Monday, June 29, 2015

Best Selling Author Leo Sullivan Book Life Without Hope Headed for the Big Screen

In an increasingly platitudinous urban market, it is almost invigorating to find a writer bold enough to tell original stories. Best Selling Urban Fiction Author Leo Sullivan’s first hit novel,  “Life Without Hope”, tells a tumultuous tale of two unlikely souls intertwining. Inspired in part by his own experiences, “Life Without Hope” delivers riveting impressions of passions and perils. The novel has now sold close to a million copies; domestic, and international. With reader reviews averaging 5 stars, and urging an encore, Leo Sullivan makes the bold decision to bring “Life Without Hope” to film.

In the dramatic mega-hit novel, Life Thugstin's character engages in a night of passionate lust with an ambitious young law student named Hope while on the run from police. Years go by, and life grows on for them both; Life achieving new ranks as a drug kingpin, and Hope a U.S. states attorney. The two meet again in a place even more unlikely than the first; a court of law. Tapping into the taboo reality of opposites attracting, Life and Hope's story is filled with torn love, sex, drugs, and the ultimate betrayal.

Life Without Hope is now in pre-production; casting all ethnic backgrounds in Atlanta, and Miami. Join Writer Leo Sullivan, and Director Miche Collins, as they bring this urban love story to the big screen.

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