Sunday, May 31, 2020

Cannes Film Festival Postponed But Diverse Filmmakers Find Silver Lining

On the day we were to witness the 73rd Festival de Cannes' opening ceremonies, Yolonda Brinkley of Diversity in Cannes, the intiative promoting inclusion at the Cannes Film Festival, announced official selections of the 2020 Diversity in Cannes Short Film Showcase and its Cannes Conversations, a twelve day virtual series highlighting Festival Alums. With the goal of lifting filmmaker spirits, she hopes the announcement will inspire creativity and encourage the continued pursuit of dreams, amidst global uncertainty.

"As COVID-19 wreaks havoc on millions, causing the postponement of the Festival de Cannes and Diversity Day programming, I was reluctant to announce the Diversity in Cannes Short Film Showcase official selections. While we battle this global pandemic, I remain uncertain about the timeliness of our news without new date confirmation,"comments Yolonda Brinkley, Diversity in Cannes. "However, despite its appearance, these diverse filmmakers, giving voice to marginalized populations through stories, deserve recognition. I wholeheartedly believe there's power in celebrating in the midst of the storm and am delighted to share this exciting news, as a silver lining for our global film family."

Created to celebrate underrepresented filmmakers at the Cannes Film Festival, the Diversity in Cannes Short Film Showcase is presented by American Publicist, Yolonda Brinkley, with support from Academy Award Winner Viola Davis and Julius Tennon's JuVee Productions.

Selected by a screening committee of entertainment professionals, from 324 submissions representing 31 countries, the films will be screened at an event concurrent with the 73rd Festival de Cannes, assuming confirmation of future 2020 date. Final winners will be selected onsite by an esteemed jury and announced at an awards reception following the screening. Prizes include mentor meetings with industry executives Elon Johnson, Tyler Perry Studios, CBS Entertainment Diversity's Tiffany Smith Anoa'i and Talent Agents Tracy Christian and Clair Best.

1. "Wash Day" Jaida Salmon, Canada
2. "Welcome Back" Tiffany Guillen, Ecuador/USA
3. "Beads" Rachel Byrd, USA
4. "Fisherman" Zoey Martinson, Ghana
5. "Yellow Girl and Me" Isabella Issa, Jamaica
6. "Down" Rzn Torbey, Switzerland
7. "CODA" Erika Davis-Marsh, USA
8. "The House of LeKeitio" Jasone Urgoitia Urrutia, Spain
9. "Black Boy Joy" Martina Lee, USA
10. "Strangers Reunion" Liz Sargent, United Kingdom
11. "Cupcake" Courtney Grace, USA
12. "Catch A Girl" LeRon Lee, USA
13. "We Meet on the Roof" Nicholas Sun, China
14. "Honeymoon" Amy Aniobi, Mexico/USA
15. "The Mandarin Tree" Cengiz Akaygun, Germany
16. "Freeze" Maya Albanese, USA
17. "Paese Che Vai - When in Rome" Luca Padrini, Italy

Given the fluidity of the global pandemic, the organization's plan is to stay home in hopes of flattening the corona curve and to align with the execution strategy of the Cannes Film Festival, monitoring the crisis and providing updates as appropriate.

In closing, Brinkley adds, "As a woman of faith, I'm believing God for supernatural healing and restoration of our emotional, financial and physical health. I am cautiously optimistic we will safely convene on the Croisette in Cannes in celebration of life and marginalized voices globally. In the interim, on the day we were to witness the 73rd Festival de Cannes' opening ceremonies, I am delighted to announce official selections of the 2020 Diversity in Cannes Short Film Showcase, with the goal of lifting filmmaker spirits during these unprecedented times.

To learn more about their inclusion efforts at the Festival de Cannes follow on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Amazing New Kids' Show Born of COVID - Full of Laughter and Surprising Depth

Despite the tragedy of the novel coronavirus, "shelter in place" has brought some unlikely wonders into the world. Consider Jonmar, father of four and business owner who found himself, like so many others, stuck at home with no clear future.

