Thursday, September 30, 2010

Comedian Greg Giraldo passes

Comedy Central roasting comedian Greg Giraldo has passed away. A few days after being admitted to a New Jersey hospital for an accidental overdose of prescription medication Giraldo died. Giraldo, a judge on the popular show Last Comic Standing with having many appearances on howard stern show and a regular on the comedy central roasts. He was 44

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gloria Stuart – 1910 - 2010

Oscar nominated actress Gloria Stuart has passed. With over 70 years of work in film, her role of 101-year-old Rose DeWitt Bukater earned her an Academy Award nomination for best supporting actress which made her the oldest person ever nominated for an Oscar. Stuart received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2000.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Celebrities – “CAUGHT IN THE ACT”

Katrina Bowden celebrating her birthday at LeXbar NYC…Janice Dickinson flashing her drawers while heading to LFW party in London…Lola Leon, Taylor Momsen and Madonna at the launch of Material Girl in NYC…Rosario Dawson strolling around at fashion week in Milan…Real Housewife Danielle Staub in the dj booth at the Grubstake opening night reception in NYC…Drake having the crowd roaring at his show in Miami, FL…Gwen Stefani striking a pose at her wax figure unveiling at Madame Tussauds Las Vegas…Tinker Bell getting her star on the Hollywood walk of fame in Los Angeles…

Monday, September 27, 2010


The Downbeach Film Festival’s 2010 Atlantic City Cinefest will screen a stellar selection of some 40 features, shorts and documentaries in the famed Screening Room at Resorts Casino Hotel, the only movie theater in Atlantic City without an IMAX in its name.
The third annual festival – Oct. 15 to 17 - will also honor cinematic success stories, such as actor Chris Mulkey. Chris plays Boss Frank Hague in the current hit HBO series, “Boardwalk Empire,” and has also appeared in “Bare Knuckles,” “North Country” “Radio” “Behind Enemy Lines” “Broken Arrow” “First Blood”; and numerous television series.
Some films will spotlight relative newcomers to the silver screen. The opening night feature is “Green,” a comedy about the medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles, with a cast and crew heavy with Cherry Hill natives. As “Green” indicates, the festival has a clear New Jersey bent.
Geraldine Winters wrote and directed the thriller/drama, “Non Compos Mentis.”
Northfield resident, Jeff Reichert, directed the feature length, documentary, “Gerrymandering,” a take on the political process. Nicholas Boise wrote, directed and starred in the adventure thriller, “A Fight for Survival,” which also stars Keith Collins of Non Compos Mentis.
Stephanie Casaubon and Jane Pfitsch star as estranged sisters in a dramatic short, “Rainbow Rabbit Reliant.” Alysia Reiner, co-star of “Sideways,” stars in a dramatic short about the grieving process, “Speed Grieving.” The festival will screen two dramatic Holocaust shorts with veteran actors. “Stained” stars Louis Mandylor, the festival Chameleon Award winner in 2009. “The Desperate” stars Philadelphia native, Peter Mark Richman.
Marc Clebanoff, who directed “Gerald,” the closing film at last year's Atlantic City Cinefest, will oversee a block of web-based film series. He’ll also lead a panel discussion on new media content in the industry. The festival also includes a handful of ultra short films, along with a block associated with Rowan University, among them Michael Licisyn’s feature, “No Footing.”
Log onto for festival updates, including a complete list of films, the schedule and ticket prices.

Executive Director and Board Chair: William Sokolic
Board Members: Pinky Kravitz, Stefanie Ryan, Andrew Myers, Ned Eckhardt. John Sachar, Jeff Quinlan, Paul Russo
Los Angeles Members: Louis Mandylor, Marc Clebanoff
Consultants: Ray Murray and the Philadelphia Cinema Alliance
401 Berkshire Drive
Ventnor, NJ 08406

