Monday, July 20, 2015

Ridiculous! Two German women come to Hollywood to make a movie for 5K?

 German-born actress, writer and filmmaker, Carolin von Petzholdt is living her childhood dream of making movies in Los Angeles.  Her latest movie, The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling is completed and will be theatrical released in July 24th in Los Angeles. The Horror Comedy, which brings a group of aspiring female wrestlers from the gym to a spooky ghost town is being produced for the miniscule budget of $5000 in June 2013.

Carolin is no stranger to making movies.  Her first film, Testing Life, filmed in Berlin, won critical acclaim and 8 awards.  Despite its success on the indie circuit, Carolin still views it as a learning experience.

“Testing Life really taught me how to run a set.  I did everything.”  She adds, “Now I know to rely on the amazing creativity and dedication of the Los Angeles community, as well, especially since our budget is so much smaller than budgets for other films with equal production quality.  A small budget in Hollywood could still be a few million and here we’re doing it for a fraction of the usual amount!”

Donating their time for the love of the art of filmmaking are a full cast and crew, as well as fellow German, Ursel Walldorf, who flew in from Berlin just to help carry the load of the film, is again on her side to taking on the adventure of releasing their “baby,” so she mentioned. “To see their baby grown and finally to be seen on a big screen.”

“Even when I read the script, I instantly knew this is something special.”  Ursel  explains, “You just don’t see movies like this in Hollywood.  We are focusing on a group of women who are using their physical strength and confidence to make their way through life.  These are not weak women. They want to be super heroes! And now, it isn’t only that, it has becoming surprisingly funny as well, which I appreciate, because now our baby is really perfect.”

The Hollywood community has oft been criticized for their lack of inclusion of women in charge of productions, as well as actresses portraying strong or multi-faceted roles on the big screen.  This film will have both women behind and in front of the camera.

Indeed, the plot of the movie centers around a group of women who are training to become “superheroes” of wrestling and appear in a show in Las Vegas.  They push themselves to the limits, both physically and mentally, vying for contracts that will ensure their spot in the big show.  However, the true colors of the group are revealed on the way to their big gig when their bus breaks down in ghost town in the middle of the dessert and strange things start to happen.

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