Monday, April 24, 2017

Stark Sound Lab releases new album 'KEystone 8'

Stark Sound Lab (SSL), a Moog inspired experimental electronic music project that primarily creates Progressive Rock music and soundtracks, has just released its third album of 2017, 'KEystone 8'.

KEystone 8 is an R&B record that was inspired by the bygone era when the telephone landline was king. From Partyline Blues to Rotary Dial to Long Distance, this album is sure to get your feet moving and your fingers walking.

Keeping true to Stark Sound Lab style, many of the sounds featured on this record were created using vintage Moog instruments.

KEystone 8 shows the many sides of Stark Sound Lab.

Recorded, mixed and engineered at Stark Studios, Oakville, Ontario.
Composed by Stark Sound Lab
Album Art by SpaDogs
Arranged by Andy Stark
Performed by Andy Stark

Digital Distribution - Stark Records

The Stark Sound Lab story began in Marin County and San Francisco, California, 1968, when the fledgling Moog synthesizer was just becoming part of the mainstream. The late 1970s brought SSL to the North Bay. Now Stark Sound Lab writes, performs and produces music in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

The true effect of SSL is in the experience of listening. Keystone 8 is now available from over 700 digital music stores online worldwide.

- Primrose Cornwall
Staff Writer
Stark Records

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Friday, April 21, 2017

CivicScience and National CineMedia Partner on In-Depth Cinema Audience Profiling

CivicScience and National CineMedia (NCM) Partner on In-Depth Cinema Audience Profiling

Latest Project Discovers New Insights into the Evolution of the American Movie-Goer

National CineMedia (NCM) and market intelligence company CivicScience recently partnered to uncover the psychographic and behavioral traits that define today's movie-going audience. The research yielded a number of exciting findings to support cinema advertisers, while providing useful insight to the broader movie industry and adjacent brands.

Throughout the project, CivicScience and NCM studied tens of thousands of people who regularly attend movies in leading U.S. venues and compared them to the General Population of U.S. consumers. By examining their demographics, tech usage, health and wellness behaviors, social media usage, and other differences, CivicScience built rich profiles of this movie-going audience – with the initial goal of understanding the shopping behaviors of greatest value to advertisers.

Through data mining and analysis of the company's extensive survey database, CivicScience was able to separate the movie-goer group into four distinctive clusters based on their shopping habits and behaviors. The bottom-up process that defined the clusters used algorithms to traverse the CivicScience question library to find which response patterns created the most "space" between and the least "space" within the clusters. The clusters identified are:

1.  Conscious Consumers
2.  Fashionable Savers
3.  Spectators
4.  Unplugged Savers

CivicScience examined the clusters to identify how they differ from one another. For example, Spectators have the largest proportion of males while Unplugged Savers are overwhelmingly female. Fashionable Savers are more likely to own a tablet computer while Unplugged Savers are the most likely to donate to charities.

Here are more details on what defines each cluster:

  ·   Conscious Consumers, named because of their strong degree of brand consciousness, skew more male. They are less likely to own a tablet computer and are less likely to be price-conscious, particularly when it comes to food shopping.

  ·   Fashionable Savers, named because of their early adopter and fashion-forward tendencies,are more likely to be male and more than half are under 35 years old. This cluster tries new products and tells others about the products they try. Fashionable Savers use social media more than an hour each day and their purchases are likely to be influenced by social media. They actively use Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tumblr and regularly play video games.

  ·   Spectators, named because of their high level of consumption in traditional media and sports,theyare the most male skewing, as well as the oldest cluster with more than half over the age of 45. They are less price-conscious and are the least likely to use coupons when shopping.  This cluster is more likely to follow sports, particularly the NFL and college football.

  ·   Unplugged Savers, named because of their lower rate of technology device adoption,are the most likely to skew female. This group tends to write positive reviews online and are more likely to consult online reviews and compare prices when shopping. They actively use Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram and follow – and even lead – fashion and music trends. Unplugged Savers are generally more price-conscious; however, they are the most charitable among the four clusters.

