Sunday, August 30, 2015

Heidi Li lands feature role in NYC-produced film

Heidi Li has joined the cast of "Dongmei," a dramatic thriller about a woman walking a thin line between reality and madness. She plays the lead role.

Li, who received a BFA from the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing and studied at the New York Film Academy in New York, most recently was featured in the soon-to-be-released "The Spectacular Jihad of Taz Rahim." She also stars in the new episodic comedy-drama "Yellow Fever."

Li also appears on TV for the FansTang(粉丝堂)/ China Branding Group, where she is a pop culture host and reporter on the Chinese networks Tencent(通讯), YouKu(优酷), and Tudou(土豆). Her assignments include red carpet events and one-on-one celebrity interviews.

"Dongmei" is written and produced by Bob Messinger and is directed by Cedric Hill. Currently in pre-production, it is scheduled to begin shooting on August 1.

The film is being financed entirely by a crowdfunding campaign. Sponsors of the arts are encouraged to support the project by visiting

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