Sunday, September 26, 2010

‘Buried” is way above the ground

Ryan Reynolds keeps you on the edge of your seats. Reynolds performance Is chilling and commanding for being locked in a coffin for all of the film. Solid acting by the star and a + directing by Rodrigo Cortes conveys much fear into the audience which will have you held captive and wanting more.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Actor Keith Collins and Jeffrey Donovan of the hit TV show USA’s Burn Notice were seen hitting the town in NYC Wednesday night. Collins and Donovan were spotted dining at famed village hotspot Cuba Restaurant chatting with patrons while sipping 23 yr old aged Zacapa. Burn Notice airs on USA Network with new episodes starting in November.
(photo credit Derek Storm)

Friday, September 24, 2010

"SUPER 8" has Chandler & Fanning

News has come out that Kyle Chandler and Elle Fanning are on for roles in the sci-fi drama thriller, Super 8, by producer/writer/director JJ Abrams. Although there still is much secrecy to the project expect more dish to be let out as Super 8 is revving up to shoot shortly.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


On their first nationwide tour and heading to NYC with their widely known debut hit single, "Turn Off The Lights" an infectious track, produced by multi-platinum producer/artist Kevin Rudolf ("Let It Rock" & "I Made It") which is already heating up the airwaves across the country at Top40 Radio. The band is now on their first tour that’s rocking 34 major cities across the country!. Lights Over Paris or “LOP” (Frontman Robb "TaLLLLL" University, Will "W/P" Pepper, Lead Guitarist Devin Bronson the veteran, having played for Avril Lavigne & Kelly Osbourne, Bassist Mike Torres & his mind-blowing fretwork, which made him a star on tour with Ashley Tisdale, with Dave Gentry on drums & DJ Shiny)
Will be getting ready for a sold out live NYC show Friday September 24th with a private after party at NYC’s exclusive Nikki Beach which will be hosted by Actor Keith Collins. Bottles will be flowing & fans will be jumping as we hear many vips & celebrities are expected to attend so if you are lucky enough to make it past the velvet ropes be ready for the blinding lights from camera lens men..
View Lights Over Paris smash hit “Turn Off The Lights” official video

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sacha Baron Cohen as Freddy Mercury

Prankster Sacha Baron Cohen is signed up to star in the new flick about legendary rock star Freddie Mercury, producers have said.
writer Peter Morgan that wrote "The Queen," is working on a screenplay about Mercury from the famed rock group “Queen”, who died of AIDS-related causes in the early 90’s
The announcement of the yet untitled film was made by GK Films which is producing with Robert De Niro's Tribeca Productions & Queen Films.
Production is set to begin in 2011 however a director has not been picked out yet

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reality Show Star in a bundle

Bryan Masche, who is the father on the WE reality show Raising Sextuplets, was arrested in Arizona and charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and threatening domestic violence. Masche, has been released on $3,500 bond.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Celebrities - "CAUGHT IN THE ACT"

James Gandolfini & Robert Iler at the NY Premiere of Boardwalk Empire… Penthouse Pet Krista Ayne at Foundation Lounge NY celebrating the birthdays of Actor Keith Collins & Village People Cowboy Randy JonesSlash jamming it out at Terminal 5…Ben Affleck & Matt Damon at Fenway park celebrating the premiere of “The Town”…Samantha Ronson being wisked out of Premiere Nightclub in LA…Kim Kardashian strolling out of the Ritz in Paris, France…Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino practicing his dance moves for “dancing with the stars” in LA… Kayne West still in a red jacket at NY fashion weeks Tory Burch Presentation…

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Morgan Freeman & Wife Split

Its Official, Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman is a single man. The divorce has been finalized from his second wife of 26 years, Myrna Colley-Lee. We wish them both the best.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Lights Over Paris loves life, and it shows in the stage-shows, lyrics and melodies that make them one of the most unique breakout bands of 2010. With their debut album, "Turn Off The Lights EP" and hit single "Turn Off The Lights", Lights Over Paris is already starting to make a name for themselves.

The band itself consists of Frontman Robb "TaLLLLL" University, who draws from his own experiences and imagination as he writes and performs LOP's vocal tracks. Will "W/P" Pepper rocks out on his custom Keytar providing the synth beds that make LOP rock on the dance floor. Lead guitarist Devin Bronson is the seasoned veteran of Lights Over Paris, having played for Avril Lavigne and Kelly Osbourne. Bassist Mike Torres was handpicked for his mind-blowing fretwork, which made him a star on tour with Ashley Tisdale. Keeping a tight pocket, Dave Gentry spends every day of his life kicking on the drums. Rounding out the band is the band's DJ, Shiny.

