginia. Outside of the United States, filming is planned for Germany, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Mexico, Denmark, and if the filmmakers can exceed their funding goal, there is the potential to film in Japan, New Zealand, and Australia. It may be surprising to learn that San Diego-style beers have served as inspiration for craft breweries in all of these countries.

SUDS COUNTY 2: The Boil Over was born out of director Sheldon Kaplan's passion for storytelling and good-tasting beer. Asked why it was important to make this film, Kaplan responded, "When I first started doing the research for the original movie back in late 2009, there were less than 30 brew houses in San Diego County.  Now that number has more than quadrupled to where we have more than 120 brewhouses in the county.  In addition, the West Coast IPA and San Diego Pale Ale beer style that San Diego craft brewing has become famous for, now dominates the national craft beer market and is increasingly influencing brewers outside of the U.S., too.  I believe the time is right to document this massive shift in the landscape which is especially interesting to me given that it that has occurred over a relatively short amount of time."

Rewards for pledges to the SUDS COUNTY 2 Kickstarter campaign (http://www.sudscounty.com) include, but are not limited to, digital downloads of the film, exclusive t-shirts made just for the campaign, credits in the film, and limited quantity brew days with some of the best breweries in San Diego County. If the film successfully hits its funding goal of $250,000, it will become the 10th-highest funded documentary of all time on Kickstarter's platform.

SUDS COUNTY 2: The Boil Over is being produced by Ibhayi Media in association with Tostie Productions, LLC. The film is expected to be released on iTunes, Amazon Video, and digital downloads in Summer of 2017.  For a video about the film's Kickstarter campaign, more information on the film's story, and the official page for the Kickstarter campaign, please visit http://www.sudscounty.com.  For graphics or photos, please email kevin@sudscounty.com.

About the Filmmakers

Director and Producer of SUDS COUNTY 2: The Boil Over is Sheldon Kaplan of Ibhayi Media. Sheldon Kaplan was educated in South Africa and Australia. A graduate of South Africa's National Film School, he went on to work in numerous production capacities on multiple film and video productions in South Africa and Europe before becoming an in-house television commercials producer in Sydney, Australia. In 1989 he moved to Los Angeles where he worked as a film and television development executive. In 1996 he relocated to San Diego and was involved in the early days of content creation and nascent video streaming for what was in those days referred to as the world wide web. In 1999, a personal health crisis prompted him to quit the media business and he created a brand of indigenous South African herbal teas for the US market, including the first 100% USDA organically certified South African manufactured product. In 2010 the creative muses called once again and he returned to media content creation. In 2012 his company, Ibhayi Media released SUDS COUNTY, USA, an independent feature length documentary detailing the rise of the San Diego craft beer industry, which he had followed closely as a consumer - being a lover of craft beer, good wine and fine spirits. He currently runs Ibhayi Media in San Diego and considers himself indeed fortunate to live in America's finest city, which just so also happens to be America's finest beer city!

Producing SUDS COUNTY 2 with Kaplan is Kevin Tostado of Tostie Productions, LLC. Tostado previously worked as an Associate Producer on SUDS COUNTY, USA, and was excited for the chance to produce this sequel with Kaplan about his hometown. Tostado has also produced and directed Under the Boardwalk: The MONOPOLY Story, which won four Emmy awards for the Pacific Southwest chapter of the Television Academy. Tostado was a producer on Eternity The MovieYellow Lights, and the webseries Research. Tostado has been part of teams raising over $80,000 on Kickstarter in the past for various projects.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Rahway International Film Festival introduces the inaugural “Rahway Film Festival Junior”

Rahway International Film Festival introduces the inaugural “Rahway Film Festival Junior”, dedicated to showcasing the filmmaking talents of New Jersey students in grades 3 through 12. The event brought to you by “Just Be You Performing Arts” will take place on May 21, 2016 at 2pm in UCPAC’s Hamilton Stage for the Performing Arts, and will present 19 short films by young filmmakers across the state.

These talented filmmakers are the best of the best in New Jersey, selected from a large number of applicants with the winning filmmakers receiving a special screening at Rahway International Film Festival, October 21-23, 2016 as well as a guest appearance on Edison TV’s, “Classic Movies with Ron MacCloskey.”

