Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Daily Film Forum Spotlight - "The Kingsland Chronicles" And "The Yearbook"

Caged Bird Productions is a team dedicated to bringing you thought provoking and entertaining stories.  Both writers and creators, J. Ian Sample and Jorge Chapa, want to share their unique and imaginative tales by launching two new Original Series, The Kingsland Chronicles and The Yearbook.  Created and written in-house, the goal is to create a community of dedicated fans through Indiegogo to help cast, crew and produce both projects with a premiere date slated for January of 2016. 
The Kingsland Chronicles is a 5 episode (8-10 minute) horror/suspense  series shot in New York City.  We open with our struggling author, Isaac. With his writing at a standstill and his already bleak existence bringing him down it seems as if the world is going to swallow him whole, until he has a fateful run-in with a beautiful stranger.
This chance encounter opens Isaac’s eyes to the very haunting and dynamic world around him. Reinvigorated, Isaac’s writing picks up, taking us on a fantastical and twisted journey of ‘what ifs’ and ‘chance encounters’ all the while begging the universal question, ‘How can I find my way when all turns lead nowhere?’ 
The Yearbook is a 5 episode (8-10 minute) Comedy/Drama opening with our narrator, Jack, devilishly handsome and regrettably incarcerated.  Winding his way through his cell block he  spins us a tale, recounting that one fateful night where it all went wrong. 
On Jack’s cue we dive into the story of five best friends since high school - a time where they had it all.  But we catch up with them ten years later - broke, beaten, down on their luck and out of options.  Finding solace in friendship and booze, they plunge head first into an epic night of mischief and debauchery attempting to see if the reward of rehashing their glory days is really worth the risk. 
The Yearbook is about five friends who take a stab at changing their destiny - no matter the cost.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Jumbo Cinema brings the movies closer to home, a funFREE virtual hang-out where users can watch videos together inreal-time. Utilizing the power of YouTube, Jumbo allows users to select from millions of videos and play them inside their very own Cinema where other users can join in, sit down and watch together. Jumbo Cinema is a chat with cool interactive features such as the ability to throw popcorn at other users. Whether or not your looking for a place to meet new people, watch videos with like minded people or just hang-out with some friends, Jumbo Cinema will forfill all your entertainment needs! Were currently inBETA testing mode and we'd highly appreciate any user feedback. Moving forward we will continue to improve Jumbo based off user feedback and adding cool new features which we will be implementing over the next few months. We look forward to seeing you at the movies. ;)

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Lovely Adult Beverage Spellbinds Critics and Reaps Awards

 Premiered on March 7, 2015 at the Scary Cow Film Festival at San Francisco’s Castro Theater, A Lovely Adult Beverage, produced by Uva Films in conjunction with Reel Freedom, has gathered multiple independent filmmaking awards.

Rated the “runaway best” of the submissions by all four judges,- scriptwriting teacher Denise Bostrum, writer James Dalessandro, film teacher Toney Merritt, and noted director Rob Nilsson, A Lovely Adult Beverage has won the Scary Cow Member’s Award, CineSource's First Caligari Narrative Screenwriting Award. The resulting film went to win Scary Cow’s coveted Member’s Award.

The intelligent dialogue is a blend of a blind date going sour witnessed by a chilean poet, intricate yet unpretentious poetry lines and the sweet human imperfections that bonds all of us. What makes A Lovely Adult Beverage a one-of-a-kind film is a brew of its imaginative elements, the single stylized set and an ensemble of perfectly tuned actors, in addition to its award winning script.

Described as “an operatic drama that’s extremely entertaining” by CineSource publisher, Donipher Blair, audiences across the globe will be able to get a taste of this Lovely Adult Beverage as it is being currently submitted to a number of American and International festivals. For additional information on next screenings, please visit the G. Maseli Company Facebook page at .

