Wednesday, July 1, 2015

"King of the Roadies" Documentary Launched Kickstarter Campaign for Completion

“Ben has become a living legend. Countless stars would not have shined without him." - Willie Nelson

"The way you can tell if a musician is any good is if he's worked with Ben Dorcy." - Kinky Friedman

"Big Ben’s a living legend and he will outlive us all.” - Waylon Jennings

KING OF THE ROADIES is a feature length documentary about Benjamin Holladay Dorcy lll aka "Lovey", the world's oldest and, by most accounts, first roadie ever. Willie Nelson will narrate this counter-culture tale of  Dorcy's life on the road and the brotherhood that sustains him.  The film has been in production for the past ten years and is now part of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that aims to raise funds necessary to complete the film.  The Kickstarter campaign launched May 19, 2015 to coincide with Ben’s 90th birthday.

Directors Trevor Doyle Nelson and Amy Nelson, Willie's grand nephew, and youngest daughter, respectively, offer an inside perspective to Ben; the man, the legend, and the eldest of the tribe.  Amy explains  “He has no living relatives, yet he is the patriarch of a family of artists, and fellow roadies who love him dearly. They call him ‘Lovey’ And he calls them ‘Lovey’. Despite all odds, he shows up to work on tour after tour after tour."

The film explores Ben's perseverance through rejection of societal limitations and revisits the six decades of show business that he helped to shape, including his time spent working with John Wayne, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash,  Elvis Presley, Patsy Cline and many more.  Johnny Bush, Kinky Friedman, Jack Ingram and Jamey Johnson are  some of the artists who will be in the film sharing anecdotes and insights on this living legend whose story has never been told.

KING OF THE ROADIES is nearing the post production phase.  The funds allocated through the Kickstarter platform will be used to expedite completion of the film. To contribute to this historic documentary project, visit  and follow the link to Kickstarter.  Contributions are tied to exclusive rewards at varied monetary levels; the campaign concludes on the evening of June 20, 2015.

A portion of the Kickstarter fund and proceeds from the completed film will go to Ben's retirement fund.   For more information about the film, visit

Kickstarter page:

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