Monday, June 29, 2015

Best Selling Author Leo Sullivan Book Life Without Hope Headed for the Big Screen

In an increasingly platitudinous urban market, it is almost invigorating to find a writer bold enough to tell original stories. Best Selling Urban Fiction Author Leo Sullivan’s first hit novel,  “Life Without Hope”, tells a tumultuous tale of two unlikely souls intertwining. Inspired in part by his own experiences, “Life Without Hope” delivers riveting impressions of passions and perils. The novel has now sold close to a million copies; domestic, and international. With reader reviews averaging 5 stars, and urging an encore, Leo Sullivan makes the bold decision to bring “Life Without Hope” to film.

In the dramatic mega-hit novel, Life Thugstin's character engages in a night of passionate lust with an ambitious young law student named Hope while on the run from police. Years go by, and life grows on for them both; Life achieving new ranks as a drug kingpin, and Hope a U.S. states attorney. The two meet again in a place even more unlikely than the first; a court of law. Tapping into the taboo reality of opposites attracting, Life and Hope's story is filled with torn love, sex, drugs, and the ultimate betrayal.

Life Without Hope is now in pre-production; casting all ethnic backgrounds in Atlanta, and Miami. Join Writer Leo Sullivan, and Director Miche Collins, as they bring this urban love story to the big screen.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

David Drake, Panelist at the 2015 NYC Film, Finance & Tech Summit

Investment managers, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, tech and film entrepreneurs, mobile developers, bankers, tech bloggers and other professionals in the film and tech industries attended the New York City Film, Finance and Tech Summit. This one day event took place on 20 May 2015 in New York City. The summit focused on latest trends and challenges in the film and tech industries. It also provided the participants  the opportunity to meet other professionals and network with potential future business collaborators and partners. The event enhanced productive relationships among attendees and provide unbiased insights on financing film projects as well as attendees' topical knowledge and understanding of the film and tech industries.

David Drake (, Chairman of  Victoria Global, The Soho Loft Media Group, and LDJ Capital says, "Crowdfunding is about tapping ‘the ask’ as in the case of Amanda Palmer, a musician who launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Amanda created an opportunity for her fans to download her songs for 1 dollar. Within a month, she had 24,000 backers and raised 1.1 million dollars. So, crowdfunding is about extending ‘the ask’ and getting fans to respond. Crowdfunding is ideal for artists and filmmakers because it happens online, asking is free and guarantees a global reach.”

The summit agenda featured panel discussions and talks  that were followed by Question and Answer sessions. Summit attendees experienced an innovative mix of content, including topics related to Finance, Film business and Technology, to aid them in navigating the dynamic film and tech industries. For attendees looking forward to taking up active roles in film or wish to expand their current involvement in the industry, this event was low cost but high value opportunity to network with like-minded peers and learning experience valuable. Summit attendees who are aspiring or established filmmakers, seeking to raise capital for their production companies and projects, networked with angel investors and venture capitalists.

The NYC Film, Finance and Tech Summit featured a roster of highly experienced topical panelists from the finance and film industries.  David Drake served as panelist. They were:

Panel One+Q/A: Film Finance -  Bridging the Gap between Film & Finance: Making your film more valuable for investors / Alternative Funding Sources (crowdfunding?)
David Drake, Chairman of LDJ Capital, The Soho Loft Media Group and Victoria Global
Ethan Bordman, Esq., MBA, LL.M., Entertainment Attorney
Michael M. Bohlmann, CEO, Creatis

Panel Two+Q/A: Film Marketing - Who Is Your Audience, How will they engage? Tracking /Optimizing your Marketing campaign and Measuring Sentiment and Buzz around your film
Hamish Brocklebank, Chief of

Panel Three+Q/A: Film/TV/Digital Distribution -New platforms and opportunities for filmmakers and content creators
Julia Carias-Linares, TV Development & Programming at A+E/FYI
Max Einhorn, Vice President of  Acquisitions at  FilmRise

The New York City Film, Finance & Tech Summit was organized by the New York City Film & Finance Network, a Linkedin network with over 3400 members working in both finance and film industries from all parts of the world. Members of this network are interested in joining efforts to produce feature, independent film for purposes of theatrical distribution.

For more information, please visit:

Watch for more conferences happening across the country and around the world, the next one may be in your city. To get VIP access to major conferences that intersect finance with key industries and for other exciting perks and benefits, consider the annual membership programs at

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

icflix To Premiere Alf Leila We Leila ‘1001 Arabian Nights’

The highly anticipated fictional TV series Alf Leila we Leila “1001 Arabian Nights”, will premiere worldwide exclusively on starting this Ramadan 2015.

