Saturday, May 30, 2015

The 75th Anniversary of a Movie’s World Premiere in West Orange, New Jersey

During mid-May of 1940, in order to hold the World Premiere of motion picture biography, Edison, the Man starring Spencer Tracy, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer took control of the four New Jersey towns known collectively as “The Oranges” (West Orange, East Orange, South Orange, and Orange). The festivities in the so-called “Edison Pageant of Progress” included dedicating a replica of Edison’s first motion picture studio; firework displays; a premiere ball; a parade held during a disastrous rainstorm which ruined each and every one of the ornate floats; and the unveiling of a huge Edison portrait which was hung in the portico of the West Orange Town Hall. That unveiling was also captured as one of the very first television broadcasts although the television aspect was little more than a science-fiction novelty because of the infinitesimal number of TV sets in operation. Everything culminated in the May 16th screening of the film at six different area movie theatres. Tracy and his co-star, Rita Johnson, duly visited each theatre before each screening.

The idea for the premiere was supposedly the brainstorm of several local committees who “petitioned” M.G.M. for the honor but the actual concept came from the movie studio itself so as not to pass up a publicity goldmine by tying the film to Edison’s adopted hometown of West Orange where his factory was still thriving and where his widow still resided.

The premiere also renewed old rivalries in that wealthy East Orange had far too much input at West Orange’s expense. It was a rivalry which had already caused West Orange to begin lying about its founding date so that it didn’t have to share the same celebratory month and year with East Orange (whose deep pockets and mastery of attention-getting always put it on top). During the premiere, the Hollywood Theatre in East Orange became a particular sore spot by garnering all of the attention photographically because the word “Hollywood” prominently displayed on that theatre’s marquee gave images an immediate link to the film capital.

But for all of the hoopla and animosity garnered during that spring of 1940, the event had been all but forgotten until fifty years later when author John Dandola used it as the backdrop for a mystery novel. As it turns out, that mystery novel is the only accurate and detailed representation of the event because Dandola had access not only to local participants but Hollywood participants and original documents as well. As a result of his research, he became friends with the late movie actress Ann Rutherford who attended the Premiere Ball as M.G.M.’s “Ambassador of Good Will”. She, more than anyone, proved invaluable in the depiction of scenes and of the goings-on behind the scenes. His other windfall was that local residents gave him their personal amateur photos of the event. When the novel initially debuted, Dandola was even called upon by the archivist at the Edison National Historic Site to identify the people in their photos of the premiere which, until that point, were unlabeled.

“I had accidentally stumbled into a void which needed filling,” the author explains. “Anyone writing about the event since 1940 had fallen prey to the conflicting and hyperbolic newspaper articles put forth during the premiere celebrations. Made-up or misinterpreted scenarios continued to be passed on because no one knew that the so-called sources in such cases should be scrutinized. I’ve even run up against the rumor that Tracy was drunk during the festivities. Because that rumor was started by a 1940's politician who wanted to appear superior while calling attention to himself and because people always want to believe the worst, that rumor still gets repeated. The fact of the matter is that Tracy did have a drinking problem but he kept it under control by only indulging when not working and when he could be alone for long periods of time away from the spotlight. On top of that, the movie studios during Hollywood’s Golden Age assigned multiple chaperones to ensure that no such misbehavior could present problems. That was an all-important consideration because such things would greatly impact both the studio’s reputation and the star’s reputation. The bottom line is that the rumor about Tracy being drunk was just that—a rumor, idle gossip—it was neither possible nor true. Tracy wanted to play Edison so badly that he never would have jeopardized it in any way.”

Dandola’s statement is also bolstered by the fact that Spencer Tracy, who is still lionized today for his acting talent, immersed himself in ways of trying to bring Edison to life even going so far as to interview Mrs. Edison about her late husband. In fact, Mrs. Edison could have proven to be the toughest and only real hurdle for M.G.M. because the film portrayed Edison’s deceased first wife but it was the involvement of his second wife and widow which was pivotal to the World Premiere. The second Mrs. Edison handled things very graciously and she was more than thrilled at having the festivities held locally. Ultimately, she developed a bit of a crush on Tracy and the two spent a great deal of time together socially.