The event will showcase works by students from New Jersey schools, including McGinn Elementary School of Scotch Plains, Brookside Place School of Cranford, Roselle Park Middle School of Roselle Park, Abraham Clark High School of Roselle, Magnet High School of Scotch Plains, Marist High School of Bayonne, New Providence High School of New Providence, Warren Hills Regional High School of Washington, and Henry Hudson Regional of Highlands.

Ron MacCloskey of Edison TV’s “Classic Movies with Ron MacCloskey” will host the afternoon of short films ranging from animation to music video to comedy to drama.  There will be a Q&A session with the student filmmakers afterwards, followed by a brief catered reception.

This is the perfect chance to meet the future Steven Spielbergs and Sofia Coppolas of the world, to say you “knew them when.” Come support these future filmmakers of tomorrow and prepare to be impressed and entertained!

The event will be hosted on May 21, 2016 at 2pm in the Fazioli Room of the Hamilton Stage for the Performing Arts, located at 360 Hamilton St, Rahway, NJ 07065.

Tickets are $10 each and can be purchased online at ucpac.org or at the box office upon arrival.

For more information, please visit www.rahwayfilmfest.com.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

"The Cursed Man" movie premiere announced. Sunbury Press issues special edition cover

Sunbury Press has released a special edition of The Cursed Man novel honoring the upcoming premiere of the movie, to be held at the landmark Alex Theatre in Glendale, California.

About the Book:
Alister Kunkle believes death is in love with him.  A simple smile from friend or stranger is all it takes to encourage death to kill.

With his family deceased and a path of destruction behind him, Alister sits inside a mental institution, sworn to silence and separated from the rest of the world, haunted by his inability to escape death's preferential treatment.

But when a beautiful psychologist arrives at the institution and starts offering him care, Alister braces himself for more killings. When none follow, he tries to figure out whether he truly is insane or if death has finally come to him in the form of a woman.

About the Author:
Keith Rommel is an award-winning author of ten novels and is an award-winning screenwriter. His writing has been called, "Horror for the curious mind." His first two novels, The Cursed Man and The Lurking Man are at various stages of production to become motion pictures. 2016.

About The Cursed Man Movie:
Alister Kunkle believes death is in love with him. A simple smile from friend or stranger is all it takes to encourage death to kill.
Director:  James L Perry
Writers:  James L Perry, Keith Rommel
Stars:  Brahm Gallagher, Brinna Locke, Maritza Brikisak

Cast (in credits order)
Brahm Gallagher … Alister
Brinna Locke … Dr. Anna Lee
Maritza Brikisak … Death and Alister's Mom

Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Linda Bendik … Woman on Street
Mark Bishko … Suicide Witness
Paris Bravo … Michael's Daughter
C. Ashleigh Caldwell … Head Nurse
Ruth Connell … Bonnie
Anna Curtis … Sharon
Lee Fobert … Hospital Doctor
Paul Grace … Sheriff's Sergeant
Jules Hartley … Michael's Wife
Tom Herschderfer … Motorist
Jack Keebler … Wheelchair Patient
M. Lee … Woman on Street
Jo Mani … Sheriff's Deputy
Bruno Marcotulli … Uncle Bob
Grant McLellan … Young Alister
Timothy Patrick O'Neill … Ralph
James L. Perry … Doctor Bills
John Henry Richardson … Director Lofton
April Rock … Nurse
Anna Ross … Nurse
Ron Ross … Alister's father
Robert Sisko … Director Conroy
Skylar … Man on Street
Jim Tavaré … Terry
Laura Tavaré … Hospital Doctor
Kim Walker … Real Estate Agent
Ian Watson … Michael
Marc Wayne … Man on Street
H. Dean Williams … Bruce

About the Premiere:
World Premiere of THE CURSED MAN movie - Alex Theatre in Glendale, CA. Halloween Night October 31, 2016 - 7pm to 11pm - Party before and after. This may be the greatest movie premiere on Halloween Night in the History of the Alex Theatre.

The Cursed Man
Authored by Keith Rommel
List Price: $14.95
5" x 8" (12.7 x 20.32 cm)
Black & White on White paper
222 pages
Sunbury Press, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1620063682
ISBN-10: 1620063689
BISAC: Fiction / Thrillers

The special edition movie premiere cover are only available through October.
For more information, please see:

Monday, May 16, 2016

Pro Wrestling Legends to Star in Action/Horror Movie!

"We're about to begin shooting 'Church,' a movie unlike anything else ever produced," exclaimed producer/writer Tim Chizmar.  "We have amazingly talented actors signed, including some of the best-known professional wrestlers in the world, and we want YOU to be a part of it!"

