Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mercy for Angels Feature Film Now Available in Walmart Stores

Colored Wind Productions is officially launching its new feature film, "Mercy for Angels," co-directed by award winning independent filmmaker, K.C. Amos, and Dale Stelly. The feature takes on the subject of human trafficking with a storyline that depicts the journey of women and girls who are lured into the hidden world of trafficking trying to find their way out.

The film stars Vida Guerra (Dorm Dayz 2), Emilio Rivera (Sons of Anarchy), John Amos(Roots), Nicola Bertram (Green Street Hooligans 2),and  Destiny Austin (Millionaire Matchmaker) and to name a few.

When asked about the message behind the film, K.C. Amos addressed the need to address the epidemic of human trafficking through the art of film making.

“It is a cause that me and Pops are passionate about. We want to assist the efforts to bring change through awareness and hopefully help to end this crime against humanity. It goes toward a major movement. I'm fixing to level the playing field,” says KC Amos, Director.

The film's soundtrack includes the track "Free in Heaven" by Gary Lee Jeffries(Virgin Records) along with music by compoers Jason Solowsky(Lionsgate Films/Sony Pictures)

Colored Wind Productions is a television, music video and film production company based in Los Angeles and headed by Grammy nominated Director, KC Moas. Amos has won prestigious awards from the Sundance Film Festival along with a Grammy nomination for his work on cutting edge productions with Dream Works as well as top stars in the industry. Dale Stelly has produced and directed numerous films for Lionsgate.

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