“Socializing was something Tracy usually had little tolerance for so he must have genuinely liked Mrs. Edison,” adds Dandola. “According to my grandfather, who had been Thomas Edison’s personal messenger boy during the 1910's, there wasn’t much about Mrs. Edison not to like.”

Therein lies Dandola’s connection to it all. Not only did his grandfather know Edison personally but his ancestors arrived in what would become West Orange more than two-hundred-and-fifty years ago. “We were always observers—inadvertent witnesses. My ancestors had ties to the Edison family besides working in various municipal capacities. My own childhood was in a period of time before urban sprawl obliterated the town’s original views so I was familiar with the landscape my ancestors had known and that’s served me very well in putting things into proper historical perspective.”

Historical perspective is always something of importance. Nowadays, when discussing old movies, it’s more in fashion to be smug and condescending than to understand the realities of a different time and place. Edison, the Man was a “bio-pic” of the type very much in vogue in Hollywood from the 1930's to the 1950's and it was the type expected by audiences at the time. Such movies were designed to be uplifting and they managed to develop little fictions which propelled the story for entertainment value while being basically true to the facts which were given a show business gloss and simplicity. To expect a film from that period to show a tawdry side is an impossibility and in this case there was no tawdry side to what the film was depicting about Edison. Revisionists, who don’t understand how the business of inventing was during that period of time, have often chosen to semi-vilify Edison on how he ran his company but Edison, the Man certainly doesn’t deal with any portion of Edison’s life which can be vilified. The movie doesn't pretend to be anything more than a straight-forward celebration of the subject.

“If you really want to nickpick,” Dandola says, “I’ll offer you this: focus on why Edison’s hair is full and wavy throughout the film but in the last scene, as an old man, his hair is thin and straight and limp as Edison’s was for his whole life. It’s all because Tracy hated wearing too much make-up so they limited it to one scene.”

As a screenwriter and expert on Hollywood history, Dandola knows what he’s talking about. In fact, his novel about the Edison premiere was written during a screenwriters’ strike. As the author recalls: “I had a few movie projects in the works when the strike hit so—forbidden from working on those—I wrote the novel. While I was wondering how to proceed from there I met some book editors at a party who were anxious to try their hand with their own imprint. I was more interested in getting the book to market in time for the fiftieth anniversary of the Edison, the Man World Premiere. They managed that and then the book just took off. The movie rights have been optioned quite a number of times—which was good since the screenwriters’ strike caused my—and a whole lot of other people’s—movie projects to fizzle. The novel was picked up by a larger publisher and it has spawned five sequels. The fifth sequel debuts later this year. A sixth is currently being written.”

The novel’s original title, West of Orange™, was trademarked because those words had never before been used together as a description for the town of West Orange and it kept things very local since the storyline was as much about the behind-the-scenes infighting between Orange, East Orange, South Orange, and West Orange as it was a murder mystery. Twenty-five years ago, before the internet, that made for a tremendous amount of local appeal and there were articles about the novel in all the north Jersey papers. Today, copies of the original small print run have been known to sell for surprisingly large sums if in mint condition.

“I hadn’t intended it to be any more than a one-time stand-alone novel,” Dandola confesses. “But no matter what else I was working on, the novel kept being mentioned. Finally, it went into national release with a title change to Dead at the Box Office. It’s never been out-of-print and it’s even had foreign editions. But the saddest thing is that although readers worldwide know about the Edison, the Manpremiere because of my novel, the actual event has once again been completely forgotten about in West Orange and by all the New Jersey newspapers. Nowadays, local history seems to have lost all sense of importance."

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Web TV Service Delivering Blockbuster Entertainment to Hospitals

ZuZuFy, Inc., provider of e-commerce enabled web TV, is pleased to announce that it has received licenses to stream feature films on its web TV platform, With the granting of this license, ZuZuFy will offer new releases and favorites from major studios such as Walt Disney Pictures, Warner Brothers Pictures, Sony Pictures, Miramax, The Weinstein Company, and many more, to certain markets.