Friday, July 24, 2015

Harry Potter Spinoff Announced

The Harry Potter fanbase has always been large, dedicated, and passionate. But many would argue that independent films and spinoffs have always lacked a certain amount of quality. Matthew Jendrasiak and team intend to step away from this pattern and set a new standard for quality with The Chronicles of Stella Archer. The short (approximately 20 minute) film is a non-profit, completely standalone and original film featuring the team's interpretation of Wizarding America for the first time in cinema. The film will feature an original score roughly inspired by the official Harry Potter films, professional visual effects, and much more. As long as funding is met via IndieGogo, they intend to release July 31, 2016, a few months before the release of the official big budget film, "Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them", also set in Wizarding America. Jendrasiak says that the film will distribute for FREE via YouTube, likely at 1440p. He also hopes to make it available via Netflix, and a local indie cinema in Columbia, South Carolina.

Matthew Jendrasiak is heading this project as director and producer. He is a senior computer science and media arts student at the University of South Carolina. He works at Able VFX in Columbia, SC, and does various philanthropy in film with people like Greg Conrad, a film score composer from Charlotte, NC.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Now Introducing Russian iTunes Codes to!

Great news for all Russian iTunes fans, we are now selling iTunes codes for the Russian store an dhave different denominations available!

We have had many of our regular customers request Russian iTunes and we are very pleased that we are now selling them! We think they are going to be very popular with customers from all around the world and would certainly encourage others to have a Russian iTunes account for the cheap download prices available so you will have access to your favourite Music, Apps and Movies through a fast email delivery!

Here we tell you a bit more about Russian iTunes:

Who Can Have A Russian iTunes account?

Many may think you have to live in Russia or be of Russian nationality to have a Russian iTunes account..but we can tell you this is certainly not the case! You can have a Russian iTunes account wherever you live... anywhere in the world.

Many of our customers have iTunes accounts for various countries all over the world and switch between accounts to search for the new releases and cheapest downloads. The good news is that all the iTunes menus are in English, so easy navigation and the movies can be played in English too!

Why Have A Russian iTunes account?

We think the main benefit of a Russian iTunes account is the cheap downloads! We looked into it and found that although the latest downloads released in the US store first may take a little longer for release in the Russian store we think it should definitely be worth the wait because of the cheap downloads!

Visit our Russian iTunes section directly:

Monday, July 20, 2015

Ridiculous! Two German women come to Hollywood to make a movie for 5K?

 German-born actress, writer and filmmaker, Carolin von Petzholdt is living her childhood dream of making movies in Los Angeles.  Her latest movie, The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling is completed and will be theatrical released in July 24th in Los Angeles. The Horror Comedy, which brings a group of aspiring female wrestlers from the gym to a spooky ghost town is being produced for the miniscule budget of $5000 in June 2013.

Carolin is no stranger to making movies.  Her first film, Testing Life, filmed in Berlin, won critical acclaim and 8 awards.  Despite its success on the indie circuit, Carolin still views it as a learning experience.

“Testing Life really taught me how to run a set.  I did everything.”  She adds, “Now I know to rely on the amazing creativity and dedication of the Los Angeles community, as well, especially since our budget is so much smaller than budgets for other films with equal production quality.  A small budget in Hollywood could still be a few million and here we’re doing it for a fraction of the usual amount!”

Donating their time for the love of the art of filmmaking are a full cast and crew, as well as fellow German, Ursel Walldorf, who flew in from Berlin just to help carry the load of the film, is again on her side to taking on the adventure of releasing their “baby,” so she mentioned. “To see their baby grown and finally to be seen on a big screen.”

“Even when I read the script, I instantly knew this is something special.”  Ursel  explains, “You just don’t see movies like this in Hollywood.  We are focusing on a group of women who are using their physical strength and confidence to make their way through life.  These are not weak women. They want to be super heroes! And now, it isn’t only that, it has becoming surprisingly funny as well, which I appreciate, because now our baby is really perfect.”

