Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bella Luce Productions' Sci-Fi Young Adult Thriller "Omniscient" Production Complete

Bella Luce Productions (http://www.BellaLuceProductions.com) has completed production on it’s debut sci-fi thriller short film, “Omniscient,” directed and produced by Jillian Dale.

“Omniscient (http://www.OmniscientFilm.com),” written by Alex Dale and Eric Shipley, is a complex and intellectually engaging story. Lucien, an eccentric cult leader, is second in command of the Son’s of Enlightenment. He comes from a long line of telepaths, yet it’s his estranged teenage daughter, Grace, who was born with enhanced telepathic ability; the strongest in centuries.  Lucien must subvert his fatherly tendencies and give in to the darkness to carry out the orders of Sons of Enlightenment leader, John Sutter.  However, Lucien has plans of his own; kidnap Grace to clone her telepathic ability before her mother thwarts his plan to control humanity.

Influenced by the works of Nancy Meyers and Kathryn Bigelow, Dale made her directorial debut with this visceral psychological thriller, produced by Rose Nguyen (Collins Avenue Entertainment, “Dance Moms,” “Raising Asia,” “Abby’s Studio Rescue”) and a stellar ensemble cast, introducing Delaney Joy, along with Luke Broyles, Hannah Barefoot and Alex Dale.

"I really enjoyed directing this script. Lucien is not yet the respectable leader he first appears to be," Dale explained. "He is a troubled and dark character who is going down the wrong path and overcome by greed and power. It’s a great conflict to see someone struggling with their powers and how far he will take his daughter to become the most powerful person in the world."

Alex Dale added, “With Lucien and his daughter, Grace, the stakes are so high and global and Lucien is a psychopathic villain so it’s mythic; but it really feels different. There is nothing like it out there in the film world, except maybe Divergent as they are both young adult thrillers."

“Omniscient” will begin submitting to the film festival circuit in August 2015.  For more info, please view the Omniscient Film Trailer (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G60TpTEe9Gs).

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