Based on the historically acclaimed fantasy folk tales compiled in Arabic during the Islamic Golden Age, Alf Leila we Leila “1001 Arabian Nights” will bring to life the stories of treachery and nobility of the ruler Shehryar and his wife Scheherazade.

A new story will be showcased everyday during the month of Ramadan and promises Arabian Nights fans a lot to look forward to. The series will see seasoned actors of Arab cinema, Nicole SabaSherif Munir, and Amir Karara delivering electrifying performances.

“Alf Leila we Leila is the most anticipated series this Ramadan. For the first time in Middle East and North Africa, audiences will experience a very high level of production, never seen before, in any Arabic TV series,” said Carlos Tibi, CEO and founder, icflix.

“The series will definitely have massive global appeal. The quality of production is remarkable and will make audiences feel as if they are a part of the show itself. It has action, drama and a storyline that will captivate our audiences worldwide,” he further added.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ivana Chubbuck Youth Opens Enrollment for Summer Programs

 Ivana Chubbuck Youth offers one of the most all-encompassing programs for young actors.  Chubbuck Youth summer programs are conservatory style courses designed for students wishing to receive a concentrated immersion in Ivana Chubbuck’s Acting Technique and broaden their technical knowledge and skills. All programs utilize scene study with classes taught by different coaches and working entertainment professionals so they benefit from different perspectives on the technique and specific industry insights. All summer programs prepare the student for a professional career as an actor. The Summer Programs provide opportunities that are rare and unique while advancing the career of the young actor.

Students of Ivana Chubbuck Studios and Ivana Chubbuck Youth are well represented at the Academy Awards, Emmys, Golden Globes, Tonys, and many other international awards. For more information on classes and summer programs, please visit or contact

Sunday, June 21, 2015

One Of The Most Exciting Collection Of Stories Is Headed To The Big Screen!

the movie, The Dunning Man, which is based on author Kevin Fortuna’s titled story, has all the makings of a blockbuster movie!

Named by Buzzfeed Books as one of the "22 Most Exciting Literary Debuts of 2014," the book The Dunning Man is a collection of funny, explosive and disarmingly moving stories from all walks of life. They are powerful tales about larger-than-life personalities, who are looking for something worth seeking.

Kevin Fortuna's people defy life by living, and suck every last breath out of a deflated balloon. They are exhilarating people with fully lived lives, expertly drawn. Fortuna's people are people you'd want to know, whose lives you may well admire. They may even be you.
--Mark Warren, executive editor of Esquire

Taking on major roles in the film are notable actors James Carpinello, who is best known for his roles in The Punisher ( (2004), Gangster Squad ( (2013) and The Great Raid ( (2005), and Gbenga Akinnagbe, who is best known for his role as Chris Partlow on the HBO series The Wire. Akinnagbe has also had roles in The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 ( (2009), The Savages ( (2007) and Edge of Darkness ( (2010).

"The mostly Irish American characters in Kevin Fortuna's The Dunning Man (Lavender Ink) should know better by now. That they don't (repeating their trespasses again and again) is what makes them so compelling and all too real. These characters may be the architects of their own disasters, but you also get the sense Fortuna is giving them one last roll of the dice." –Parade

Nationally known Casting Director Cynthia Stillwell, a 30 year veteran in the movie & film industry, who has hired over 300,000 people in the Southeast, will be playing an instrumental role in recruiting talent for the movie. Most recently,Cynthia was hired to cast the local and background roles for the popular movie “Selma,” which chronicled the tumultuous three-month Civil Rights period in 1965.

The Dunning Man is slated to begin shooting in New Orleans, Louisiana on July 6, 2015. The production will move to Atlantic City, New Jersey in late July to complete the filming.

To purchase Kevin Fortuna’s book, “The Dunning Man,” go to this link:

A couple of book reviews can be found here:

For consideration for a possible role in the movie please email a headshot and resume to

For more information about the book The Dunning Man and the author Kevin Fortuna go to

Friday, June 19, 2015

Golden Egg Film Festival NYC 2015 Award Winners Announced

 Golden Egg Film Festival (GEFF from here on) closed their 2015 NYC branch by presenting filmmakers with awards:

Best Hair & Makeup

Honeymoon's Over

Best Soundtrack

Honeymoon's Over

Best Stunt Work


Best Director of Photography

Rene Auguste, Affections

Best Supporting Actor

Kurt Stowers, Crackheads

Best Supporting Actress

Alexandra Jimenes, Esto No Es Una Cita

Best Actor

David Marx, Honeymoon's Over

Best Actress

Tisha French, The Grind

Best Music Video

Animal Love II

Best Director of a Short Film

Rob Barriales, Affections

Best Director of a Feature Film

Tim Tsiklauri, Crackheads

Best Original Screenplay


Best Animated Film


Best Webseries

Lofty Dreams

Best Documentary Film


Best Short Film


Best Feature Film

Esto No Es Una Cita

People's Choice Award

Lofty Dreams

Nick Holmes and Chase Bolnick, winners in GEFF NYC 2014, helped to host Awards Ceremony.