The Hollywood community has oft been criticized for their lack of inclusion of women in charge of productions, as well as actresses portraying strong or multi-faceted roles on the big screen.  This film will have both women behind and in front of the camera.

Indeed, the plot of the movie centers around a group of women who are training to become “superheroes” of wrestling and appear in a show in Las Vegas.  They push themselves to the limits, both physically and mentally, vying for contracts that will ensure their spot in the big show.  However, the true colors of the group are revealed on the way to their big gig when their bus breaks down in ghost town in the middle of the dessert and strange things start to happen.

To learn more about “The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling”,

visit their homepage

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Investigation Discovery Welcomes Emmy Award Winning Journalist Chris Hansen To Network In New Series

A Co-Production with ITN Productions, KILLER INSTINCT WITH CHRIS HANSEN To Premiere Exclusively on Investigation Discovery in 3Q 2015
Journalist Chris Hansen is no stranger to crime investigations. Having won eight Emmy awards for investigative reporting, outstanding coverage of a news story and outstanding coverage of breaking news, Hansen's reports have stirred interest in both national and international issues. But his award-winning, breakthrough investigative reporting involving online sexual predators for DATELINE NBC exposed hundreds of men who targeted young teenagers over the Internet. In Investigation Discovery's (ID) new six-part series, Hansen goes into the field to take an in-depth look at some of America's most horrific crimes, talking to people closest to the crimes that have shocked a nation and forever changed lives. Produced for ID by ITN Productions, KILLER INSTINCT WITH CHRIS HANSEN will premiere on ID in 3Q 2015.
"Investigation Discovery is thrilled to bring Chris Hansen's journalistic expertise and passion for the truth to our viewers," said Henry Schleiff, Group President of Investigation Discovery, American Heroes Channel, Destination America, Discovery Family Channel and Discovery Life Channel. "Chris and our partners at ITN Productions are working hard to produce an investigative newsmagazine that will draw in the viewer and make them feel as if they are right there in the moment – living every jolt and shock as the criminal drama unfolds. That is what Chris does best, and we look forward to what will unfold in KILLER INSTINCT."
"I am thrilled to be a part of this compelling project. This is reporting the way I like the field, gritty and aggressive," said Hansen. "We'll bring viewers with us on our journey of discovery as we explore captivating cases with interviews from those who have never spoken before. I have been a reporter for more than 30 years and this is some of the most fascinating television I have ever helped produce."
"Human relationships and their fallibility are at the heart of all these stories," said Ian Russell, Head of International Programmes at ITN Productions. "Chris is an expert at extracting new information and new emotions from the main participants to bring new insight to these infamous cases."
KILLER INSTINCT is a co-production between Investigation Discovery and ITN Productions. For ID, Diana Sperrazza is executive producer, Sara Kozak is senior vice president of production, Kevin Bennett is general manager, and Henry Schleiff is Group President of Investigation Discovery, Destination America, American Heroes Channel, Discovery Family Channel and Discovery Life Channel. For ITN Productions, Ian Russell is executive producer and Dick Bower is series producer.
About ITN Productions ITN Productions is ITN's bespoke production hub producing creative and commercially valuable content for the broadcast, corporate, commercial, and digital sectors. Clients include major UK and international broadcasters such as ITV, BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, Smithsonian, A+E, History and Discovery. International commissions include Campus Killer Santa Barbara for A & E US & C4, Asian Tsunami: The Deadliest Wave for Smithsonian and The disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370 for over 20 international broadcasters. UK commissions include political panel show The Agenda on ITV, Harrow – A Very British School on Sky1, Young Vetson BBC2, Paul Connolly Investigates for Channel 5, and a contract to produce Dispatches for Channel 4.  
About Investigation Discovery Investigation Discovery (ID) is the leading mystery-and-suspense network on television and America's favorite "guilty pleasure." From harrowing crimes and salacious scandals to the in-depth investigations and heart-breaking mysteries that result, ID challenges our everyday understanding of culture, society and the human condition. ID delivers the highest-quality programming to more than 84 million U.S. households with viewer favorites that include On the Case with Paula ZahnHomicide Hunter: Lt. Joe KendaWho the (Bleep) Did I Marry?DisappearedStalked: Someone's Watching; and Redrum. For more information, please visit,, or Investigation Discovery is part of Discovery Communications (Nasdaq: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK), the world's #1 nonfiction media company reaching more than 1.8 billion cumulative subscribers in 218 countries and territories.
SOURCE Investigation Discovery

