Sunday, July 12, 2015

Spike Lee's upcoming movie "Chiraq" inspires The CHIRAQ BUYBACK phone app

Spike Lee's upcoming project Chiraq definitely has Chicago's South Side in an uproar. This is mostly because of the title "Chiraq", which residents feel gives Chicago's Englewood community a negative description... But their other gripe is the lack of resources that Spike Lee's given to the demographic he's "exploiting" (according to residents).

Representatives from the Housing Estate Aquisition Development Agency (HEAD) and the Multinational Investment Group (MIG) listened to their concerns and collaborated to create theChiraq Buyback Program, which encourages residents to reap the benefits of having their community showcased on a global scale through real estate & commercial property aquisition. HEAD Agency founder, Oak Summers, was quoted as saying, "One of the most expensive costs to any business is marketing. And Spike Lee is providing free global marketing for an entire indentured community."

Chiraq Buyback allows the public to invest in a multitude of properties throught the Chicago areas showcased in Spike Lee's project. It's no secret that Chicago has a long history of gentriying indentured communities and dislocating its residents [i.e. Cabrini Green, Bridgeport, Bronzeville, State Street Project Houseing, etc.] andBuyback allows the public an opportunity to either slow the displacement or turn a hefty profit.

MIG is a privately owned, public fund. Their function is to collect & allocate funds based on the decisions of their public contributors. MIG also funds the HEAD Agency; a housing agency that provides resident screening, home ownership courses, and housing vouchers to eligable applicants. But unlike other housing agencies, their target is male home ownership & providing housing to applicants that fit their stringent "good neighbor" criteria that will strengthen communities.

Download the Chiraq Buyback app for more information. It allows you to register as a MIG member, view properties, enroll in our certified agent course, and receive member-only updates.

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