Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Film Announced for production under KKOFFEE and Financed by IFFF

INDO FRENCH FILM FINANCE funded the Film Ankahee under Banner of KKOFFEE motion pictures LLP. Film is all about, There is a party going on. Party ball is hanging. Loud Music. High Beats. Shots of people enjoying in the party, drinking, dancing, gossiping, etc. The camera moves towards the door and out of it to the door into the balcony to reveal the starry Mumbai night with its bright lights and the ever moving traffic. The party music fades out and thriller music starts building up as we keep moving into the space outside the balcony.

Direction done by Miss Soumya Bhardwaj and the producer of film is Mr. Vinay Bajaj.

Budget of Film is about Rs 50 crore.

2. Master Muslim:

INDO FRENCH FILM FINANCE funded the Film Master Muslim under Banner of KKOFFEE motion pictures LLP. Film is all about a stranger comes to city of kolkata on a journey dejected and depressed he meets a family. Master muslim and his visualy impaired grand daughter nida this meeting with nida takes him to an unknown  journey.within himself the path which he dreaded to travel.

Direction- HHasan Hameed

Producer- Vinay Bajaj

Budget- Rs 5 crore.

KKOFFEE Motion Pictures LLP, specialising in films for the property and development sector, the company now works across a variety of sectors and industries. Production services include live action filming, VFX, CGI and animation, helping clients tell their brand stories through engaging, emotive and effective film content.

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