"Throughout this project, CivicScience provided us with insightful and powerful data," said Sunil Soman, VP of Strategic Insight & Analysis at NCM. "Based on the clusters discovered within our movie audiences, we'll be able to paint a richer picture of our consumers, enabling us to better target relevant content and ads. Additionally, having these assets available will not only help us serve our existing clients, but will also greatly enhance our new business efforts."

Shopping behavior was just one of many dimensions the CivicScience database can explore, and future research is in discussion to segment movie-goers based on social and political leanings, health, wellness, and lifestyle factors, and more.

"NCM is on the cutting edge of insight-driven media and advertising," said John Dick, CEO of CivicScience. "This work will only get smarter and more valuable as it evolves."

About CivicScience
CivicScience is a next-generation polling and consumer research company based in Pittsburgh. Our enterprise software portal, the InsightStore™, combines a proprietary survey methodology with advanced data mining technology to produce deep, reliable, and real-time consumer insights. Our stable of marquee clients ranges from Fortune 100 companies to emerging businesses in retail, CPG, media, food service, electronics, telecommunications, energy, healthcare, and financial services. For more information, please visit

About National CineMedia (NCM)

National CineMedia (NCM) is America's Movie Network. As the #1 Millennial weekend network in the U.S., NCM is the connector between brands and movie audiences. More than 700 million moviegoers annually attend theaters that are currently under contract to present NCM's FirstLook pre-show in over 40 leading national and regional theater circuits including AMC Entertainment Inc., Cinemark Holdings, Inc. and Regal Entertainment Group. NCM's cinema advertising network offers broad reach and unparalleled audience engagement with over 20,500 screens in over 1,600 theaters in 189 Designated Market Areas® (all of the top 50). NCM Digital goes beyond the big screen, extending in-theater campaigns into online and mobile marketing programs to reach entertainment audiences. National CineMedia, Inc. owns a 43.7% interest in, and is the managing member of, National CineMedia, LLC. For more information, visit

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Be Bold For Change: Women Filmmakers Take Action To Promote Diversity At Cannes Film Festival

 Inspired by passionate women around the world, fighting for gender parity, Yolonda Brinkley, creator of Beyond Borders: Diversity in Cannes announced today, the return of the Women in Formation Short Film Showcase at the 70th Festival de Cannes. The independently produced event will celebrate the voice and power of global women in film and will feature films from across the globe that capture unique female perspectives at a private screening in May 2017.

At a time when worldwide employment of women in film is disproportionately lower than men, Beyond Borders: Diversity in Cannes, the independent global filmmaker movement promoting diversity of age, gender, physical ability, race, religion and sexual orientation at the Cannes Film Festival, will provide a platform for women to promote their talent, creativity and storytelling prowess. With the grace of Meryl Streep, the spirit of Viola Davis and the actions of countless women fighting for gender parity across multiple disciplines, the Diversity in Cannes Women in Formation Short Film Showcase will celebrate the voice and power of women in film at the world's most prestigious entertainment industry event.

"At the risk of being labeled the angry black women, I am fed up with the reports, conferences and closed door discussions pertaining to diversity. As evidenced by the staggering statistics, it's clear, Hollywood and the global entertainment industry at large, don't give a damn about inclusion of any kind. As women, people of color, disabled and other marginalized groups, we're fighting an uphill battle, which we'll continue to lose, devoid audacious strategies to effect change," comments Yolonda Brinkley, creator of Beyond Borders: Diversity in Cannes. "Admittedly, I do not have an answer for the eradication of this blatant discrimination, but believe bold, fearless, collective action is a great start. With that, I invite you to join Beyond Borders: Diversity in Cannes, the movement to promote diversity and inclusion at the Cannes Film Festival, as we celebrate global women in film this May."