Jonmar is an accomplished software engineer, artist, and singer/songwriter whose work has been heralded as magical by art critics in LA, described as "Harry Potter-type magic" in Billboard magazine, and featured by both Apple and Rolling Stone Magazine. He was a lead developer/designer on Nike's Innovation Team at their world headquarters until launching his own business creating magical, story-focused AR experiences. But in the wake of COVID, his professional life was up in the air. Still, his heart told him to continue to tell stories worth sharing, but to focus on children who were stuck at home and isolated.

Jonmar decided to start a youtube show that could breathe life, love, and happiness into the hearts of kids everywhere. The show would feature powerful storytelling and captivating music, but the magic really happened when he looked for a story-related domain name.

He found that was available. A lightning bolt of inspiration struck. He'd create a puppy puppet named Story Dog who'd take kids on breathtaking adventures.

Within days he created the Story Dog show, a marvelous mixture of adventure, learning, and laughter, with original songs that fill you with joy, no matter your age. Think Calvin and Hobbes meet Winnie the Pooh.

Within weeks he made three episodes and was interviewed on morning television, where reporter Molly Riehl praised Story Dog as a truly impressive show that can entertain all ages.

Watch the interview:

Kids are saying "I know I'm special. Story Dog told me!"

And parents are saying "This is better than half of the cartoons on Netflix! I absolutely love it! My kids were mesmerized. You got some hearty laughs out of them. Thanks for the great stories!"

What's next for Story Dog? He hopes to make it on Ellen. As inclusive as she is, he notes her show is sadly lacking in the puppy-puppet demographic.

If you're looking for a super positive influence for children, or want some happy magic for yourself, go to and enjoy the show.

And subscribe! It's like subscribing to your own happiness.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Lux/Eon Records' to Release Ronen Landa's "Yinz" Film Score

Ronen Landa's original score to the thriller, Yinz is getting a digital release on May 7, 2020 by Lux/Eon Records. Jeremy Michael Cohen helmed the project, both writing and directing. The film was released by Gravitas Ventures and stars Samuel H. Levine (CBS's Elementary), Hailey Hansard (Universal Pictures' Miami Vice) and Teo Rapp-Olsson (HBO's Crashing). Some of Landa's other credits include Dark Sky Films' recently released 1BRA Rising TideCavemenMad as Hell and IFC Films' The Pact, which originally premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. The score consists of 33 tracks and will be available on all major digital sites including iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, Amazon and Apple Music.

When discussing the Yinz score Landa says, "Writing the orchestral score for Yinz was a dream come true. When I first read Jeremy's script I knew it would be a special film, and he delivered in droves. The movie is a delicate dance of comedy, drama and suspense, and we had a blast working together to cover all that ground in the music. Hearing it come to life when we recorded was unforgettable; the orchestra was superb and having soloists like Dan Tepfer on piano really elevated the score. Jeremy is a one-of-a-kind writer/director and I can't wait to see what he does next!"

The film's synopsis reads: The aftermath of a prank gone awry tests the bond of three high school best friends as an illicit relationship with an older woman is revealed.


Driven by the endless possibility of sound, composer Ronen Landa creates music that is stirring, inventive, and bold. The press has hailed his work as "an astounding auditory journey" (Cinema Without Borders) and a "multi-layered feast for the ears" (Review Graveyard).

Feature films Landa has scored include Nicholas McCarthy's horror hits THE PACT (Sundance) and AT THE DEVIL'S DOOR (SXSW), Ben Hickernell's romantic drama A RISING TIDE (Showtime) and Rob Legato's psychological thriller ELOISE  (Starz).

Documentaries include Andrew Napier's MAD AS HELL (Hot Docs Conscious Media Award Winner), Cambria Matlow and Morgan Robinson's BURNING IN THE SUN (PBS, Cinema for Peace International Green Film Award Winner), Haydar Daffar's landmark Iraq War film THE DREAMS OF SPARROWS (SXSW) and Nadav Kurtz's PARAÌSO (NYTimes Op-Doc; Sundance; Tribeca Film Festival Best Short Documentary Award Winner).

