Monday, December 12, 2016

Refugees Need A Superhero - Melbourne Film Studio Announces Asylum Seeker Superhero Thriller

Independent film studio Space Tourist Films today announce they have just begun pre-production on a neo-noir science fiction thriller called 'Silent Man'. The film follows the journey of an escaped asylum seeker turned vigilante on a mission to find his daughter after she disappears from an immigration detention center. Shooting is scheduled to commence in mid-December with a projected release date of May 2017.

Written and directed by Joseph Russell (ABC's No Way San Jose), the short film aims to draw attention to the plight of asylum seekers in an original and entertaining way. "It's easy for people to tune out when they hear story after story about refugees in the news. It's not so easy to tune out watching a superhero movie," Joseph said.

The main character in Silent Man is a silent masked crusader labeled 'The Silent Man' by the media and known for his signature calling card – a yellow emoticon with no mouth. Over the course of the film we discover more and more about his identity and learn that he is an escaped asylum seeker who sewed his mouth closed in a hunger strike. He is trying to find his missing daughter and uncover a conspiracy that he believes led to her disappearance.

Led by a talented cast including George Iskander (Childhood's End, Homeland, Animal Kingdom), Clare Pickering (Blackjack Ghosts, Neighbours) and Mick Shanahan (Neighbours, Tin Man), Silent Man is an edge-of-your-seat neo-noir thriller in the vein of 'V for Vendetta', 'Nightcrawler' or 'Collateral'. It is Russell's fourth film in the director's chair after ABC series 'No Way San Jose', Sci-fi short 'Queen of the Bees' and political satire 'Jeff VS the Left'.

The filmmakers are financing the film through crowdfunding and are appealing to the public for support. They are offering film credits, red carpet premiere tickets and various other rewards as incentives to get involved. Visit for more information.

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