The Beyond Borders: Diversity in CannesWomen in Formation Short Film Showcase, will give special distinction to six to eight female filmmakers who depict honorable images of the feminine voice at an independent screening during Diversity Day at the Cannes Film Festival. To culminate, these women, along with general showcase participants and other trailblazing diversity advocates will be acknowledged at an awards reception in their honor. To be considered, female filmmakers are encouraged to submit their films and web-series to the 2017 Beyond Borders: Diversity in Cannes Short Film Showcase.

In celebration of Women's History Month, regular submission deadline is extended through March 31, 2017, for women. Use code WOMENINFORMATION at for special rate.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Actor Chris Warren Is Nightwing

With the recent announcement that DC Comics is bringing "Nightwing" to the big screen, actor Chris Warren officially throws his "wing" in the race. He is starring in the fan led streaming project "The Nightwing" since late 2016, where he brilliantly executes his own stunt choreography "with the skill and determination of Dick Grayson!" Fans agree that Chris Warren bears an uncanny resemblance to the comic book hero and brings a level of reality that they need and demand.

When asked why a "rising star" should be considered for such an iconic role, Chris told us, "I began training every day for this role in October 2015 – parkour, weight training, stunt work, acting on-set and in advanced workshops. I didn't want to simply 'play' this character on TV; I had to become this character in real life . . . well, minus the nightly swinging from rooftops and being shot at." The twinkle in his eye and the smile on his face intensified. "I'm not saying there is no one else who could play the role. I'm just saying . . ." We watched him transform as he continued, ". . . I AM the Nightwing!"

Although there was no doubt in the minds of anyone listening, Chris continued to explain. "A singular focus, a hero's mission, per se, is to inspire people to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals, no matter how insurmountable the odds. Stopping is never an answer."

"The Nightwing," a self-funded, agency-backed fan fiction project, began to come to life in October 2015. (Details here:"It will be the ultimate audition tape for the actual movie," Chris told his agent Christopher Montgomery, CEO of Prodigy Talent Agency, when he first presented the idea.

Montgomery was impressed. We asked him why. "No actor has shown this amount of self-determination to push so hard, be so determined and be so laser-focused on what they want. It's inspiring to help propel such a project forward. Name any actor at any level who not only goes after the role, but creates the work around themselves to prove what they bring to the role! Chris Warren is right when he says he is Nightwing!"

Take a look - we think you'll agree!

Chris Warren Nightwing Workout

The Nightwing Series Preview

Friday, April 14, 2017

"Road Back" Documentary by Director Vincent Brantley Takes a Hardcore Look at Heroin Addiction

Director Vincent Brantley gives viewers a raw and unapologetic look at the struggle of drug addition, through the eyes of an alcoholic and heroin addict in his sophomore effort, "Road Back." Shot in the style of a cinema vérité, the songwriter-turned-director held a private screening of the documentary with filmmakers and industry influencers during Oscar weekend at Raleigh Studios in Los Angeles, garnering positive responsesbefore its run on the film festival circuit. The private screening was sponsored by Intermountain Healthcare, a not-for-profit health system, based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

"Road Back" is a powerful documentary, shining a light on the struggles of heroin addiction by capturing the real life friendship of best friends Wendell Justice and Tom Olson. The two men take viewers on a turbulent journey to sobriety.

Like most families in America, Brantley has grappled with substance abuse within his own family; and his life experiences served as the impetus for filming "Road Back."  Shot on location in Utah and California for more than a year, the "Road Back" is a story of love, a story of life, a story of friendship and a story of triumph. With no definitive beginning or end, the film exposes the daily realities of two friends who walk the road of addiction and recovery together.

"Each day, nearly 600 people -- under the age of 25 -- try heroin, and become addicted," said Brantley. "No addict wants to be an addict. And the people closest to them don't understand an addict's urge to take drugs." Brantley hopes viewers will gain better understanding of substance abuse as a chronic illness, if they can see it through the eyes of an addict. "Road Back" is an up close and personal account (sometimes nasty) – of one man's fight to be clean, and another man's fight to stay clean.


