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New film "Les Feux Rouges" by Michael Cong, starring Aline Mayne, William Jousset and Elsa Quéron

Michael Cong, Chinese director and screenwriter based in New York City, releases his new movie "Les Feux Rouges", starring William Jousset, Aline Mayne and Elsa Quéron. The story: Isabelle (Aline Mayne) and Elodie (Elsa Quéron) are two friends from Lyons, France, who just moved to New York City. While enjoying an evening on the town, they meet a handsome man who invites them to his place.

Actress Aline Mayne, who recently had successes as a singer-songwriter with her music hit "SuperFreak", gave us an interview.

Hi Aline! How did you get involved in this project?

Michael was looking for native French speakers for his new movie, and I found his casting notice on Unlike the title suggests, the script is mostly in English, except for a few phrases in French between Elsa's character and me at the end of the film. After reading the script, I loved it as it describes powerful women and has various interesting plot twists. Michael and I met for a reading, and as he was still looking for a second French actress, I called my friend Elsa, whom I know from singing opera, to join me as a partner in crime. The shooting was fun and I really love the final result!

What made you start acting?

As an artist, I was at first focused on music and painting. At some point, I was really into Tolkien's universe (I had long hair, was always barefoot, wearing long dresses and wandering in the forest). One day, I saw the movie adaptation of the books "The Lord of the Rings" and when I saw Cate Blanchett as Galadriel, I pointed at the screen and said to myself: "I can do this!" So I started taking formal acting classes in my hometown in Belgium, where I studied classical French authors like Molière and Corneille, as well as more contemporary authors. It was focused on theatre acting, so I got to perform in several French plays. After graduating and moving to New York City, I started to focus on acting for screen.

What are your upcoming projects?

I just shot a film called "The Butterfly Flutters Its Wings" with Vietnamese director Linh Dan Nguyen Phan. It talks about loneliness and about how things that seem insignificant at first can have big repercussions in the end. I also shot an action movie called "The Conduits", by Singaporean director Joshua Tong, where I'm a villain pursuing the heroes to get a magical object that they have and I don't hesitate to kill anyone who's in my way. And I recently had an appearance in the season 3 of the TV show "Gotham", in the episode "Ghosts", as another villain.

You seem to be cast a lot as femmes fatales or villains …

Yes, I think it's due to my height and physicality. I'm 5'11 and athletic. I enjoy physical activities, did a lot of sports growing up and now train with stunt people. So I guess I appear statuesque. And my French accent probably adds to the Femme fatale personae, as it seems like Americans find that accent sexy, lol. One day I want to be the Super hero for a change though, not always a villain! But I can also be very funny, sweet and child-like ... (She laughs.)

You produced your own music videos, including the amazing "SuperFreak", which won an award in a German festival. Have you ever thought about starting directing, maybe do your own movies?

Yes, that's definitely something I want to do!

Anything coming up as a singer?

Yes, I will perform the role of the Queen of the night in the opera "The Magic Flute" by Mozart, this January in New York City. It's a great role and her second aria is one of the most famous opera arias, so I feel pretty honored to have been chosen for it. The Queen of the night seems to be another villain role, but she's actually more of a victim. She's just a mom who's desperately searching for her missing daughter and seeks revenge. It will be pretty exciting to sing live with an orchestra again! And without a microphone, as it is what we do in opera! No cheating! (She laughs.)

You'll never stop surprising us with your creativity and versatility! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview!

Thank you so much for having me!

Watch "Les Feux Rouges":

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Friday, December 23, 2016

The First Trailer For Three Wise Men 'Chasing the Star' Movie Drops

The first movie in the trilogy is '40 Nights' which enjoyed a 2016 release to Wal-Mart, iTunes, DIRECTV and other major retailers under E1/Sony Home Entertainment. It will get an additional new push at the start of 2017. That film follows the experience that Jesus endured he wanders the wilderness being tempted thrice by the Devil.

The second film 'Chasing the Star' is a follow up prequel that for the first time puts faces and personalities to the three magi who follow the signs, setting off into King Herod' s lands to find the newborn savior of man.  Michigan State University graduate Bret Miller directed the film. Garry Nation (Polycarp), Randy Spence (Sand Castles) and Bello Pizzimenti, (Ashes of Eden) star as the three magi. Also joining the cast is Ralph Lister (Batman v Superman) as King Herod, and Yancy Butler (Kick Ass) as Herod's sister Salome. Rance Howard (Nebraska) and Taymour Ghazi (Full of Grace) return to their roles from '40 Nights' as the Devil in two of his forms. Shane Hagedorn (Ashes of Eden) also reprises his role as Arch-Angel Gabriel.

