Thursday, June 2, 2016

'Union Bound' Wins Awards at US and Global Film Festivals

Union Bound is officially launched now as a 2016 film release and is currently creating buzz in prominent film festivals throughout the motion picture circuit. The film is directed by Harvey Lowry.

The film is receiving top honors and celebrated acknowledgements in its initial release: Currently, the film has won the following honors:

·         Best Picture - Peak City International Film Festival

·         Best Director (nominated) - International Christian Film Festival

·         Award of Merit - Indie Fest Film Awards

·         Official Selection - Marina Del Rey Film Festival

·         Official Selection - Longleaf 2016 North Carolina Museum of History

Union Bound is an original film based upon the true story of Officer Joseph Hoover and his gripping story of survival in the Civil War. The film tells the dramatic story of Hoover's courage and perseverance as a Union Soldier who witnessed many incredible moments during the terrible carnage of the Civil War. The film is inspired by the stories preserved in Hoover's personal diaries which survive even today.

The film depicts Hoover's main character as a soldier being captured at the Battle of the Wilderness and being taken to a notorious camp "Andersonville" in North Carolina. After four months, he was transferred to Florence, South Carolina to a new camp. Together with Thomas Ryan, they escaped and began their dangerous and challenging journey north to rejoin their troops. They were aided by slaves and what is now known as the "underground railroad" to get to freedom.

"Union bound shows the devastation when two Union soldiers get caught behind the lines during the Civil War. It shows how they were assisted by freed slaves through the underground railroad to return home.

In regards to our nation's history, the Civil War was one of the most intense conflicts in America. Union vs. Confederate. When the North won, the Confederates became part of the new USA. The course of it shaped the fabric of the making of America today.

Harvey Lowry directed this film showing the contributions of a slave who risked it all to assist soldiers of the North. A lot of young people don't know their history. People from all age groups need to see this magnificent film. They will be enlightened and moved." ---Kris Lamans, CEO, KLEC.

Motion Picture Director, Harvey Lowry says,"The making of this film was a journey in itself. We had a relatively tight budget, and really had to deal with some tough elements in shooting this entirely on location in North Carolina, but we wouldn't have had it any other way. The story is based entirely on the diaries that Joseph Hoover kept documenting all of his travels and journeys. What he went through is simply incredible, so we all knew we were making an important movie.

The performances from the actors feels so real because they were so devoted to the film. Several thousand Civil War re-enactors came together to reenact a battle for us, and a couple dozen stayed and acted in the movie as soldiers, guards and civilians. The lead actors were all hand picked by myself and the producer, Michael Davis. I had worked with Tank Jones, who played Jim Young, and Randy Wayne, who played Thomas Ryan, so I was very familiar with their abilities and styles. I has also worked with Isaac Singelton on Pirates of the Caribbean. After initially reading the script, I couldn't think of a better person to play Simon. Sean Stone was a standout to play Joseph Hoover. His experience and skills as an actor made him an easy choice.

I truly hope the film performs well and is received well by the audiences. It's messages about unity, perseverance, racism and equality. "---Harvey Lowry, Director

Union Bound is produced by Uptone Pictures in association with Red Thread Pictures and Weathervane Productions. The film stars Randy Wayne, Drew Seely, Sean Stone, Isaac Singleton, Jr., Matthew Ziff,Trish Cook, and Tank Jones. The film is directed by Harvey Lowry with the screenplay written by John Errington.

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