"Road Back" | 83 minutes | movie synopsis

"Road Back" is an astounding story told through the lens of director Vincent Brantley, giving viewers an unapologetic and raw look into the struggle of drug addiction through the friendship between two unlikely friends. Tom Olson is a well-to-do White executive, and a recovering alcoholic from Salt Lake City, Utah. And Wendell Justice is a Black barber and heroin addict from the mean streets of Bakersfield, Calif.

"Road Back" courageously takes viewers behind the door of the user – that is, injecting, snorting and smoking "smack" -- showcasing the ugliness of a heroin drug addition as Justice tries to beat it.The doc reveals how drugssidelined Justice's promising career as a celebrity barber, and how he ended up serving 17 years in prison for drug-related crimes.  Now paroled, Justice struggles to make a fresh start and shake his appetite for the dope. In telling Justice's story in the "Road Back," the director cleverly incorporates vintage footage of his arrest as well as in-depth interviews with friends and family. As Justice stares down the possibility of sobriety, it's Olson who offers him a lifeline of support and compassion.

"Road Back" takes viewers inside the heart of these two men, humanizing both addicts, and understanding their inner pain and challenges of wanting to be sober and actually staying sober.

To view the trailer of "Road Back," visit

For more about the film, visit

About Tom Olson (Executive Producer)

Tom Olson, raised in Salt Lake City, Utah where he learned early on the value of hard work from his father, Les Olson, the founder of the Les Olson Company. It is the largest distributor of Sharp products, and one of the most successful companies in that region. Olson's sales and management abilities led him to become one the company's top executives. Still, having a successful career in his family's company didn't protect Olson from his addition to alcohol. Like many Americans nationwide, he's battled alcoholism most of his entire life. Olson serves as the executive producer of "Road Back." The doc offers insight into the affects of his addiction on family and friends as well as his attempts to save his friend's life, battling with heroin. Olson is also the founder of the Good Time Golf League, which mentors individuals trying to stay sober.

About Wendell Justice
Wendell Justice, as a kid brought up in the tough streets of Bakersfield California dreamed of being one of the best barbers in the country.  Justice mentored under local barbers, and later graduated from both barber and cosmetology school. He quickly gained the reputation as a celebrity barber, cutting the hair of many Utah Jazz NBA players. But surprisingly, local barber shops attracted an element of crime, and hidden behind Justice's charismatic smile and fast talk was an addiction trigger. Derailing his promising career, Justice spent 17 years in prison for drug-related crimes. Upon release from prison, he wanted a fresh start. Years earlier, he met Tom Olson at a treatment center, and re-connected, only to find that the two still had a bond. The "Road Back is also Justice's story as he tries to survive heroin addition with a lifeline from one friend who understands his struggle.

ABOUT THE DIRECTOR | Vincent Brantley
Vincent Brantley is an accomplished singer, songwriter, musician and music producer who gained major recognition after co-writing and producing the platinum-selling, hit single, "Cool It Now," by Boston based boy band, New Edition.  The song was the group's second #1 hit on the R & B (Black singles) charts, and the first Top 10 single on the pop charts. "Cool It Now," was recently featured in BET's highly-rated mini series, "The New Edition Story."

Brantley has garnered more than 50 awards and commendations for songwriting, producing and performing on a plethora of albums with major recording artists both domestic and foreign.  Brantley transitioned into filmmaking with his debut romantic comedy, "Hopelessly In June," a feature film, written, directed, produced and starring Brantley. The cast includes Keith David, Ella Joyce, Ed Asner, Tiny Lister, Jr., and newcomer Carolyn Neff.  "Hopelessly In June" was selected by eight film festivals in the United States and Canada, winning Best Comedy Feature Filmat the Garden State Film Festivalin New Jersey and can be seen on Netflix,Amazon, Wal-Mart and Red Box.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Johnny Starr Story movie goes to Muskogee, OK

The Johnny Starr Story movie goes to Muskogee, OK

The Johnny Starr Story has been named an official selection at the Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival. The festival runs from April 18-23 in Muskogee, Ok.

