Monday, December 26, 2016

New film "Les Feux Rouges" by Michael Cong, starring Aline Mayne, William Jousset and Elsa Quéron

Michael Cong, Chinese director and screenwriter based in New York City, releases his new movie "Les Feux Rouges", starring William Jousset, Aline Mayne and Elsa Quéron. The story: Isabelle (Aline Mayne) and Elodie (Elsa Quéron) are two friends from Lyons, France, who just moved to New York City. While enjoying an evening on the town, they meet a handsome man who invites them to his place.

Actress Aline Mayne, who recently had successes as a singer-songwriter with her music hit "SuperFreak", gave us an interview.

Hi Aline! How did you get involved in this project?

Michael was looking for native French speakers for his new movie, and I found his casting notice on Unlike the title suggests, the script is mostly in English, except for a few phrases in French between Elsa's character and me at the end of the film. After reading the script, I loved it as it describes powerful women and has various interesting plot twists. Michael and I met for a reading, and as he was still looking for a second French actress, I called my friend Elsa, whom I know from singing opera, to join me as a partner in crime. The shooting was fun and I really love the final result!

What made you start acting?

As an artist, I was at first focused on music and painting. At some point, I was really into Tolkien's universe (I had long hair, was always barefoot, wearing long dresses and wandering in the forest). One day, I saw the movie adaptation of the books "The Lord of the Rings" and when I saw Cate Blanchett as Galadriel, I pointed at the screen and said to myself: "I can do this!" So I started taking formal acting classes in my hometown in Belgium, where I studied classical French authors like Molière and Corneille, as well as more contemporary authors. It was focused on theatre acting, so I got to perform in several French plays. After graduating and moving to New York City, I started to focus on acting for screen.

What are your upcoming projects?

I just shot a film called "The Butterfly Flutters Its Wings" with Vietnamese director Linh Dan Nguyen Phan. It talks about loneliness and about how things that seem insignificant at first can have big repercussions in the end. I also shot an action movie called "The Conduits", by Singaporean director Joshua Tong, where I'm a villain pursuing the heroes to get a magical object that they have and I don't hesitate to kill anyone who's in my way. And I recently had an appearance in the season 3 of the TV show "Gotham", in the episode "Ghosts", as another villain.

You seem to be cast a lot as femmes fatales or villains …

Yes, I think it's due to my height and physicality. I'm 5'11 and athletic. I enjoy physical activities, did a lot of sports growing up and now train with stunt people. So I guess I appear statuesque. And my French accent probably adds to the Femme fatale personae, as it seems like Americans find that accent sexy, lol. One day I want to be the Super hero for a change though, not always a villain! But I can also be very funny, sweet and child-like ... (She laughs.)

You produced your own music videos, including the amazing "SuperFreak", which won an award in a German festival. Have you ever thought about starting directing, maybe do your own movies?

Yes, that's definitely something I want to do!

Anything coming up as a singer?

Yes, I will perform the role of the Queen of the night in the opera "The Magic Flute" by Mozart, this January in New York City. It's a great role and her second aria is one of the most famous opera arias, so I feel pretty honored to have been chosen for it. The Queen of the night seems to be another villain role, but she's actually more of a victim. She's just a mom who's desperately searching for her missing daughter and seeks revenge. It will be pretty exciting to sing live with an orchestra again! And without a microphone, as it is what we do in opera! No cheating! (She laughs.)

You'll never stop surprising us with your creativity and versatility! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview!

Thank you so much for having me!

Watch "Les Feux Rouges":

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