Thursday, June 11, 2015

UK Hearthtrob actor Craig Edwards signs to award winning film

Upcoming British actor Craig Edwards has signed to another horror film shooting later this year called "The House Of Screaming Death" attracting actors such as the calibre of Edwards, speaks to the aim and potential of the project, on-board is an award winning production team, where their previous film "Checking in" won many London film awards, we expect "The House Of Screaming Death" to follow suit.

The young actor recently spoke via a TV interview about his new role, Sam, stating that he loves the script and that he thinks this project is something special. This will be a new genre of film after we have grown used to his name popping up on the fantasy titles to release soon such as Gypsi and Realm the TV series to enter production this year.

Edwards has also recently completed filming on Angelic the UK TV series which we expect to hit screens later this year, where he plays b young, out for fun, suave angel on a quest to save a friend from the depths of failure.

With his following growing by the day and Craig Edwards become more of a name, with 20+ film releases slated for the next 2 years according to the independent movie data-base it won’t be long until our screens are filled with this young superstar in the making!

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