Monday, May 16, 2016

Pro Wrestling Legends to Star in Action/Horror Movie!

"We're about to begin shooting 'Church,' a movie unlike anything else ever produced," exclaimed producer/writer Tim Chizmar.  "We have amazingly talented actors signed, including some of the best-known professional wrestlers in the world, and we want YOU to be a part of it!"

"This is the greatest dream cast I could ever imagine," Tim continued, making no attempt to restrain his excitement.  "Nobody plays evil like WWE Hall of Famer Jake 'The Snake' Roberts.  But Jake is playing a very different role in our film; just wait until you see it!  We have Tommy Dreamer, John Hennigan (aka John Morrison and Johnny Mundo), Gangrel, Sinn Bodhi, Sabu, 'Mr. Wonderful' Rock Riddle and his valet Gold Digger, Shelly Martinez, Christopher Daniels, Trent Haaga, Troma president Lloyd Kaufman, Natalie Palamides, Scorch the Clown, Brian Zane, Thomas Gunter as the Archangel Michael, Maria Kanellis, Kreepy Karen, Larry Andrews, Leroy Patterson, Sam Culver, Alan Maxson, "Corpsey" Rhine, The Winner Twins, Lahna Turner, and Jeryd Pojawa as Lucifer Morningstar.  We just signed actor-fighter Matt Erdems; his fight scenes will be epic!  Lydia Backhouse is now confirmed for one of the starring roles! Plus others I can't reveal yet."

"Church" is not a place; it's the name of the film's main character, an unlikely hero who is thrust into a situation he never wanted - one that went far beyond his comfort level and the power of his personal faith.  Between battling demons, angels, hauntings, biker gangs, vampires, Lucifer, and even the possibility of the end of the world, Church will find the true meaning of why we are here and whether anything we do ever truly matters.

This film comes from the minds of 2-time Academy Award winner Jeryd Pojawa ("Abyss" & "Terminator 2") and famed horror writer Tim Chizmar.

Find out why: If you need to KILL something EVIL ... You go to "CHURCH."

Here's how YOU can be involved:

Original music by World Media Revolution

Shooting primarily in sunny southern California at Thia Media Studios

Written for the screen by Tim Chizmar and Jeryd Pojawa

Produced by Tim Chizmar

Associate Produced by Sinn Bodhi

Directed/Edited by Raphaello

Tim Chizmar, Sinn Bodhi, Gangrel, Tommy Dreamer, Rock Riddle and other cast and crew members are available for interviews!

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