The Johnny Starr Story follows reporter Jason Hawkins as he investigates the death of rock star Johnny Starr and a cold case murder of District Attorney Jack Hawkins. He soon learns that he has gotten a little too close to the truth.

The movie was filmed in Natchitoches, LA the oldest town west of the Mississippi River. It was filmed in June 2016 over the course of three and a half days across 10 locations.

Inspired by actual events the film explores how corruption, greed, and a usurpation of power can effect generations of families in small town America for years to come.

The screening at the Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival is part of The Johnny Starr Story's2017 film festival circuit run. We are looking for strong support and audiences at the film festivals we are accepted in and screened at.

You can follow us on our social media at:

Twitter: @JohnnyStarrFilm

Instagram: @TheJohnnyStarrStory

8778 Productions is an independent film production company based out of Dallas, TX. The company was started by Actor/Writer/Producer/Director Israel Varela in an effort to showcase talent from the Southern states (TX, LA, GA, OK) and tell meaningful stories to our viewing audience.

Screening Date: 4/22/17

Screening Time: 11:30am

Screening Location: 801 W. OKMULGEE-MUSKOGEE, OK 74401

This event is open to the public.

Monday, April 10, 2017

A Fusion of Faith, Film & Music is coming

From movie screenings, documentaries, shorts, family-friendly films and more, Faith & Film Series dedicates itself  to helping creative individuals achieve their goals. An on-going series, Faith & Film will shine a spotlight on the latest from big-name talent and up-and-coming faith-based & inspirational filmmakers. A growth strategy has implemented  to build a premier platform of film, music, and new media. The mission of Faith & Film series isto enable the faith-based film community and the general public to experience the power of inspirational content.

The inaugural Faith & Film series will take place on Monday, April 10, 2017 7:30pm-9:31pm at Showcase Farmingdale Multiplex Cinemas - 1001 Broad Hollow Rd, Farmingdale, with a special showing of The Resurrection of Gavin Stone.

Future events will also feature panel discussions and a music artist showcase produced by Encore Entertainment. The Faith & Film series is part of founder David M. Wallace's initiative to merge music, media, film andpartner with organizations to support creative expression in their communities. Tickets can be purchased at

Visit for more info.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Swedish Actress Linnea Persson Lands Title Role

"I've always wanted to entertain," Linnea Persson told us. "I grew up in Helsingborg, Sweden, and became increasingly enchanted with Hollywood and the entertainment industry. When I was fourteen, I committed to that dream and informed friends and family that I would be living and working in Hollywood by the time I was twenty."

Such are the dreams and fantasies of millions of young people all over the world. For Linnea, though, it was not a fantasy. It was a serious statement of fact. "At first, people just smiled when I told them," Linnea said. "But it wasn't long before their doubts turned to acknowledgement and even understanding. Many said they could feel my passion, and I think most grew to at least appreciate my commitment!"

"When I was nineteen,"
 Linnea continued, her smile broadening, "do you know what I did? – I moved to the Film Capital of the World – Hollywood, California, USA! It was a huge change from my childhood home in Sweden, but it was my future and I embraced it!"

Linnea's passion for the film and television industry was – and is – unstoppable. Her enthusiasm is contagious. No matter how powerful or famous people are, most feel comfortable with Linnea from their very first meeting. To look into her eyes is to see a depth of maturity and wisdom way beyond her years.

"I have a wonderful support team," Linnea explained. "That's one of the great secrets of success in the film industry. Name any major star who ever made it alone." Linnea looked around the room to see if anyone would respond, paused for a moment, smiled, and added, "They all had strong teams. I have my agent, my publicist, my growing circle of producer friends. I had lunch last month with a couple of film producers whom I had not met previously. As a result, I have been hired to star in the upcoming feature film 'Fury Scorned' and it looks as though I will be playing a nice role in the 'Cuban Lightning, the Zipper' franchise."

Linnea Persson has defied the odds and is literally living her Hollywood dream – and she wants us to know that she's just getting started!