Currently, Landa resides in Los Angeles. In addition to his work, he serves as Associates Board Chair for Education Through Music – Los Angeles, a nonprofit organization that ensures children attending inner-city schools can receive a high quality music education.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

FuseFX and Montréal-based Folks VFX Join Forces

FuseFX, a full service, award-winning visual effects company with studios in Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver and Atlanta, is pleased to announce its union with Folks VFX, a high-end, independent visual effects studio headquartered in Montréal with additional studio locations in Toronto and Bogotá, Colombia.

Together the combined companies have nearly 600 artists at seven locations across North and South America. Folks VFX founders Sébastien Bergeron, Philippe Thibault and Matt Belbin, along with executive producer Amélie Poitras, will continue to lead the Folks VFX studios and operate under the Folks brand.

"Folks VFX is the perfect complement to the current makeup of FuseFX and vice versa," says Dave Altenau, founder and CEO of FuseFX. "Sébastien, Amélie, Philippe and Matt have established a great culture and company, and are very aligned with our philosophies at FuseFX. We are so excited to partner with the team at Folks and be able to offer a broader range of skill sets, locations, rebates and service to our studio clients. Folks has been doing high-quality work for years and has a great reputation in the market. With recent work on such high-profile projects as The Umbrella AcademySeeZombieland IISiren, and The Boys, they have established themselves as an elite provider of visual effects in the market."

"As demand for VFX services grows worldwide, this partnership serves as a key step in FuseFX's strategy to offer our services across more locations, and take on more tentpole projects.  We've already been expanding our capabilities to do more CG characters and digital environment work.  Folks has a CG pipeline geared toward complex CG characters, 3D environments and FX simulations that complements and adds to our expertise very well.  This is exemplified by a recent completion the first episode of a CG animated series developed in house at Folks," adds Altenau.

"We're very pleased to be joining together with FuseFX. Not only do we share common DNA with our approach to visual effects work, but also our combined goal is to offer VFX services wherever clients want services offered. We know this partnership is the right next step for us in achieving that shared vision," says Bergeron, who is also president of Folks VFX.


About FuseFX:

FuseFX was founded in 2006 in Los Angeles by David Altenau and co-founders Tim Jacobsen and Jason Fotter. Establishing itself as an award-winning studio, FuseFX provides full service visual effects for episodic television, feature films, commercials, ride films and VR productions with a talented roster of creative and production personnel across locations in Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver and Atlanta. FuseFX is a portfolio company of EagleTree Capital.

About Folks VFX:

Folks VFX was founded in 2012 by Sébastien Bergeron, Philippe Thibault and Matt Belbin, and is a full-service visual effects studio based in Montréal with additional locations in Toronto and Bogotá. With a strong track record of delivering photo-real CG and Compositing for both film and episodic content, Folks is recognized for consistently and professionally delivering the highest quality in VFX. Folks has provided work on such notable projects as The Umbrella AcademySeeZombieland IISirenMessiahMotherlandThe BoysGrand Army (upcoming), Jupiter's Legacy (upcoming), Mrs. America (upcoming).

About EagleTree Capital:

EagleTree Capital is a leading independent private equity and investment firm. EagleTree manages capital on behalf of institutional and individual investors. The firm focuses on investments in the media and business services, consumer, and water and specialty industrial sectors. EagleTree is located in New York, New York. For more information, visit

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Global Tensions Form Backdrop For New Action Thriller

 "I had no idea global conditions would be so tense when I began Dragon Head more than ten years ago," says bestselling author James Houston Turner. "Do America's greatest enemies lie abroad, or do they walk the corridors of power in Washington, DC?"

This is the backdrop of Turner's latest thriller, Dragon Head, although the story itself becomes much more personal for series hero, Talanov. "What is the life of a person worth?" asks Turner. "This is the question Talanov must answer when his godchild is kidnapped by a crime boss known as 'Dragon Head.' The reason? To force Talanov's compliance with his demands. But Talanov is ordered by the Director of National Intelligence to stand down from attempting a rescue. Why? Because doing so would threaten national security. One life versus many lives. It's a no-brainer, right? Not if such an order is flawed by a deeper, more sinister agenda."