The film will be finished early in 2017 with cast and crew premiere screenings planned for the spring. That will be followed by theatrical and event showings throughout the summer, leading up to a Holiday 2017 worldwide release on home video.

The first CHASING THE STAR trailer teaser can be seen here –

Official 'Chasing the Star' website

40 Nights on iTunes

40 Nights Soundtrack on iTunes

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

'Ruta Madre' Movie 2016 International New York Film Festival (INYFF) Best Picture Winner

 Alpha Centauri Pictures is proud to announce that "Ruta Madre" has been awarded the Best Picture Award (over $250,000) at the 2016 International New York Film Festival.  The film was screened on Saturday, November 12th at Manhattans famed Producers Club (358 WEST 44TH Street New York, New York, 10036).

Ruta Madre is a bi-national road trip comedy and a bilingual cinematic love letter to Mexico as told through eyes of a young American musician.   Based on a true story, Ruta Madre is the tale of Daniel (David Castro), a young American singer who reluctantly leaves his home in San Diego California to embark on an epic road trip with his uncle Rodrigo (William Miller).  Along the way, Daniel (a Latino who can't speak Spanish) and Rodrigo encounter many colorful and offbeat characters. The talented cast features a blend of new up-and-coming talent including David Castro, William Miller and Paulina Gaitan, coupled with some of the US and Mexico's most legendary actors such as Carmen Salinas, Angelica Maria and Paul Rodriguez.  Together with an internationally renowned ensemble, this company delivers side splitting laughter and heart wrenching moments that will test the meddle of the most avid moviegoer.

Shot on Location San Diego, Tijuana, Ensenada, and Santa Rosalia, Ruta Madre captures the colors, essence, and magic of Baja that will resonate with an ever-growing Latin American audience. Ruta Madre conveys a resounding message of love, family and a celebration of culture that will charm people of every nationality regardless of what side of the border you call home.

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Making Movies That Make a Difference!

Lauran de Winter, a world-famous cyclist and top Dutch model, has always wanted to motivate, inspire and empower people.

"I've always strived to be the very best that I can be.  I've overcome so-called insurmountable obstacles and I've been lucky enough to be looked upon as a role model," Lauran told us.  "But, it's not about me at all," he continued.  "It's about people who need to know that they can absolutely live their dreams – actually go way beyond their dreams – and help to change this world in the most dramatic and positive ways possible."

Lauran knew that he would never reach the masses until he fulfilled his childhood dream – to become a famous influential actor and film producer.  Described as a "brilliantly talented actor" even in his teens, Lauran's journey led him, as a very young man, to America and to his stunningly beautiful like-minded partner Jessica Lindsey Gilbert.

Partners in business and partners in life, Lauran and Jessica now co-chair a film production company dedicated to changing the world.  "We want to bring people together," Jessica explains.  "Those in power who have been pitting groups against each are, thankfully, beginning to lose credibility.  We are producing products and projects that inspire the human potential.  As more and more people begin to think for themselves and take control of their own wonderful lives, everything changes for the better."

Lauran, Jessica, and their ten-year-old daughter are all exceptionally talented actors who do amazing work in front of the cameras.  Multiple-award-winning writer-producers Lauran and Jessica have devoted themselves to creating positive, empowering projects that "change the world."  They are succeeding.

Their upcoming projects include a fascinating television pilot in association with producer-writers Marc and Elaine Zicree.  A large slate of commercially viable and powerfully inspirational projects will follow.  When Lauran and Jessica do book signings, or speak, or even film in your area, meet them.  Listen to them.  Watch their film and television projects.  And allow yourself to be motivated, inspired, and empowered.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Macbeth for the second millennium - Animated Trailer

An animated, manga-style film trailer of Shakespeare's Macbeth reworked as a dark, modern, gothic parable.

The Project aim
 is to use this trailer to sell the project on, to a production studio and/or internet platform - and realise it as an animated feature based on the full screenplay.

