Monday, April 17, 2017

Actor Chris Warren Is Nightwing

With the recent announcement that DC Comics is bringing "Nightwing" to the big screen, actor Chris Warren officially throws his "wing" in the race. He is starring in the fan led streaming project "The Nightwing" since late 2016, where he brilliantly executes his own stunt choreography "with the skill and determination of Dick Grayson!" Fans agree that Chris Warren bears an uncanny resemblance to the comic book hero and brings a level of reality that they need and demand.

When asked why a "rising star" should be considered for such an iconic role, Chris told us, "I began training every day for this role in October 2015 – parkour, weight training, stunt work, acting on-set and in advanced workshops. I didn't want to simply 'play' this character on TV; I had to become this character in real life . . . well, minus the nightly swinging from rooftops and being shot at." The twinkle in his eye and the smile on his face intensified. "I'm not saying there is no one else who could play the role. I'm just saying . . ." We watched him transform as he continued, ". . . I AM the Nightwing!"

Although there was no doubt in the minds of anyone listening, Chris continued to explain. "A singular focus, a hero's mission, per se, is to inspire people to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals, no matter how insurmountable the odds. Stopping is never an answer."

"The Nightwing," a self-funded, agency-backed fan fiction project, began to come to life in October 2015. (Details here:"It will be the ultimate audition tape for the actual movie," Chris told his agent Christopher Montgomery, CEO of Prodigy Talent Agency, when he first presented the idea.

Montgomery was impressed. We asked him why. "No actor has shown this amount of self-determination to push so hard, be so determined and be so laser-focused on what they want. It's inspiring to help propel such a project forward. Name any actor at any level who not only goes after the role, but creates the work around themselves to prove what they bring to the role! Chris Warren is right when he says he is Nightwing!"

Take a look - we think you'll agree!

Chris Warren Nightwing Workout

The Nightwing Series Preview

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