But there is not just one godchild whose life is at risk. There are two others - teenagers - who are volatile, impulsive, and reckless. And they know how to push Talanov's buttons. "Generation gaps can create a lot of fun moments in a book," says Turner, "especially among family members. But they can also create serious danger, which of course is what happens here."

Turner says he lingered on the theme of family (and who constitutes "family") because of what he himself has experienced over the last decade. "One reason was the loss of some of my own family members," he explains, "which can change us in ways we don't comprehend for months and sometimes years. In Dragon Head, Talanov experiences similar losses, and while he's already been through this before, in Dragon Head his loss amplifies the triumph of what happens as a result."

Set in Washington, DC, San Francisco, and Hong Kong, Dragon Head is the chronological sequel to Greco's Game, which has been optioned for film by b3 Media Group, in Los Angeles.

"Turner has created a world that is so rich and unique that I was immediately drawn to Talanov," says b3 Media Group producer, Bret Saxon. "Talanov is an amazing character, and the impossible choices that drove him in Greco's Game have been taken to a new level in Dragon Head. I absolutely love Turner's storytelling and the colorful cast of characters that fill the Talanov world. We are excited for audiences to see the soon-to-be-filmed Greco's Game, and look forward to producing Dragon Head soon afterwards."

Dragon Head launches officially on May 1 with a virtual book tour hosted by Partners in Crime Tours.

For more information on James Houston Turner, visit him on IMDb or his global website.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Explore Creates New Comedy Content For Go Rving

Explore, a commercial production company creating award-winning commercials & digital content for advertisers, was awarded and recently completed the production of a nationally distributed digital content advertisement for Go RVing.

"The Stubborn Camper" is a comedic take on the differences between camping in a tent vs. an RV. Explore worked directly with the marketing team at Go RVing, who provided a loose idea of the concept. Explore produced from beginning to end, collaborating with their LA-based partner Brendan Beachman to write and direct the commercial. Shot in December in the Santa Monica foothills, the commercial follows two couples who take vastly different approaches to how they camp in the great outdoors. One couple chooses to bring an RV, while the other couple struggles to setup a tent before nature's elements arrive in an onset of progressive plagues. Rain, fire, and wind effects were all needed to hilarious results, and everything was successfully captured practically during production. The crescendo of the spot includes an infestation of mosquitoes, which along with some filled in elements, were added as visual effects in post.

Casting was done through RMB Casting in Venice, California and acting talent were all from the Los Angeles area. Post-production was produced and completed at Explore's editing suites in Chicago. Finish was achieved using Nice Shoes for color, Dan Bewick for mix/sound design, and then back to Explore for VFX / final finish.

"Let's face it: being outside is wonderful, but you can only tent-camp so long without running into trouble, just like our characters" says Explore's Executive Producer, Jeremy Pinckert. "It's nice to have a roof over your head when you sleep. We're so excited to once again partner with Go RVing to create digital content which has a nationwide reach. The marketing team led by Courtney Bias and overseen by Karen Redfern are extremely collaborative, and we are honored they trusted our team to create this digital :60 ad, and  stay-tuned there's a :30 version as well."

The ad is being placed through digital channels, and can be viewed on Go RVing's YouTube channel here:

Explore is a production company creating award-winning practical commercials & digital content for advertisers.  Founded in 2003, they have grown into a multi-city company with directors and representation in major advertising markets. They've won over 70 professional awards for their productions, including 52 Telly Awards and 15 ADDYs. They have also twice been Emmy-nominated for commercial campaigns. In addition to production, they are also experienced post producers, editing projects from national broadcast commercials to OLVs, digital content, and motion graphic pieces. For more information or to discuss production needs with a sales rep or producer, visit:

Brendan is a Colorado native but calls Los Angeles home. Specializing in performance heavy, cinematic, stylized comedy, he has directed over 70 commercials for clients like Budweiser, Experian, AllState, Quaker Oats, Johnson and Johnson, and many more.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Memorial Day Observed 2020

Wishing you a happy Memorial Day 2020 from all of us here at the Daily Film Forum

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings Acquires Tricor Entertainment

Hollywood-based Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings, Inc. is pleased to announce that they have acquired all of the assets of Tricor Entertainment, Inc., and have formed another company division dedicated to the production and distribution of motion pictures, television, and new media content.  Veteran producer and production executive, Howard Kazanjian, becomes the head of this newly formed division.

Under the new alliance, Tricor Entertainment's production and distribution activities will be integrated with those of Occidental Entertainment Group and become one of six operating divisions of the company.  As new distribution platforms emerge on a global scale, the company is destined to exploit existing projects previously produced by Tricor Entertainment, as well as, new projects developed under the newly formed division in the domestic and international markets, alike.  The goal is to deliver a wide range of content that is to be streamed to all parts of the globe on its OTT platform operated by Occidental Entertainment's affiliated company, TradeCast TV, inclusive of content destined to be seen on other emerging platforms.

According to Kazanjian, whose producing credits include "Star Wars – Return of the Jedi," "Raiders of the Lost Ark," "Demolition Man," and many other films, and who has been partnered with Occidental Entertainment's Co-Chairman & CEO and co-owner, Craig Darian, "This is a wonderful evolution of Tricor's activities in production and international distribution that allows me to keep working with Craig, while also focusing on a host of new content and a variety of distribution platforms that are changing the face of the entertainment industry."

It also brings Kazanjian together with longtime friend, director, Randal Kleiser, both of whom were classmates with George Lucas at USC.  Kleiser oversees the creative aspects of Occidental's Technology division.   His credits include, "Grease," "Blue Lagoon," "White Fang," and the virtual reality series "Defrost," which he wrote and directed.  Says Kleiser, "I have known and worked with Howard and Craig for many years and am excited to see how this new division will complement Occidental's Studio Group.  Occidental is involved in so many interesting things with its many stages and alliances in the technological arena so there are great opportunities for the future."

According to Craig Darian, Co-Chairman & CEO of Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings, "Our acquisition of Tricor is part of an overall strategy meant to diversify our entertainment-related assets and operations, while staying focused on businesses that are congruent with our core operations.  We are continuing to look at the multitude of opportunities that tend to make our real estate portfolio more relevant to the content-creating community because there are more and better distribution platforms that can reach a global market.  Howard & I have been friends since 1983, and business partners since 1988;  he is an outstanding producer and executive who brings a wealth of creative talent and vison to Occidental Entertainment."

# # #


Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings, Inc. is a privately-held corporation owned equally by its Co-Chairmen,Craig Darian & Albert Sweet.  Founded in 1983, the company is composed of six operating divisions:  Occidental Studios, Albert Sweet Development, Occidental Lighting & Grip, Occidental Technologies, Prop Services West ("PSW"), and its new division, Occidental Motion Picture, Television & New Media Productions. Overall, Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings has fourteen sound stages, multiple office buildings, six operating divisions, and over a million square feet of properties situated throughout Hollywood, the San Fernando Valley, and the Greater Los Angeles area. The company offers a wide range of stages, production & executive offices, post-production suites, recording studios, lighting & grip, props, technical services, and content production & distribution on a global scale.  They also have several properties throughout the country unrelated to entertainment.  Their private real estate portfolio is among the largest in Hollywood.  The company's many clients include:  Sony, Fox, Paramount, Disney, Universal, Warner Bros, CBS, ABC NBC, Netflix, Amazon, Showtime and HBO.