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Amphibious slated for 2017 release

 "Amphibious" written and to be directed by Charles Kaufman begins development cycle for a 2017 release. Zephyr Media will produce with casting set to begin early 2016. The genre is action/adventure, locations will include; Utah and Oregon.

The story of Amphibious will be include groundbreaking visuals and include a narrative structure unlike traditional cinema.

The casting process will begin in early 2016 with a production start date for Winter 2016.  Baruch Kaufman will be Producing along with RJ Rooney and BB Rourke.

Zephyr Media is a LA based film production company with live action and animated films in its slate.  The creative process brings together a collaborative effort with local film offices in Utah and Oregon for the out picturing of the film's final cut. Crew positions will be local hire in each state with a selected criteria to be announced in accordance with local state requirements including but not limited to: crew, cast, key ancillary partners.

Information is subject to change and or be updated by Zephyr Media and its partners.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Film Announced for production under KKOFFEE and Financed by IFFF

INDO FRENCH FILM FINANCE funded the Film Ankahee under Banner of KKOFFEE motion pictures LLP. Film is all about, There is a party going on. Party ball is hanging. Loud Music. High Beats. Shots of people enjoying in the party, drinking, dancing, gossiping, etc. The camera moves towards the door and out of it to the door into the balcony to reveal the starry Mumbai night with its bright lights and the ever moving traffic. The party music fades out and thriller music starts building up as we keep moving into the space outside the balcony.

Direction done by Miss Soumya Bhardwaj and the producer of film is Mr. Vinay Bajaj.

Budget of Film is about Rs 50 crore.

2. Master Muslim:

INDO FRENCH FILM FINANCE funded the Film Master Muslim under Banner of KKOFFEE motion pictures LLP. Film is all about a stranger comes to city of kolkata on a journey dejected and depressed he meets a family. Master muslim and his visualy impaired grand daughter nida this meeting with nida takes him to an unknown  journey.within himself the path which he dreaded to travel.

Direction- HHasan Hameed

Producer- Vinay Bajaj

Budget- Rs 5 crore.

KKOFFEE Motion Pictures LLP, specialising in films for the property and development sector, the company now works across a variety of sectors and industries. Production services include live action filming, VFX, CGI and animation, helping clients tell their brand stories through engaging, emotive and effective film content.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Spike Lee's upcoming movie "Chiraq" inspires The CHIRAQ BUYBACK phone app

Spike Lee's upcoming project Chiraq definitely has Chicago's South Side in an uproar. This is mostly because of the title "Chiraq", which residents feel gives Chicago's Englewood community a negative description... But their other gripe is the lack of resources that Spike Lee's given to the demographic he's "exploiting" (according to residents).

Representatives from the Housing Estate Aquisition Development Agency (HEAD) and the Multinational Investment Group (MIG) listened to their concerns and collaborated to create theChiraq Buyback Program, which encourages residents to reap the benefits of having their community showcased on a global scale through real estate & commercial property aquisition. HEAD Agency founder, Oak Summers, was quoted as saying, "One of the most expensive costs to any business is marketing. And Spike Lee is providing free global marketing for an entire indentured community."