A dark, gothic, animated modern parable. Based on Shakespeare's great psychological thriller. The script for this trailer won the International Movie Trailer Festival "best trailer script" in 2011.

This trailer is aimed at the main international film audience of 20-40 year olds who are steeped in the world of graphic computer games, and the revival of the Gothic comic genre over recent years. There is also the possibility of opening a vast education opportunity, to make Shakespeare accessible to students in many countries. Animation transcends many barriers.

The film is essentially set in a City. The visual style drifts between polluted, high-tech exteriors of "Blade-Runner"and the deco interiors (wood panel and chrome) of "Sunset Boulevarde." Light and Shadow......the only colour in the film should burst onto the screen. The flames of an oil rig in the opening corporate function. A red cloth holding a chrome pistol. It is un-ashamedly "film noir" derived. Macbeth's end, resonates with Howard Hawke's "Scarface".

The ultimate power of the story is in Shakespeare's beautifully rivetting text - which allows us to see the horrors they commit....yet feel for them. It is the prototype of all great thrillers and moves at break-neck speed.

Look at the IMTF link here:

Ivar Kants Writer/director/producer. Ivar's career spans nearly four decades in Australian theatre, film and television since graduation from NIDA in 1970. Theatre Credits include: Nimrod Theatre (Much Ado About Nothing, Three Sisters, Merchant of Venice); Hampstead Theatre, Old Vic London (The Club), etc. His extensive television history includes: guest roles: Homicide, The Sullivans, Cop Shop and Menotti, Country Practice, Blue Heelers, Water Rats, Murder Call, All Saints, Farscape, Beastmaster,etc.

Ivar's writing credits include Macbeth......for the Second Millenium screenplay adaptation won Best Script - Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood 2011; "Blue Moon.....if Elvis' (written, devised, performed)

With just 4 days left in this campaign, your support is urgently needed! Please look at all the rewards they have for those who make a contribution.  Please consider getting involved, at whatever level you can, and help "Macbeth for the second millennium" get funded!

If you want to support this project, you can do so by donating on their Kickstarter page:

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Witchula Adds Two More Horror Icons to its Star-Studded Cast

Witchula, which many are already referring to as the "Real Expendables of horror,'" has announced the addition of Dee Wallace and Tyler Mane to a cast that already features horror icons Kane Hodder, Bill Oberst Jr and Eileen Deitz as well as indie favorite Marilyn Ghigliotti.

Wallace, who will be playing the title role, in "Witchula," is best known for her roles in films like "ET: The Extraterrestrial," "Cujo," and "The Howling." She has also been seen recently on television show "Just Add Magic."According to producer Matt Chassin, "Dee seems like the obvious choice for the Witchula role, the hybrid witch/vampire. After all she has been chased by cannibals in The Hills Have Eyes, she got turned into a werewolf in The Howling, has dealt with all kinds of aliens in ET:  The Extraterrestrial and Critters, ghosts in The Frighteners, a renegade alligator in Alligator 2,and even a rabid dog in "Cujo," so having this actress in a monster movie is a no-brainer."  With over 200 film and television credits,  Wallace brings a level of experience that is unmatched. Producer John Blythe says," Dee is such a lovely veteran lead actress: Getting Dee Wallace on board Witchula is exciting."

Mane is a fan favorite. Having appeared in films like, "X-Men," and "Rob Zombie's Halloween," Mane's role in "Witchula," is "what the worldwide horror fans deserve," according to co-writer/director Pat Kusnadi. Mane has what Blythe refers to as "a built in fan base," and according to co-writer/director Marcus Bradford, "Childhood dreams are definitely coming to fruition."

  The producers continue to promise have promised to give the horror fans what they want, according to Kusnadi, "Our team is very excited to show the fans that we are trying the best we can to meet their satisfaction." Blythe adds, "Attaching talent to a project can always be a process, but when they give a greenlight it really propels us forward."

'Witchula', combines several sub genres into a project that is sure to delight horror fans.

LOGLINE: A group of college students travel to a small and remote town situated on an exotic island; only to discover they are being hunted down by a powerful witch-vampire "hybrid" that seeks something in their possession.

Marcus Bradford, the driving force behind this exciting project, continues to promise fans,"This is just the beginning as our team continues to grow." Kusnadi concurs and urges horror fans to "Stay Tuned."