Learn more about Occidental Entertainment at:


Tricor Entertainment, Inc. is a privately-held corporation owned equally by its Co-Chairmen, Craig Darian & Howard Kazanjian.   Since 1988, the company has developed, packaged, produced, distributed, and/or exhibited many motion pictures for theatrical release. Produced Productions include: "The Bridge of San Luis Rey" (Robert DeNiro, Kathy Bates, Gabriel Byrne, Harvey Keitel, F. Murray Abraham); "The Devil & Daniel Webster" (Anthony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Dan Aykroyd, Kim Cattrall); "The Amati Girls" (Mercedes Ruehl, Paul Sorvino, Mark Harmon, Lee Grant, Cloris Leachman, Sean Young); "Extreme Days" (Cassidy Rae, Dante Basco, Ryan Browning, A.J. Buckley, Derek Hamilton); "Carlo's Wake" (Martin Landau, Rita Moreno, Mike Chiklis, Christopher Meloni, Theresa Seldana, Helen Slater); and "The Homecoming of Jimmy White Cloud."  Through its related companies – Tricor International, Cinema 1 Theaters, and ChinaAmerica Film Distributors, Tricor has also owned and operated a major theater circuit in Southeast Asia, and opened the first 35mm Dolby theater in Vietnam where they've had offices. It has also operated an international film distribution company that has distributed more than 100 major titles, including such blockbusters as:  "King Kong," "Spider-Man," "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Gladiator," "Mission Impossible," "Hulk," "Pearl Harbor," "The Mummy," "Tomb Raider,"  "Meet The Parents," "Men In Black II," "Jurassic Park III," "Shakespeare In Love," "James Bond: The World Is Not Enough," and many more.

Learn more about Tricor Entertainment at:

Saturday, May 23, 2020

To the New Girl Highlights Women in Film with Festival Premiere at Hollywood & Highland

To the New Girl, a bold anthology-style feature film that follows ten women scorned as they address their exes' new lovers during an open mic night, held its festival premiere last week at the historic TCL Chinese 6 Theaters as part of the Golden State Film Festival.

The festival premiere marks the latest achievement for the micro-budget project that was made by an all-women cast and creative team. The film was also highlighted this week with an interview and behind-the-scenes content as part of ABC10's Your California Life for their coverage of Women's History Month.

"We're so excited to finally see this project with an audience, and to get such positive feedback," said producer Laura Hunter Drago. "Playing at the Chinese 6 was a big dream of mine, so being part of this festival was very special."

The film is based on a critically acclaimed play of the same name, written by Samantha Macher. Macher said, "We're also really pleased that the movie is getting noticed by news outlets, especially in connection with Women's History Month because this project was really about bringing a group of up-and-coming female filmmakers together."

To the New Girl is set for release on VOD in summer 2020. For more information, follow the film on Instagram.

American Legacy Network Debuts New Show MEMOIR NOIR: Interviews With JP Reynolds!

American Legacy Network announced today the debut of MEMOIR NOIR: Interviews With JP Reynolds a new show on the streaming service. The show hosted by Music Artist JP Reynolds showcases interviews with icons in black history and culture. On the first installment of MEMOIR NOIR Grammy award-winning songwriter & composer Bill Salter remembers Bill Withers with whom he co-wrote the hit song Just The Two of Us. The song earned Salter, Withers and Ralph McDonald a Grammy in 1982!

In addition to MEMOIR NOIR viewers can also stream classic black films and documentaries such as Death Of A ProphetThe Jackie Robinson StoryEmperor JonesThe Bronze Venus, the cowboy flick JOSHUATo All My Friends On Shore, the Dante James produced Marian AndersonDocumentary and much more!

American Legacy Network is available on iOS and Android and at  for $3.99 per month. The company has plans to launch soon on Apple TV and Roku.

For more information about American Legacy Network or to subscribe, visit today!


Rodney J. Reynolds founded American Legacy Magazine in 1995 as a joint venture with Forbes Magazine.  Total readership of American Legacy was over 2 million when the print edition ceased publication in 2011. The mission of the American Legacy brand is to broaden and enhance the awareness of African-American history through the utilization of educational products, the internet, and broadcast media with the launch of the subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service American Legacy Network (ALN). To subscribe to ALN, visit www.americanlegacynetwork.tvBlack History Made Every Day.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Moviegazoo Takes Advantage Of Coronavirus As It Switches Over To Digital Screening System

"We have canceled all traditional events in 18 different countries as we bring our Digital Network online. Our goal is to feed movies/content to our members in a more secure and feasible matter.  And starting April 5, 2020 Moviegazoo members will receive their Access Code for their Digital Screen and will be able to watch any film in our Content Pool.

