Wednesday, December 21, 2016

'Ruta Madre' Movie 2016 International New York Film Festival (INYFF) Best Picture Winner

 Alpha Centauri Pictures is proud to announce that "Ruta Madre" has been awarded the Best Picture Award (over $250,000) at the 2016 International New York Film Festival.  The film was screened on Saturday, November 12th at Manhattans famed Producers Club (358 WEST 44TH Street New York, New York, 10036).

Ruta Madre is a bi-national road trip comedy and a bilingual cinematic love letter to Mexico as told through eyes of a young American musician.   Based on a true story, Ruta Madre is the tale of Daniel (David Castro), a young American singer who reluctantly leaves his home in San Diego California to embark on an epic road trip with his uncle Rodrigo (William Miller).  Along the way, Daniel (a Latino who can't speak Spanish) and Rodrigo encounter many colorful and offbeat characters. The talented cast features a blend of new up-and-coming talent including David Castro, William Miller and Paulina Gaitan, coupled with some of the US and Mexico's most legendary actors such as Carmen Salinas, Angelica Maria and Paul Rodriguez.  Together with an internationally renowned ensemble, this company delivers side splitting laughter and heart wrenching moments that will test the meddle of the most avid moviegoer.

Shot on Location San Diego, Tijuana, Ensenada, and Santa Rosalia, Ruta Madre captures the colors, essence, and magic of Baja that will resonate with an ever-growing Latin American audience. Ruta Madre conveys a resounding message of love, family and a celebration of culture that will charm people of every nationality regardless of what side of the border you call home.

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