ZuZuFy will begin offering its movie line-up to hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities throughout the US. “Everyone has a special movie that changes their mood or transports them to a different place. Part of our vision for ZuZuFy has always been to deliver the type of content that our viewers can really connect with. With ZuZuFy Cinema, we can provide patients, friends and family, and the hardworking staff at healthcare facilities a brief escape or a well-deserved break,” commented Thien Pham, CEO of ZuZuFy, Inc.

ZuZuFy Cinema is a turnkey service that can be easily integrated into any television inside waiting rooms, entry locations, and patient rooms. Customers can choose from three service packages to suit their desired content or services. For a full demonstration of ZuZuFy Cinema, please contact ZuZuFy, Inc.

About ZuZuFy, Inc.

ZuZuFy's web TV platform streams pre-recorded and live audio and video content over the Internet. With its easy to use production tools, anyone can create and manage their own web TV network and connect with viewers around the world. Web publishers can take advantage of ZuZuFy’s growing network of advertisers and merchants to select the special offers and products that are most relevant to their followers.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Thursday Nights A Clean Cut In NYC

Keith Collins, Beth Grant, Randy Jones

Thursday night was the industry place to be. A who's who of the film and entertainment industry showed up at NYC's famed Empire Hotel Rooftop Lounge Level R for the much anticipated cast / wrap party for the upcoming film "Clean Cut." The film stars Keith Collins pictured above with legendary Actress Beth Grant from the "The Mindy Project" and Original Village People Cowboy Randy Jones. Cast which included Doug Bollinger, Samantha Artese & Former NY Yankee Billy Sample celebrated with executive producers Steve Wolf, Jonnie Rockwell, Cory Green, Jeff Quinlan and two-time Emmy Award Winning writer and film director Joseph Pepitone into the wee hours at the trendy rooftop. The film is slated to be the next big thing in the horror / thriller genre and is expected to be released late 2015.

For more info and updates,

(Photo credit: Barry Brown, Splash News)

Monday, May 25, 2015

America’s Blues Set to Premiere at New Jersey International Film Festival

TrAGiK Entertainment is pleased to announce that their new documentary,America’s Blues, is set to premier at the New Jersey International Film Festival in June 2015. The new movie tells the story of the impact that Blues Music has had on American culture and society.

The New Jersey International Film Festival is one of the largest stages for independent cinema, offering a stage for offbeat, influential works of arts from around the world. TrAGiK Entertainment is excited about the inclusion of America’s Bluesat this year’s event, an occasion that will draw international attention.

America’s Blues demonstrates the profound impact that blues music has had on American culture, society, and entertainment. Blues music has had an influence on virtually every form of American music, leaving a deep impact in the entertainment industry. While it is sometimes regarded as the birth of rock and roll, the blues is largely unrecognized beyond music. Not only has the blues left its mark on the music industry, but it has had a role in other art forms such as paintings, sculpture, literature, television, and film.

Patrick Branson of TrAGiK Entertainment LLC said "We wanted to take a different angle on the Blues so we mixed history with popular culture and came up with a story of the Blues that hasn't been told yet, and it might be one of the most important ever told." He goes on to say, "It's important that people understand the true history of modern entertainment, and see the Blues for what it truly is."

The film will premiere at the New Jersey International Film Festival held at Rutgers University on June 5, 2015, at 5PM in Vorhees Hall. More information is available at

About TrAGiK Entertainment LLC

TrAGiK Entertainment LLC is a motion picture company that places an emphasis on visual storytelling. Producing both narrative and documentary films, the company aspires to entertain and educate audiences.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

IFFF Investing 1000 Crore on the films directed by Prashant Singh (HITRON TELEVISION ENTERTAINMENT)

IFFF Investing 1000 Crore on the films directed by Prashant Singh (HITRON TELEVISION ENTERTAINMENT)

Prasant Rana, CEO of Hitron, said: Hitron has always been at the helm for delivering Bollywood and Event content in India and internationally.  This joint venture with IFFF is the natural step in our progression to build a creative film studio or production house and unique inhouse technology platform.  as colloboration provides a platform to bring the best of IFFF’s intellectual property, finance skills, and unique monetizing strategies to India, while also providing finance to develop the films or entertainment ontent.  Vinay’s vision and leadership, combined with the IFFF management team’s deep industry experience, makes them our ideal partners.”