For More Information 'Witchula'

IMDb Page:

'Witchula' Facebook Fan Page: 'Witchula' Twitter Page: 

Monday, December 12, 2016

Refugees Need A Superhero - Melbourne Film Studio Announces Asylum Seeker Superhero Thriller

Independent film studio Space Tourist Films today announce they have just begun pre-production on a neo-noir science fiction thriller called 'Silent Man'. The film follows the journey of an escaped asylum seeker turned vigilante on a mission to find his daughter after she disappears from an immigration detention center. Shooting is scheduled to commence in mid-December with a projected release date of May 2017.

Written and directed by Joseph Russell (ABC's No Way San Jose), the short film aims to draw attention to the plight of asylum seekers in an original and entertaining way. "It's easy for people to tune out when they hear story after story about refugees in the news. It's not so easy to tune out watching a superhero movie," Joseph said.

The main character in Silent Man is a silent masked crusader labeled 'The Silent Man' by the media and known for his signature calling card – a yellow emoticon with no mouth. Over the course of the film we discover more and more about his identity and learn that he is an escaped asylum seeker who sewed his mouth closed in a hunger strike. He is trying to find his missing daughter and uncover a conspiracy that he believes led to her disappearance.

Led by a talented cast including George Iskander (Childhood's End, Homeland, Animal Kingdom), Clare Pickering (Blackjack Ghosts, Neighbours) and Mick Shanahan (Neighbours, Tin Man), Silent Man is an edge-of-your-seat neo-noir thriller in the vein of 'V for Vendetta', 'Nightcrawler' or 'Collateral'. It is Russell's fourth film in the director's chair after ABC series 'No Way San Jose', Sci-fi short 'Queen of the Bees' and political satire 'Jeff VS the Left'.

The filmmakers are financing the film through crowdfunding and are appealing to the public for support. They are offering film credits, red carpet premiere tickets and various other rewards as incentives to get involved. Visit for more information.

Friday, December 9, 2016

The 2nd Annual Final Frame Horror Short Film Competition

The Horror Writers Association (HWA), the premier organization of writers and publishers of horror and dark fantasy and home of the prestigious Bram Stoker Award®, in conjunction with StokerCon2017, today announced the 2nd Annual Final Frame Horror Short Film Competition: A new celebration of succinct horrors selected from around the globe. Who will make it to the Final Frame?

StokerCon2017 will be held aboard The Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA, April 27-30. Selected films will be screened Friday, April 28th in the Queen's Salon from 8-10 pm. The grand prize winner will be announced at the film competition cocktail reception in the Royal Salon once the screening is complete.

The submission process begins now! Entries in the Final Frame Film Competition should be thirteen (13) minutes long or under. Films cannot be available to public online or otherwise. The Final Frame Award will be awarded to one film and filmmaker as decided by a panel of industry judges.

Judges include: Mike Flanagan (director, Hush, Ouija: Origin of Evil, and the upcoming Gerald's Game), Rebekah McKendry (editor-in-chief, Blumhouse Productions), Daniel Knauf (creator of HBO's Carnivale and writer/producer of Blacklist), Lisa Morton (Author and President, Horror Writers Association), John Skipp (director, Tales of Halloween and pioneering horror author), Mike McCarty (formerly of KNB EFX Group, currently shop supervisor at Autonomous FX Inc.), Mike Miller (VP, Seraphim Films) + more to be announced.

Grand prize is $1000. Additional prizes to be announced soon.

To enter, submit your film at Film Freeway or the StokerCon website; entry fee is $25 (USD) until February 15th, 2017. The late entry fee is $35 from February 16th - March 15th. Finalists will be notified by March 31st.

Visit for tickets and to learn more about the convention.

About the Film Festival Director

Jonathan Lees: In addition to his professional career as a Video Director and Producer working with media institutions such as Complex, Viacom, Sundance Channel, AMC and more, Jonathan has been part of NYC's independent film scene since 1999. His passions lie in a side hustle as a Film Festival Director / Programmer working with the legendary New York Underground Film Festival, Anthology Film Archives, Tribeca Film Festival and the TromaDance Film Festival in Park City, UT and championing the works of filmmakers worldwide. Horror is where his heart rests and is proud to continue a focus on the darker side of film for the StokerCon audience.