Lights Over Paris dropped their first EP, Turn Off The Lights EP on April 13, 2010 on Digital Records/Type One Records. With musical influences from AC/DC, and Lady Gaga to Blink 182 and Black Eyed Peas, Lights Over Paris is not limited to one particular genre. "I wanted to make an album where all the songs didn't sound the same" says TaLLLLL, "My influences were all over the place."

Their debut hit single, "Turn Off The Lights" is an infectious track, produced by multi-platinum producer/artist Kevin Rudolf ("Let It Rock" & "I Made It") which is already heating up the airwaves across the country at Top40 Radio. The band is now on their first tour which hits 34 major cities across the country!
“Turn Off The Lights” official video

Friday, September 17, 2010

'Going the Distance' Isn't Worth Going the Distance"

Real life on again-off again couple, Drew Barrymore and Justin Long, star in the new romantic comedy 'Going the Distance'. The story follows Erin and Garrett as they struggle to keep the spark alive in a long distance relationship between New York and San Fransisco. The audience is set to believe that these two love birds decide to keep things alive, via skype, after a mere six week summer fling. By the end of the film, viewers and left wishing they'd seen more of the very talented and humorous supporting cast and less of the two leads. In addition, I personally enjoy a good bit of bad language in a film, however this film is rated R simply because of the insane amount of f-bombs and unnecessary cursing.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


A film by Ron Krauss

Starring Joseph Ferrante, Annalynne McCord, Jordan James, Gloria Sandoval

AMEXICA is the story of a young boy from Mexico who is sold by a human trafficking ring to two con artists from Los Angeles with a get rich scheme. They portray him as their son, extorting money from innocent people by risking the boy's life in staged automobile accidents. Trapped, alone with his captors, and unable to speak for himself, the boy decides to take his fate into his own hands, forever changing the lives of the people around him.

AMEXICA takes a different approach in the exploration of human trafficking, showing the unexpected fallout of human chemistry from the captors and the victim's point of view.

To view the trailer:

Los Angeles Theatrical Release
September 24th – 26th
Sunset Laemmle 5
8000 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90046

Upcoming Film Festivals
September 17th-23rd

September 22nd-27th
COMMFFEST Global Community Film Festival

October 16th

November 1st-6th
3rd Radar Hamburg International Independent Film Festival

Mexico International Film Festival – Golden Palm Award Winner (2010)
Honolulu International Film Festival – Silver Lei Award (2010)
Malibu International Film Festival - Best Film (2010)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Matt Dillon, Paul Walker, Hayden Christenson, T.I...the list of male hotties goes on by no hard bodies can save 'Takers'. With such a simple plot, Bank robber friends plan a big heist while cracking jokes and showing off their six packs and winning over the girls, the audience is left wishing there were subplots or better acting and less hotties. Oh well, no loss.

Monday, September 13, 2010


John Varvatos & Alice Cooper

Jeremy Piven

ZZ Top & John Varvatos

Actor Keith Collins & Village People Cowboy Randy Jones

Jimmy Kimmel

Chris Brown

Legendary Music Icons Come Together to Rock! An Invite-Only event, (which was in support of the VH1 Save The Music Foundation) not much was forbidden once access was granted to this all-star lineup of rock ‘n’ roll greats.
The New York Fashion Week crowd packed in to John Varvatos’ 315 Bowery boutique for the concert which kicked off with a welcome from Late Night Talk Show Host Jimmy Kimmel, who made a special appearance to introduce the opening band.
With live performances by ZZ Top, Alice Cooper, Perry Farrell & many more notables who made there way to this star studded event were, Mike Myers, Jeremy Piven, Kelly Rowland, Mario Batali, Matthew Settle, Jeremy Sisto, Serena Williams, Chris Noth, Wilmer Valderrama, Actor Keith Collins, Rachael Ray, Sarah Silverman, Village People Cowboy Randy Jones, Eric McCormack, Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh, New York Rangers’s Sean Avery & many more. John Varvatos has had a long standing relationship with VH1 Save The Music Foundation, as they were the beneficiary of the 315 Bowery boutique’s opening event in April 2008. He also serves on the Board of the VH1 Save The Music Foundation and has dedicated activities around the 10 year anniversary ad campaign to benefit the New York based nonprofit whose mission is to restore instrumental music education in America’s public schools.
(photo credit- Derek Storm)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