Watch for her; follow her. Coming soon to a theater near you, Linnea Persson.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Composer Marc Vanocur Premieres Killer Score For "Dead Awake" This May

Marc Vanocur, Los Angeles-based composer, scores Philip Guzman's new supernatural feature,"Dead Awake."

Set to premiere this May, the film will debut Vanocur's dark sensibilities and uncanny style in the form of nightmarish musical themes.

Established in the 80s, the ode to Wes Craven's classic "A Nightmare On Elm Street" turns slumberland into a twisted murderer's den that sends chills down the spine.

Marc Vanocur provides the sonic backdrop for the new independent film that revives the nostalgia of the decade that introduced MTV, break dancing, and the Rubik's Cube.

The emerging composer's use of retro synth loops, layered with eerie piano sequences, speckled with suspenseful string arrangements and paired with electronic beats offers a new take on the era that redefined horror.

"The "Dead Awake" soundtrack is a fusion between an electronic and percussive, contemporary set of music moments set against a more traditional orchestrated horror score," says the composer. "We are primarily in the electronic world when we are awake, but when asleep and in the midst of the night hag, we transition to a string and wind version of a contemporary horror score."

The highly anticipated sleep paralysis flick, by Jeffrey Reddick ("Final Destination"), features Jocelin Donahue ("Insidious: Chapter 2," "House of the Devil")Jesse Bradford ("Swimfan," "Bring It On") and Lori Petty ("Orange is The New Black," "Point Break").

The story follows Kate Bowman (Jocelin Donahue) as a straight-laced social worker who is plunged into a world of supernatural terror while investigating a series of deaths where people died in their sleep.

Before expiring, the victims all reported being paralyzed and tormented by a dark entity during their sleep. As she struggles to stay awake, the heroine must find a way to save herself and her friends from the ancient evil that stalks victims in their sleep.

Brea Grant ("Halloween 2," "Heroes," Dexter"), Jesse Borrego("American Crime," "Dexter,") and James Eckhouse ("The Avengers," "Beverly Hills 90210") complete the movie's breakout cast.

"Dead Awake"  Trailer -

For more information on Marc Vanocur, please visit:

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Your Sins Are Not Forgiven - "The Evangelist" Set To Thrill You May 9th 2017

(Keith Collins, Doug Bollinger, Samantha Artese & Michael Billy)

One of our past favorites we have seen "The Evangelist" is finally being released on May 9th! ITN Distribution led by movie maven Stuart Alson has acquired the rights to worldwide distribution for the highly anticipated horror / psychological thriller with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and eOne Entertainment releasing the film in the US & Canada.

Take a peek at the creepy trailer here;

The sadistic thriller penned by the Pepitone brothers Joseph Pepitone & Billy Pepitone ("The Jersey Devil", Stuck in the Middle"). Captivating, eerie and just down right disturbing.

Movie buffs will witness the chilling tale unfold by bible quoting maniac played to a tee by veteran indie actor Keith Collins ("The Meat Puppet"). Collins, who also came up with the twisted story deliverers an astounding performance. Putting the fear into you, literally. Known for his intense character portrayals of psychos Collins takes on this role and brings it to a whole different level of fear.

Lead actors Doug Bollinger ("Waltzing Anna", "Rock, Paper, Scissors") playing a strung out police detective brings to the screen one of the best performances we've seen in years as he reels you into his characters struggles and gives you power packed punches till the end.

Samantha Artese ("The Coffee Shop") is the clever psychologist that doesn't back down she gives the role exactly what it needs and doesn't disappoint.

Michael Billy ("The One") is the hotshot trendy detective brings light to the story with his humorous remarks that make you feel at ease during times of fear while the story unfolds. Billy, is excellent in this role and is the glue to make this leading ensemble cast complete.

With original music by uber rock legend & former Guns N' Roses Guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal ("Art of Anarchy") "The Evangelist" just surpasses the level of indie horror. Thal brings a musical score masterpiece to the screen. Your taken on a journey in this 75 minute flick that leads to one of the most impressive cinematic show-down endings. It completely leaves your mind paranoid and deranged as the last 15 mins of the film flies at you with all the answers you've been waiting for, but also maybe not wanting to know. So buckle up its one your not going to forget! Sweet dreams!...