About the Horror Writers Association

The Horror Writers Association is a nonprofit organization of writers and publishing professionals around the world, dedicated to promoting dark literature and the interests of those who write it. The HWA formed in 1985 with the help of many of the field's greats, including Dean Koontz, Robert McCammon, and Joe Lansdale. The HWA is home to the prestigious Bram Stoker Award® and the annual StokerCon horror convention.

For more on the Horror Writers Association, please visit

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Fantastic Beasts is Not the Only Prequel to Harry Potter

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is an all-new anticipated adventure returning us to the wizarding world created by J.K. Rowling. And opens in the year 1926, 70 years before Harry Potter as Newt Scamander has just completed a global excursion to find and document an extraordinary array of magical creatures. However, Fantastic Beasts is not the only story that pre-dates the Harry Potter world. The real phenomenon on every Harry Potter fans' minds is the release of hidden true life story of kid that attended the only real credited school of magic, which occurred 25 years ago.

"Was Hayashi the REAL Harry?" is a YouTube series that documents the real true life story of Ken Hayashi, who discovered that he is a Wizard, whose parents were both an illusionist and magician; and enrolls into the only real credited school of magic and wizardry in the year 1990. All events that pre-dates Harry Potter story by 7 years.

Along the journey, Hayashi (Ken Hayashi) actually encounters the real Ron (Solomon Chang) and the real Hermione (Denise Windscheffel)  as he goes on the adventure at the real Hogwarts (aka The Academy of Magical Arts Junior Program). From being selected as a first year student to showcase his skills of the Magical Golden Spheres, (aka Quidditch) at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. And eventually surpassing the most powerful wizard in the world, David Copperfield by being selected to open the 1992 Emmy Awards with Harry Houdini's famous illusion, Metamorphosis.

Then 7 years later in 1997, J.K. Rowling publishes a book called Harry Potter, about a story about a kid that discovers he is a wizard, with parents that were wizards. Attends Hogwarts, with Ron and Hermione, becomes well known for Quidditch (Magic Golden Sphere) and eventually beats out Voldemort. A story striking similar to Hayashi's real life.

The Harry Potter brand worth is in excess of $25 billion. However, what if the story wasn't a fictional story at all and was actually inspired by a real person? Was Hayashi the REAL Harry? is Hayashi's true story growing up in the world of magic, that Hayashi himself had kept a secret for nearly 25 years. "I never wanted to talk about my past. Thinking people thought I just made up the whole story. Or thrown in the category as a crackpot who claimed to have seen a UFO a few decades ago.", says Hayashi. However, now with YouTube, Hayashi is able to transfer and upload many of his VHS tapes that documents and proves, he really was who he says he was and the similarities to the Harry Potter character and story.

In, Was Hayashi the REAL Harry? YouTube channel Hayashi demonstrates with 10 evidence videos, photos, newspaper clippings and documentations, how much the Harry Potter series mirrors Hayashi's actual life story. For example, J.K. Rowling claims she came up with the idea for Harry Potter in the summer of 1990, which happens to be the date that Hayashi actually attended the real school of magic. Also included in Hayashi's video series will be, what it was like having magician as parents, what it was like taking classes at the real Hogwarts, meeting the real Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, Malfoy, the twins and even the school the Hayashi ends up attending after high school happens to be Oxford University, where the Harry Potter series was filmed. The odds of everything lining up with J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter story to Hayashi's Was Hayashi the REAL Harry? story is either 10 ten coincidences or Rowling had simply won the Lottery two times in a row.

You can find Was Hayashi the REAL Harry? on YouTube Channel

Was Hayashi the REAL Harry? Part 1

Was Hayashi the REAL Harry? Part 2

Was Hayashi the REAL Harry? Part 3

Was Hayashi the REAL Harry? Part 4

Was Hayashi the REAL Harry? Part 5

Was Hayashi the REAL Harry? Part 6

Monday, December 5, 2016

Detroit actor relishes role, respects his character in 'Wild Faith'

 Born and raised in the Motor City, the Southfield Lathrup High School and Eastern Michigan University alum, also takes the responsibility of playing 'John,' an African-American fighting in the Civil War with the 102nd Michigan (later U.S.) Colored Troops, very seriously. And with proud reverence.