No of films: 7 Bollywood Movie and 4 Hollywood Movie

Time Frame: 3 Years.

Funds are ready.

IFFF investing this much amount in the time frame of 3 Years in the films of Prashant Singh.

This strategic partnership represents an exciting opportunity for IFFF to significantly expand our presence into the film production and finance sector of this vibrant and growing marketplace while creating a bridge for developing and sharing content between Hollywood and Bollywood,” said Vinay Bajaj, CEO of IFFF.  “By 2020, India is set to become the world’s youngest country, and its citizens are adopting new technology platforms  – from smartphones to smart TVs – at a dramatic rate.  We are especially excited to work with Hitron and its impressive management team led by Prasant Rana, and this joint venture positions us well to deliver enthralling content across rapidly emerging distribution channels.”

Friday, May 22, 2015

Breaking Entertainment News Celebrity Publicist Toni Embry Seeks Indie Horror Film To Unit Publicity

Glace Entertainment Public Relations announced today that their Chief Celebrity Publicist Toni Embry is seeking an independent horror film to serve as unit publicist on in a pro-bono (fee free) role for summer 2015.  The celebrity publicist is a major fan of the horror film genre and wanted to lend her expertise as a publicist to an independent film production this summer.  Toni will provide full unit publicity services from pre-production to post production, premiere arrangements, and submissions to film festivals.  The production company selected will only need to provide travel and lodging to the filming location.

"I want to get back to independent film making and do it in the genre I truly love, horror.  Independent films have always been a passion of mine and having judged in many festivals I want to prep an independent horror film production from the beginning to compete in an international market." - Chief Celebrity Publicist Toni Embry

Filmmakers/Production Companies interested in Ms. Embry considering them for pro-bono unit publicity should submit treatment/script, production dates, locations, and any other pertinent information to Toni's asst Luccio Torres at - Serious film offers will receive media kit on Ms. Embry as well as GlacePR

You May Visit For More Information On GlacePR

MEDIA MEMBERS: Ms. Embry is available for interview to discuss the  pro-bono unit publicity offering for tv, radio (on-air and online stations), print, and internet based blogs etc.  To request an interview please email her asst using the email address above.

Brief Bio Celebrity Toni Embry and GlacePR -

Ms. Embry has been in the entertainment industry since the age of 2 (spanning 25 years now) as an actress, dancer, singer. She began her career as an entertainment publicist upon graduating from NorthWestern University in 2005 and represents some of today's hottest "A" listers (Rihanna, Beyonce, Drake, Britney Spears, Kerry Washington - partial list). Additionally, she is also a voting member of the Academy (AMPAS). Via social media GlacePR reaches 24.6 million engaged celebrities, entertainment industry insiders, journalists/media members, and the general public with 1 click through Sprout Social.

Glacé Entertainment Public Relations™ -

(gla·cé: (French adjective) - Having A Glossy Surface or Highly Polished) is a full-service, award winning, boutique entertainment public relations firm representing celebrity actors, models, recording artists, and personalities

Founded in 2006 by Chief Celebrity Publicist Toni Embry, Glacé Entertainment Public Relations™ is a full-service, award winning, boutique entertainment public relations firm. Boutique means we represent only exceptional talent and keep a limited number of clients on our roster at any given point. We do this to provide our clients with premium, luxurious, glossy service.

Glacé Entertainment Public Relations™ only caters to the entertainment industry. Representing celebrity actors (film/t.v.), models (fashion print & runway), fashion designers, and recording artists (rap - hip hop – r&b – pop). Additionally, we provide full unit publicity to film, television, music/music video productions, and red carpet and VIP industry events/award shows.

