Thursday, February 27, 2014

MOVIE SPOTLIGHT - "Lady Peacock"

"Lady Peacock" is the newest feature film by groundbreaking director AJ Mattioli (An Affirmative Act) . Jumping feet first into a romantic comedy (a new genre for Mattioli), Lady Peacock can best be described as an innocently light sex romp leading to first love! The story centers on the premise of "boy meets boy" - and all the chaos and comedy that ensues while "boy pursues boy"! With the use of split-screen set ups and visible message bubbles in this hilarious LGBTQ flick, it is clear that Director AJ Mattioli has been inspired by and sweetly pays homage to the classic bedroom comedies of the 60's.

The talented cast of mostly new-comers is refreshing and their names and faces are definitely worth remembering! We will likely see more of this group of actors as they go on to future roles and notoriety. Our stars Alec Seymour and KC Comeaux are wonderfully believable as our destined young lovers. Josh Cruz is simply sublime as our bitchy, drag queen villain. Elissa Goldstein eloquently provides the much needed voice of reason throughout the film.

"Lady Peacock" also stars Eric Millegan from "Bones" and a cameo by Emmy Award Winner Blanche Baker.

"Lady Peacock" is chock-full of cute boys, sexy girls, drag queens, comical set ups, one-liners, and dance music to get your dance juices pumping! From beginning to end, "Lady Peacock" is going to be a ride that's flirty, fun entertaining... and full of sequins!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2014 Winter Film Awards February 26th - March 1st New York City

2014 Winter Film Awards Independent Film Festival

61 Films, 15 Awards, 1 Fantastic Weekend

Local Independent Film Festival Winter Film Awards (WFA), now in its third year, is establishing itself as a staple within the NYC arts community and a worthy stop on the US film festival circuit for out-of-state and international filmmakers alike. Opening night for the 2014 Winter Film Awards Independent Film Festival will take place February 26 with a filmmaker’s reception and kick-off party, and the festivities will continue February 27-March 1 with three days of film screenings at the Blue Diamond Theater (777 8th Ave New York). The festival will come to a close on the evening of March 1st with the Official Winter Film Awards Ceremony and Gala After-Party.

See the Official Selections, Festival Program and Screening Schedule Here::

The WFA team is proud to announce programing for their upcoming Festival and Awards Ceremony. This year the WFA submissions committee was gratified by the high number and outstanding quality of submissions received. After reviewing hundreds of films and painstakingly judging each on a number of technical and artistic criteria, the committee crafted a program sure to interest a wide audience. Among the 61 Official Selections to be screened this year, there is a diverse mixture of documentaries, shorts, narrative features, animation, music videos and horror films, including 8 student films, 17 female directors and representation from over 20 countries.

Highlights of this year’s festival include “Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution“, an outstanding short documentary about the Syrian uprising, directed by former Gaddafi prisoner-of-war Matthew VanDyke, which has won 32 festival awards so far, the world premier of “Hipster! the Musical” by first-time director Adam Blair, Wild Rose Independent Film Festival Best Editing winner “Closing Bell,” Shockfest 2014′s Best Horror Feature ”The Gauntlet“, lovely award-winning documentary short “Herd In Iceland“, Belgian and UAE film “Baghdad Messi” which has won over 20 awards in festivals all over the world, and Tribeca Best Short Nominee- Cody Blue Snider’s “Fool’s Day” which has taken a number of titles in festivals throughout the country. Additionally, the winning films from the recent 2013 Winter Film Awards 48-Hour Film Challenge willl be screened at the festival.

Winter Film Awards (WFA) is a volunteer-run and operated celebration of the diversity of local and international film-making. The WFA Mission is to recognize excellence in cinema and to promote learning and artistic expression for people at all stages of their artistic careers with a focus on nurturing emerging filmmakers from around the world. WFA is proud on their diverse collection of Festival selections, allowing audience to enjoy films they normally would not get a chance to see. Winter Film Awards screenings will be held Thursday, February 27 – Saturday, March 1 at the Blue Diamond Theater (777 8th Ave New York), The Awards Ceremony and After-Party will take place Saturday March 1 at 8pm at The Empire Room at 230 Fifth (230 Fifth Ave, New York, NY 10001). Original artwork for the 2014 Winter Film Awards was designed by award-winning artist and educator Viktor Koen.

For more information on tickets, schedules, sponsors, film descriptions and more, please visit and find us on Facebook.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Missing the 90s? Larger Than Life - The Ultimate Boyband show!

Larger Than Life will bring them back to you!
Hailing from New York, MC Vin, John, Chris, Esjae and Kevin
(among others) set out to start the ultimate boy band tribute
show, bringing back the hits of artists the likes of Backstreet
Boys, New Kids On The Block, Nsync and 98 Degrees!

They also feature classic hits from The Temptations, Jackson
5 and more. Larger Than Life strives to light up that spark,
bring back those colors and good times that - deep inside -
never truly left our hearts.

The combo is not simply a tribute band: their show engages
the audience unlike anything else out there! Donʼt miss the
time to jump on this crazy pop machine and let the music tell
you the rest of the story. Find out more about the act, their
shows and availability!

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Headlines / One-liners:
Missing the 90s: Larger than life will take you back!
Larger than life – the ultimate boyband show in town!
Jump on the back of the Larger Than Life time machine – welcome
the 90s!