"Without a Movie Theater Seating Limitation to worry about, we will be able to feed a film or content to more than 100 million Digital Screens each week without a Movie Studio content being bootlegged. And once a member updates their Digital Screen, all content fed to it will be in their native tongue. No matter what language a Moviegazoo Member speaks, their Digital Screen will instantly translate what they say or hear," said Ms. Joanne G. Whaley, President of Events and Content for Moviegazoo.

"Now I know when it comes to Hollywood, they are very slow to adapt to new Technology.  But we intend to let our sales speak for us.  By giving Moviegazoo access to your content we can place a Guarantee: $200 million Opening in front of a director or studio.  And as big as Netflix and Amazon are, I don't think any of their theater releases has made money!

"I want every executive in Hollywood to read this very carefully.  The Novel Coronavirus has already changed the Movie Experience as you know it.  And if your studio fails to adjust to the new reality, it will cost you at the Digital Box Office!  Especially as mosquitos start to spread this virus and COVID-19 becomes COVID-32," said Vince Charles Allen Moulterie II, Founder and Chief Designer of Moviegazoo.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Notefornote Music Releasing Corey Wallace's "Artik" Score

Corey Wallace's score to the horror/thriller, ARTIK is getting a digital release by Notefornote Music. The film, written and directed by Tom Botchii Skowronski, was theatrically distributed by Epic Pictures and released on DVD and Blu-ray by Dread Central Presents. During ARTIK's film festival run, Wallace took home four "Best Score" awards from Genre Blast Film Festival, Grimmfest 2019, Terror in the Bay Film Festival and Horrigins Film Fest. Some of Wallace's other credits include NBC's Siberia, Smith Global Media's Valley of Bones and Samuel Goldwyn Films' Be Afraid. The album consists of 16 original tracks and will be available on all major digital sites beginning May 29, 2020.

When discussing the film's score Wallace says, "I'm thrilled the score is being released with Notefornote Music because they have such a deep love and passion for all types of film music.  The best part about working on this score was exploring sounds and textures outside the boundaries of typical music, such as using instruments in unconventional ways and creating typical musical events (hits, risers) with atypical musical ingredients.  This was a mutual passion between me and director Tom Botchii, who has a background in experimental rock music and played guitar on the score."


Corey Wallace is an LA based film and television composer with 15 years of experience.  Recent projects include the innovative Virtual Reality Sci-Fi/Action film AGENT EMERSON, the third collaboration with phenom director Ilya Rozhkov, and the biopic documentary BEYOND THE BOLEX.​ Other recent releases include the supernatural thriller BE AFRAID on Netflix, and the brutal horror film ARTIK streaming on Amazon Prime Video.  Wallace has also contributed additional music to Blumhouse's THE FIRST PURGE, TNT's SNOWPIERCER, ABC's AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D., and ABC's QUANTICO.

Wallace's versatile musical style is equally at home in traditional orchestral film scoring as it is in modern sound design.  His orchestral approach focuses on melody and colorful, lush orchestration, notable in his fantasy score to THE HYBRIDS FAMILY, Best Soundtrack winner at the 2018 Oniros Film Awards, as well as in his extensive work in animation.  Wallace received a Hollywood Music in Media Award Nomination for his 2019 score to the animated film MISGUIDED, and he has scored Student Academy Award winning films DIA DE LOS MUERTOS and THE WISHGRANTER.

For modern or non-traditional film scores, Wallace uses an ever-growing collection of state-of-the-art analog equipment to handcraft unique, cutting edge sound design through the manipulation and transformation of field recordings and electronic sound, a style perfectly at home in the darker genres.  What started as an effort to avoid using synthetic orchestral samples, for film scores that could not afford live musicians, has grown into a unique form of musical expression that puts a signature sonic stamp on each score.