By recently launching our Social Media Development and Maintenance department, we now reach 24.6 million engaged fans and industry insiders with a single click. We are not limiting our clients to traditional publicity; we are utilizing the internet, social media platforms and sites to elevate their brand with more impact then ever before! Glacé Entertainment Public Relations™ is one of the only major entertainment pr firms offering celebrity social media development and maintenance.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

CELEBRITIES - Caught In The Act & Overheard

Brittany Spears performing at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, NV…Funny lady Melissa McCarthy getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, CA…George Clooney, Britt Robertson & Brad Bird at the Tomorrowland Premiere in Valencia, Spain…Adrien Brody, Emily Blunt, Juliette Lewis at the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France...Keith Collins, Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal & Billy Sample, Randy Jones expected at the Empire Hotel Level R Lounge for Clean Cut cast party in NYC…Bradley Cooper at the Theatre Royal Haymarket in London, UK…Jimmy Fallon, Liam Neeson, Susan Sarandon, Bon Jovi & Jewel cheering on the NY Rangers at Madison Square Garden in NYC...Laverne Cox at the10th annual Global Women's Rights Awards at Pacific Design in West Hollywood, CA…Emma Stone hurrying through the crowd at LAX in Los Angeles, CA...

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Fashion Films Music Casting Festival

The Set NYC presents:  Fashion Film Music Casting Festival. Connect with NYC film directors, music shows, and NYC fashion productions.  Network with the NYC arts community on a Friday evening.  Featuring music shows by Ian Janer, Ed Besarno, Papa Reese, and Keven Fitzgerald.  Absinthe drink specials, No cover for upstairs networking party.  Featuring Nubia, "Guest Model" from America's Next Top Model and actress Heather Hodder (While We're Young, Me, Myself & Irene, Riding in Cars with Boys).    $5 for screening and music shows, downstairs area.

Screening Shorts:

8pm Films

"Echoes" by Michael Artiles

"Iceland" by Christian Capestany 

"The Bumblebees" by Sebastian Sdaigui

"Broken" by Nikolai Basarich

"Mike Hold 4Ever" by Kenneth Anderson

"Melody June Cooper: Actress for Hire" by Adam Taylor

10pm Films

"MilkShake" by Sangjin Ko

"LI Divas - Birthday Bash" by Katie McGuire

"Palpitations" by Robin D'Oench

"SF Olympics" by Gabe Rodriguez

"Beat the Bully" by Annabel Ruddle

Music Shows

8pm Ian Janer

9pm Ed Besarno

10pm Papa Reese

11pm  Keven Fitzgerald

Friday May 22nd, 7pm - 1am.  Lovecraft, 50 Ave B

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Going Green Film Fest Announces 2015 Winners

The Going Green Film Festival announces it's winners of the 2015 Film Festival.

Films screened on the media player, Roku for the month of April, and was made available for viewing to over 8 million subscribers.  Winners were selected by a jury in combination with the number of views/playbacks each film received.

"We were excited at the engagement of Roku audiences," festival founder Patrice Williams comments. "Roku was the perfect platform for exposing these amazing films to a wide and diverse audience."

Official selections included documentaries, dramas and comedies.  They were submitted into three different categories: Our Planet, Green Productions and Hybrid/Alternative Transportation.

The Winning Films Are:

Sea Legend;
 Submitted by Anica Maruhn (Germany)


The Spinster
; Submitted by Kristin Tieche  (USA)

Hybrid/Alternative Transportation

Table Manners
; Submitted by Rebecca Manley (United Kingdom)

Green Productions


Ryde Share
: Submitted by Sethward Allison (USA)

My Homeland: Submitted by Rodrigo Jardon (USA)

The Going Green Film Festival launched in 2010 as a way to encourage and reward green filmmaking, as well as educate filmmakers on the necessity of lowering their carbon footprint on this planet.

The Going Green Film Festival is a fundraiser for the Minorities in Broadcasting Training Program.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

"Orange is the New Black" Actor Edvin Ortega Gets Married

Edvin Ortega & Jennifer Vadella

Actor Edvin Ortega is officially tying the knot today to long time beau singer/musician Jennifer Vadella. The lavish wedding affair will take place at Jefferson Valley, NY posh venue Sinapi's Ceola Manor. Ortega's known for "Orange is the New Black", "The Mysteries of Laura", "The Coffee Shop" and the highly acclaimed soon to be released comedy film "The Jersey Devil". Congrats to the newlyweds from all of us here at the Daily Film Forum.

Friday, May 15, 2015

FilmScriptz Challenge - Get Your Film Produced

The FilmScriptz Challenge is a contest for all script writers, experienced and inexperienced and over the age of 18, to compete for production of their story into a full feature film.  The competition is open to participants worldwide.  All genres are accepted.