"All of these films are so meaningful!," commented a GEFF NYC guest following one night of the 2015 screenings.

Winning entries will continue on to compete with winners of GEFF LA and GEFF Cancun, to be announced later this year.

For questions and more information, visit our website at:

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Celebrity Brush Of Brilliance!!!

Beverly Hills CA Krystle Live Inc. has been in discussions with Modern Day Picasso artist Charles Billich. The story behind the man who at the age of 80 is extremely modest about his achievements with works in the White House in Washington DC, the Vatican in Rome, the Olympic Gallery in Lausanne and also the royal palace of Albert II Prince of Monaco just to name a few. When Billich was being interviewed recently by Celebrity Presenter and Princess of the Red Carpet Krystle McGill of Krystle Live Inc. he was asked “How do you feel about having your great works in all these significant iconic places and countries around the world” he replied “I am just an artist with a lot going on in my mind and thoughts which transcribes onto my paintings… it’s my heart, passion and love that you are seeing… my works are here for the world to enjoy.” An original Billich has reached in the 7 figure amount and who knows what this talented extraordinary young man has in store for us in his next installment of life who knows. Charles a quirky, smart, suave Italian refers to his disciples as beautiful “Billich Creatures.” When the Master mind behind the Billich business was asked “what’s it like living with an extraordinary man” Christa Billich his wife describes him as a boy on a rollercoaster ride at Disneyland who never wants to get off !!!  I love his brilliance, he is a phenominal man. McGill was fortunate enough to be a Billich Creature in this new documentary which she plays narrator and host of this great Billich story as it is currently being filmed. McGill has said “He is an amazing artist and his presence is humbling and brilliant at the same time… I am so privileged to be painted by this great artist.” Documentary will be out in October this year Globally.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Humanoids, Full House: Global Genre Drive

Iconic L.A. based graphic novel publisher HUMANOIDS has announced during the Cannes Film Festival a three-picture deal with production company FULL HOUSE. The collaboration is designed to set up, finance, and produce English speaking live action genre films, appealing to international audiences, and based on the following titles:

LEGION, based on the graphic novel I Am Legion by fan favorite comic book creator John Cassaday (Marvel's Star Wars) and French writer Fabien Nury, with a script by Richard Stanley (Hardware) and to be directed by Nacho Cerda (The Abandoned) is now casting.

BOUNCER is an action western movie with a script based on the cult graphic novel series by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Fran├žois Boucq. The film is next on the slate of David Bowie music video helmer Floria Sigismondi (The Runaways).

THE ZOMBIES THAT ATE THE WORLD is slated to be written and directed by RKSS (Anouk Whissell, Yoann-Karl Whissell, Fran├žois Simard), a collective of young Canadian filmmakers whose latest film, Turbo Kid, premiered at Sundance and then went on to win the Midnight Section Audience Award at SxSW. The original comic book series by Jerry Frissen, Guy Davis, and Jorge Miguel was referred to as “hilarious” and “totally politically incorrect” by Tobe Hooper, and described as “a terrific series” by George A. Romero.

All films developed and financed through the three-picture deal are being produced by HUMANOIDS' CEO Fabrice Giger, along with his producing partner Pierre Spengler (the Superman trilogy), and Gael Nouaille, Laurent Baudens, and Didar Domehri on behalf of FULL HOUSE.

Pierre Spengler said about the deal: "Returning to comic book adaptations after the success of the Superman trilogy is a thrilling prospect, and I’m particularly excited to be joining forces with Humanoids and Full House to produce Humanoids films involving strong characters and themes, and with such incredible writing and directing talents on board.”

Fabrice Giger added: "These three movies perfectly showcase the incredible genre diversity of the Humanoids catalog. They join our growing list of audiovisual developments, which count a slate of a dozen movies that Humanoids is producing with various partners.”

