Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Moviegazoo Takes Advantage Of Coronavirus As It Switches Over To Digital Screening System

"We have canceled all traditional events in 18 different countries as we bring our Digital Network online. Our goal is to feed movies/content to our members in a more secure and feasible matter.  And starting April 5, 2020 Moviegazoo members will receive their Access Code for their Digital Screen and will be able to watch any film in our Content Pool.

"Without a Movie Theater Seating Limitation to worry about, we will be able to feed a film or content to more than 100 million Digital Screens each week without a Movie Studio content being bootlegged. And once a member updates their Digital Screen, all content fed to it will be in their native tongue. No matter what language a Moviegazoo Member speaks, their Digital Screen will instantly translate what they say or hear," said Ms. Joanne G. Whaley, President of Events and Content for Moviegazoo.

"Now I know when it comes to Hollywood, they are very slow to adapt to new Technology.  But we intend to let our sales speak for us.  By giving Moviegazoo access to your content we can place a Guarantee: $200 million Opening in front of a director or studio.  And as big as Netflix and Amazon are, I don't think any of their theater releases has made money!

"I want every executive in Hollywood to read this very carefully.  The Novel Coronavirus has already changed the Movie Experience as you know it.  And if your studio fails to adjust to the new reality, it will cost you at the Digital Box Office!  Especially as mosquitos start to spread this virus and COVID-19 becomes COVID-32," said Vince Charles Allen Moulterie II, Founder and Chief Designer of Moviegazoo.

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