"The Evangelist" tells the story of Bill Horton (Collins) who at seven years old watched in horror as a serial killer murdered his mother. Known as The Evangelist, he places a bible next to her body and quotes scripture as he leaves Bill alone and destroyed. Thirty years later, Bill has grown up and appears to be a model citizen, spending his days cleaning his house and baking. He has, however, picked up the mantle of the Evangelist, killing those who he finds wicked and evil and leaving a bible by their bodies. Bill only opens up to Dr. Laura Cooper (Artese), a psychiatrist, who discovers Bill's dark secret. She contacts young Detective Edward Legros (Billy) who is working on the case with his cynical, veteran partner, Detective John Vance (Bollinger). But what Vance knows about the original Evangelist will lead to a bloody showdown.

THE EVANGELIST: Keith Collins, Doug Bollinger, Samantha Artese, Michael Billy WITH Billy Sample ("Former NY Yankee"), Gervase Peterson ("Survivor") AND Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal ("Art of Anarchy"). Directed By, Joseph Pepitone (“Stuck in the Middle”). Produced by Keith Collins. Executive Producers Steve Wolf ("Lady Peacock"), Jonnie Rockwell ("The Anthem"), AJ Mattioli ("Words"), Cory Green ("Rebel"). CO-Executive Producers Doug Bollinger, Joseph Pepitone. Cinematography & Edited By, Cory Green. Story By, Keith Collins. Written By, Joseph Pepitone and Billy Pepitone. Original Music By, Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal.


Official Facebook 

 (The Evangelist cast photo courtesy of Steve Mack

Monday, April 3, 2017

Real-Life Master Spy Nominated for Music Award!

Now in its 16th year, The Independent Music Awards actively support independent artists traditionally ignored by mainstream outlets. Produced by Music Resource Group, The Independent Movie Awards organization leverages its unrivaled access to performance, promotion & distribution opportunities to place artists in front of nearly 1 billion music fans around the world.

During the past fifty-plus years, International master spy Dr. Julio Antonio del Marmol has literally changed the course of history.  He is a larger-than-life legend whose career is being immortalized in both a ground-breaking book series and a chain of major big-budget feature films.  And now, he has been nominated for an Independent Music Award.

Distinguished, charismatic, and exuding experience and an understanding beyond our expectations, Dr. Marmol took us into his confidence and shared the following with us: "Conspiracy theories pale in comparison to the reality of major events that have taken place during the past fifty years.  I know; I was there."  Looking into his eyes took away all of our doubt.  We knew we were talking with a truly amazing and captivating master spy.  "I am now able to reveal the secrets, the lies, the truth," he continued with a twinkle in his eye, a smile on his face, and an unquestionable deadly seriousness.  "You will be astonished to experience, through my eyes, truth that you could never imagine.  Reality versus what people believe is very far removed indeed!"

Astounded by the revelations we uncovered reading the first six of Dr. Marmol's 5-star rated books, we were somewhat reluctant to ask for any additional 'spy secrets.'  His wit, wisdom, sense of humor and charm, however, caused us to quickly overcome our fear.

"Do you really want to know another big secret?" he asked.  "Come closer."  Almost whispering, he continued, "I'm very good at what I do."  We knew that to be the case as we inched closer to hear what we were sure would be a beyond-top-secret, earth-shattering revelation.  "I have been nominated for an Independent Music Award," Dr. Marmol explained.  He could see that we were confused.  "I am a professional musician; It's not a cover . . . well, it was a couple of times, but I'm actually in this competition and I want all of my friends to vote for me." A big smile appeared on his face. "You do want to be my friend, don't you?  I hope you'll help put me in a winning position and join me at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City – September of this year – where the Independent Music Award winners will be honored."

One thing we've learned; never vote against him!

Voting link: with more details here:  Dr. Marmol's books are available at