Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Real Human;A Documentary:The Project Aiming To Initiate The WWFN Launches A Campaign on IndieGoGo

The Real Human documentary is based on a groundbreaking concept by Ecard Systems to unite families throughout the world in the effort to "Reinvent Childhood" and raise The Future Child; stronger, happier, better adjusted.

The theme: Community organizers help parents sign-up to the online family network. The children are then enabled to connect on-demand to the voices of Real Human companions, so called Invisible Babysitters; invisible because hidden behind faces of toys or video characters. The aim is to prevent heartbreaks, however large or small, through words of empowerment .

The Part One of the film will record live the first steps of the app-based network where kids and their human-like toys-confidants are the main characters. The chats may be infrequent as the toy confidant is not designed to dominate daily activities. Rather, it is there when a parents can't be for whatever reason. The Part Two will report on re-visiting same children a few month later, observing the changes, engaging professional commentaries.

How is the network itself set up: A mobile app will allow parents with smartphones to submit an Invisible Babysitter request. The request will then be routed to the sitters (freelancers) who are enabled to use their own modified voices to entertain children long distance on as-needed bases. The basic concept is similar to that of Uber Drivers but fees and rewards are structured somewhat differently. This is the network of compassionate child's advocates. The voices come into child's room (or kindergarten) in form of talking toys, objects or video characters upon child's invitation. The toys/objects look like any traditional toys/objects would. The difference is in the ability to interact (mainly listen) like a Real Human would. (Parents are able to listen-in, record, rate the sitter).

Joanne Basecki, CEO at Ecard Systems, notes "The child's play with a Real Human network may be an appropriate introduction to the life nearing Singularity, a possible turn-away from a 'power driven culture' to a 'good will driven culture'".

Now, the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo aims at raising the necessary funds for travel and interviews with professionals as well as filming. The perks are interesting, ranging from $7 for a Grand Party invitation to $6,000 for becoming a Co-producer. There are also perks for name listing ($20), one chatting toy ($45), three chatting toys ($100) and six chatting toys ($200).

Contributions will help bring to market an opportunity to instill high values delivered from our hearts, wisdom and tradition as oppose to Watson-like toys or recordings. Backers can also show their support by sharing the campaign with their Social Media networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/real-human#/ and claim your perk now!


Ecard Systems, llc, based in Binghamton, NY, was founded in 2015 by Joanne Basecki and Kumar G. Raghav, developers with background in technology, cognitive psychology and education. The company aims at creating a Global Kindergarten.

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