Sunday, May 8, 2016

Path 11 Productions releases the trailer to The Path: Evolution

Path 11 Productions LLC is pleased to announce the release of the trailer to The Path: Evolution, the third and final chapter in The Path Trilogy documentary series. The Trilogy  investigates topics about out-of-body experiences, multiple-dimensions, remote viewing, psychic ability and the evolution of consciousness.  The Path: Evolution, is produced by April Hannahand directed by Michael Habernig both natives of upstate NY.

The Path: Evolution, picks up right where The Path: Beyond the Physical leaves off and answers the questions, what is the point of being in a physical body, how has consciousness evolved over the centuries and where is the human collective consciousness going from here? The filmmakers follow retired NASA nuclear physicist, Thomas Campbell as he spreads his knowledge and findings from his "big TOE" (Theory of Everything) to explain the consciousness system, or as Campbell puts it, the virtual reality we are living in. Out-of -body expert William Buhlman, remote viewer and former President of The Monroe Institute (TMI) Skip Atwater & former Executive Director of TMI Paul Rademacher, join the conversation in the third film that covers a 7 year span from 2008 - 2015.

The Path: Evolution will undoubtedly challenge the viewer's current belief systems and leave a lasting impression on human beings to reevaluate how they are behaving, treating others and existing in the world. This film will also create a high level of curiosity for the viewer to investigate the idea that there are different states of consciousness the human can explore if they can detach from the identity of being in the physical body.

"It has been a long 8 year journey since we started filming the trilogy.  I believe this project has helped change not only our lives producing the film, but hundreds and possibly thousands of other people by watching our filmed experts explain consciousness." says April Hannah, producer.

"Each film was meant to be able to stand on its own. But now watching the trilogy as a whole, it now has new meaning as one dynamic film interwoven footage over the course of 7 years." explains Michael Habernig, the film's director.

The Path: Evolution is scheduled to be released in June 2016 along with bonus material of deleted scenes and extended interviews.  Path 11 Productions  is currently taking pre-orders for both DVDs and Digital On-Demand Downloads at the website:

About: Path11 Productions, is a for profit, independent production company located in Ulster County, NY.  Path11 Productions LLC is dedicated to filming documentaries and hosting a weekly podcast which focus on topics of consciousness and healing.  Path11 Productions LLC was formed in 2008 and has been selling The Path: Afterlife(2009) & The Path: Beyond the Physical (2013) documentaries both nationally and internationally on DVD and on, Gaia, & itunes as well Path 11's website, since its release in 2008. "The Path: Evolution" is on course to be released in the Spring of 2016.  Path11 Productions LLC has a vision to impact the world with a documentary series on consciousness, finding the soul's purpose and healing.

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