Monday, June 1, 2015

West-Indian Actress Jolina Jean-Paul Shines in Upcoming American Thriller “Revenge is a Promise”

An attractive and strong-minded aspiring actress, Jolina Jean-Paul wanted to become a star in American movies long before she knew a single word in English. It all started at the age of 9, in her native city of Cap-Haitien in Haiti when she first saw a fellow West-Indian, the late Jamaican-American actress Madge Sinclair performing in a Creole-dubbed American movie. It was playing on a beat-up black-and-white television set in the tiny cottage that she shared with her parents and 6 other siblings.

Several years later, in 1996, along with her supportive mother and a brother, she emigrated to the United States to pursue her dream, unaware of the enormous challenges that are inherent in chasing such a lofty goal—particularly for an impoverished island girl with no connections whatsoever in the American movie industry. As she began her quest, she drew up a set of rules for herself that unwittingly raised the invisible barriers against her. Jolina recounted: “I had three rules that I wasn’t going to break—no matter what. First rule: I will not play a drug addict. Second rule: I will not play a prostitute. And the last: I will not play a rape scene.”

In addition, Jolina yearned to play memorable roles in thought-provoking films in any genre, but unfortunately, those are relatively few and far in-between—particularly for an unknown performing talent. Naturally, frustration mounted as she fought year-after-year for her shot at stardom without any triumph.

And then, an unexpected break. Jolina is now the star of a powerful, one-of-a-kind action thriller titled “Revenge is a Promise”. An indie feature with a multicultural cast, “Revenge is a Promise” is about a young, Black West-Indian girl, who is trapped in a human-trafficking and life insurance racket that is run by her boss.

“It’s a social conscience thriller that makes you think,” explains Jolina, “and it’s very entertaining. It’s something that is so fresh and unique, and very unpredictable. The entire family can watch this movie together.” The movie has been filming in several cities in South Florida, including Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach. The Nigerian-American filmmaker, Paul Roberts, who wrote, produced and directed this film, self-financed the project to date, before running out of funds. Roberts himself, has spent decades fighting to make a meaningful contribution to world cinema, but has had his share of obstacles.

Roberts has now launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise the completion fund of $26,500. And if successful, “Revenge is a Promise” could be playing in movie theaters before year’s end or early next year. Watch the movie trailer, find out more and support with your contributions at this link:

The movie’s official website is:

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