    "I am so honored to be part of a film and storyline that has been so carefully sculpted," enthused Martez, who was a late starter in fulfilling his love for acting.

    "I've had the passion (for acting-improv-writing) since an early age, but just didn't act on it (pun intended) until college, where I studied improv and was encouraged by my professors to see where performance would take me," he added.

    Perseverance and studying his craft at the Redbud Theater in Ann Arbor has paid off for Martez. While methodically moving his career forward, step-by-step, Martez earned a featured extra role in an episode of Detroit 1-8-7 (with Michael Imperioli of Sopranos fame), as well as a powerful turn in the short film 'Perspective' (as a muslim Iman, 'Akbar').

     For now, the imposing, but gentle 6-foot-3 actor, who earned the role of 'John' in 'Wild Faith' over several others who auditioned, continues his pursuit in winning new roles in Michigan productions. Making the Collective Development Inc. film (billed as an interracial 'Little House On the Prairie'), that much more special considering the location and subject matter.

     'John' is a 1st Sgt. in the 102nd U.S. Colored Troops (formerly known as the 1st Michigan Colored Infantry and whose ranks were filled with many fugitive slaves who were ferried back from Canada, where they fled, to serve the Union).

    The 1st Michigan Colored Infantry was formed in Detroit and mobilized for service in Feb., 1864. While not as well known as the 54thMassachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment as depicted in the 1989 movie 'Glory,' the Michigan unit was every bit as battle-tested.

    Said Geoff Blair, treasurer of the 102nd U.S. Colored Troops (Re-enactors group) based in Michigan, who will be in the flashback battle scenes in the movie, "During its entire military service, the 102nd never lost an engagement against the enemy and they never retreated or ran from the field, which was a major misconception of the day concerning how black soldiers would perform under fire."

    He added, "From all historical accounts, the 102nd performed admirably."

    "I've played drug dealers (getting killed in Detroit 1-8-7) and other 'stereotypical roles' for African-Americans, so this is a huge opportunity for me to grow as an actor,'" explained Martez. "John is a husband (to fellow Detroit actress Lisa Lauren Smith as 'Haddie'), a father (to Xylia Jenkins as 'Grace') and friend to fellow soldier and Michigander, 'Emmett' (Shane Hagadorn), a white 1st Lieutenant in the 102nd (colored units were strictly commanded by white officers).

    "John is a strong, proud man, but one whose spirit represents everything it means to be an American, despite the color of a person's skin, and despite the darkness of this period in our history. I haven't been this excited over a role, in such a touching story of humanity, in a while," smiled Martez.

    Principal photography on 'Wild Faith' was completed last month at several locales in Michigan - including Hastings, Coldwater, Dowling, Woodland and Grand Ledge.

    Joining these flashback Civil War battle scenes, and opposing the Federals in an intense skirmish/firefight, is a large contingent of the 12th South Carolina/4th Michigan Volunteer Infantry (re-enactor group), based in Lansing, but with members covering the entire state and beyond.

     "Our various members have participated in the filming of 'Glory,' 'Gettysburg,' 'Gods and Generals,' as well as smaller documentaries for the History Channel," said Ben Cwayna (Captain/Commanding Officer of the military company of the 12th South Carolina/4th Michigan).

    Considered one the best Civil War Confederate re-enactor groups in the country by their peers, Cwayna summed up the unit's feeling on the film quite succinctly.

    "We're pumped! Not only is it a wonderful film and opportunity, it's being shot in our own backyard!"

    'Wild Faith' is written by DJ Perry and directed by Jesse Low.

    It will be released in fall 2017.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Life in Color: New Horror-Drama Short Film Gives a Harrowing Glimpse into Life with Alzheimer's

Life in Color: New Horror-Drama Short Film Gives a Harrowing Glimpse into Life with Alzheimer's

Los Angeles, CA – On (insert date here), Director and Co-Writer Bishal Dutta, and Producers Edward Mkhitaryan and Yulia Safonova launched a Kickstarter campaign for Life in Color, a film about a closeted gay man in the middle stages of Alzheimer's disease. The team working on this project plans to give the world a view of Alzheimer's with a rawness and brutality with which it has rarely been presented before.

"Before the early 1900s, they didn't even have a name for Alzheimer's. They simply called it "old age." Now, we know that's not true. We know that this silent epidemic grows within our minds for decades before it emerges. So, how can we stay silent about it?

