Friday, September 18, 2015

Brooklyn, New York Tough Detective Book Promotional Movie

The short promotional “Corsican Dove” film is scheduled to be completed in mid August, 2015. If the film is well received it may be the stepping stone to a full length movie. The novel is a tough “whodunit” detective story with lots of humor and zany characters. Thomas de Kooning is a pseudonym for a world renowned orthopedic surgeon.

Zany Adventures of a Private Eye

Ramone Ramone is a stunning San Francisco, California character. He is the principal personality In “The Corsican Dove” novel. He is tough, narcissist, street smart and sometimes sleazy, but his persona labels him a nincompoop. This one of a kind private eye always seems to land on his feet when it comes to solving crime cases.

A highly dangerous case is accepted by Ramone Ramone. His mission is to track down and retrieve a rare book, “The Corsican Dove,” for a fee of $10,000. He learns later the book is worth only $7.00, so why was he paid $10,000? This is only one of the many jolting and hilarious situations this crime caper offers.

Best Detective Fiction

“The Corsican Dove” is exclusively unique and so is the author. Thomas de Kooning has a gifted, unique writing style. The novel has a defined rhythm of long and short sentence structures. The book’s mesmerizing cover was painted by the author. His hobby is oil painting. de Kooning is the author of two additional detective classics, “The Beijing Duck” and “The Gallic Chicken.” He paints the covers for all of his books.

de Kooning is known for his medical device inventions and he has founded seven medical device companies. His surgical practice spans 25 years in Northern California. He was awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award in Medicine.” His medical knowledge, gift of inventiveness and artistic abilities adds extra dimensions to his superb writing skills.

Best Mystery Book

“The Corsican Dove” has a well defined intriguing plot. This first class classic provides out-of-this-world entertainment filled with mystery, riveting events, unique escapades, zany content and lots of humor- a fascinating and enjoyable read. The novel introduces unique characters; a hippie, hood, cult leader etc., and booze, drugs, guns, crooked bureaucrats and greedy corporations.

Some incidents and sentence structure in The Corsican Dove may recall shades of Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer detective book series which generated movies, comics, television and radio shows. His sentences were short and terse.

Chapter eight is titled “Did You Write the Book of Dove?...I had only two pistols with me...before I went into the building...a car drove by with it’s lights out but keep going...I walked up two flights of stairs to my apartment...and walked right in...Tatia, I hope you fixed yourself a drink...then the lights went out.”

de Kooning has produced a first class  classic. “The Corsican Dove” is a fascinating and enjoyable adventure for any reader who will always be on the edge wondering what is going to happen next.

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