Chiraq Buyback allows the public to invest in a multitude of properties throught the Chicago areas showcased in Spike Lee's project. It's no secret that Chicago has a long history of gentriying indentured communities and dislocating its residents [i.e. Cabrini Green, Bridgeport, Bronzeville, State Street Project Houseing, etc.] andBuyback allows the public an opportunity to either slow the displacement or turn a hefty profit.

MIG is a privately owned, public fund. Their function is to collect & allocate funds based on the decisions of their public contributors. MIG also funds the HEAD Agency; a housing agency that provides resident screening, home ownership courses, and housing vouchers to eligable applicants. But unlike other housing agencies, their target is male home ownership & providing housing to applicants that fit their stringent "good neighbor" criteria that will strengthen communities.

Download the Chiraq Buyback app for more information. It allows you to register as a MIG member, view properties, enroll in our certified agent course, and receive member-only updates.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Faustaff, an international production in Mexico and UK by Andrés Conde

Faustaff is a story of ambition, success and madness. A play where the Faustian myth is seen through the eyes of a modern day woman.

         The Mexican Theatre Company "La compañia Perpetua" in collaboration with UK's "Artistic Producciones", is proud to present this international project that brings together Mexican and British artists. "Faustaff" is being simultaneously produced in both Mexico City and London. We are taking Director Frank Kaye to lead a Mexican Cast in Mexico and we are bringing Director Rodrigo Johnson to lead a British cast in the United Kingdom. "Faustaff" explores the limits between fiction and reality, in a world where media has blurred those frontiers; a world where men and women are obsessed with power, money and social recognition; a world that has lost its sensibility towards tragedy and where violence has taken over.

         The play was written by the Mexican playwright Diego Sosa. It's a play inspired by the Faustian myth, set in the modern world and seen through feminine eyes.

The title of the play, however, comes from a mixture between Marlowe's and Goethe's Dr. Faustus and Shakespeare's Falstaff, the mischievous character from Henry IV saga and the merry wives of Windsor.

         Virginia Wolf once said that the world of her times was not ready for a feminine Faustus. Now, the modern world is, according to the author, ready for a character like this. An ambitious woman driven by greed and willing to do anything for success, even at the price of her soul. Among the creative team, we will be working alongside a recognized Mexican painter, Pablo Ángel Lugo, who is living in the UK. His wide artistic production includes paintings, drawings, engravings, sculptures, videos, performances, illustrations, graphic designs, and collaborations in cinema. He is specialized in public art. His work has been exhibited in Mexico, Cuba, the U.S., Spain, Colombia, France, Portugal and the U.K, among other countries. You can see the work of Pablo Ángel Lugo, on his website:

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Winter Film Awards Indie Film Fest Announces 2016 CALL FOR ENTRIES

Call for Entries has been officially announced for the 5th Annual Winter Film Awards (WFA) Independent Film Festival, a celebration of emerging indie filmmakers to be held February 24-27 2016 in New York City. Filmmakers from around the world will travel to NYC to attend the three full days of film screenings and industry networking after-parties culminating in a glittering awards ceremony to be held on February 27 in the luxurious Empire Room at Club 230 Fifth.

The rapidly growing Festival seeks diverse creative indie films from NYC and the entire world in all genres – narrative features, short films, documentaries, animation, music videos, web series and horror films.  Outstanding work will be awarded for each category, along with Best Director, Best Actor/Actress, Best Original Score, Best Foreign Language Film, Best Student Film and the NY Perspectives Award for best depiction of the New York multi-cultural experience. For the 2015 Festival, 76 films from 29 countries were selected for screening, including 34 by female directors and 20 student films, and 75% had a budget under $50k. Works of all genres, forms, and lengths are considered for Festival screening.

Submissions deadlines are as follows: Early Bird Deadline – September 1 2015, Regular Deadline – November 1 2015, Late Deadline – December 1 2015. Entrants will be notified of final decisions by January 7 2016.

