Saturday, September 11, 2010

Its fun to stay at the - - - -

Champagne will be flowing with the hundreds who are expected tonight at NYC’s Foundation Lounge for the annual “Kings & Cowboys” birthday celebration of Actor Keith Collins, Original Village People Cowboy Randy Jones & Former MTV VJ Thalia Da Costa. Collins straight off movie set of the upcoming acclaimed film “The Great Fight” and Jones with the much in demand promotions of his latest CD “Ticket To The World” have taken time off from their hectic schedules to wow the crowds once again with their annual wild birthday bash in honor of Virgos. We hear numerous surprises & many celebrity guests are set to witness this year’s spectacle and if its like any of the past years hold onto your saddles its going to be one heck of a whirlwind. Can you hear it already at the “Y –M – C – A” (hint hint) with live performances by American Idols Brenna Gethers and Youtube sensation Sean Avolio…
(photo credit: Derek Storm - Splash News)