Monday, September 27, 2010


The Downbeach Film Festival’s 2010 Atlantic City Cinefest will screen a stellar selection of some 40 features, shorts and documentaries in the famed Screening Room at Resorts Casino Hotel, the only movie theater in Atlantic City without an IMAX in its name.
The third annual festival – Oct. 15 to 17 - will also honor cinematic success stories, such as actor Chris Mulkey. Chris plays Boss Frank Hague in the current hit HBO series, “Boardwalk Empire,” and has also appeared in “Bare Knuckles,” “North Country” “Radio” “Behind Enemy Lines” “Broken Arrow” “First Blood”; and numerous television series.
Some films will spotlight relative newcomers to the silver screen. The opening night feature is “Green,” a comedy about the medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles, with a cast and crew heavy with Cherry Hill natives. As “Green” indicates, the festival has a clear New Jersey bent.
Geraldine Winters wrote and directed the thriller/drama, “Non Compos Mentis.”
Northfield resident, Jeff Reichert, directed the feature length, documentary, “Gerrymandering,” a take on the political process. Nicholas Boise wrote, directed and starred in the adventure thriller, “A Fight for Survival,” which also stars Keith Collins of Non Compos Mentis.
Stephanie Casaubon and Jane Pfitsch star as estranged sisters in a dramatic short, “Rainbow Rabbit Reliant.” Alysia Reiner, co-star of “Sideways,” stars in a dramatic short about the grieving process, “Speed Grieving.” The festival will screen two dramatic Holocaust shorts with veteran actors. “Stained” stars Louis Mandylor, the festival Chameleon Award winner in 2009. “The Desperate” stars Philadelphia native, Peter Mark Richman.
Marc Clebanoff, who directed “Gerald,” the closing film at last year's Atlantic City Cinefest, will oversee a block of web-based film series. He’ll also lead a panel discussion on new media content in the industry. The festival also includes a handful of ultra short films, along with a block associated with Rowan University, among them Michael Licisyn’s feature, “No Footing.”
Log onto for festival updates, including a complete list of films, the schedule and ticket prices.

Executive Director and Board Chair: William Sokolic
Board Members: Pinky Kravitz, Stefanie Ryan, Andrew Myers, Ned Eckhardt. John Sachar, Jeff Quinlan, Paul Russo
Los Angeles Members: Louis Mandylor, Marc Clebanoff
Consultants: Ray Murray and the Philadelphia Cinema Alliance
401 Berkshire Drive
Ventnor, NJ 08406

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