Independent filmmakers from around the world are invited to submit films online via FilmFreeway at

Steffanie Finn, WFA Executive Director says "At WFA, we seek fresh voices and alternate perspectives from creative emerging indie filmmakers from the entire world. We offer a truly exciting mixture of film genres, viewpoints and subjects in order to give our attendees the opportunity to see films they might never think to seek out otherwise."

Winter Film Awards is an all-volunteer women and minority-run 501(c)3 organization founded in 2011, which celebrates diversity of local and international film-making. It was built with the dream of making diverse indie film more accessible to the public and providing driven, talented artists the opportunity to break through competitive barriers to establish meaningful careers in film. The focus is on showcasing emerging filmmakers from every age, ethnic, racial, religious, cultural, political and geographic perspective while providing a stepping stone for all filmmakers, from students with blossoming careers to established industry veterans, to screen their work in front of a large audience and gain recognition for their achievements.

For more information about Winter Film Awards events and sponsors, visit

Monday, July 6, 2015

2015 SOHO International Film Festival Wraps With A Bang; Star Studded Attendance at #SOHO6

the SOHO International Film Festival wrapped up with an Awards Night in The Marlin Room at Webster Hall. The all-star event Presented by NY based invitation-only Social Network *CARBON*, kicked off with Red-Carpet arrivals and music by DJ VYBE Frank Morales, with the Awards Ceremony Emcee’d by Aussie talent Drew De Carvalho along with Presenters Robert Clohessy (The Avengers) and James McCaffrey (Rescue Me, Sam) among others. The festival itself was attended by other celebrities alike such as Richard Kind ("Gotham"), Zach Granier ("The Good Wife"), Lynn Cohen ("The Hunger Games"), Steve Schirippa ("The Sopranos"), Sean Young ("Balderunner"), Lance Kindsey ("Police Academy"), Jon Lindstrom ("True Detective"), Kevin Kilner ("House of Cards"), Jordan Baker ("The New Adventure of Old Christine"), Phyllis Sommerville ("The Big C") to name a few, along with stars Cady McClain (Young & The Restless") and Gabrielle Miller ("Call Me Fitz") who both had their short films premiere at this year's fest.

This year’s Jury encompassed accomplished high profile members of the industry: *Ernabel Demillo *(Emmy Award nominated TV Journalist), *Marci Phillips*(Head of Casting for ABC Network), *David Zayas* (Actor “Dexter” , “Gotham”), *Donna McKenna *(Casting Director and Film Producer), *Reeves Lehman* (Dir., Writer, Actor and Chair of the Film, Video, and Animation Dept. at NY’s School of Visual Arts),*Melissa Lummus* (Programmer at the Nashville Film Festival), *Arnold Vegafria *(Talent Manager/Producer/Advertising Exec), and *Greg Freedman *(Corporate counsel at Milstein Brothers Capital Partners, LLC).

Prior to *AND* following the Awards, attendee’s were regaled with LIVE music from musicians whose songs were featured in many of the festival’s films, including Julia Weldon with Ted Limpert (Music from the Short Film “Chupacabra”), Charlie Whitten (Music from the Short Film “Lonely Planet”), the band Parade Grounds (with music from the Short Film “Claudette”) whose new EP will be released July 10th, Mike Cali (Music from the Feature Film “Chasing Yesterday”), and Tom Ashton (Music from the Feature Film “Enchantments”).

Major partners for this year include MongoMedia, HandHeld Films, Champion Eye Media, Sitting Cat Productions and Filmmaker Lounges thru the week were set up by Tiqo Beverage, Deryck Todd and Starbaby Enterprises with amazing desserts presented by Basket Treats by Alexis Streets. "We are extremely proud of this year's program and humbled by the pool of talent that surrounded the festival," said Sibyl Santiago, Executive Director and Head of Programming. "This festival would not be possible without these amazing filmmakers and the support of our partners and sponsors." Other support were also provided by Myx, John Nacion Imaging, Balls Vodka, Caffe Palermo, Pampelone, Heidi's Health Kitchen, Rick Eberle Public Relations and SpaMedics by Artist Jennifer Liberty.