Colossal's attention to service and quality has made us an industry leader. We, Kurt and Dana Ritter, founders of Colossal Film Studio LLC, and our team of professionals constantly strive to exceed your expectations.  With that goal in mind, we developed this challenge in order to give some very talented writers a chance to see their story come to life on screen.  Break a leg!" -KnD

 FilmScriptz Challenge

Submissions accepted now.
Deadline for submissions - June 30, 2015

Go to Website for details - - FilmScriptz Challenge Rules and Conditions

Kurt and Dana Ritter, founders of Colossal Film Studio LLC

Submit your feature-length film script to compete for the chance to have the script produced.  The value of the production is estimated to be $500,000.  Certain limitations apply.

$285 per film script submission

Colossal Film Studio LLC is the most recognized and largest production studio in Arizona. We offer a wide range of services including: filming bays/green screen, commercial production, indie films, sporting-events broadcasting, production offices, hair & make-up, and rental equipment.  This beautiful and comfortable atmosphere has been the source of filming for many movies, music videos and commercials. Conveniently located just north of downtown Phoenix makes easy access from any direction. Our huge gated parking area allows our clients to have the privacy and space needed for trailers, craft services and outdoor construction areas with security for our valued clients. We also now have syndication abilities for anyone looking to create content and place it on television. Colossal Film Studio is more than just a studio.  We are a future-building platform of success focusing on high standards, education, and mitigation of production risks, uncompromising safety, and a positive experience.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

"Awake in the Woods" World Premiere & Official Release

Boise, Galeani & Collins in
"Awake in the Woods"

The much anticipated world premiere & theatrical release of "Awake in the Woods" is tonight in New York City with a private VIP after party at famed hotspot the Empire Hotel Rooftop Lounge Level R. The film is being released world wide by Shami Media Group, Inc. and is currently available for pre-order at fine retailers such as Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, F.Y.E., Kmart, Sears, MVD & More.

It begins by a series of interviews from patients whom have all frequented the urban legend woods and have survived. All of which appear to be lost in their own minds from the possession they have encountered by entering the haunted woods. A slow mind wondering start as to where this film will take you it starts to become extremely clever, eerie and suspenseful while it pulls you in deeper to the story. A cross between the famed two successful films "Blair Witch Project" and "Paranormal Activity."

Taking you through a farmland scenery leading up to the woods that seem to be peaceful, they become mildly dense and seem to go on for miles and miles then slowly begin to pull you into their ultimate creepiness and lock you into their myth. The acting in the movie is stellar. (Ronnie) Theresa Galeani very spooky and clever in a leading role with her two best friends (Derek) Keith Collins who is no amateur to the screen giving quite a seasoned chilling performance and (Tucker) Nicholas Boise who rounds out the trio in a supporting role. You see their fear and complete companionship together as they try to document the heard about stories and conquer the haunted woods. Half way in and glued to the screen, the movie starts to really come at you. At times you can feel your pulse start to elevate wondering what will happen next. The last 15 mins of the film is thrilling and fast as everything moves rather quickly flying at you to the final end moments which will leave you totally scared, spooked and startled.

They say there was a paranormal possession while filming? I say possibly accurate if not very believable. It may have happened, it may not have, however I won't be stepping foot anytime soon near those Marion woods to find out!!

"Awake in the Woods" official release street date is May 19th, 2015. See the trailer below to get a glimpse as whats to come.

"Awake in the Woods" Official Movie Trailer

"Awake in the Woods" Available for pre-order on Amazon

“Captain Awesome” Chuck’s Ryan McPartlin Cast in My Fair Dude Comedy Feature Film

“Captain Awesome” himself – Chuck’s (NBC) Ryan McPartlin -- has been cast in the upcoming hilarious comedy feature film My Fair Dudeinspired by classic My Fair Lady and Pygmaliontales, .  The Royals’ Manpreet Bachu and The Duffs’ Bianca Santos have also been signed to co-starring roles for this award-winning smart and funny “dating app” tech comedy,  which tells the tale of a geeky San Francisco app developer who desperately wants to save his job by impressing his boss in a world where unimaginable fortune may only be an app away.