"This is the greatest dream cast I could ever imagine," Tim continued, making no attempt to restrain his excitement.  "Nobody plays evil like WWE Hall of Famer Jake 'The Snake' Roberts.  But Jake is playing a very different role in our film; just wait until you see it!  We have Tommy Dreamer, John Hennigan (aka John Morrison and Johnny Mundo), Gangrel, Sinn Bodhi, Sabu, 'Mr. Wonderful' Rock Riddle and his valet Gold Digger, Shelly Martinez, Christopher Daniels, Trent Haaga, Troma president Lloyd Kaufman, Natalie Palamides, Scorch the Clown, Brian Zane, Thomas Gunter as the Archangel Michael, Maria Kanellis, Kreepy Karen, Larry Andrews, Leroy Patterson, Sam Culver, Alan Maxson, "Corpsey" Rhine, The Winner Twins, Lahna Turner, and Jeryd Pojawa as Lucifer Morningstar.  We just signed actor-fighter Matt Erdems; his fight scenes will be epic!  Lydia Backhouse is now confirmed for one of the starring roles! Plus others I can't reveal yet."

"Church" is not a place; it's the name of the film's main character, an unlikely hero who is thrust into a situation he never wanted - one that went far beyond his comfort level and the power of his personal faith.  Between battling demons, angels, hauntings, biker gangs, vampires, Lucifer, and even the possibility of the end of the world, Church will find the true meaning of why we are here and whether anything we do ever truly matters.

This film comes from the minds of 2-time Academy Award winner Jeryd Pojawa ("Abyss" & "Terminator 2") and famed horror writer Tim Chizmar.

Find out why: If you need to KILL something EVIL ... You go to "CHURCH."

Here's how YOU can be involved: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/TimChizmar/church

Original music by World Media Revolution

Shooting primarily in sunny southern California at Thia Media Studios

Written for the screen by Tim Chizmar and Jeryd Pojawa

Produced by Tim Chizmar

Associate Produced by Sinn Bodhi

Directed/Edited by Raphaello

Tim Chizmar, Sinn Bodhi, Gangrel, Tommy Dreamer, Rock Riddle and other cast and crew members are available for interviews!


Saturday, May 14, 2016

NewLink Publishing announces the release of Book 2 in the MacKenna Saga, Plots and Prophecies to the E Book Market

The MacKenna Saga continues with the release of Plots and Prophecies. As with the first book, Mr. Draude takes the reader on an intense emotional roller coaster ride. His ability as a storyteller harks back to the early days of Science Fiction, while adhering to the current publishing standards of "Show, Don't Tell."

This second story follows the hero, Kalen, as he learns of family tragedy long ago and withheld from him. The plot twists. This second novel will have the reader turning pages to find out what happens next and wishing it wouldn't end.

One beta reader said:

"I had the honor of reading Plots and Prophecies before the book went into print and I enjoyed getting my first look. This is the second novel in the series, and is as an enjoyable and suspenseful as the first. The novel is full of plot twists that are not anticipated. I was left 'hanging' in interesting ways, wanting to know more but with no real idea what comes next. The reader does not actually want to know how this all ends. The fun, the real excitement, is not missing anything! The author included "logical" details to cause the reader to become involved in the story, but the details were not cumbersome like many other books."

Tempe, AZ

The book is available in print and Kindle at Amazon.

You can also find the ebook in all formats at Smashwords.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Fast Track to Hollywood Success

Harlan Post is quickly becoming an icon for the ages. Not only is he blessed with dashing features, but his down-to-earth manner makes him one of the most fun, deep, and easy-to-work-with leading men in the film industry today. It was his demeanor and his amazing versatility on screen that put him at the top of the cast list for 13 different projects during the past year alone. Those projects ranged from "General Hospital" to "Hail, Caesar!" and pale by comparison with his upcoming projects.

Harlan has accepted a starring role in the upcoming feature film "The ROLE Model." Several "name" Hollywood producers feel that his work in this film will launch him to international stardom. When asked the secret of his success, Harlan smiled. "The secret," he shared, "is to always have a positive attitude, work harder than you ever thought you could, never allow failure to be an option, and most importantly, be sure to enjoy the journey!"