In a night which awarded the hard work and dedication of its filmmakers, showcased the stars and music talent of those whose songs helped craft the Directors’ visions, the Awards Night Presentation brought an end to what was an exciting 2015 SOHO Film Festival!

Below is the Full List of Nominees and Awardees for the 2015 SOHO Film Festival:

"All In Time" by Marina Donohue & Christopher Fetchko
>>>> "ALL-STARS" by Lance Kinsey -- *WINNER*
"Frank vs. God" by Stewart Schill
"Leaving Circadia" by Evan Matthew Weinstein
"Stuck" by John Painz
"The David Dance" by April Winney
>>>>> "HIGHWAY TO DHAMPUS" (Nepal) by Rick McFarland -- *WINNER*
"Kauboji (Cowboys)" (Croatia) by Tomislav Mrsic
"Teenkahon" (India) by Bauddhayan Mukherji
"With Child" (Canada) by Titus Heckel
"A Policy of Truth" by Nick Demos
"August Heat" by Matthew James Thompson
"Chupacabra" by Jenny Joslin and Annette Mia Flores
"February" by Jessi Shuttleworth
"Grace" by Marisa Vitali
"Mother's Day" by Nico Raineau
>>>> "STEALTH" by Melissa Hoppe - *WINNER*
"The Bridge Partner" by Gabriel Olson
"The Little Violinist' by Yang Wang
"The Man From The City' by Elias Plagianos
>>>>> "HANGRY" (Australia) by Sophie O'Connor -- *WINNER*
"Lonely Panet" (US/Spain) by Alex Burunova
"Neonlichter" (Austria) by Barbara Muller
"Sick To My Bones" (UK) by Guy Davies & Matthew Leonhart
"The Crossing" (UK) by Nathalie Biancheri
"Trio" (South Korea) by Youn Jee Choi
>>>>> "BECOMING BULLETPROOF" by Michael Barnett -- *WINNER*
"In An Ideal World" by Noel Schwerin
"Mount Lawrence" by Chandler Wild
"Trichster" by Jillian Corsie
>>>>> "ALL IN TIME" (US) by Marina Donohue & Christopher Fetchko -- *WINNER*
"Kill Me Deadly" (US) by Darrett Sanders
"The Networker" (US) by John Gallagher
"Dirty Laundry Day" by Jamil Laham (US)
"Grace" by Chris Ordal (US)
>>>>> "NANDO" (Italy) by Marco Gozzo -- *WINNER*
>>>>> "MUTED" by Rachel Goldberg --* WINNER*
>>>>> CHANDRA WILSON, "Muted" -- *WINNER*
John Painz, "Stuck" (US)
Nadine Nicole Heimann, "Lonely Planet" (US/Spain)
Nora Aunor, "Dementia" (Philippines)
...presented by Balls Vodka
...presented by "The Cannoli King", Caffe Palermo
>> JOHN PAINZ, "Stuck" -- *WINNER*

For more information on the SOHO International Film Festival, please visit: or Follow the festival on Twitter @SohoFilmFest or and

*About the SOHO International Film Festival:*
The SOHO International Film Festival, which proudly carries the “Made in NY” logo from the NYC Mayor’s Office of Film, Television and Broadcasting is a vehicle to help the economy of the city, enhancing the festival’s sense of pride while boosting filmmaking and tourism in the Big Apple. They are dedicated to celebrating the art of long and short form cinema created from the latest digital technology while still embracing the original goal ‐ incredible storytelling. Founded in the epicenter of New York's most artistic district, by Jorge Ballos in 2009, the festival is has provided a unique and powerful platform for filmmakers to gain exposure and potential distribution. SIFFNYC is committed to exhibiting domestic and international films, focusing on dynamic, visionary cinema that creates extraordinary experiences.