Thursday, May 14, 2015

“Captain Awesome” Chuck’s Ryan McPartlin Cast in My Fair Dude Comedy Feature Film

“Captain Awesome” himself – Chuck’s (NBC) Ryan McPartlin -- has been cast in the upcoming hilarious comedy feature film My Fair Dudeinspired by classic My Fair Lady and Pygmaliontales, .  The Royals’ Manpreet Bachu and The Duffs’ Bianca Santos have also been signed to co-starring roles for this award-winning smart and funny “dating app” tech comedy,  which tells the tale of a geeky San Francisco app developer who desperately wants to save his job by impressing his boss in a world where unimaginable fortune may only be an app away.

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RYAN MCPARTLIN as KEVIN is Peter's rival at work. He is good looking, tech savvy, manipulative and will stop at nothing to get the promotion Peter wants. McPartlin is best known for his character, Devon “Captain Awesome” Woodcomb on NBC’s Chuck comedy show. He began in entertainment as an Abercrombie & Fitch model and started his acting career on the set of The Nanny (and later in Living with Fran) with Fran Drescher. Notable roles include a stint on Mad Men, the soap opera, Passions, and most recently in Mystery Girls and Bad Judge.

MANPREET BACHU as ANOOSH is a nerdy tech head side kick, who recently relocated from India where he was a ladies’ man, but some of his techniques on American girls are lost in translation. Bachu can currently be seen on E Entertainment and NBC's The Royals, and as series regular Harun, in AMC’s Real Humans a science fiction drama set in Sweden. He has also been featured on BBC’sDoctor Who and ITV’s Dom Joly Sketch Show.

BIANCA SANTOS as MARISSA is a bubbly, somewhat absent-minded wing-woman's assistant who happens to be in love with love. Santos can currently be seen in The DUFF as well as Ouija, Happylandand The Fosters.

JIM HANKS as JAMISON is the loveable, yet tough boss at SF App Company. He's an idea man, a true entrepreneur who appreciates family values, and recognizes and appreciates the talented young people who work for him. Actor and director Hanks was most recently in Robot Chicken and Dexter.

ANDRIANA MANFREDI as JULIANNA is a seasoned San Francisco reporter with a nose for a good human interest story. She predicts her “geek-to-chic” story about Peter will hit it out of the park. Manfredi can be seen in L.A. Crime and most recently in Days of Our Lives.

The legendary CLORIS LEACHMAN as RUTH is a 68-going-on-25 unconventional dance instructor who teaches proper etiquette and some awe-inspiring dance moves. Cloris can been seen in Fox's Raising Hope as a series regular.

Emmy Award-winner Steve Welch (New GirlMalcolm in the Middle) helped develop the project and is on board to direct. Written by award-winning writer Dianna IppolitoMy Fair Dude won “best romantic comedy” script at the 2013 Monaco International Film Festival and is being produced by both Ippolito, and Yumee Jang (BanditoThe Boost).
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