Only in 1983 did President Reagan declare November as Alzheimer's Awareness Month. It is not enough to wait until you or I am facing the disease head-on to become informed. It must start now. Please help us make our film.?"

In Life in Color, Harold, a closeted gay man in the middle stages of Alzheimer's disease, desperately tries to preserve the memory of his estranged lover by revisiting the place of their final meeting. Harold has held on to his secret for decades to avoid persecution in a prejudiced society, but now, finding the memories slipping due to his disease, Harold desperately tries to conjure them again. Beth, Harold's newly married and pregnant daughter, is his caregiver and a symbol of many caregivers who try to help but often harm their loved ones suffering from Alzheimer's due to a lack of education and understanding.

After a lot of hard work and preparation, the team is turning to the Kickstarter community for the help they need to complete this short film. Life in Color is personal to the whole cast and crew; everyone involved has loved and studied filmmaking all their lives, and has worked on countless productions, gaining experience and creative confidence. Now they are working together, at the height of their passion, on something they believe in completely. Producer, Yulia Safonova frequently works on powerful, socially conscious short films that incite meaningful action. Some of the films she has produced are "Ask Questions Later" about the Black Lives Matter movement, and "Black Flag", a film dealing with radical terrorists' manipulation of the Islamic religion.

"Not only are we dealing with Alzheimer's, we are also telling the story of a repressed and closeted gay man. This is one of the essential truths of the disease: it does not matter who you are, nor what hopes and dreams you have," says the team, "Every day, there are people like our protagonist, Harold, desperately holding on to their identities. And every day, there is fear, miscommunication and misunderstanding about the disease. Our mission with this film is education. This is not an issue we can collectively ignore for much longer."

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including the original soundtrack, a digital copy of Life in Color, and more. Backers can also pledge  for a physical copy of the Special Edition Director's Cut or  for two tickets to the Premier Event of Life in Color in Los Angeles.

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Kevin James newest film True Memoirs of an International Assassin Featuring Cheyanna Lavon Zubas

True Memoirs of an International Assassin is an upcoming American action comedy film directed by Jeff Wadlow (Kick Ass 2) and written by Jeff Morris.
The film stars Kevin James (Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2), Zulay Henao (The Single Moms Club), Andy Garcia (Kill the Messenger), Maurice Compte (Netflix's Narcos),
Kelen Coleman (CBS The McCarthy's), Andrew Howard (Taken 3), Rob Riggle (22 Jump Street), Leonard Earl Howze (TNT's Memphis Beat),
Yul Vasquez (Lifetime Networks The Lottery) Kim Coates (FX Networks Sons of Anarchy). and features Cheyanna Lavon Zubas (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2) as Andrew Howard's blonde girlfriend.

True Memoirs of an International Assassin is slated to be released on November 11, 2016 on Netflix.
The film is based around a mild-mannered would-be author who gets mistaken for a killer-for-hire when his fictional novel about an international assassin is published as a true story.
The book is a huge success and he is suddenly kidnapped and taken to Venezuela and forced into an assassination plot.

Cheyanna Lavon Zubas is an accomplished actress, model, and singer based in Atlanta, Georgia with ample acting experience including
True Memoirs of an International Asassin starring Kevin James, and Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 starring Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana.
Cheyanna Lavon Zubas is represented by Bryce Hall at bHEDGE Sports and Entertainment Agency.

More information is on

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Vladar Company and BodyPower announce Generation Iron 2

The wait is over for the fans of "Generation Iron" and bodybuilding. The original docudrama was produced by the Vladar Company and grossed over 1 million dollars in the US domestic box office and became one of the highest grossing docs of 2013. It's a significant achievement for a documentary and a testament to the strong bodybuilding fan base.

The Vladar Company in association with Generation Iron Fitness Network® is pleased to announce that they forged a partnership with BodyPower to co-produce and release Generation Iron 2.

Generation Iron topped domestic home video charts (including iTunes and Amazon), played across premier platforms such as Netflix and ESPN and was released globally, becoming the first film to commercially cover the world of bodybuilding since Pumping Iron (1977).

The new film focuses on the next generation of bodybuilders and fitness personalities as they push their physiques to the "next" level, while generating mass appeal around the world. Official cast and details are soon to be announced.