Harlan's dedication to his work has led to a constant expansion of his knowledge of the human condition - body, mind, and spirit. When he is not on set, you might catch him working on his physical technique as a stuntman and fight choreographer, playing guitar solos at a number of local brewpubs, or indulging his passion for wildlife by snorkeling with stingrays at Laguna Beach.

Off-camera, Harlan's passion for physical fitness and overall health resulted in his professional personal training credentials and a service that places emphasis on special needs clients and clients with injuries. When asked why, he responded, "Because no one's limitations are too great, even if they seem insurmountable. Everyone can reach their physical fitness goals, and I help them to attain and surpass those goals." Healthy Living Magazine was so impressed that they featured Harlan in a two-page spread for their March 2015 edition.

Truly a give-it-all actor, Harlan Post continues to shine on and off screen, turning "little ripples into big waves and thoroughly enjoying the journey!"

Harlan Post is available for interviews. http://www.HarlanPost.com

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

2016 Capital City Black Film Festival Tickets Are Now On Sale

The Capital City Black Film Festival (CCBFF) today announced that tickets are now on sale for its 4thannual event, taking place August 25th - 28th at the Austin Convention Center. CCBFF Passes, which provide access to all or select ticketed events during the three-day Festival, are available at a significant discount through May 31st.

The CCBFF VIP Pass gives film lovers the full festival experience, including all screenings, premieres, panels, parties, a premium swag bag and more, for the early bird price of $149 (a $315 value).VIP Pass holders get express access to all screenings and preferred seating at the Festival's opening night and closing awards galas. Additional tickets - including an all film or day pass, as well as individual event tickets - start at just $15 and can be purchased at www.capcitybff.com.

"This year promises to be our biggest and most exciting Festival yet, and we have some surprises in store that you won't want to miss," said Winston G. Williams, Founder and Executive Director of CCBFF. "We want people to experience all the Capital City Black Film Festival has to offer; consider this your personal invitation to come see some fantastic films, network with industry professionals, party with fellow film lovers and support great independent filmmaking."

The Capital City Black Film Festival is one of the fastest growing film festivals in the region and attracts a multicultural audience of filmmakers, artists, industry professionals and film lovers from around the world. This year, CCBFF expects to present a selection of 80 narrative and documentary feature films, short films and music videos - including regional, U.S. and world premieres - from emerging and established independent filmmakers.

About Capital City Black Film Festival

The Capital City Black Film Festival (CCBFF) presents programming that celebrates and showcases films that are written, directed or produced by African American filmmakers, films which prominently feature African American actors or films that address topics and issues relating to the Black community. CCBFF offers year-round programming for filmmakers and film lovers alike, including screenings, networking, educational workshops and special events. For more information about the Capital City Black Film Festival and its programs, please visit http://www.capcitybff.com.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Path 11 Productions releases the trailer to The Path: Evolution

Path 11 Productions LLC is pleased to announce the release of the trailer to The Path: Evolution, the third and final chapter in The Path Trilogy documentary series. The Trilogy  investigates topics about out-of-body experiences, multiple-dimensions, remote viewing, psychic ability and the evolution of consciousness.  The Path: Evolution, is produced by April Hannahand directed by Michael Habernig both natives of upstate NY.

The Path: Evolution, picks up right where The Path: Beyond the Physical leaves off and answers the questions, what is the point of being in a physical body, how has consciousness evolved over the centuries and where is the human collective consciousness going from here? The filmmakers follow retired NASA nuclear physicist, Thomas Campbell as he spreads his knowledge and findings from his "big TOE" (Theory of Everything) to explain the consciousness system, or as Campbell puts it, the virtual reality we are living in. Out-of -body expert William Buhlman, remote viewer and former President of The Monroe Institute (TMI) Skip Atwater & former Executive Director of TMI Paul Rademacher, join the conversation in the third film that covers a 7 year span from 2008 - 2015.

The Path: Evolution will undoubtedly challenge the viewer's current belief systems and leave a lasting impression on human beings to reevaluate how they are behaving, treating others and existing in the world. This film will also create a high level of curiosity for the viewer to investigate the idea that there are different states of consciousness the human can explore if they can detach from the identity of being in the physical body.

"It has been a long 8 year journey since we started filming the trilogy.  I believe this project has helped change not only our lives producing the film, but hundreds and possibly thousands of other people by watching our filmed experts explain consciousness." says April Hannah, producer.