This announcement follows the one made on April 20 during the Beijing Film Festival of a multi-pic production deal with Chinese production company Jetavana. The first movie of the Slate – an anticipated $80 million budget sci-fi space opera – is based on Metal, a graphic novel by Jerrold Brown, Paul Alexander, Butch Guice, and Roman Surzhenko, about a murdered Emperor whose consciousness remains trapped into his combat android.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Loiacono Literary Agency takes on Katherine Yu’s screenplay, Way to Go

Loiacono Literary Agency takes on Katherine Yu’s screenplay, Way to Go

Mary Ellen Gavin, literary and film agent for Loiacono Literary Agency (, has taken on Katherine Yu’s screenplay, Way to Go, a YA story of a young man’s coming-of-age adventure and finding his roots in the most unlikely man. (

Yu is interested in securing a solid option on this screenplay and also in completing the novel from which it is based and having it acquired by a publisher.

Jason Hunt is sent to an adventure camp on the urgings of his mother’s boyfriend, whose nefarious reasons neither mother nor son are aware.  Jason is befriended by Lauren Green, the only person from high school who’d ever spoke to him, and the last person he thought he’d ever find on the bus going to camp. But when he and Lauren realize they're not up for the challenge of an extended hike, they leave the group and head into what they assumed was the direction of the highway, only to become lost in the dangerous Colorado wilderness.

Unbeknownst to them, the camp director, Aaron, whom they are both terrified of, is their only hope of being rescued, as he is a wilderness expert, and much more than Jason could ever have dreamed.

Author, screenplay writer, editor, and mother to three beautiful daughters, Katherine Yu has much to be proud of. When her youngest, Sylvia, was born with autism, she went through the usual roller coaster of emotions—fear, worry, loss, confusion, denial and anger—yet, Katherine took this challenge by the horns and has refused to back down. In her memoir, Drawing Sylvia, she shares her experiences in unlocking her daughter’s incarceration of autism with art. It is scheduled for release in July. Published by Kal-Ba Publishing Represented by Jeanie Loiacono

Thursday, June 11, 2015

UK Hearthtrob actor Craig Edwards signs to award winning film

Upcoming British actor Craig Edwards has signed to another horror film shooting later this year called "The House Of Screaming Death" attracting actors such as the calibre of Edwards, speaks to the aim and potential of the project, on-board is an award winning production team, where their previous film "Checking in" won many London film awards, we expect "The House Of Screaming Death" to follow suit.

The young actor recently spoke via a TV interview about his new role, Sam, stating that he loves the script and that he thinks this project is something special. This will be a new genre of film after we have grown used to his name popping up on the fantasy titles to release soon such as Gypsi and Realm the TV series to enter production this year.

Edwards has also recently completed filming on Angelic the UK TV series which we expect to hit screens later this year, where he plays b young, out for fun, suave angel on a quest to save a friend from the depths of failure.

With his following growing by the day and Craig Edwards become more of a name, with 20+ film releases slated for the next 2 years according to the independent movie data-base it won’t be long until our screens are filled with this young superstar in the making!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

"K2: Siren of the Himalayas" launches on European platforms, Netflix U.S

XTreme Video today announced it will distribute "K2: Siren of the Himalayas" worldwide. The award-winning feature documentary is now available in international territories via the digital platforms iTunes, Google Play, Reelhouse, SteepEdge, Vimeo On Demand, The Snow Network and Garage Entertainment.

"K2: Siren of the Himalayas" is a breathtaking, high-altitude mountaineering experience that brings viewers on an elite climbing group's 2009 attempt to summit the world's most challenging peak. The journey reveals stunning vistas, perilous adventure, close teamwork and the blissful serenity that has enchanted climbers to chase the elusive summit of K2 during the past century.

The Village Voice wrote that the film is "as thrilling as any Hollywood summer blockbuster, with real-life plot twists of death, unexpected heroism, and surprise endings."

The 75-minute documentary launched on Netflix U.S. via domestic distributor First Run Features in March, receiving more than 55,000 ratings with an average of 4.0 stars in just over two months. Since its release on iTunes Movies in late 2014, "K2" climbed to the top of the charts, hitting the Number One spot in both the Sports and Documentary categories.

Details on international availability and links to specific platforms are on the XTreme Video website:

Private press screeners and digital links of the film are available for review by accredited media. The First Run Features DVD release also contains 38 minutes of exclusive bonus features. The filmmakers are available for interviews upon request.