3D Makes Money

The more expensive prices of 3D tickets may be the reason 'Resident Evil: Afterlife' was the only film making big money this weekend. $27.7 million is the result of the video game franchises new film. It seems like fans of the zombie-filled films and video games have been building over the past few years making 'Afterlife' the best selling of the Resident Evil films. Don't be confused, however, this does not make it the best film yet.

George Clooney's Still Got It

Perfectly cast, George Clooney is completely believable as the aging assassin, Jack. 'The American' follows Jack to the Italian countryside where he must complete his final assignment before retiring and also find a way to continue living without his past career. He befriends a lady of the night, Clara, and the local priest. Made similarly to an art film, 'The American' relies on action and creative camera angles more so then dialogue making each line spoken interesting and important. I highly recommend 'The American'.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Its fun to stay at the - - - -

Champagne will be flowing with the hundreds who are expected tonight at NYC’s Foundation Lounge for the annual “Kings & Cowboys” birthday celebration of Actor Keith Collins, Original Village People Cowboy Randy Jones & Former MTV VJ Thalia Da Costa. Collins straight off movie set of the upcoming acclaimed film “The Great Fight” and Jones with the much in demand promotions of his latest CD “Ticket To The World” have taken time off from their hectic schedules to wow the crowds once again with their annual wild birthday bash in honor of Virgos. We hear numerous surprises & many celebrity guests are set to witness this year’s spectacle and if its like any of the past years hold onto your saddles its going to be one heck of a whirlwind. Can you hear it already at the “Y –M – C – A” (hint hint) with live performances by American Idols Brenna Gethers and Youtube sensation Sean Avolio…
(photo credit: Derek Storm - Splash News)

Friday, September 10, 2010


This past Thursday there was commotion on the Seaside Heights boardwalk but wasnt the "Jersey Shore' kids, it was bodybuilding legend Gregg Valentino who was taking pictures with fans and beach goers..Valentino was in Seaside Heights N.J. vacationing with his family when he bumped into Jersey Shore stars a Pauly D. & Vinny who both got very excited when they realized it was Gregg Valentino in front of them.. Pauly D. got wide eyed and quickly yelled out to Vinny " Yo Vinny look who it is, your boy is here" Vinny reads Valentino's monthly column in Muscular Development magazine...The meeting was caught on camera and had everyone on the boardwalk buzzing..The 2 MTV stars asked Valentino if he would be interested in grabbing a workout with them and teach them some pointers... Valentino has also heard around being linked to Snooki back in early June. Valentino was in Hollywood working on a TV show thats where he bumped into pint sized snooki and the 2 hit it off together.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


A mystery. a cover up. a crime. One family will risk everything for the truth. Former Professional football player Pat Tillman had left the NFL to enlist in the U.S. Army after 9/11. He never thought of himself as a hero. His choice to leave a million dollar football contract and join the military wasn't done for any reason other than he felt it was the right thing to do. Upon his death two years later, the U.S. military opted to reward him with the Purple Heart and other honors, meanwhile, his family set out to reveal the truth behind the events that claimed his life.Directed by Amir Bar-Lev we are sure that “The Tillman Story” will be sweeping up the awards for this riveting Documentary

Celebrities - "CAUGHT IN THE ACT"

Tracy Morgan taking time to pet his pooch while on the set of 30 Rock…
Snoop Dogg surrounded by bottles of Landy Cognac VS Signing autographs at
Philadelphia Wine & Spirits…O’niel McKight performing at Kiss & Fly NYC…Adam Lambert at HighBar in NYC…Broder Jenner celebrating his birthday at Lavo in Las Vegas…User backstage at MSG while Justin Bieber was getting ready to perform for his sold out show…