Saturday, June 13, 2015

Loiacono Literary Agency takes on Katherine Yu’s screenplay, Way to Go

Loiacono Literary Agency takes on Katherine Yu’s screenplay, Way to Go

Mary Ellen Gavin, literary and film agent for Loiacono Literary Agency (, has taken on Katherine Yu’s screenplay, Way to Go, a YA story of a young man’s coming-of-age adventure and finding his roots in the most unlikely man. (

Yu is interested in securing a solid option on this screenplay and also in completing the novel from which it is based and having it acquired by a publisher.

Jason Hunt is sent to an adventure camp on the urgings of his mother’s boyfriend, whose nefarious reasons neither mother nor son are aware.  Jason is befriended by Lauren Green, the only person from high school who’d ever spoke to him, and the last person he thought he’d ever find on the bus going to camp. But when he and Lauren realize they're not up for the challenge of an extended hike, they leave the group and head into what they assumed was the direction of the highway, only to become lost in the dangerous Colorado wilderness.

Unbeknownst to them, the camp director, Aaron, whom they are both terrified of, is their only hope of being rescued, as he is a wilderness expert, and much more than Jason could ever have dreamed.

Author, screenplay writer, editor, and mother to three beautiful daughters, Katherine Yu has much to be proud of. When her youngest, Sylvia, was born with autism, she went through the usual roller coaster of emotions—fear, worry, loss, confusion, denial and anger—yet, Katherine took this challenge by the horns and has refused to back down. In her memoir, Drawing Sylvia, she shares her experiences in unlocking her daughter’s incarceration of autism with art. It is scheduled for release in July. Published by Kal-Ba Publishing Represented by Jeanie Loiacono

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