Friday, December 23, 2016

The First Trailer For Three Wise Men 'Chasing the Star' Movie Drops

The first movie in the trilogy is '40 Nights' which enjoyed a 2016 release to Wal-Mart, iTunes, DIRECTV and other major retailers under E1/Sony Home Entertainment. It will get an additional new push at the start of 2017. That film follows the experience that Jesus endured he wanders the wilderness being tempted thrice by the Devil.

The second film 'Chasing the Star' is a follow up prequel that for the first time puts faces and personalities to the three magi who follow the signs, setting off into King Herod' s lands to find the newborn savior of man.  Michigan State University graduate Bret Miller directed the film. Garry Nation (Polycarp), Randy Spence (Sand Castles) and Bello Pizzimenti, (Ashes of Eden) star as the three magi. Also joining the cast is Ralph Lister (Batman v Superman) as King Herod, and Yancy Butler (Kick Ass) as Herod's sister Salome. Rance Howard (Nebraska) and Taymour Ghazi (Full of Grace) return to their roles from '40 Nights' as the Devil in two of his forms. Shane Hagedorn (Ashes of Eden) also reprises his role as Arch-Angel Gabriel.

The film will be finished early in 2017 with cast and crew premiere screenings planned for the spring. That will be followed by theatrical and event showings throughout the summer, leading up to a Holiday 2017 worldwide release on home video.

The first CHASING THE STAR trailer teaser can be seen here –

Official 'Chasing the Star' website

40 Nights on iTunes

40 Nights Soundtrack on iTunes

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