Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Missing the 90s? Larger Than Life - The Ultimate Boyband show!

Larger Than Life will bring them back to you!
Hailing from New York, MC Vin, John, Chris, Esjae and Kevin
(among others) set out to start the ultimate boy band tribute
show, bringing back the hits of artists the likes of Backstreet
Boys, New Kids On The Block, Nsync and 98 Degrees!

They also feature classic hits from The Temptations, Jackson
5 and more. Larger Than Life strives to light up that spark,
bring back those colors and good times that - deep inside -
never truly left our hearts.

The combo is not simply a tribute band: their show engages
the audience unlike anything else out there! Donʼt miss the
time to jump on this crazy pop machine and let the music tell
you the rest of the story. Find out more about the act, their
shows and availability!

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Headlines / One-liners:
Missing the 90s: Larger than life will take you back!
Larger than life – the ultimate boyband show in town!
Jump on the back of the Larger Than Life time machine – welcome
the 90s!