"Each film was meant to be able to stand on its own. But now watching the trilogy as a whole, it now has new meaning as one dynamic film interwoven footage over the course of 7 years." explains Michael Habernig, the film's director.

The Path: Evolution is scheduled to be released in June 2016 along with bonus material of deleted scenes and extended interviews.  Path 11 Productions  is currently taking pre-orders for both DVDs and Digital On-Demand Downloads at the website: http://www.path11productions.com.

About: Path11 Productions, is a for profit, independent production company located in Ulster County, NY.  Path11 Productions LLC is dedicated to filming documentaries and hosting a weekly podcast which focus on topics of consciousness and healing.  Path11 Productions LLC was formed in 2008 and has been selling The Path: Afterlife(2009) & The Path: Beyond the Physical (2013) documentaries both nationally and internationally on DVD and on Amazon.com, Gaia, & itunes as well Path 11's website, since its release in 2008. "The Path: Evolution" is on course to be released in the Spring of 2016.  Path11 Productions LLC has a vision to impact the world with a documentary series on consciousness, finding the soul's purpose and healing.

Friday, May 6, 2016

4th Annual Winter Film Awards 48-Hour Film Challenge

WINTER FILM AWARDS, an Independent Film Festival organization in NYC, challenges the local community to create a 4-7 minute short film in a specified genre, tagline and prop in just a single gonzo weekend!  Thirty teams of the most creative people in the tri-state area have just 48 sleepless hours to decide what they are going to do, write a screenplay, assemble props, costumes and actors, rehearse, shoot, score and edit their film.  Students, amateurs, and seasoned industry veterans alike learn the importance of caffeine, team work and time management in successful filmmaking.


The WINTER FILM AWARDS 4th Annual 48-Hour Film Challenge runs June 3-5 2016 in New York City and is limited to just 30 teams.  Team must sign-in at the WFA offices at 31 West 34th Street at 8pm on Friday June 3.  Teams will be assigned a tagline and prop that must be used in their film, and will pick their film genre out of a hat.  Each team will then have exactly 48 hours to create their film and turn it in at the WFA offices.

Completed films are uploaded to YouTube to garner the coveted "Fan Favorite" vote. All films are then screened at a local venue the following weekend and prizes are awarded for Best Picture, Fan Favorite and more!

To ensure a slot in the Challenge, Team are encouraged to register in advance at http://EventCombo.com/WFA1648HRS.  Registration is just $10 per team.

Completed films are uploaded to YouTube to garner the coveted "Fan Favorite" vote. All films are then screened at a local venue the following weekend and prizes are awarded for Best Picture, Fan Favorite and more!

For the 2012 Challenge (https://winterfilmawards.com/48-hour-film-challenge/), teams had to contend with a large brightly-colored snowflake sugar cookie and a tagline from Fight Club. For the 2013 Challenge (https://winterfilmawards.com/2013wfa48/winners/), we made it even more difficult - Teams had a tagline from Ghostbustersand Gray Line New York provided each team with one-hour private shooting time on a double-decker sightseeing tour bus, complete with Tour Guide and Driver. For the 2014 Challenge, teams had to include Citibike in their story line. Visit the WFA YouTube playlist to view all of the amazing films. What can we possibly come up with next??

Entries may be shot either via traditional filmmaking equipment or teams can do the whole thing on smartphones.

Festival Founder George Isaacs says "The 48-Hour Challenge provides local filmmakers an awesome and fun chance to hone their skills in teamwork and gonzo filmmaking. Each year, we are so impressed with the incredible creativity of our Challenge teams - it's hard to believe that it is possible to create a watchable film from zero to complete in just a single weekend, but our teams manage to do it with flair.  The resulting works are not just watchable, they are fantastic!"

A week after the Challenge, the best entries will be screened at a local venue, followed by an Award Ceremony, awesome prizes and networking party.  Over $7k in prizes will be awarded.

For challenge rules, prizes, registration details, participating sponsors and more information about the Winter Film Awards, please visit www.WinterFilmAwards.com

WINTER FILM AWARDS is a 501(c)3 women and minority run non-profit based in NYC.  Our mission is to recognize excellece and diversity in cinema and to promote learning and expression for all artists at all stages of their careers.  We celebrate the cultural mixture that is New York City, showcasing emerging filmmakers from every age, ethnic, racial, religious, cultural, political and geographic perspective.  The 48-Hour Challenge format gives filmmakers a chance to work closely with a team and to intensely focus while just going out and doing it!