In 2008, Wallace attended the University of Southern California's (USC) prestigious Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television (SMPTV) program.  After studying with horror icon Christopher Young (DRAG ME TO HELL, THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE), Wallace would become his teaching assistant, and the pair began working on a book about his teaching philosophy and analysis of his work.  During this time, Wallace was honored as one of twelve participants in the 2010 ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop where he received the David Rose Scholarship.  In 2011, Wallace worked on several projects for Anthony E. Zuiker (creator, CSI), including a collaboration with Academy Award winner Robert Legato.  In 2012, Wallace scored the indie horror hit SHADOW PEOPLE for Writer/Director Matthew Arnold (EMERALD CITY), which would lead to the pair working together on the NBC series SIBERIA in 2013.  Collaborations with co-composer Michael Kramer started in 2014 for the indie film EFFICIENCY, and the pair would continue on to score a pair of Dan Glaser directed films, OXENFREE and VALLEY OF BONES.

Upcoming projects include the found footage/slasher film UNSHELTERED, Dan Glaser's viking horror AFTERWALKER, and an 80s/90s inspired orchestral score to SUPERCELL, a storm-chasing inspired from long-time collaborator Jamie Winterstern.


Notefornote Music is a label created to release the music from all genres on CD, all digital platforms and occasionally on vinyl.  Whether it's that pop record that has been out of print for 10 years or a score album that a label released as a limited edition, Notefornote Music will release titles they feel still have demand and/or interest from fans.  While their specialty is older albums, they also release current film scores and other new projects.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

"Do No Harm" Documentary about Physician Suicide Epidemic Hosts Live Virtual Screenings in May and Premieres on Vimeo on Demand in June

 In honor of Mental Health Awareness month being observed in May and in light of the recent suicides by doctors tirelessly and courageously working on the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic, the documentary "Do No Harm" from two-time Emmy-winning producer Robyn Symon will have live virtual screening and panel discussions every Sunday in May. Previous panel discussions have featured Symon along with several prominent physicians and psychiatrists from Harvard Medical School, UC San Diego School of Medicine, and the National Physician Support Line. To register and see the full schedule of events visit

Additionally, "Do No Harm" will premiere on Vimeo on Demand June 1.

About "Do No Harm"
"Do No Harm" by two-time Emmy winning producer, Robyn Symon, reveals that doctor suicides are just the tip of the iceberg in an epidemic of depression, drug abuse, sleep deprivation and burnout that plagues the medical community. "Do No Harm" follows four people bonded by tragedy on a mission to expose medicine's dirty secret. Doctors and medical students pull back the curtain on the causes and cover-up of the alarming rate of suicide of physicians, the highest rate among all professions and almost twice the general population. At a time when we're facing wan unprecedented doctor shortage, more than one million patients lose their doctors to suicide every year yet because of the stigma of suicide, it's often covered up.

The film also connects the link between a toxic medical system to the high rate medical errors including the preventable deaths of more than 250,000 people every year, making it the third leading cause of death behind heart disease and cancer.

About Producer/Director Robyn Symon
Robyn Symon is a two-time Emmy™ award-winning filmmaker specializing in documentaries and television series.

In 2007, Symon debuted in the indie film arena, producing, directing, and editing the feature documentary Transformation: The Life & Legacy of Werner Erhard about one of the most controversial pioneers of the multi-billion dollar self-help industry. It was acquired for international distribution by Screen Media Films. Other award-winning films include Behind the Blue Veil (Journeyman Pictures) about the war on terror in West Africa and Uncle Gloria: One Helluva Ride (XLRATOR Media) about transgender rights.

A former TV news reporter, Robyn has written and produced hundreds of hours of television programming for various networks including PBS, Travel Channel, NBC, Discovery, CNBC, HGTV, the Reelz and others.

In addition to two Emmys, Robyn has been honored by the Associated Press, NABJ and three national Telly awards, among others.