Sunday, May 22, 2016

San Diego's growing craft beer industry will be captured in the film "SUDS COUNTY 2: The Boil Over"

Dry Hopped Productions, LLC announced today that it has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise $250,000 to fund the production and distribution of SUDS COUNTY 2: The Boil Over, a documentary sequel to 2012's SUDS COUNTY, USA. The film will be directed by Sheldon Kaplan of Ibhayi Media and produced by Kaplan and Kevin Tostado of Tostie Productions, LLC. If the campaign hits its goal, production will commence in June 2016 and continue through the end of the year, with a potential release scheduled for Summer 2017.

In addition to looking at the recent explosive growth of breweries in San Diego County, California, the film will also look at San Diego breweries and brewers' influence both nationally and internationally. Amongst a number of other topics, SUDS COUNTY 2 will also focus on both the national and international growth of the India Pale Ale (IPA) and an investigation of the evolution of the San Diego IPA/Pale Ale over the years. This film is intended to be as much about education as it is about entertainment.

Filming will not only take place in San Diego County, but also in breweries in northern California, Idaho, Wyoming, and Virginia. Outside of the United States, filming is planned for Germany, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Mexico, Denmark, and if the filmmakers can exceed their funding goal, there is the potential to film in Japan, New Zealand, and Australia. It may be surprising to learn that San Diego-style beers have served as inspiration for craft breweries in all of these countries.

SUDS COUNTY 2: The Boil Over was born out of director Sheldon Kaplan's passion for storytelling and good-tasting beer. Asked why it was important to make this film, Kaplan responded, "When I first started doing the research for the original movie back in late 2009, there were less than 30 brew houses in San Diego County.  Now that number has more than quadrupled to where we have more than 120 brewhouses in the county.  In addition, the West Coast IPA and San Diego Pale Ale beer style that San Diego craft brewing has become famous for, now dominates the national craft beer market and is increasingly influencing brewers outside of the U.S., too.  I believe the time is right to document this massive shift in the landscape which is especially interesting to me given that it that has occurred over a relatively short amount of time."

Rewards for pledges to the SUDS COUNTY 2 Kickstarter campaign ( include, but are not limited to, digital downloads of the film, exclusive t-shirts made just for the campaign, credits in the film, and limited quantity brew days with some of the best breweries in San Diego County. If the film successfully hits its funding goal of $250,000, it will become the 10th-highest funded documentary of all time on Kickstarter's platform.

SUDS COUNTY 2: The Boil Over is being produced by Ibhayi Media in association with Tostie Productions, LLC. The film is expected to be released on iTunes, Amazon Video, and digital downloads in Summer of 2017.  For a video about the film's Kickstarter campaign, more information on the film's story, and the official page for the Kickstarter campaign, please visit  For graphics or photos, please email

About the Filmmakers

Director and Producer of SUDS COUNTY 2: The Boil Over is Sheldon Kaplan of Ibhayi Media. Sheldon Kaplan was educated in South Africa and Australia. A graduate of South Africa's National Film School, he went on to work in numerous production capacities on multiple film and video productions in South Africa and Europe before becoming an in-house television commercials producer in Sydney, Australia. In 1989 he moved to Los Angeles where he worked as a film and television development executive. In 1996 he relocated to San Diego and was involved in the early days of content creation and nascent video streaming for what was in those days referred to as the world wide web. In 1999, a personal health crisis prompted him to quit the media business and he created a brand of indigenous South African herbal teas for the US market, including the first 100% USDA organically certified South African manufactured product. In 2010 the creative muses called once again and he returned to media content creation. In 2012 his company, Ibhayi Media released SUDS COUNTY, USA, an independent feature length documentary detailing the rise of the San Diego craft beer industry, which he had followed closely as a consumer - being a lover of craft beer, good wine and fine spirits. He currently runs Ibhayi Media in San Diego and considers himself indeed fortunate to live in America's finest city, which just so also happens to be America's finest beer city!

Producing SUDS COUNTY 2 with Kaplan is Kevin Tostado of Tostie Productions, LLC. Tostado previously worked as an Associate Producer on SUDS COUNTY, USA, and was excited for the chance to produce this sequel with Kaplan about his hometown. Tostado has also produced and directed Under the Boardwalk: The MONOPOLY Story, which won four Emmy awards for the Pacific Southwest chapter of the Television Academy. Tostado was a producer on Eternity The MovieYellow Lights, and the webseries Research. Tostado has been part of teams raising over $80,000 on Kickstarter in the past for various projects.

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