Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Now Introducing Russian iTunes Codes to!

Great news for all Russian iTunes fans, we are now selling iTunes codes for the Russian store an dhave different denominations available!

We have had many of our regular customers request Russian iTunes and we are very pleased that we are now selling them! We think they are going to be very popular with customers from all around the world and would certainly encourage others to have a Russian iTunes account for the cheap download prices available so you will have access to your favourite Music, Apps and Movies through a fast email delivery!

Here we tell you a bit more about Russian iTunes:

Who Can Have A Russian iTunes account?

Many may think you have to live in Russia or be of Russian nationality to have a Russian iTunes account..but we can tell you this is certainly not the case! You can have a Russian iTunes account wherever you live... anywhere in the world.

Many of our customers have iTunes accounts for various countries all over the world and switch between accounts to search for the new releases and cheapest downloads. The good news is that all the iTunes menus are in English, so easy navigation and the movies can be played in English too!

Why Have A Russian iTunes account?

We think the main benefit of a Russian iTunes account is the cheap downloads! We looked into it and found that although the latest downloads released in the US store first may take a little longer for release in the Russian store we think it should definitely be worth the wait because of the cheap downloads!

Visit our Russian iTunes section directly:

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