Wednesday, May 4, 2016

New Jersey Independent Film Company Brings Home The Gold

New Jersey-based independent film company Feenix Films' latest full length feature Clandestine received the Gold Remi Award for a Crime Drama presented at the 49th Annual WorldFest Houston, International Film Festival. The movie, written by Kate A. McGrath, is based on the stories of a retired police officer, and chronicles the epidemic of methamphetamine in middle-class America.

"It is always great when your film is noticed in some capacity. What is great about Worldfest is how particular they are about really examining a film. It makes the Gold Remi award for Crime/Drama so much more meaningful." - David LaRosa, President, Feenix Films

WorldFest Houston, the oldest Independent movie and film festival in the world, has discovered such famous directors as Steven Speilberg, George Lucas and Ang Lee. Besides honoring Clandestine with the award, this year's event played host to the world premiere of the film.

In addition to the Gold Remi Award, Kate A. McGrath received The Houston Broadcast Film Critics award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the movie.

Feenix Films is a film ensemble company, modeled after the theatrical resident companies of old. We're comprised of a talented and diverse stable of artists and tech persons, who do anything and everything needed to produce a successful work of media - acting, writing, directing, camera work, graphic and web design, music composition & recording, and more.

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