Follow ( on Twitter @MyFairDude, on Instagram @MyFairDudeMovie, on Facebook at ( and on IMDB at My Fair Dude

RYAN MCPARTLIN as KEVIN is Peter's rival at work. He is good looking, tech savvy, manipulative and will stop at nothing to get the promotion Peter wants. McPartlin is best known for his character, Devon “Captain Awesome” Woodcomb on NBC’s Chuck comedy show. He began in entertainment as an Abercrombie & Fitch model and started his acting career on the set of The Nanny (and later in Living with Fran) with Fran Drescher. Notable roles include a stint on Mad Men, the soap opera, Passions, and most recently in Mystery Girls and Bad Judge.

MANPREET BACHU as ANOOSH is a nerdy tech head side kick, who recently relocated from India where he was a ladies’ man, but some of his techniques on American girls are lost in translation. Bachu can currently be seen on E Entertainment and NBC's The Royals, and as series regular Harun, in AMC’s Real Humans a science fiction drama set in Sweden. He has also been featured on BBC’sDoctor Who and ITV’s Dom Joly Sketch Show.

BIANCA SANTOS as MARISSA is a bubbly, somewhat absent-minded wing-woman's assistant who happens to be in love with love. Santos can currently be seen in The DUFF as well as Ouija, Happylandand The Fosters.

JIM HANKS as JAMISON is the loveable, yet tough boss at SF App Company. He's an idea man, a true entrepreneur who appreciates family values, and recognizes and appreciates the talented young people who work for him. Actor and director Hanks was most recently in Robot Chicken and Dexter.

ANDRIANA MANFREDI as JULIANNA is a seasoned San Francisco reporter with a nose for a good human interest story. She predicts her “geek-to-chic” story about Peter will hit it out of the park. Manfredi can be seen in L.A. Crime and most recently in Days of Our Lives.

The legendary CLORIS LEACHMAN as RUTH is a 68-going-on-25 unconventional dance instructor who teaches proper etiquette and some awe-inspiring dance moves. Cloris can been seen in Fox's Raising Hope as a series regular.

Emmy Award-winner Steve Welch (New GirlMalcolm in the Middle) helped develop the project and is on board to direct. Written by award-winning writer Dianna IppolitoMy Fair Dude won “best romantic comedy” script at the 2013 Monaco International Film Festival and is being produced by both Ippolito, and Yumee Jang (BanditoThe Boost).
Follow on Twitter @MyFairDude, Instagram @MyFairDudeMovie and on Facebook at and IMDB at My Fair Dude

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Josh Server Stars in the High-Octane Thriller Directed and Produced by Ethan Black

Actor Josh Server recently landed a starring role in the upcoming thriller, Deadly Prank.  The film is about a TV prankster who ends up as the victim of the ultimate hoax.  He is set up for a murder he did not commit and is relentlessly pursued. This thriller promises to reach adrenalin pumping levels.  Written by Kamran Delan and produced and directed by Ethan Black, the film stars Jesse Woodrow, Josh Server, Eric Roberts, Beverly Mitchell, Tom Green, Brian Krause, and Chase Ryan Jeffery.

Josh Server’s role as a reporter in this spine chiller is a pivotal departure from the comedic roles of which he is known.  Deadly Prank mirrors the auteur master of the suspense genre, Alfred Hitchcock.  Josh is ecstatic over the opportunity to work with friend and colleague Jesse Woodrow.  Jesse acted alongside Brian Krause in the TV series Charmed. The film includes a cast of seasoned professionals such as Tom Green who has had a successful run in Hollywood as a comedian, actor and guest host on The Late Show with David Letterman. Other cast members include Oscar nominee and, award winning actor Eric Roberts, frequently referred to as one of Hollywood’s edgier more intriguing characters. Beverly Mitchell, also a country music artist is still recognized as the middle sister in the popular television family TV show, 7th Heaven.  Chase Ryan Jeffery played the unforgettable character, Chuck in American Virgin.  Brian Krause is known for his lead role in Sleepwalker and was a regular on the hit show “Charmed” starring Alyssa Milano, Shannon Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, and Rose McGowan.

The film is scheduled for release in late 2015.