More info at


Shot in the Karakoram range of the Himalayan mountains of Pakistan, "K2" follows world renowned alpinists Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner (National Geographic Explorer of the Year and the first woman to reach all 14 peaks over 8,000 meters without porters or supplemental oxygen), Jake Meyer (the youngest Brit to climb the Seven Summits) and veteran North American alpine leaders Fabrizio Zangrilli and Chris Szymiec.

Director Dave Ohlson followed this elite group's attempt to summit the world's second-highest peak, K2, in 2009, marking the 100-year anniversary of Italian exploration of the Duke of Abruzzi and Vittorio Sella's landmark expedition to the same peak in 1909. Rare archival footage, written commentary and vintage photos from the Duke's century-old summit attempt provide a historical perspective on extreme mountaineering expeditions throughout the past century.

Mixed amongst the spectacular views and harrowing mountain experiences of the climbs is the stunning history and breathtaking geography of the Karakoram mountains, where each climber contemplates the risks, rewards and personal nature of exploration in an age when there are few blank spots left on the map.

To turn his K2 adventure footage into a feature documentary, Ohlson enlisted Seattle filmmaker Jason Reid and his post-production team, whose credits include the Emmy® Award-winning "Man Zou: Beijing to Shanghai" and the Webby Award-winning "Sonicsgate: Requiem for a Team."

"K2: Siren of the Himalayas" world premiered at the Banff Mountain Film Festival in 2012, followed by its U.S. Premiere at Mountainfilm in Telluride in 2013 and a worldwide festival run in 2014.


2014 "Grand Prize" Winner
Inkafest Peru

2014 Winner of "Best Action Sports Film"
Festival Salyulita

2014 Winner of "The Golden Spiffy Award" & "Audience Award for Best Documentary"
Spokane International Film Festival

2013 "Grand Prize" Winner
Bansko Film Festival

2013 "Grand Prize" Winner

Festival de Cinema de Muntanya de Torello


Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner - Alpinist / Explorer of the Year

Originally from Austria, Gerlinde now calls Germany home, where she lives with her husband Ralf Dujmovits. In 2011, Gerlinde became the first woman to climb all 14 of the world's 8,000-meter peaks without oxygen when she reached the summit of K2 via the rarely climbed North Pillar route. She was named the 2012 National Geographic Explorer of the Year.

Jake Meyer - Alpinist
Jake is based in the UK near London. When he was 21 years old, he became the youngest Brit to climb the Seven Summits after reaching the top of Mt. Everest. He is a sought after speaker for corporate and charitable organizations, where he uses his experiences in the mountains to motivate and entertain.

Fabrizio Zangrili - Alpinist
Based in Colorado, Fabrizio spends a good portion of every year guiding in Nepal, Tibet and Pakistan. When he's not guiding, he pursues personal goals on some of the biggest mountain faces in the world.

Chris Szymiec - Alpinist
Based in the Canadian Rockies, Chris spends most of his time guiding on mountains in India and Pakistan. He has led successful expeditions to several 8,000-meter peaks including Cho Oyu and Broad Peak.

The Duke of Abruzzi - 1909 Explorer
The Duke led expeditions all over the world during the late 19th and early 20th century. He travelled to the Wrangell St. Elias Range in Alaska, the Rumenzori's of Africa and in 1909 he travelled to K2 to "contribute to the solution of the problem as to the greatest height to which man may attain in mountain climbing."

Vittorio Sella - 1909 Photographer
Sella was undoubtedly the greatest mountain photographer of his time. He accompanied the Duke on several expeditions and also explored the Alps and Caucusus extensively. He was considered a master by none other than Ansel Adams.

Dave Ohlson - Director / Producer
Dave is a photographer, filmmaker and student of life. His interests in climbing and photography have taken him to Africa, Tibet, Nepal and Pakistan. When he's not enjoying the outdoors, he's currently pursuing a degree in medicine.


"A risky, chilly climb to the top... the film gets in close, with snow on the lens, and captures the sound of piercing winds at high altitude."
- Ben Kenigsberg, The New York Times

"Why anyone would expend such great effort, at such great risk... an answer may lie in the sheer devastating beauty of the visuals in this film. The climbers viewed amazing sights, and they brought back something worthwhile - something worth seeing on as big a screen as possible."

- Michael Potemra, The National Review

"Captures courage, hardship and at times defeat, but above all Ohlson and his crew document the mountain itself, in all its staggering majesty."
- Daniel Eagen, Film Journal International


Since 1994, XTreme Video has been the home of independent creators capturing and documenting the culture, locations and stories of extreme sports. XTreme Video discovers, develops, supports and inspires independent creators by building and delivering program channels to showcase these creators.