Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Celebrity Brush Of Brilliance!!!

Beverly Hills CA Krystle Live Inc. has been in discussions with Modern Day Picasso artist Charles Billich. The story behind the man who at the age of 80 is extremely modest about his achievements with works in the White House in Washington DC, the Vatican in Rome, the Olympic Gallery in Lausanne and also the royal palace of Albert II Prince of Monaco just to name a few. When Billich was being interviewed recently by Celebrity Presenter and Princess of the Red Carpet Krystle McGill of Krystle Live Inc. he was asked “How do you feel about having your great works in all these significant iconic places and countries around the world” he replied “I am just an artist with a lot going on in my mind and thoughts which transcribes onto my paintings… it’s my heart, passion and love that you are seeing… my works are here for the world to enjoy.” An original Billich has reached in the 7 figure amount and who knows what this talented extraordinary young man has in store for us in his next installment of life who knows. Charles a quirky, smart, suave Italian refers to his disciples as beautiful “Billich Creatures.” When the Master mind behind the Billich business was asked “what’s it like living with an extraordinary man” Christa Billich his wife describes him as a boy on a rollercoaster ride at Disneyland who never wants to get off !!!  I love his brilliance, he is a phenominal man. McGill was fortunate enough to be a Billich Creature in this new documentary which she plays narrator and host of this great Billich story as it is currently being filmed. McGill has said “He is an amazing artist and his presence is humbling and brilliant at the same time… I am so privileged to be painted by this great artist.” Documentary will be out in October this year Globally.

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