BodyPower will serve as a co-production and exhibition partner to release the film globally in over 15 countries. The production will take place through fall and winter of 2016 and is scheduled to premiere first in the UK in May 2017.

The original production team from Generation Iron is creating the picture, Vlad Yudin will direct and Edwin Mejia is producing. Nick Orton and Ollie Upton of BodyPower will serve as Executive Producers.

"The bodybuilding and fitness industry has continued to evolve dramatically in the last few years. New personalities and stars emerge in the sport. We waited to make the sequel to Generation Iron until we found the right moment and the right characters, especially when you take into account 'Generation Iron' played a significant role in people's lives and we in no way wanted to repeat the same story twice and call it part 2 ... Now it's time!" said Vlad Yudin.

"I am enthusiastic to be collaborating with Vlad Yudin and his team. I look forward to bringing fans unique behind the scenes insight into the world of modern bodybuilding. Including the role social media is playing in driving a wider fan base. I personally know many body builders and fitness stars. I want the public to see them as I do. Get to know them beyond their public image of YouTube Videos, stage performances and glossy magazine covers."

"What excited me about Generation Iron 2 is that we're looking at the transition of bodybuilding into popular culture and the mainstream. That change has been driven by the personalities that we will feature in our cast. The sport no longer lives in dark corners of society and I'm immensely proud to have been part of growth and development of the fitness culture through BodyPower," stated CEO of BodyPower Nick Orton.

"The world premiere of 'Generation Iron 2' will be at BodyPower Expo in the UK in May of 2017, a very exciting development that I am delighted to be part of."

For more information about production and release, please visit and

About The Vladar Company:

The Vladar Company is a media and entertainment company which focuses on developing, financing, and packaging a library of intellectual properties with its producing partners at leading Hollywood and international production studios. The company is becoming a leading producer of many genres and multiple mediums in US and international markets, while also expanding into acquiring and distributing high quality content. Recent releases include The Hurt Business (with Ronda Rousey, Jon Jones and Georges St. Pierre) and Jeremy Scott: The People's Designer (with Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Rita Ora).

About BodyPower:

BodyPower is a global fitness media business which has developed a portfolio of successful exhibitions in the UK and India attracting over 130,000 visitors, international brands and the best fitness stars annually. With over 3,000 active ambassadors covering four continents and an expanding portfolio that includes live events, clothing, merchandise and a Dedicated by BodyPower Eau de Toilette, BodyPower is one of the world's leading fitness brands.

Generation Iron Fitness Network is the first digital network broadcasting original video content for all things bodybuilding and MMA. The network covers premier contest coverage, news and cutting edge original shows - the network's vision is to deliver all aspects of bodybuilding and MMA instantly to fans across the globe. No limitations. No missed opportunities. Just pure groundbreaking Bodybuilding, Fitness and MMA.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at the Daily Film Forum.
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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Independent psycho-thriller BEYOND THE BRIDGE now available on Amazon Video

With six years in the making and a budget of a mere 10,000 euros, director Daniel P. Schenk's and director of photography Robert Staffl's self-financed debut feature finally found its international distribution on the Amazon Video-on-demand platform.

The movie was shot in Switzerland by a swiss-german crew, in English for the international market. It tells the story of young art student Marla Singer (Maya Schenk), who appears to have a bad drug experience and who gets thrown into a frightening journey between reality and delusion.

"For a low budget film, whose genre lies in-between, landing a distribution deal is nearly impossible.", says screenwriter and producer Schenk. "Beyond the Bridge is marketed as a psycho-thriller, but it's not a typical one. Distributors can't grasp it. Amazon Video is a great tool for indie filmmakers to get a film in front of its audience, no matter how unconventional it might be. Thanks to the technological advance and Amazon's broad customer base, BEYOND THE BRIDGE is now available worldwide, with one click."

The movie's premiere was held at the Unreal Film Fest in Memphis, USA on October 7th, 2015. It then screened at several international film festivals, like Morbido Fest in Mexico, Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre Festival, and Berlin Independent Film Festival. On April 21st, 2016 a cinema tour started through selected german cinemas, accompanied by a Day-and-date release on the official website, where the movie could be streamed via VHX.TV. Amazon Video now complements this offer. The detail page can be found via The film is also available as DVD.